Nassau street was sweltering with heat one Sunday afternoon and

inside Tony's house was no different. The shades were drawn to keep things cool, and of

course the clothes were scarce. Tony's next door neighbor Mark was at the door knocking,

Tony wrestled about whether to open the door or not considering what happened last time.

You see Tony is married to a women and like some men he fantasies about men. He knows he

is not gay and still gets excited over a pretty woman, but he still has those thoughts.

I think that most men at one time or another think about other guys. Some

even question whether they are gay or not, many find out that they go both ways.

The last time Mark was over Tony felt funny inside and realized he

was a little excited. Mark kind of felt this and flirted with him. The funny thing is that

this time Mark is just knocking on the door and Tony has a hard-on. Resisting with all his

might Tony still opened the door. After the hellos are exchanged and mutual erections are

noticed things' quickly heated up. Mark without hesitation grabs Tony's bulge and begins

stroking it gently. After some hesitation and uncertainty Tony removes his underwear. To

his surprise he has never been so excited sexually, his entire body is shaking. Mark

quickly removes his clothes and begins kissing his neighbors hard swollen cock. To Tony's

surprise it is the best mouth he has ever had around him, powerful sucking and licking

bring Tony to a speedy climax. Just as he was about to cum, Mark stopped sucking. Mark

began to pump stroke his dick while Tony just stared in amazement, he has never seen

another man pull on his cock. Tony sat on the floor like he was watching a puppet show.

Mark stood directly over Tony and jerked his meat so hard and so fast his cock was blue.

Before Tony could even think, he had cum squirting all over his face

and upper body. The cum trickled down his face and onto his lips. Tony without thinking

began licking all the juice off Mark's bulging cock. Tony who was still erect waiting for

his first man on man cum began moaning. Mark moved to the floor and spread his ass wide

open and begged Tony to put out his fire. After some thought Tony moved against Mark's

backside and quickly shoved his cock into Mark's love hole. After a few tight strokes Tony

exploded into Mark's ass and both collapsed on the floor. They moved into the 69 position

and gave each other soft sweet mouth strokes. Soft slow sucking and massaging each

other. Mouths hot, cocks hard and swollen pumping in and out, their balls bouncing

softly against each others faces. They both came at the same time, the sensation of

squirting a load in someone's mouth and having a big cock squirt cum in your mouth was

incredible. What an orgasm Tony thought to himself, what a fucking incredible hot

fulfilling orgasm!!!

Mark left. Tony showered and cleaned up a little bit, his wife came

home and asked How was your day? Tony felt a little funny but much happier then when he

last saw his wife. He thought to himself that he now knows the secret of a happy marriage.

That secret is good next door neighbors like Mark.




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