Nick told me to be at the bus station at 9:00 pm sharp, not a second late.

'Wear jeans that can be removed easily, no fucking buttons or shit. Slip on shoes...and a tank top. No jacket.'

I had only a slim idea of what he looked like, the description on his internet profile described him as 5' 8', 185 pounds, Caucasian with black hair and goatee. He identified himself as a total top. Expect no reciprocation.

His instant message instructions were very clear. No hook-up unless I agreed to his terms. Stand at the elevator door and wait to get picked talking, just do as I am told. Nick sent me a list of toys that he owned. It was important that I choose at least five items from the list that I would be willing to submit to, and would accept without limits or conditions.

I looked over the list last night, my dick as hard as a rock thinking of how his toys would potentially be used to control, torment and finally torture me. Some items were not negotiable, including wrist and ankle straps.

'Penis pump. Ball stretcher. Prison strap. Sounding rods. Cat-o-nine tails. Poppers. Ring gag. Slave hood. Humbler. Spreader bars. Clothespins. Ball weights. Prostate massager. Deep Heat ointment. Rocket dildo. Slave hood. E-stim. Cock ring. Anal speculum. Neurological wheel.' The inventory continued. My head was spinning!

I finally narrowed it down and sent him my list. He texted back almost immediately:

'You made some unusual choices for a beginner, faggot...I hope you know what you are getting into. There is no backing out tomorrow night, you made a solemn oath to give your filthy cum stained body over to me and submit to my needs! I don't use no fuckin' safe words or none of that shit.'

I arrived five minutes early. The Bus platform was almost deserted, except for a few late shift workers coming back from town, and a group of noisy young black guys hanging out at the underpass at the end of the terminal.

It was 9:30. He had me waiting for a half hour in the chilly night air, my bare arms covered in goose bumps. The black dudes were checking me out and I felt vulnerable, seriously threatened by them. A yellow cab crawled around the corner, slowing down as it passed me on the curb. I saw a shadowy figure in the driver's seat, wearing mirrored sunglasses even though it had been dark for hours. The passenger window dropped.

'Get in, pussy boy.' The man snarled, flipping a cigarette butt out of the window. This had to be Nick! The red ember burst on the curb in front of me like a miniature firework. I reached for the passenger door. 'No, bitch! Get in the back, and don't say a fuckin' word unless spoken to!' My groin tingled; I loved being spoken to like that. This was going to be very interesting. I could only see the back of his head in the dim circle of light from the parking lot, but he had wide shoulders and greasy black hair that curled out from under a knit ski cap and down his thick neck to the collar of his plaid shirt. His mirrored sunglasses obscured his eyes, but I saw he had very pale skin and a strong square jaw covered in a two day growth of the same jet black hair.

We cruised slowly to the end of the bus platform, across from where the black guys were laughing and passing a small flask bottle. I shivered as they turned to watch the cab roll up.

'See those brothers over there? See the tall one with the red hoodie and the baggy jeans?' He hissed. 'I want you to go over to him and ask if you can talk to him for a minute.' I listened nervously. 'Cut that bull from the herd, and lead him in this direction...' He pushed two twenties through the cab window between the seats. 'Show him these and ask the dude if he'll let you blow him for $40 bucks!' Nick chuckled.

'But I can't...' I started to protest. 'Shut the fuck up, cum-bucket!' Nick spat as he shouted at me, shaking with anger. 'Did you forget the rules already? I said you were not to speak unless it is required by me! Did I say you could give me your fuckin' lip? Do as you are told immediately, or your fuckin' session is over right now!' I sensed real anger in his voice. This was a very violent man that I was about to give my body over to... But I didn't want this to end, so I took the twenties and opened the cab door.

The four inebriated black guys grinned at me as I crossed towards them, sitting on the retaining wall at the underpass. Even they thought it was incredible that this lanky blonde boy in a tight yellow tank top was headed their way on this chilly September night.

