The walk from the subway stop to the bank was about four blocks. It was odd. The streets were deserted and dark but the boy had no fear. He was no stranger to dark alleys and encounters having experienced the Jersey shore trysts, and even though this was the big, bad city, he was okay with it. So much so, in fact, that as he'd walk, he'd glance into the huge bank lobbies and see the night crews cleaning or forever polishing the marble floors. Often they'd look back and occasionally eyes would meet in a furtive glance, and nothing. Other times, a moment in time would ensue. He'd slow his pace and glance back to find a maintenance man looking at him, gesturing, so he'd do an about-face and wander back. He'd step into a deserted bank lobby, behind a wall, out of sight from the street and in a flash his pants would be down and a hot mouth would be clamped onto his cock. In minutes, he was satisfied and on his way.

But there was this one amazing day.

He happened to be passing the Merrill Lynch building where a very handsome, Latino-looking lad was cleaning the front window. Jason smiled at him and his stomach did the little flip thing and the gorgeous guy smiled back. Their locked eyes caused the boy to stop in his tracks. El Señor Latino unlocked the front door and gestured for the boy to enter. The boy knew it was wrong for him to be in the building and equally wrong for the guy to have let him in, but that didn't stop either of them.

The guy spoke no English. Buenas noches was all he could utter. Jason's high school Spanish kicked in and after introductions he gathered that his name was Gustavo. Before long, the two of them were in a men's room off of the lobby naked as jaybirds. The man assured Jason, en español, that the place was deserted and locked and that there was no fear of being caught. He ran his hands over the boy, feeling his flat stomach, (bless that Weight Watcher diet) and cupped his pendulous balls with his hand. He took the lad's cock into his mouth and gently began to suck. Jason watched in awe as this beautiful, movie-star, good-looking man was blowing him. He rocked back and forth as the man worked his cock. Suddenly, Gustavo stopped. Jason didn't know a lot of sex words in Spanish, but with the proper gesturing he realized that the man wanted Jason to fuck him. The boy smiled and nodded and turned the fiery Latino around and bent him over the bank of sinks. The man leaned down and pulled a tiny tube of Vaseline out of his pocket, squeezed a little onto his fingers and began to circle his hole with it. He handed the tube to Jason, who oozed a little onto his cock-head and began to lubricate his big, throbbing dick. He put his hands on the guy's ass cheeks and began to gently push his rod into his ass.

Gustavo cried out, Ai, Papa, go slow.

Si, said the boy.

He slid the cock-head in and stopped, waiting for the señor to relax his sphincter muscle to allow him further access.

Si, Papi, venga, the boy heard.

With that, he began the long slide in as Gustavo stifled another cry.

Esta bien? Asked the boy. He wasn't sure if it should be bien or bueno, but he figured it didn't really matter all that much.


Finally, Jason went all the way in, and Gus took it. He began to moan softly and the boy pulled back and pushed back in. In and out, over and over until the hot Latino got into the groove and began to give the boy the ride of his life. Deeper and deeper went the cock with the victim moaning with delight. He pulled forward, causing Jason to fall out. The he turned around and laid back on the slab of marble sinks and raised his legs. Jason had a full view of his greased hole and fingered it.

Ai, si, papi, venga mas.

The boy stepped forward and thrust his cock back inside as Gustavo rested his legs on Jason's shoulders. This afforded the boy even deeper access to the sweet insides. Gustavo reached up with his hands and pulled the boy's face in close and kissed him, full on the mouth, thrusting his tongue deep into his throat. Jason could feel their saliva mingling and he was wild with desire. As he plowed that magnificent ass he reached down with his right hand and grabbed the cock which pressed against his belly. It was very large and uncut. Jason would learn along the way that Latin men were generally larger than "gringos" and almost always uncut. The big dick was wet with precum all the way down the shaft and the goo provided excellent lube for the boy's stroking. Jason pulled his cock out and dove, face down, onto the fat, uncut cock and began to suck. Gustavo let out a cry of surprise, but it was Jason who surprised himself by doing it. He generally had things done to him, but with this hot guy he couldn't help it. He sucked furiously until Gus cried out and Jason felt the cock stiffen even further and it exploded into his mouth. Stream after stream of cum filled the boy's throat almost choking him until finally it subsided. Jason swallowed hard. It was the first time he'd ever not spit it out. Spent, but not finished, Gustavo grabbed the boy and guided his thick cock back inside him. Jason pounded the beautiful ass, thinking about what he'd just done to that cock, when Gustavo grabbed his neck again and thrust his tongue into his mouth to share the taste. They mingled the sweet cum on their tongues and before long it pushed Jason over the edge and he cried out and shot his huge load into the willing ass. Gustavo clamped his legs around the boy and wouldn't let go until he finally felt the cock softening inside him. Then, he released him.

Moments later, they composed themselves, and Gustavo cleaned the boy's cock. They dressed quickly, as Jason was late, and he hated to be late. Before they emerged from the men's room, Gus grabbed the boy and kissed him again, long and deep.

Gracias, Jason. Muchas gracias.

No, Gustavo, gracias a te. Hasta luego.

Hasta luego, mi amor.

With that, Gus unlocked the door and Jason scurried off into the dark night. He was only a couple of minutes late and the boss didn't mind. There would be many assignations with Gustavo during the course of that summer. It was the first cock Jason ever sucked on a regular basis, and he began to like it. A lot.



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