It had been 2 months since my first sexual experience. I was working part-time at a local flower shop. My boss at the shop was Blake, an ex-body builder with a nice tan and beautiful physique. It was almost 2 months to the day that he had cornered me in the shop's storeroom and sucked me off. For 2 months all I could feel were my hands gripped tightly on his soft tan shoulders. For 2 months all I could think about in class was how amazing his mouth felt tightly wrapped around my cock that night. For 2 months, all I could think about was how quickly his fingers found their way into my tight little ass. For two months, I would lie in bed alone at night putting whatever I could find in my room up my ass watching my cock grow and spray on to my chest. I didn't dare bring up the subject with him at the shop and neither did he. We both knew that if anyone suspected anything, he could be in a lot of trouble.

That Friday morning, my mother came to ask if I would be interested in helping Blake out in his garden this Saturday to make some extra money. I had to contain my excitement and tried to deliver a subdued "Sure. Sounds good." I rode my bike to school and attended class. I couldn't concentrate at all. Every class, my fantasies about what this man might do to me got my more and more aroused. I found myself slipping my hand down to stroke my rock hard little cock. I began to wonder if any of my fellow sophomores had experienced anything like this. That night, I slept early, as I wanted to get over there as soon as possible in hopes something would happen quickly.

I don't think I've ever pedaled my bicycle faster than I did that next morning. Blake lived alone in a secluded area of town that bordered an industrial park. I'd been to his house with my mother for a party he threw once before. His garden was very secluded with only industrial buildings around it. The ride over had already rendered my clothes sopping wet with sweat. I wore the same t-shirt and board shorts that I had on the night of our first encounter hoping he would notice. He let me in and offered me a glass of water.

Blake asked me to wait for him while he got ready. He left the door open to his bedroom while I sat on his couch. After a few minutes I noticed that the TV had a movie playing on it. There was a man on the TV seated back with two other men holding his arms. His legs were propped up in stirrups with something large and black being moved in and out of his ass. I was memorized at the size of the object penetrating him. I'd never seen anything like it. When the object was pulled back, the man on the screen put is head back and moaned and I could see that the object moving in and out of his ass was a black latex glove. This was the days before the internet and when someone my age wouldn't be able to rent it for a few years (Years later, I would find out that the video was Falcon's Spring Break).

Blake was still in his bedroom when I noticed he was putting on his swim shorts. His ass was white, but the rest of him was so tan. I just wanted to feel his hands on me again so I could feel his soft skin. He walked out and looked at the screen.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize I left that on."

"It's okay.", I replied, "I don't mind it."

"It's brand new. Pretty interesting, huh?" he winked.

"It's okay." I wasn't sure what my reaction should be and I panicked a bit, but on the inside I loved every second of it. Blake's chest was starting to form sweat beads on it and I started to imagine that chest and that sweat covering my back with him behind me.

I followed him to the garden and he showed me the yard. The rose bushes were immaculate, the grass was neatly mowed. In fact, I quickly realized that the entire garden looked perfect.

"Well, truth be told, I had the garden done yesterday, but I forgot to tell you mother that you didn't need to come help out today, but you're welcome to hang out for a bit. I was going to take a dip."

"Sure thing. I can stay for a while, I've got nothing else to do." My heart was beating out of my chest at this point.

I followed him to the a jacuzzi that was nestled in a corner of the yard. It was surrounded by a wooden deck with vertical blinds that closed in all directions.

"Go ahead and jump in. I'll be back in a sec. Do you want something cold to drink?"

I pulled my t-shirt off and threw it in a heap in the corner of the room and eased myself in. Moments later, Blake returned with a glass of orange juice for me. He eased himself in the spa sitting across from me. I took a gulp and choked badly as it burned all the way down. It must have been 3/4 vodka.

"Sorry, I must have given you the wrong drink. Here take mine."

His drink was still tainted with vodka, but not nearly as strong as the first. I suppose if you're going to corrupt the innocent, you mind as well go all out. But, I didn't need the alcohol or any other primer for that matter, I was so ready to feel this grown man take advantage of me.

