It was such a nice weekend with blue skies and perfect weather. It seemed as though there should be other people taking advantage of the campgrounds. But fortunately for me, there wasn't. All the better as I could use some time by myself with no one around, away from the daily grind. A nice relaxing couple of days to myself.

I set up my tent, got my gear in order and settled down to a nice relaxing day when I heard someone else driving through the campgrounds. A red pickup truck made its way down the winding dirt road and pulled into the site across from me. Of all the sites in the park they have to pick that one. There goes my secluded little piece of Eden. The truck just sits there, still running. Probably assessing the site, maybe they'll move on. No such luck. The engine goes quiet and the driver's door pops open. Out steps the kind of guy one could only dream about. A six foot plus, stocky bear of a man. The passenger side door doesn't open. He's all alone and he's gorgeous. Maybe having a neighbor who looks like that won't be so bad after all.

I watched, trying not to stare. He unloaded his stuff and then proceeded to set up camp. Then of course the inevitable, he peeled off his sweaty tee and oh fuck, my jaw dropped. He's the most irresistible man I've ever seen. As he stood there in his cargo pants and boots, contemplating on his job well done, he ran his fingers through his beard. Boy what a site. He suddenly turns and faces me and I freeze. Dam I'm caught. He smiles and as he scratches his big hairy chest his hand follows that beautiful furry line down to his belt buckle. He hikes up his shorts and with a sly smile, waves and says, "How's it hangin"? Innuendo I hope, I couldn't be that lucky. Awkwardly I smile back and wave. I can feel the blood rushing to my face and other places as well. I turned around and walked over to my fire pit and stacked up my wood for the evening's fire, then stumbled across the campsite to my tent to take care of my other wood that was ready to explode. I thought, boy, what would it be like to have a man like that and within seconds my chest was sticky with cum. Then it was time for a nice nap cause that's what men do after a load like that.

I woke up starving and got the fire going, cracked open a brew and thought, a burger and some beans, that's camping food. What a great evening this is turning out to be. A star filled sky and a pleasant breeze. The only thing that could have made it better would be.... Startling me, a voice from behind me says, hi my name's Dugan, what's yours.

Startled, my head jerks behind me. There he stood in all his glory. Still shirtless, and still grasping at his belt buckle, he runs his hand through his hair then pointing it at me. I reach out and he takes my hand in his, shaking it firmly, releasing it slowly. His middle finger glides across my palm. Electric... Stuttering I managed to reply, hi my name's Fred. You startled me. I didn't hear you walk up.

"Sorry about that, just thought I'd like to meet the neighbors. Nice to meet you Fred".

No apologies necessary Dugan, and it's just me. Um would you like a cold one?

Love one, I've been known to tip a few back from time to time.

I start to stand and my eyes traveled up his firm legs to his, wow, what's he got in there a flashlight? Hoping that I was wrong I continued up that wonderful fur trail, past his hairy barrel chest to his handsome face. Our eyes meet...piercing blue eyes. He faintly licks his upper lip and his sexy smirk turns into a smile.

Yeah a beer would be great he says, breaking the moment.

I walk over to the cooler, bend over and reach into the icy water. Dugan says, really nice and my face turns red. Did he just say that?

Yeah this is a really nice campsite, really private.

I have to get control of myself and get my mind out of the gutter. He's just a friendly guy, Out camping by himself and being neighborly. He just happens to be the most handsome fucker I've ever seen.

Well Fred, you have great taste in beer. It's my favorite.

Oh yeah, are you a big bear, er beer fan? (what did I just say? ). Chuckling Dugan says, actually, I work for the company.

You work at a brewery? Sounds like a fun job.

Well not so much at the brewery. I'm in charge of the advertising.

Well you definitely look the part. I mean it's the rugged look and all.

It's not as glamorous as it sounds. It involves allot of travelling. I do get to see the world though. The downside is that it gets pretty lonely sleeping in hotels. What's so funny?

Sorry, I didn't mean to laugh but I was just thinking. A guy that looks like you shouldn't have too many problems finding someone to keep you company.

Not much time for that, the company keeps me on a pretty tight schedule. So Fred, what keeps you busy?

Well I'm a brick mason by trade. You know, building houses the big bad wolf can't blow down.

I should have guessed that by the feel of your hands. I'm pretty good with my hands too. There's always something to be fixed around the house.

Hey Dugan your beers empty, care for another? As a matter of fact how would you like to stay for dinner? Nothing fancy, I was going to make some burgers and beans. What do ya say?

Sounds great Fred, I'm starved. Actually, I got more beer over at my camp. I'll go get it if you want to toss back a few.

One can never have enough beer can one I said with a lusty smile. He gave me a funny look and started to go. I watched as he walked back to his camp. He stopped and stood as if contemplating and turns to me.

