'So what's the hurry for a passport Nicky?' I asked.

'Simple! You guys don't want to believe me when I say I'll be eighteen so I'll have a way to prove it won't I?!' he said, looking around cheekily and stressing each word by pointing and patting his forefinger on the front of my work jacket. Then flicking his light brown hair defiantly off his freckly face he twirled round and walked off swaying his hips suggestively as usual.

Nicky must have told everyone in the tyre shop the date of his birthday many times but still when the day came we had all forgotten.

'Off to the Costa Brava then to get a tan on those dandy legs then are you?' Frank was one of the drivers but like the rest of us couldn't help taking notice of Nicky in his tight T-shirts and brief shorts.

'Don't know, I hadn't thought really! Anyway I don't have the cash; unless of course one of you guys wants to take me along. Yea I might consider that!' Nicky gave another of his seductive smiles.

If I say none of us were really gay but we all got hard-ons when Nicky was around, that is only part of the story. The other part was Brenda, she worked in the office and had been encouraging him to buy all these sexy clothes; they would giggle together like two girls. She should have told him to get with his job on the shop floor. He was supposed to be helping the fitters and learning his trade.

It was all a bit embarrassing for me too because I didn't like to admit to everyone how sexy I found him. I mean it was impossible! I really defy anyone not to get excited by that guy even however much they say they weren't gay. And everyone knew Brenda was my girl friend and this youngster with his effeminate cheeky ways and sexy bum seemed like he was trying to expose me.

Well yea! I know now of course but then I felt like 'Why shit I'm not gay! What's happening?' And the others; there were seven of us in the place plus a few drivers; I mean I had no idea really how they were reacting, I was only thinking of what they might think of me! It was fucking obvious looking back on it; everyone got excited about Nicky; he knew it, we all knew it!!

On Friday nights it was kind of routine really, Brenda would to put on something sexy and mostly we'd spend the evening in. This time she'd found an outrageously short miniskirt and got me to dance with her with just my jock strap on. She was a really feminine girl and my cock had somehow leapt out of all constraints as our legs made contact I could fell her damp crutch against my thigh. But I must admit thoughts of Nicky were still there and I was tempted to imagine it was his legs against mine.

Anyway this night I had chased her upstairs into the bedroom where we flung ourselves on the bed wrestled with each other to remove any remaining clothes. Brenda was good at these frolics and I would get a great sense of her girlishness before diving into her warm juicy cunt. She would orgasm really quickly and that night she had squeezed me to a huge climax. It was usually my cue to roll over and go to sleep. But that night the doorbell rang.

Brenda leapt out of bed and rushed downstairs in her nightie and bath gown. It was quite late and I didn't like the idea of her answering the door alone so I got up to see what it was. I could hear her talking quietly to someone; I couldn't see who but could just about here her saying the word 'birthday'.

Surely not! It couldn't be Nicky at that time of night. It was just past midnight .. Oh No! Could Nicky really take things that literally!

So not wanting to be seen I hurried back to bed and pretended to be asleep when Brenda returned. There was no sign of Nicky then; actually she had given him a blanket and told him to sleep on the couch. I must have fallen asleep then as the next thing I remember it was getting light.

Now Brenda always slept in a nightie but there was this naked body right next to me. She must have let him in while I was asleep. 'Aren't you going to wish me 'Happy Birthday'' whispered Nicky as soon as he saw I was awake. 'Hey I never realised your chest was so hairy!' as he stroked me I saw Brenda's hand coming from behind. She pulled the sheets back slightly exposing his naked body right down to his hips. Below that the bedclothes heaved up just covering his boy bum.

Then running her hand down under the bedclothes to unseen parts remarked. 'You're a very naughty boy aren't you? I think we're going to have to do something about you, don't you think so?' she said looking at me and pulled the sheets away altogether so Nicky's naked body was exposed. I had never seen him like this before and with Brenda now running her hands over his beautiful big smooth buttocks I was getting dizzy with excitement.

There is something about a boy's naked body, the firmness of his muscles and beautiful smooth skin, his locks of hair around his ears. Oh man! I wanted to fuck him so bad! I had never allowed myself to have these thoughts before and here was my girl friend actively encouraging me! She was such a good girl too, she always thought of others and in this case I think it was Nicky. She told me afterwards she felt empathy for his sexual needs remembering when she was a young girl.

'Go on Nicky dear, you have my full permission' she said as he stretched over to get at my cock. She gently stroked his hair as he started sucking me very tentatively at first but then more furiously. It was like he had to make up for lost time! If I hadn't climaxed only a few hours before otherwise I would have shot my load in his mouth it was so fucking sexy to have this freckly faced boy sucking my raging cock like that! But it was getting harder to keep control. Nicky and I were 69 positions and with my face right next to his bottom I was starting to explore in exciting territory!