We sat there talking and Blake moved in a little closer talking about the yard and the house. Within seconds, he was seated next to me. The bubbles from the jets concealed his hand which was now on my board shorts stroking my cock through the suit. He could tell I was excited. We stood up to face one another and I put my hand on his chest so I could feel that amazing skin. I took another sip of the drink and turned away from him to place my drink on the deck. As my ass came up out of the water, I felt my shorts tug and tug harder. My board shorts slipped down past my ass. Blake's hand push down hard on my back so that my stomach was now on the deck while my knees were on the seat of the tub and my ass above water. He pulled my ass cheeks open with his fingers and I felt his tongue push through into my ass. It was amazing. I reached my hands around and began stroking myself. I reached back to touch his head and he pushed harder and faster. Soon after, I felt one finger push into my ass, then two then three which was stretching my little hole much wider than what I was used to.

After a few minutes, he pulled me out of the water so I was laying back on the deck and continued fingering my ass, but now he took my little cock in his mouth. He stopped to pull off his shorts exposing his thick cock and commanded,

"Now put this in your mouth."

Suddenly, we heard some voices coming from behind the industrial park and we both were a little spooked. How would it look for someone to see me sucking off a grown man. I put on my shorts and followed him back in the house. I still sopping wet and led me into his bathroom and started the shower. I stepped in and washed myself off.

As I got out, he was coming in and said, "That was fast." I think he sensed perhaps I was nervous so he asked, "Do you need to go?"

"No.", I explained, "I planned on being here for the day."

He paused for a moment. "Do you want to go?", he asked.

In a reassuring tone, "No. I want to stay"

He pulled the towel off me exposing my quivering body.

"Did you like that movie I showed you?" he asked.

"Yes, it was great."

"What's wrong?", he asked.

"Actually, I've gotta pee.", I said as my heart was pounding.

The cold air from inside I could feel the pressure on my bladder. I walked over to the toilet and lifted the seat. Blake crept up behind me.

"Don't waste it."

He turned my hips to direction and knelt down and opened his mouth.

"Go ahead.", Blake looked up with a wink.

"What do you mean?", I asked, "You want me to go now?"

"Yeah, go ahead.", his eyes were fixated on mine.

I didn't know what to think. I tried for several seconds but couldn't start.

"Relax.", Blake placed his hands on my bare ass and started caressing it. My body relaxed and I took a deep breath and felt the first drops coming out.

When Blake saw them he clamped his mouth on my little cock and began sucking again. I felt my bladder release as Blake's lips never let go until he saw my body give that familiar shiver.

"Wow. That was unreal." I couldn't believe he drank every drop.

"You just wait."

Blake led me to the bedroom where he closed the curtains. He checked the front door and made sure it was locked. He climbed up on his king-sized dark wood four post bed. His tan body looked so inviting laying on his silky white sheets. He placed a condom on his cock with plenty of lube and asked me to climb up. He told me to squat down on on his cock. I placed my hand back and held his cock in place. I guided my ass to and tried to relax while letting my little ass take such a big object. I got half way down before I started moving back up. Blake put his hands firmly on my hips again and pushed my ass down further. His cock was reaching places my ass had never felt and my cock became rock hard. Soon I could feel my insides moving around as his cock found its way all the way in.

His hands never left my hips as I started bouncing up and down over and over. Every stroke was getting me closer and closer. I could see I was probably a little too tight and at that moment I'd wondered if he'd ever had any one who's ass was as tight as mine. I clenched my cheeks together for him. I felt him start driving it harder and harder. The pounding up on my prostrate was intense and I couldn't take it much longer. I felt the precum start dripping from my tip. I reached down to hold my cock and within a few seconds I sprayed all over chest. Just then he grabbed me and pulled my chest down onto his on he kept pushing harder. My face was now on his chest and covered in my own semen. I took a deep breath and decided to go for it. I used my tongue to lick all of my cum off his chest. When I couldn't fit any more in my mouth, I leaned up to his face and put my cum covered tongue in his mouth. He grabbed my back and thrust himself up with a big groan releasing himself.

He pulled my face back down on my chest and I remember such a feeling of exhilaration and exhaustion. I could feel his heart beating rapidly and his chest heaved up and down. My ass was a little sore, but I fell asleep still draped over his bare tan body. When I woke up a few hours later and slipped off the bed and went to the shower up. I got on my bike and cycled home. Thankfully, it wouldn't be the last time I was invited over, but it was the first and by far the most memorable.

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