I figured the best way to do this was to use the element of surprise. Before they could think, I walked right up to the big man in the red hoodie and asked him if I could speak to him in private. He looked startled, and his friends started to hoot.

He swaggered behind me to the lamppost. I told him that I wanted to suck him off, but didn't flash the cash fast enough. 'Fuckin' faggot bitch!' The man slurred. He slammed me in the stomach with his closed fist and I crumpled to the ground, writhing in pain. He kicked the side of my head, and I felt my ear flush with blood.

'Wait! I'll pay you... make it worth your while!' I whimpered, lying on my side, extending the cash to him. 'Here, take it! Just a few minutes of your time, you cum in my mouth and the money is yours!' My stomach hurt and my ear was buzzing. I waited for another kick to the head. 'I'm really a great cocksucker! Let me show you, man!'

The big man thought about it. He stopped kicking me, and I staggered to my feet. 'Come with me to that cab, okay? I wheezed, breathless from the shot to my abdomen. 'No one will know you got sucked off, and you'll have your 40 bucks!' I sure hoped Nick was worth all of this. I thought about the hot man sitting in the cab waiting for me to bring my trophy Negro back to the car, and decided he probably was.

I climbed in the back, and the red hoodie followed me into the yellow cab, shutting the door behind him. His friends had moved on, and no one was in sight for blocks. The black man noticed Nick, and looked a little surprised. 'Whatever!' he said with a shrug.

He was actually quite a beautiful specimen. He was tall, maybe 6'5', chubby but muscular, and as black as coal! His dark skin had a blue cast in the dimly lit cab. He unzipped the hoodie, exposing a white wife beater. I noticed he had a spray of tight black curls across his broad chest. I love hairy men... I wondered if Nick had a hairy body, I was sure he did. I fumbled with the big son-of-a-bitch's belt as he laced his fingers behind his head and sank into the vinyl seat. I started to lick his armpits, but he pulled away with a grunt. So this was to be a straight blow 'n go? Well okay then. I released his nine inches of uncut black splendor, thick and swollen like a big fat slug.

Nick sat facing forward, as stiff and quiet as a store mannequin. He took a long drag on his cigarette and adjusted the mirror. The interior light came on so Nick could get a better look at my humiliation. I pulled back on the engorged shaft, exposing his pink mushroom glan. The big black erection buried itself inside my mouth. I felt it growing, getting hard against the back of my throat. His crotch smelled like man sweat, a scent I've never been afraid of! The dude rocked his hips, sending his fat cock deeper and deeper into my hungry pie hole. His pubic hair was like a Brillo pad, rough and coarse against my lips and already soaked with my drool. I enjoyed blowing this Nubian God, but I think what I enjoyed the most was glancing up in the mirror and seeing Nick's handsome face, grinning ear to ear.

The big ebony bull grabbed my head with his thick calloused hands. 'Shit yeaah! You really like that big black dick in your mouth?' The black man grunted as he continued his relentless pumping. He grabbed my hair and forced my face down into his aromatic bush, and with great jerking thrusts he unloaded his man juice into my mouth. I gagged a bit, but swallowed as much as I could. He continued to pump thick ropes of the stuff for several seconds; I loved the salty tang as it slid down my throat.

The man shuddered and relaxed. I crouched in front of him, letting his dick go soft in my mouth. 'You come and see big Mike again, little white boy, and you can have some more of that, no charge!' He said loud enough for Nick to hear, as he zipped his massive cock, still dripping cum, back into his jeans. 'But this time I'm gonna take the forty bucks... for party supplies, if you get my meanin'!' He chuckled as he left the cab.

'Bring him back anytime, dude!' the black man shouted to Nick as he started the engine and threw the cab into gear. We pulled out of the terminal lot and on to the expressway north. My chest was soaked in my own spit and the man's thick cum that had somehow escaped my mouth. I felt the sticky ooze sliding down under my shirt.