His buttocks were so perfectly rounded and full with just a suggestion of soft downy hairs and his slit was thrillingly deep. It seemed like they were inviting me in; like they were saying how much his beautiful young body needed to be fertilised.

But now Brenda was starting to 'see to him' like a nurse. After pulling his legs apart told him to lift his bum while she put some pillows under him. It made him easier to get at. She kept casting me glances and giggling as she parted his sexy buns.

How could I have been worried about what she would think! Here she was taking the lead. I would have taken more time over exploring Nicky's bum slit. I would have parted his buttocks more gradually and licked my way in towards his cherry. But Brenda had forced them apart and there was his fabulous boy cunt staring at me, waiting to be fucked!

'Don't worry he's really clean, I've seen to that!' she said as she gently drew my head down just as she had drawn Nicky's on to my dick.

I began kissing and licking all around his anus. I passionately kissed his buttocks, the inside of his slit and all along till I came to that the centre of my attention all along; that luscious pink cherry with folds radiating out like a star but all pointing in towards his hole at the centre. As I began softly licking the lobes of Nicky's outer sphincter he began to open up ever so slightly so I could see right up inside his boy cunt! He was ready for it and I was busting to supply his needs!!

'No take it easy he's very tight. He's only just eighteen you know! We'll have to take him gradually. Control yourself Carl this is a team effort' she said like a head nurse to a colleague. Then I noticed she had all the equipment ready on her dressing table.

'Now Nicky this is your first birthday present from me' she said as she waved a slim pink dildo at him.

'It should be wrapped up! Anyway what I want is this!' Nicky took hold of my hard dick at the base with his thumb and forefinger and wiggled it cheekily. 'Yea come on Bren where's the wrapping?'

'I thought your rosy cheeks and lips made pretty good wrapping just now' Brenda replied and began trying to push this slim thing into his asshole. But it was difficult. Boy he was tight!! The tip was really slim but she could only get in a little way but then it seemed to be stretching all his skin inwards. I was worried as he was grimacing with pain.

'Go on! Go on!! I want it please Oh Carl can't you just fuck me! You're being so timid. I want a man to do me! I want a real man to do me!!' Nicky was yelling out load now and I was afraid someone outside would hear.

Suddenly he sat up and stared into my eyes really urgently. 'Come on Carl I am relying on you. I need to be fucked!! I ought to have gone to Frank or Ray first; Oh wow! that big black guy he would have torn into my ass by now!!'

'Nicky there's no way I or Carl are going to hurt you nor would we let you be hurt. You are just going to have to be patient.' Brenda was waving her finger at him like she was his mum.

'Look Nicky, I know never said this when you were under age but I've always wanted to fuck you and it's partly because I really like you, in fact we both care about you right?' I wasn't going to be derailed by his immature ideas about manhood. But it was sometimes difficult to know with him when he was just being playful or getting really crazy.

I had taken over preparing his bum hole while Brenda went to make coffee. This was the first time I had actively tried to enter him and I was making good progress. It seemed that his anus was gradually relaxing as I could see I was now getting further inside him. And now Brenda was out of the room he had started trying to clasp his buttocks together and giggling a lot. It make me extremely excited so I was pushing harder on the dildo and then suddenly it went right up inside him.

'Oh aah! Stop it! .. aaah it's ...nice. Oh yea!' Nicky explained illogically as I worked it in and out of his boy cunt.

'What are doing like that? We can't get in with your bum clasped silly!' goes Brenda.

'You'll never be able to stop me fucking you by clasping your buttocks. I will force my cock between and burst into your bottom whatever you do you can't stop me! Anyway I'm a strong man and you're just a boy!' I was getting out of control myself now.

'Stop it Carl you're getting much too excited and don't forget, I've got first call on your cock not this cheeky little brat! Come on both of you drink your coffee while I get something bigger and more challenging. How about this!!' Brenda waived a much larger black dildo; it looked more than twice the size.

'Hey Brenda now you're getting over-excited we'll never get that up him' I said but Nicky had gulped his coffee and seized it from her. Then with both hands he tried to force this huge thing up his bum hole. Of boy what a sight! He went at it repeatedly while Brenda and I tried to restrain him. His cunt was all getting swollen and we both had to seize it off him.

'Nicky control yourself! No I'm serious! You're going to do yourself an injury like that! Just leave it to me. I have cream here; it will make your sphincter dilate, that's a technical term for your bum hole right? And get this too' Brenda wagged her finger again; 'If I'm going to let my lover fuck you, you've got to be a good boy and behave yourself! Right?' Brenda could be quite domineering at times and this moment certainly called for it.

