I had been recruited by a few schools, but I had decided to stay in state. My parents wanted to be able to come to games, and I had been guaranteed the starting quarterback my Freshman year. I was excited to go off to college, but at the same time, I was nervous. I came from a very conservative family, went to a private school, and had not been exposed to many things.

I enrolled early so I could start learning the playbook quickly. And, my roommate and the starting center, Trent, helped me get up to speed. However, practices hadn't started yet so I was anxious to meet my new teammates.

On the Monday of the 2nd week, we had our first practice. It was mainly light workouts, learning a few basic formations, and meeting my team. I felt like a stud! I was a Freshman and had control over the offense already. It was a non-contact practice, so I was just wearing my green (non-contact) jersey, shorts, a jock strap, and socks and cleats.

Practice flew by quickly and coach said it was time to hit the showers. I waited back to spend more time on plays and talking up the offense with the coach. I was trying to make a great first impression but I also was very nervous about showering in front of everyone.

Back in high school, we had stalls (like I said, very conservative private school), so I was a little reluctant to get naked in front of everyone. I knew I would have to eventually but I was hoping to ease into it. So I spent about 30 minutes talking with my coach.

Finally, I went into th locker room and found that everyone had gotten ready and rushed off to supper. Trent had left me a note to shower up and head to join them. I took off my cleats and socks and threw them in my locker and threw my jersey in the laundry basket.

I was still nervous that someone might be around so I kept on my shorts and started to walk toward the showers. As I turned the corner, I was stunned to find that I wasn't alone. My entire starting offensive line stood before me with grins on their face.

I asked Trent what was up. He just laughed and said "it's time for you to earn our respect Mr. Quarterback. Let's see how well you hold up under pressure." I knew that I was about to be hazed but I had no idea what was about to happen!

Clint, a guard, and Sam, a tackle, grabbed me and lifted me into the air. These guys were powerful and athletic, easily breaking 600 pounds between the two. I'm 6'1" and 210 pounds, but I was no match for them. They took me to the trainers table and shoved me face down onto it. As Clint and Sam held me down, I felt Jonathon, the other guard, grab my shorts. He yanked them off and exposed my bare ass with just my jock strap clinking to my skin. I tried to pull away but there was no way for me to elude their grips.

Then, I felt Trent lean over me. He whispered in my ear, "you will get to feel my ass all season as you get down to take the hike, but for now, it's my turn." I squirmed as Trent grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart to show my virgin hole. He leaned in and I felt his tongue starting to lick the rim of my ass. A strange tingling ran up my spine. I was continuing to fight but this felt oddly good. Trent continues to lick and then quickly dove his tongue into my ass. Instinctively, I moaned and Trent laughed with pleasure. "You like that Mr. Quarterback?"

I tried to ignore him but I then felt a finger slide in as he continued to lick my hole. I wasn't sure who it belonged to but it started sliding in and out of my ass. I then felt my hole grow and realized a second finger was in me. I didn't know what to do. I tried to fight it, but Trent whispered into my ear, "it won't hurt as much if you don't fight it." I obliged, hoping they would quickly get this experience over with.

The fingers pulled out and I felt relieved, thinking it was over. I was wrong. I heard a squirting sound and then felt Trent climb to the edge of the table. My ass was spread again, and Trent shoved his cock head onto my hole. I tensed my ass and Trent responded by spanking me hard. I knew I had to let this happen. I eases up and Trent pushed again against my hole. I screamed as he popped my hole. Trent paused but again he started to push further into me.

I gripped the table as Trent continued to spread open my ass. He finally grounded his balls against my ass. As he started to pump his cock, I felt my dick filling up my jock strap. I wondered why I was getting hard by taking it up the ass. But my attention quickly turned to my cock being pressed against the table. It hurt but with each stroke Trent took inside my ass, my cock slid in my jock strap like the table was jacking me off.

Trent continued to pound my ass and all I could do was take it. He started to moan louder and with each stroke he went in and out of my ass quicker. I knew he was about to cum, but I was shocked to feel cum shooting out of my own dock, filling up my jock strap. I groaned as I came and that sent Trent over the edge. I felt him bury his cock all the way in my ass and he started to scream in ecstasy.

I felt his cum drip from my ass as he pulled his dick out. Trent then came to the front of the table and looked into my face. He told me "nice job quarterback but you should have been a tight end. It fits you better." He then took his 5" dick and wiped it under my nose, dripping his cum and my ass juices across my lip. "How is that?" he said. I ignored him and he responded, "ok then. Jonathon, see of you can get him to talk!"