'I particularly loved when you got kicked in the head.' Nick spoke with an even monotone voice, almost soothing and hypnotic. 'I almost fuckin' came watching you squirming on the ground in front of that big Mandingo!'

We cruised uptown a few miles in complete silence. I saw exits fly by, but lost track of where we were. The cab sailed into an exit ramp and turned right. A couple blocks later we pulled to a stop in front of a small two story wood frame house with a tall peaked gable, set high into the hill.

'The door is open, let yourself in. Do NOT go into any of the rooms. Go right up to the landing at the top of the stairs. Strip down and wait for me there.'

I climbed the cement steps leading to the little house. The heavy wooden door creaked open, and I slipped in to the darkened hallway. It smelled like an antiseptic cleaning spray had been used recently, a scent vaguely like ammonia and lemon. I stumbled nervously up the squeaky stairs, feeling for the landing in the darkness. When I got to the top, I took off all of my clothing. It was very chilly, somehow even colder than outside!

The door swung open, sending a shaft of light from the street into the darkness, then immediately shut again. I heard his heavy footsteps as he plodded up the stairs towards me. I shivered, not from the cold but from anticipation of my fate. I could barely distinguish his silhouette in the gloomy hall, but felt his hands grab my shoulders. He spun me around and pressed his body into my back. He found my nipples and began twisting them in his thick fingers, first one then the other. His face brushed against my neck. I felt the stubble rub against my cheek as he pulled my blonde curls to his nose and inhaled.

'Nice. Your hair smells sweet... so clean and innocent, like a baby... or a little girl.' Nick whispered in my ear, his breath hot on my neck. 'I think it's time for you to meet the Beast!'

Nick turned to the door at the end of the railing. He pulled a key out of his pocket, and with it opened a large padlock. The door swung open and Nick grabbed me by the hair and led me up the narrow flight of stairs to the attic space. It was actually lit a little better than downstairs. The walls were painted flat black, as was the wooden floor. A track of lights ran along the ridge board at the top of the peak. It was fitted with five or six purple lights, like you buy at novelty stores. Nick went to a table along the wall and picked out some straps.

'Show me your wrists.' He grinned, with a wicked look on his face. 'These are like your commitment rings, baby. If you accept them willingly it's like a verbal contract. You give yourself in mind and body to the Beast!' I held my arms out without hesitation, to seal my fate. The thick leather straps wrapped around my wrists, and fastened with chrome buckles. Nick cinched them as tight as he could, until I felt the pounding of my own pulse in my hands.

The cuffs had thick chrome clips on them. He shoved me roughly to a small plastic step stool. 'Up, bitch!' He barked, with a sneer on his face. I stood on the little platform as he snapped the clips to large O rings fastened high into the rafters. He had my arms stretched out as far as they would extend. He took the belt out of his pants, and bound it across my chest, just over my nipples and under my outstretched arms. It was big on me. Standing on the stepstool behind me, he buckled it and looped a length of clothesline around the thick leather. He tied the rope off to another O ring over my head. 'You startin' to get a feel for what's in store for you, faggot?' he shouted, as he jumped down and kicked the stepstool out from under my feet! I swung back and forth like a piƱata for a couple seconds, my eyes tearing, as the edges of the leather straps cut into my flesh. I hung from my wrists and from the thick leather belt under my armpits. I began to groan.

'Oh yes, I like that!' he smirked, pushing on my chest to make me swing back and forth like a grotesque marionette. 'You have my permission to moan, or scream, or cry... whimpering is always appreciated...but NO talking! You are not to say one fucking word to me, faggot!' To make sure I couldn't break my vow of silence, Nick fitted a large ring in my mouth, just behind the lips. Thick rubber straps that wrapped around my head held the ring gag firmly in place.

'I'm taking pity on you, bitch, because you have shown your respect for the Beast. The belt will distribute your weight, and make it easier on you to be suspended until I have completed your procedures.' My dick was hard as a rock. 'Otherwise if I hung you by your arms alone, your faggy limp wrists might snap!'

