I wish to share my hot story of what happened to me about two months ago on a Saturday afternoon following my daily four-mile run. I got home from the run at about 3 P.M. totally exhausted. I took a quick shower, put on a pair of boxer shorts, a sleeveless tank top and a a pair of flip flops before going down to the kitchen where I fixed myself a large margarita. I popped down in my favorite easy chair in the den and began to down my drink. In less than 3 minutes, the phone rang and it was my former gay lover Mack that I'd not heard from in about two years upon his moving to another state.

Shortly we began to reminisce about the year we had been lovers and all the naughty sex acts we had performed. The conversation got really hot and horny when Mack said: "Hey Jaxon Babe, do you remember that week we spent in Honolulu and I fucked that sexy pussy of yours twice a day and sometime even more with my huge 9-inch dick and how much you loved being a bottom and my bitch? You begged me to fuck you until I could not get that big cock of mine up any more. Wow, what a week that was."

"Shit Mack yea, we both came home with blue balls, drained nuts, your worn cock and my sore ass. Man, those were the good old days. Fuck man, my cock just got rock hard."

"Well Jaxon I too just got stone hard thinking of those raunchy days when  we fucked like two cats in heat. By the way, I'm coming to your town next week for several days. How about us getting together and letting me fuck that awesome ass of yours again and again? That is if you don't have a partner at this time."

"Fuck yea Mack buddy, I'm single and would love to take that awesome cock of yours up my very experienced ass. I've been fucked lots since you left by several hot dudes but your cock is the best one ever to pound my ass. Why don't you stay with me while in town? I've bought a home in a nice quite upscale-gated community. Here take down my address and ring me when you get in town. We can spend lots of time fucking our brains out but we will have to control our yelling and screaming because my next door neighbors are a very nice clean cut family, the Nelsons, in their forties and are a very conservative religious church going parents with one son. They have one son, an 18-year-old high school senior. He is a really nosy little fucker who always wants to know what I'm up to when he comes over here often unannounced. I can tell he is a hot hormone wild libido driven little fucker. I'm at the end of a street so I have only the one neighbor, the Nelsons, whose home is just to the left of my house. See you next week buddy."

I finished my drink still hard as a rock and horny after that hot phone call. I rushed up stairs totally aroused from chatting with Mack, the best fucker I'd ever been with as a gay man. I slid out of my flip flops, tank top and boxers with the need to masturbate like never before. I got a bottle of lube, my favorite large black dildo and jumped up on my bed on my back. I spread my legs far apart, lubed my cock, lubed the dildo and soaked my ass with the lube. I was ready for a wild session stroking my cock and fucking that dildo preparing for a big climax. I took one hand and began to drive that monster dildo deep in my ass and used my other hand to began wildly stroking my blood filled purple stiff cock. I began to moan and grunt from the pleasure of feeling that dildo up my ass and my hand servicing my hard dick.

In a pure state of lust and eager to masturbate, I'd forgotten to close the blinds on my very large window on the second floor that overlooked over sexed horny Chris' bedroom window on the second floor just a few feet across from my window. Fuck man , I was in the middle of this incredible masturbation session making loud sounds from the lust when all at once I noticed a bright light coming through my window. Oh shit, it was a sunny afternoon and the light coming through my window was a reflection off that little fucker's lenses on his binoculars that were focused on my stiff cock.

The little shit was smiling broadly and fuck he was standing in front of his window with his huge cock in his hand stroking that fresh meat in what was actually in rhythm with my stroking my cock. It was too late to close the blinds as I had been caught. There was such a sensuous feeling that overcame me and I could see that lust in Chris' eyes. I was so aroused knowing that this young 18-year-old high school senior from such a conservative family was horny watching me. Yea, this little fucker was obviously horny from his wild hormone and testosterone driven lust. I'd never been hornier and I could not of stopped even if the police had been standing in my doorway ready to arrest me. Knowing that this hot teenager had spied on me as a horny voyeur was the hottest sexual experience I'd ever had. It was clear that Chris and I were in such a state of lust that the only answer to our condition was to get our nuts off.

I decided to put on a real live sex show for the little curious nosy fucker. I turned my ass and cock toward the window, gave him my middle finger, sprouted a sexy seductive smile and gave him a direct view of my ass filled with that dildo. This so turned on Chris that he began to speed up the stroking of his big cock. I had him just where I wanted him, the little fucking voyeur. His face became very flushed as is the case when one is having sex. I'd make this teenager shoot his young fresh load all over that window seal.

Shit in less than five minutes he stopped masturbating and left the room. What did that mean? Had he gone to his parents and told them there was a pervert next door? I took the dildo out of my ass and stopped masturbating. I got up and closed the blinds and then laid down on my bed on my back still naked with a softening cock. I'd let that hot young stud get the best of me.