You know Fred, you seem like a really nice guy. I think that this is going to be a really fun weekend.

Sure hope so Dugan, see you in a bit.

After Dugan left, I ran to my tent to change into something more comfortable. Or should I say, more revealing. After what he said when he left I had no doubt in my mind that he was thinking the same thing I was. I hoped. So off came the shirt and jeans and on went the oversized boxers. Commando. That outa get his attention. Not nearly as handsome as Dugan, at least I didn't think so. I was sporting a nice beard and I'm not one to trim anywhere else, I hoped that I was what he liked. Just under six foot and fairly stocky, I guess I didn't look to bad. Do bears fuck in the woods? I certainly hope so. I made the burgers and put the beans on the fire and just when I was finished, up strolls Dugan.

"I see that you changed, it's pretty hot...hopefully there'll be a breeze to cool us off", he said with a little wink.

I threw the burgers on and cracked open a beer. I handed one to Dugan and lifting mine said cheers, to a good time.

Right back at You Fred, to a good time. Let's eat I'm starving.

We pounded down the food and satisfied our ravenous appetites. Rubbing my belly I said, I think that I ate too much.

Dugan replied, a man's gotta eat to keep up his stamina. Maybe you and I could go for a midnight hike. Would you like to?

I would love to, that would be great, let me get my boots on.

The moon was almost full so we could see pretty well for the most part. It was a little creepy but I sure felt safe with my big strong handsome new friend. We chitchatted about our daily lives, jobs I'd done and places he'd been. He was so easy to talk to. It felt so good just to be with him. Here we were, two grown men in the middle of the night walking through a forest. We hardly knew each other yet it seemed as though we'd known each other all of our lives. He stopped, put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me close. He whispered in my ear, not that anyone else was around to have heard.

It's getting late, maybe we should head back.

I could feel his breath on my neck, his beard tickling my shoulder. I shuddered and he asked me if I was cold. No I said, it's just the night and the breeze and um, your hands on my shoulders.

I hope that doesn't bother you does it Fred?

Not at all Dugan, I've been waiting for you all night. And with that, he leaned over and our lips connected. Again. Electric... His hand slid down my arm and we held hands all the way back to camp.

When we got back to camp we both stood there suddenly not knowing what to say. Sheepishly smiling at each other, Dugan looks down and puts his hands in his pockets and slowly pushes the dirt around with his foot. So adorable.

Well Fred, I guess it's time I got back to my tent.

The look in my eyes was self-evident.

Don't worry my handsome cub, I'll be back in the morning. We'll have breakfast and go from there.

Dugan smiled, turned away and went back to his camp. Disappointed but feeling wonderful, I went to bed feeling like I'd just had the best sex in my life without even cumming. I fell asleep wondering how in the world that could be.

I dreamt of the feeling of Dugan's soft furry chest against my back. His strong arm holding me close as he kisses my neck, gently biting. His tongue traces a line up and around my ear as he holds me tighter. I can feel his arousal and he's leaking profusely. He slides between my legs, slowly pushing till I can feel the head pushing against my balls. I moan, he feels so good. I feel like my whole world consists of nothing more than my small two man tent and I want nothing else. Dugan softly kisses my ear and says, I hope that I'm not being to forward but I just couldn't wait till morning. That's when I suddenly realized...... this isn't a dream.

All of my breath leaves my body and I'm speechless. I turned to face him and our lips meet. He forces his tongue into my mouth and the taste of him is intoxicating. With no effort whatsoever he rolls and lifts me on top of him, our bodies grinding together. Our dicks slick with precum and sweat, each massaging the other. I'm so turned on I can't stand it. He's so handsome. He's biting his tongue as his eyes glaze over. I wonder what's going through his mind as he pushes me over the edge. He growls and I can feel him cumming, our loads soaking us. My body goes limp on top of him as he kisses me and I no longer have to wonder what it would be like to have a man like him.

I woke up to Dugan softly caressing my face. He smiles and says, "You stink".

Good morning to you too handsome.

The camp showers are right down the road, want to check them out?

Love to I said as my eyes slowly travelled over his body. Smiling and completely satisfied, I realized that as much as I'd felt him I really hadn't seen him in all his glory. By the look on his face he must have been thinking the same thing. Shyly we both blushed and climbed out of the tent. He pulls me to him and hugs me. He kisses me and says, we should probably put some clothes on before someone else sees us. As I bend over to put my shorts on Dugan says, it's pretty hot and this time I'm not talking about the weather. I turned around and with a smile, tweaked his nipple and said, so are you, you sexy fucker. So off we went down the road to the showers. Hopefully no one else will be there.