The Beast quickly stripped down to a black leather brief with a large zipper up the front and a thong back. His fat cock, already erect, jutted out of the zipper... so white it seemed to glow in the purple light! He tugged on his huge semi erect penis. It had a large-gauge Prince Albert hanging off the front. He was magnificent, as I knew he would be. Well worth the wait to see him naked. Nick continued pulling on his cock, admiring his handiwork. He was not tall, but built like a Greek God. His arms were thick and hard, his belly tight, and his Pecs rose proudly from his frame like two melons. His legs were bowed, which made him look a lot like a bulldog. I knew he would be hairy, I could tell by his beard, which I could now see continued right down his throat and merged with a thick blanket of black wavy fur running across his chest and trailing down his belly. A thick mound of dense black pubic hair rose out of the very brief leather pouch. He went back to the table and chose a new torment for me.

'In no particular order, here is the first item from your list!' I recognized it immediately, a ball stretcher. When Nick sent me his list of toys, I did some research and found pictures and descriptions for each one. They all seemed dangerously fun at the time, but now I was rethinking my choices! Nick opened the apparatus and looped its set of chrome rings around the fleshy skin at the root of my ball sack just above my testicles. The fit was tight. On either side of the rings was a screw device on a threaded post. Nick began turning the screws, separating the two rings further and further from each other. My balls tightened up against the ring, but it held fast. The fleshy sack stretched as the pressure increased. I yelped in pain. 'Does that hurt already? We just got started and those little peanuts have had enough? I don't think so!'

Nick laughed. He reached over to the table and grabbed another toy. It was the prison strap. He began lightly tapping my testicles with it, increasing the pressure until I could hear the slap of the stiff leather against my straining balls. He stopped, and I thought it was over. Instead he turned the screws a few more times and stretched my nuts another inch farther from my groin. I was drooling from my ring gag, no way to swallow or control it.

'You've been a very good little bitch. I think it's time for another reward!' He went to the table and picked up a little brown bottle. He poured some of the liquid onto a washcloth and stood in front of me. 'Here's number three from your list, Poppers!' The Beast put the rag in front of my face. I began to breathe in the noxious vapors, my head starting to spin. The blood raced to my face, I felt flush and hot. Nick stuck the corner of the rag into my ring gag so I would have a continuous hit of the nitrates. He stroked his dick, and slid the prison strap gently across my nipples. The poppers were taking over; my head swam, feeling a glorious rush with every stroke of the strap. Nick suddenly slapped me across the chest with the inflexible rawhide as hard as he could. Again and welts raised in a stripe pattern across my belly and chest. I screamed in horror, gasping for air as the strap landed cutting blows to my tender belly. He pulled the rag from my face and held it up to his nose. 'Oh, fuck YES!' he moaned. 'You really are a piece of faggot shit, ain't ya?' I felt him fumbling at the ball stretcher, turning the screws another inch apart. I twisted and pulled away in misery, but that only intensified the pain.

Nick stepped behind me. I couldn't see what he was up to, but soon I could feel the prison strap striking again on my ass cheeks. The ecstasy of the poppers was wearing off, and the agony returned. I screamed out, which only made him smack them harder, my suffering made him more aggressive. The rag came around my face, and he pulled my head back as I swooned in the chemical haze. 'Number four on your list, a special delivery in the rear for the little faggot! You like the feel of a big dick up your chute, don't ya?' Nick slid his hand into my butt crack. I felt the slippery wetness of lubricant as his thumb entered my body. I tried to think of my list, what was next? Of course, the Rocket dildo! A large rubbery black thing that looked like a three stage rocket, or maybe like three enormous acorns stacked on top of each other, each one larger than the last.