Jonathan quickly obliged, shoving his dick inside me with no warning. It hurt, but Jonathan didn't seem to care. He was on a mission, and I was in trouble. He pounded me hard and as my ass stretched I could tell he was bigger than Trent. Again, my cock started to grow as he fucked me from behind. Soon, I was shooting another load into my jock strap and Jonathon was close behind.

He slapped my ass and said "thanks for the ride." He too wiped his dick under my nose, mixing his cum with Trent's that still clung to my face. I was right about the size, he was probably 7" and very round. He asked me if that was better. Not knowing what to do to make this stop, I nodded yes. Trent got pissed and shouted, "Sam, surely you can do better."

Trent grabbed my arm to free up Sam, and soon Sam was inside me. He felt smaller than Jonathon, so I was relieved. Sam took it nice and slow, and it felt good to have a "break." I finally regained focus and realized that my strap was full of cum. I had never realized I could shoot so much, but I then started to feel embarrassed that they were going to see that they had made me soak my strap in cum. I tried to focus on keeping my dick limp so it wouldn't happen again.

Sam though was a pro. He took it slow, but he had mastered how to rub his dick against my prostate. He started to get a rhythm and my dick responded. I tried to stop it, but I didn't have control. Soon, he had me moaning in pleasure, and I was ready to shoot another load. He gave another push inside of me and I could feel his balls rub under me. I lost control and shook as I led another orgasm blow in my jock.

Sam quickly pulled out and put his dick in my face. With two quick jerks, I had warm cum soaking my eyes, nose and lips. Sam exclaimed, "that's how you do it." But Clint grabbed Sam and told him to hold me down.

Clint got on me for the ride. He pushed inside me and it actually didn't feel too bad. Soon, Clint was moaning as he went in and out of my ass. Clint came quickly and I was happy that I hadn't done the same. But, he too wiped his cum and my juices on my face, mixing it with the others.

I thought that everyone had their turn but I forgot the other tackle Geno was in the room. Geno stepped in front of me and dropped his shorts. I was astonished that a dick could be so big. It hung almost to his knees and it had to be 9-10" easily. I begged for him not to stick it inside me, but he walked to the back of the table. I started to scream and tried to resist but the other 4 held me down. Geno spread open my cheeks and I begged for mercy. As he pushed his head against my hole, I screamed for him to stop.

Suddenly, my coach came into the room. "what's going on?" he said. I was saved! But the others were caught and I knew they would be in trouble. Coach demanded an answer, and Trent responded, "we are teaching him trust sir!"

Coach came up to my face and asked of they had earned my trust. I quickly said no. I waited for Coach to make them get off of me, but he shocked me when he said, "Geno, teach your quarterback to trust you."

Geno pushed his dick in my hole and I screamed. Tears started to roll down my face. Coach yelled at me to be quiet but I continued to beg for this to stop. Suddenly, Coach pulled out his dick and shoved it deep in my throat. "You can't scream now son," he said. He started to stick his cock down my throat. I tried not to gag, and Coach kept pushing until his balls hit my chin.

Geno slid in further from behind. I groaned as he kept going in, but my sounds were muffled by Coach's cock. Soon, Geno had buried all 10" inside me. My ass was in intense pain. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. But, Coach had my mouth at his attention.

Coach and Geno got into a rhythm as one fucked my ass and the other my mouth. They looked at each other and said let's cum together. They got on pace and started to quicken it as they fucked my holes. My dick swelled again. I couldn't believe that I could cum 4 times.

Coach and Geno started to moan in unison. I finally realized that I should just go with it and do the same. All 3 of us, grunted and groaned with each stroke. Finally, Coach yelled, "I'm about to cum. You better suck it down quarterback." I started to feel a warm salty liquid shooting down my throat. I did as Coach said and swallowed. As it went down, I was surprised to like the taste.

As Coach groaned, Geno pushed one last time deeper into my ass and screamed in excitement as he filled my ass full of cum. He pushed down further, rubbing my cock against the table, and sending me into another orgasm. Both pulled out at the same time, and Geno came to my face. He rubbed his dick like the others, and I knew that they had all marked their territory.

The others let go and I finally felt freedom. They told me to turn over but I was embarrassed to show that my jock strap was completely wet. They grabbed me and flipped me over. I sat there, covered in my own cum.

Trent came over and pulled off my jock strap, seeing that it was soaked. He shoved it in my face, mixing all of our cum together. "A toast to our new quarterback, Jock Strap, drink up brother. We are now all joined as one."

I licked the cum from my jock strap and licked my upper lip as they commanded. Somehow I knew that it would earn their respect...and I also earned a new nickname as my o-line called me Jock Strap for the rest of my college career.



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