We get to the showers and they're fairly new, clean and more importantly, deserted. We run like school boys to the nearest stall, rush in and lock the door. Immediately we embrace, our hands slowly exploring each other's bodies. He pushes me to my knees and backs up a bit. He stands there with his feet apart the width of his broad shoulders and as he strokes his fat cock he looks like a god. Water making its way through his hairy chest and down his stomach drips to the floor along with him precum. I'm in awe and he knows it.

Take care of it boy, do it now he orders me. I think to myself, yes sir oh yes sir as I lean into him and take him to the hilt almost choking, almost. He's so big, so hard. He grips my head and thrusting, over and over till I can feel him getting ready. He stops and abruptly pulls me to my feet, ravaging my mouth with his. I look into his eyes, I see an animal and he's beautiful. He growls, turns me around and pushes me against the wall. One arm goes over my shoulder and he holds my chest. The other goes around my stomach and he pulls me close. He kisses my neck then biting it, marking me as his. I can feel him sliding into me and it's never felt like this, ever. His hand slides down and he holds me firmly, slowly stroking.

He forces his way in further until I can feel his balls against my ass. As he starts to pound me senseless, he relentlessly pursues his goal. His hand speeds up and so does his pace.

Take me Dugan! Take me now! It's all for you and you own it! Please don't stop! I can't hold out anymore. I explode and with a roar, Dugan lets loose a torrent of spunk like no other. He keeps going. Water, tears run down my face and I can feel him running down my legs. My god my knees are giving out. How can anything feel like this? He turns me around, holds me up and kisses me as I stare at him, panting. I think to myself how beautiful he is as the warm water rushes over us.

I started to speak but Dugan quickly puts his fingers to my lips. Shhhhh....

He picks up the soap and starts to lather me up. So soft, so gentle. His hands slowly caressing my body. He runs his fingers through my hair and kisses me. There's suds on his nose, so cute. He smiled as I started to rinse off. Taking the soap to return the favor, I turn him around and he leans forward placing his hands against the wall. I can't help but stare. He's so handsome. I start with his arms and shoulders and work my way down his massive furry back to his butt crack. I reach around and soap up his hairy chest with one hand, the other going lower. He shivers.

Are you cold Dugan?

No, it's just the day and the breeze and um... your hands on my body.

I smile and say, I hope that doesn't bother you, does it?

Fred, I've been waiting for you all my.... all day.

He turns to me and holds me tightly. Gently touching the mark on my neck he kisses me and smiles. We rinse, towel each other off savoring the moment. We get dressed and step out into the beautiful sunshiny day.

What do you say we make breakfast, you hungry Fred?

I'm starving Dugan.

So off we went walking down the road, Dugan's hand on my shoulder and my fingers threaded through his belt loop. I looked up at him and smiled nervously.

I've been waiting for you to Dugan.

He pulls me closer and with my head on his shoulder we made our way back to camp.

After breakfast, too full and too tired to do much of anything, I lay down in the shade watching Dugan clean up. I offer to help but he just tells me, "You cooked, relax while I clean up". I stare at him, I can't help myself. I think, how can a man that looks like that be so kind and gentle and at the same time, replaying our time together in the shower this morning, be so wonderfully aggressive. As if reading my thoughts, he looks at me and smiles. I could look at you all day I tell him.

Same here Fred, but I'm sure that we could come up with something better to do. I was thinking that you and I could go for a little swim after a while. There's a stream at the bottom of the hill. Kinda private, if you know what I mean.

Sounds exhilarating. I love to swim. And yes I'm sure that we could come up with a few things.

Dugan strolls over and lays down next to me in the grass. His head on my shoulder he gently circles my nipple with his finger. He puts his arm around me and I can feel his breath on my chest. His breathing slows down as he falls asleep and I do the same as the clouds drifted by overhead.

My handsome cub, my mind registers Dugan's voice as he kisses my cheek.

Have a nice nap? Ready to go for a swim?

Sure, let me grab my shorts.

You won't be needing those. As I said, it's pretty private.

All the better, can't wait to pull yours off.

Dugan pulls me up and with a nice little smooch were off to the river. We walked down the path and come across a shaded little sandy stretch of beach and lay down our towels.

Last one in gets to see the other guy's ass I said with a lusty laugh.

Just what I had in mind now turn around boy.