The first stage went in pretty easy, being just a bit bigger than a large human cock. My ass stretched to accept it, and I felt my sphincter tighten again around its base. The next stage was substantially bigger, much larger than any dick that ever fucked me! Nick crouched down behind me. The dildo hung from my ass, wedged firmly into my gut. He unfastened my ankles from the wall, and I found myself hanging again from my wrists. He started to kiss my ass cheeks as he slowly rotated the dildo. The second stage had spiral ribs, and as Nick turned the monster in my ass, I felt it screwing itself further into me. My sphincter expanded, and I thought it would tear. I howled like a puppy. My back ached from my crucifixion the last hour, and I felt as if my arms were popping out of my shoulder sockets. The welts on my chest felt like they were on fire. Nick chuckled lightly. My nuts, stretched about three or four inches from my cock, throbbed as if I had been kicked in the balls.

'It's not over yet, faggot!' he hissed in my ear, as the second massive bulge popped into my gut. I felt light-headed, the room spinning around me like a top. 'Don't lose control, bitch! Focus on me! Look into my face and concentrate on what I'm doing...don't think about the pain!'

He found the little plastic stool and put it back under my feet. I was so relieved I cried. The Beast refreshed the popper rag and took a deep hit...then he stuck it in my gag again. I sucked in the fumes, knowing that with the haze comes relief. I tried focusing on something, like Nick suggested, to overcome the intense pain. I noticed the colorful tattoo band around his upper arm... at first it just appeared abstract, but if you looked carefully it was a ring of bloody penises impaled in barbed wire. Thin trails of red tattoo ran from the gruesome ring, like blood dripping down his bicep.

He muttered a few words like a madman talking to himself, and strode off out of view towards the toy table. He returned with a baggy filled with clothespins. He set them on a small side table a few feet in front of me, next to the only chair in the room. It was an old overstuffed wing chair in what used to be a bright stripe, now faded and stained. He sat down directly in front of my miserable, shivering body. A draft blew softly through the attic, the black felt tacked up over the fan flapping gently in the breeze. The welts on my chest were so sensitive, the stirring air felt like waves of fire. He lit a cigarette, and tugging on his stiff cock, admired what he had accomplished.

A few minutes went by, my blubbering the only sound in the purple blackness.

'I'm so fucking horned up, bitch!' he finally broke the silence. 'I gotta fuckin' cum soon or my balls are gonna explode!' Nick snuffed out the cigarette and jumped out of the chair. Grabbing the baggie, he stepped up in front of me. 'Only one thing gets me off, and that's tormenting pretty little faggots like you!'

My eyes rolled back in my head as he applied the first two clothespins, on the fleshy underside of my arms, just under my armpit. It hurt like a bitch for a few seconds, and then subsided into an annoying pinch. He placed several more in a line across my inflamed chest and down to my belly, still puffy and red from the severe strapping he had dealt to me earlier. Nick snapped a pair on each of my nipples. My legs gave out, and I slumped down, once again hanging from my wrists and his belt across my upper chest.

I begged him to stop, choking back my spit behind the ring gag, but he just slapped me across the face. 'I fuckin' told you not to speak to me!' Nick circled around to see me in 360. 'You don't like the pins? Well then let me take 'em off for you!' He grabbed the prison strap and whacked my left underarm. One of the pins flew off into the air, leaving a bright red welt on my tender skin. The pain was excruciating. I leaped up and started struggling, but it was no use. Using the strap, he pushed back on my chin forcing my head up so I couldn't see what he was doing.

'Stay exactly how I place you, dog shit!' he spit out at me. I stared in horror at the ceiling. Another precise slap under the other arm, and a second clip flew off into the void. I screamed in panic! The Beast paced around me like a wild animal, swatting at the clothespins one after another. Snap... Snap! Delirious, I thought to myself, how could such small clips cause such intense suffering? They hurt infinitely more coming off, than they did going on! It was severe enough to make me forget my aching scrotum, still in the ball stretcher, my testicles at least six inches from their root, and two stages of the enormous rocket still wedged firmly in my colon. My mind reeled, and I blacked out. Oblivion became my savior.