His cherry had sort of enlarged since the start of things. At first it had these tight pink creases coming out form his asshole and now it seems to have transformed into big fleshy lobes. This was a boy-cunt from a dream! It was unimaginably sexy especially the way it contrasted with the tight smooth skin of his bum!

Brenda started gently to apply some soap and water to his ass-cunt as he was starting to ooze something a bit slimy on account of what had been happening to him. Then I just couldn't help myself; I had to lick him. I mean this juicy cherry; I wanted to show him some tenderness so very gently I stroked him with my tongue and, boy how he began to open up! I was able to lick right inside his hole to his inner sphincter. He was so amazingly sensitive in there. I felt embarrassed to be so excited by this in front of Brenda. But from the moment I reached the tip of my tongue inside him I just knew I had to do him there and then.

Nicky own cock was really small still. He had got some erections but they seemed to subside once we got to work on his asshole. Perhaps it was just that he was unable to be manly when he was being penetrated.

So once I had got him on his back Brenda stood aside as she knew I was going to do him. She would let me get on with it. But as he lay there on his back I got the first real chance to admire his naked body from the front. All my attention had been on his beautiful boy bum but his smooth chest superbly displayed his modest young muscles. Nicky was a real boy, there was no doubt about that. His biceps and pectorals were developing nicely and his tight little scrotum contained a respectable set of balls.

So the last thing I did before going in was to pay him some respect and when I took his little slim dick in mouth he stiffened at once. It was really good but I was careful not to orgasm him before the main event. Then I licked the crinkly skin of his scrotum taking it in my mouth and working my tongue to get the measure of his balls.

But this was it now! 'OK Nicky boy here's your birthday present and like it or not you're going to fucking get it!' I said grabbing his ankles and pushing his legs right back. I gave his asshole one final lick then I applied my aching and totally rigid pole to his virgin ass-hole.

I'm sorry but I couldn't hold myself back at all. This cheeky boy had teased me for too long. Oh boy he was going to get it!! His eyes were shut and he threw his face from side to side as I probed at his boy-cunt relentlessly. He just had to yield to me! I would make him yield!!

'Oh Carl hey! where's that cock? Ah! Oh come on get it up me! Carl what are you doing, are you really a man? I need it you must.. you've got to....' His young chest was heaving as I suddenly felt his anus give way to my probing prick. I am about as big as that black thing but I could feel his tightness all around my hood as I powered my prick into his boy bum. Now I was inside this young beauty I was going to give him everything I had got. I saw Brenda looking on in admiration as I started to shaft him with regular strokes. He was half groaning and half giggling from pleasure as I screwed every recess of his rectum.

I wanted to take control of him inside: I wanted to dominate him so I had to get at his gland. It didn't take long; I felt it with my knob and I knew I had the right place by the way he reacted.

'Aaah what are doing? Hey this is.... Oh shit what's happening! You've fucking got me! Aaaaah!!!' Nicky's eyes were wild now but I was so preoccupied with probing him that I didn't notice what Brenda was up to. I might have guessed she would not just be a bystander! Oh no! she had got this strap-on and was getting ready to pump my ass with it! Oh man this was getting out hand! She was up me in no time. How did she know I was that easy to penetrate?

Things went really out of control then. Nicky was orgasming wildly just as I was starting to shoot. Then I felt Brenda coming up my asshole and right up inside me, she started to pump my bottom with this huge tube like strap-on. I was ready to shoot up Nicky's bum but somehow I couldn't; I felt this tightening and tightening inside me like I was a rocket on a launch pad! But then at last Brenda eased off me for a few seconds. That was all it needed I jizzed off and jacked every juice in my groin straight up Nicky's asshole and deep into his boy bum. Oh man it was terrific!!! And having that thing up me just made me go wild. I felt my cum shooting into him. This boy was no virgin any more! He had been fucked! His young body had been fertilised with my semen! I kissed him around his ears, under the curls of his hair then on his lips as he took it all deep inside. I had stuffed him right up his rectum!

'Oh thanks! Oh thanks!! You are so fab! Oh Carl you are such a man! Oh it feels terrific I want more. Please say you'll do me more: Please!!' Nicky was kissing me all over my body and licking at my slimy cock now flaccid after servicing my bottom. 'You're so virile; you shot loads up me! Oh man! it feels so goooood!!!'

I looked down on his naked body as he lay on the bed. You could see a slight damp stickiness on the inner folds of his slit. There were those lovely firm buttocks with downy hairs and now just a suggestion of goose pimples as he lay there sobbing with joy having taken possession of the greatest present of his eighteenth birthday. Nicky had been thoroughly fertilised where he really needed it.

Is that all there was to Nicky's eighteenth birthday? You hadn't forgotten about all those other guys in the tyre shop had you?

I can tell you that in less than the time it took you read that last paragraph the door bell sounded again. Nicky was to have more than one present that day. But that is another story!



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