I willingly oblige wondering what he has in mind. Dugan kneels down and starts caressing my ass. His beard rubbing up and down the crack. He pulls my cheeks apart and in goes his tongue. I bend over without thinking. This is wonderful. What he does is simply amazing. He licks and nibbles gently and sometimes not. I couldn't pull away even if I wanted to. He comes up for air and quickly turns me around. He takes my cock in his mouth and sticks his finger, then two up my ass. His mouth works me like no other. With one hand massaging my butt with his fingers and the other cupping my balls, his mouth slides up and down the shaft. It's mind blowing to say the least. He grips my cock and looking up at me, he smiles and says, I want to taste you. Never denying him and as his fingers hit my prostate, he pumps a load out of me he can't seem to get enough of. My knees buckle and I'm face to face with his handsome mouth. A single drop off pearly liquid hangs onto his bottom lip. I take my finger and push it into his open mouth. He gently bites it and I pull his mouth to mine. His tongue slides in and the taste is addictive. I have to have him. My hand strokes his hard cock and I ask him to stand. With his hands on my shoulders he heaves himself up. With my mouth now level with that beautiful package, I hold onto his balls for balance. Taking him in my mouth, I start to suck furiously. I taste his precum, fuck yeah, I look up and into his eyes and their gone. Glazed over again. He's biting his tongue. What's going through his mind right now, he'll never say even though I would do anything for him right here, right now. Suddenly focusing on me, his eyes clear and he sneers, pulling out his dick. He grips my chin with his hand and pushes his thumb into my mouth, holding it open. He growls at me, hope you're thirsty boy, here it comes! He starts to cum in thick squirts filling my mouth as his sweat drips from his face onto mine. The ultimate in submission. I swallow. I'm so turned on I pump out my second load in ten minutes onto the sandy beach, a new record for me. Hope you're thirsty boy. I replay it in my mind over and over again.......

I collapsed to the ground on my back with Dugan on top of me. He kisses me and our flavors mingle. So delicious, so compatible.

Dugan, I think I....

Want to go for that swim?

Um yeah, love to.

We walked hand in hand into the chilly water. Chest deep, Dugan squats down and I sit on his knees wrapping my legs around him. We pull each other close, our cheeks touching. As the gentle waves lap around our necks, the sun sets in the evening sky and it's beautiful. I think to myself, there's nowhere else in the world that I'd rather be.

Back at camp, after dinner and a few beers, I lay down on a blanket next to the fire. Dugan lays down behind me, spooning me. He puts his arm around me and hugs me. We lay there, not talking, not having to. Nothing really needs to be said. I feel him getting ready as he glides across my crack, over and over, naturally lubricating "his hole". He slides into me and he feels wonderful. He reaches around and gently holding my dick, strokes it in pace with his rhythm. As he kisses my neck he moans and starts to cum. I do the same and he puts his hand to my mouth. My tongue circles his fingers as I close my eyes. I remember him helping me to bed as I thought to myself, I have to leave in the morning. :-(

We crawl into the tent and lay down facing each other. He kisses me as I lay my head on his shoulder. Dugan caressing my face says, you know Fred, I could really fall for a guy like you. My mind is racing, I think the same as sleep takes us both.

I awoke the next morning. Alone. I crawl out of the tent to find my friend. His camp is entirely empty and his truck is gone. Oh no. I sit at the picnic table and reminisce about the best, worst weekend of my life. I didn't respond to his last words to me last night. I have to find him but can't figure out how. I slowly get my gear together and load up my stuff. As I get into my car I wipe a tear from my eye contemplating what to do. I look up and see a glimmer of hope stuck under my windshield wiper. I can't get out fast enough. Careful not to rip it, I open the note and read.....

"My dear Fred, I know it's only been a couple of days but I feel like you and I may have something. I hope that I didn't scare you away last night with what I said. I'm leaving you with my phone number. I'll be waiting for your call. Dugan"

After reading it for the umpteenth time and not wanting to seam desperate. I decided to call when I got home. It's only a short drive but I can hardly contain myself. I smile and thought about the past couple of days. I can't help myself. I have to make that call. I pulled off the road and into a roadside dinner thinking maybe I should get something to eat and think about this. I sat down at a booth and the waitress took my order. I cannot wait any longer. I got out my phone and tried to dial the number. I'm shaking. After the third try I finally got it right and the phone rings in my ear. Funny, as I'm waiting for an answer I hear a phone ringing behind me. I turned around and I recognize my handsome friend and lover.

Smiling, I turned and before he could answer I whispered in his ear, hi my name's Fred what's yours.


Well, to whoever is reading this I hope that you've enjoyed it as I've never written anything else in my life. Of course it's a work of fiction. The campground is fake, the characters are for the most part, not. I wrote this for my friend Dugan, not his real name of course. It means a lot more to us then it would to you and I guess what I'm trying to say is, the story refers to two men who by a stroke of luck, found what they needed to find and fill a void they so desperately needed filled for two entirely different reasons. And in doing so, found something better, a beautiful friendship.

Thanks Dugan, always you're friend, Fred :-)




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