My thoughts came back slowly. I swam in blackness with many vicious little fish, tearing at my flesh. I watched the water turn red with my blood. Then the crimson water turned to fire, and my skin curled and charred in the intense heat. Fiery devils swarmed around me, licking at my chest with sandpaper tongues. My eyes opened, and I realized my true reality. My wrist cuffs were clipped into O rings at the corners of a plastic covered mat on the floor. Nick was smoothing a smooth greasy ointment on my chest, his fingers gently sliding over my puffy inflamed welts. He rubbed in a small circle when he reached a point where a clip had been placed, to massage the salve into the broken skin. The ball stretcher had been removed from my scrotum, but I still felt that incredibly uncomfortable feeling like I had been kicked in the balls. It was making me queasy.

'Just lay there and relax, baby. You rock buddy. I never had such a willing and pliable victim before!' Willing! As if I had any choice in my torture. He placed a small pillow under my neck and climbed over me, kneeling with my head between his legs. My face was perfectly lined up with Nick's fat Mediterranean sausage. Dawns first light was peeking through the crack at the edge of the black felt over the fan. I had been in his attic for at least six hours.

Nick slowly slid the head of his penis through the chrome ring, still strapped firmly against my gums. My mouth was gaping wide and vulnerable. I felt the rippled flesh of his foreskin on my tongue as his cock grew hard and revealed the slippery mushroom within. It pressed against the back of my throat, and I gagged. The contractions made my balls hurt again.

'Shhh, quiet little pussy mouth!' he hissed, pulling his dick from my throat. The spasms continued for a few seconds, as I tried to swallow the pool of spit collecting in my throat. A string of the thick foamy stuff hung from the end of his cock and dripped slowly into my eye. When I calmed down, he slid his meaty shaft back in place through the ring, his sweaty balls on my forehead. I could smell the damp leather from his jock. Slowly he pushed into my gaping mouth, and then faster...his powerful hips thrust his erection deep into my throat, his sexual energy flowing from his groin like electricity into my body.

'Fuuuuck!!!' he bellowed, like a rutting ram. He was a piston, a jackhammer pounding the back of my throat. I braced for the shot, but he took me entirely unprepared. The thick creamy load blasted right down my throat. I swallowed furiously, but couldn't keep up with it. I sputtered through my ring gag, but managed to choke down most of the thick mucus into my belly, the excess running down my chin and pooling on the floor with my spit. He pulled his obscenely swollen cock from my mouth and beat off another load into my face.

I must have passed out again, or at least drifted into a zone, because the next thing I recall is Nick lifting me in his arms, carrying me across the floor to a worn old mattress in the corner. He cradled me gently, my head resting on his furry shoulder. Laying me on the stained sheet, he removed the gag from my mouth. My jaw ached, and I felt raw abrasions on my gums where the hard chrome ring had been applied. He reached down to kiss me. I pulled back in revulsion, sick to my stomach and still in shock from my violent rape and persecution. He forced his tongue into my mouth and I felt the resentment fade. He smelled faintly of cigarettes and beer, a sexy masculine combination. Exhausted, I fell asleep.

I woke up several hours later, judging by the bright sunlight behind the felt drape. Nick was sitting in the chair, smoking a cigarette and staring at me.

'Don't usually let my pig bottom boys hang around after a session.' Nick said quietly. I turned to listen. Nick tugged at his still erect penis as he slouched in the grease-stained old armchair. 'Usually I throw 'em to the street to make their own way home!' I lay on the mattress, helpless. My arms were loose but the cuffs were still strapped to my wrists, my ankle straps snapped onto a wooden stretcher bar, separating my legs uncomfortably about three feet apart. 'But I gotta say, you're doin' fuckin' awesome, buddy.' The Beast lay down next to me. He grabbed my face and whispered into my ear 'I don't usually give complements either, but you fuckin' blew my mind last night!' He traced my chest welts with his hard calloused fingers. I cringed but didn't pull away from him. I had gotten a little rest, and amazingly I found his touch exhilarating again.