After about five minutes, I heard my front door open and someone coming upstairs. Holy fuck, what if it was Chris' father? I rarely locked my door when I was home as it was such a safe neighborhood. As I caught me breath Chris entered my bedroom with that shitty grin jerking his stiff cock. I noticed drips of precum, on my goodness, that large cock was at least 8-inches. Holy fuck what a handsome cock. He approached my bed as he began to remove his clothes. Soon he was up on my bed butt naked pushing that huge cock toward me. Over come with lust, I starred at that 8-incher dripping with precum. Chris was hot as hell with curly blond shoulder length blond hair, dark blue eyes, stood 6-feet and weighed a slim 160 pounds. He had a tanned swimmers like body and could have been a hot model. His body had been shaped by his being on the high school varsity wrestling team.

Although Chris had been over to my home many times, this was my first time to see him naked and a possible wild sexual encounter. My cock had become rock hard again.

He crawled up close to me like a wild cougar ready for his prey. As he laid down beside me, he begged: "Sir, please teach this virgin how to get his cock sucked and his ass fucked by a big daddy. I've watched you for weeks masturbate when you did not close your blinds. I've shot my load many times at the same time you came. This is the first time you've caught me and now I want you to fuck me. Please be the first man to suck my cock and fuck me. Can I be your bitch?"

I felt my entire body began to shiver and lust consumed my body. I felt dizzy from my desire for this young almost forbidden fruit as my cock twitched as I began to mount this hot young thing. I used my naked body to  hump Chris naked body with our crotches pounding into each other with our cocks sliding over each other slick from the spewing precum. Soon we were spewing more and more precum on our stiff cocks and pubic hair, as I drilled his crotch with my hard cock while our balls bounced off each other.

We moaned and thrashed across the bed, as I used my dark tanned Italian 6-feet and two-inch frame and 175 hard pounds as a former football quarterback to arouse us. There was nothing that turned me on like a hot 18 or 19 year old fresh virgin stud. They could last for hours and come several times in one night.

When we could not be any hornier, I got off that awesome hot sweaty body, spread his sexy young legs, got between his legs, took hold of his throbbing cock and began to press my lips hard on his cock head sucking more precum out of that wide open piss slit. It was not long until I started a raunchy slow licking up and down that huge hard cock shaft. Chris began to moan and buck his sexy hips up to meet my tongue. When I had him crazed with desire for me, I took his huge cock deep in my throat and spent a long time giving him his first blowjob as I sped up going up and down that cock using my tongue and throat muscles to drive him wild. He became almost violent using his hips to buck pushing his cock deep in my throat.

The pleasure became so overwhelming that Chris began begging: "Oh Sir, suck my cock. Fuck yea, oh my god; this is the best feeling of my young life. Man, you, know how to suck a cock. Oh don't stop. Suck my cock forever. Oh fuck you're warm mouth feels so good on my aching cock. FFFUUUUUCCCCKKK, Oh FFFFUUUUCCCCKKK, I'm going to come."

At that warning, his cock head actually managed to swell even more, the veins in his cock shaft began to pulsate as I felt them in the roof of my mouth. He let loose a torrent of thick sticky salty cum that filled my mouth to the brim with portions of the semen running out and down my chin. I'd never experienced a guy with that big of a load of cum. When he was spent, I pulled off that softening cock and we kissed sharing his fresh semen.

I needed to get my nuts off and granting to his wishes to get fucked I got ready to fuck that virgin ass. I needed no further encouragement. I had Chris get on his stomach and use his hands to open his pink hairless ass cheeks to welcome my big hard cock. I got a bottle of lube from my nightstand, lubed his puckering ass, lubed my throbbing cock and without any further delay, I planted my stone hard cock at the entrance to his young virgin ass as I tried to shove my big dick inside that aweosme pink tight ass. Chris yelled in pain so I stopped and lubed that ass more. I took a couple of fingers and pushed them inside his ass working to open his ass up. On my third try his ass relaxed and I felt my cock slowly go deep in that soft fresh ass.

When I finally had my entire cock deep in that tight ass, I began to slowly move my cock partially out and back deep inside him until Chris let me know he felt comfortable and begged me to fuck him harder. I began to thrust my cock deep and fast into his pussy over and over. Soon Chris said: "OH FUCK YEA, Fuck my pussy. Oh fuck that feels so good. Fuck your little dirty bitch's ass. Come inside me. Give me your seed. Make me your little, fucking  bitch."

The wet feel of his ass and his begging me to come sent me over the edge. I erupted with blast after blast of my sticky cum deep in that virgin ass. My cock had never felt this good in a man's ass before and it turned out to be the most incredible orgasm up to that point in my life. I pulled my cum covered cock out of his young fresh wonderful smelling pussy and had him suck my cock clean. We kissed and smelt and tasted my cum.

We showered, ordered a pizza and spent several hours stroking each other's cock. I agreed that my young voyeur next door neighbor and I would spend the upcoming summer sucking cock and my fucking that pussy until Chris would leave for college in the Fall.

After Chris went home around 9 P.M., I left a message on Mack's phone with a poor excuse why something had come up and I could not see him when he came to town. Why would I want to have sex with an older worn out dude when I had this young fresh pussy next door? It was obvious I had selected Chris' young ass for the summer.


Naughty Eric


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