His hand ran down my belly and between my legs. His hairy knuckles brushed against my tender balls as his finger explored my ass. 'Last thing we have to do is get your sorry ass fucked, right, boy?' he hissed. I looked into his eyes and nodded yes.

He stood up and hovered over me like a colossus. His body glistened with sweat. This was apparently hard work for him, too! I admired his strong defined body, covered in beautiful black fur from shoulders to ankles. His black leather split thong hugged his balls, his large erect penis jutting out into the air in front of his belly. Steam drifted from his shoulders, his body hot and damp in the chilly air of the attic.

My sphincter was so badly bruised, I felt like my asshole was inside out. The nasty rocket dildo had popped out some time ago, but it had been in my colon for so long that my ass was gaping. It would probably take hours before I would have any control again. I felt just a warm glow from my strap marks, no real pain. It's a funny thing about agony... after a while your mind tries to block it out, and your body becomes desensitized.

Nick went to his toy table and got a length of clothesline and a carpenter's clamp. He crouched down between my legs and started wrapping the line around the base of my dick, then around my aching balls, tying it off in a sailor's knot onto my stretcher bar. My legs were bent in half like a switchblade, but I couldn't straighten out without pulling my nuts off!

'I think maybe you're enjoying this too much, faggot. I don't want you to cum tonight, maybe next time.' Grinning, he held the bottle of nitrate up to my nose, and I huffed in the caustic chemical vapor. 'Just to make sure, let's pinch off that little pee-pee of yours with this!' Nick hissed, holding the clamp open in front of my face so I could see the powerful jaws. He pulled his knit cap from his head. His oily hair fell in glossy rings around his ears and down the nape of his neck to his furry shoulders. He slipped it over my head, pulling it down over my face and sending me into darkness. It was damp from his sweaty brow, and smelled like wet wool.

I couldn't see him do it, but it was clear to me what was coming.... I tried to prepare myself, but how do you prepare for searing white-hot pain? The Beast let the clamp snap on my soft pink glan, the jaws crushing the flesh flat. I screamed, bright lights flashing in my head as my brain tried to understand the intense signals it was getting from my genitalia.

Nick pushed back on my legs, rolling me onto my shoulders, my ass raised in the air to accept his meaty shaft. The spreader bar tugged at my cock, it felt like my testicles were being torn free at the root. His fingers, pointed into a cone shape, easily slid into my sloppy ruined asshole as he guided his immense cock into my butt. I felt his wooly pubic hairs rubbing against the welts on my ass. Grunting like a pig, Nick rammed his pork into my guts.

It took all of thirty seconds. The hairy bastard slipped out of my oozing hole and collapsed on top of me. My feet dropped back down to the floor, easing the pressure on my ball sack. He rolled over on his back and fell asleep!

I lay there for what seemed like forever, bound and stretched, the clamp still on the tip of my dick. I had actually ejaculated while the Beast was fucking me. My spunk was backed up painfully in my shaft, and it hurt like hell. To top it off, I had to pee.

A week later. The welts on my chest, belly and ass had gone down, and the broken skin had healed to soft pink pleats. The black and blue marks had faded to an odd yellow on my chest where I had hung suspended in Nick's leather belt. The only things that really still hurt were my balls. They were tender to the touch even now, seven days later.

As part of my final humiliation, Nick had passed my cell phone number to Big Mike, the black dude that had kicked me in the head and then shot his wad into my throat in the back of the cab. He called, insisting that he was completely straight, but he still wanted me to meet him again. He had never fucked a guy, and wanted to know what it was like to have his dick in my ass. I couldn't help wondering the same thing... so here I was, shivering on the platform, more from anticipation than the cool night air. A dark hulking figure is coming towards me from the highway. His head is shrouded in the hood of his sweatshirt, but I know it is my fate coming to claim me.


Jimmy Gordon

[email protected]


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