He left about 8:00 AM and the place seemed especially quiet after he was gone.  I took a few minutes to consider what had happened, how easily it fell into place and how comfortable it was.  I had surprised myself and just thinking about him made me hard.  Then I remembered that I had video of the bedroom scene.  I ran upstairs and disconnected the camera from the stand and took it downstairs to the large screen T.V. After plugging in the camera and finding the right clip I hit the play button and there, big as life, was this man submitting to me, on the table, with his ass in the air at perfect camera height.  I watched myself eat out his ass and I had my dick out and in my hand stroking my raging hard on.  I had already come by the time I watched myself put the butt plug in his ass.  I stopped the tape and rested my head back on the couch.  I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

I pushed myself up and headed back outside to focus on the flower beds and distract myself from this fantasy that had completely taken over my life in less than twelve hours.  About forty-five minutes into my digging my phone vibrated.  I stopped and looked down and saw that I had a text from Dave.  

Can I come again tonight sir?

Immediately I felt myself stir to a raging hardon and in spite of how sore I was I knew that I wanted him back.  I had been thinking of nothing else but that bamboo stick and seeing how much he could handle. I decided to text back.

You did not have permission to contact me. You will have to be punished.  You understand that?

I waited a few minutes for a response.

Yes sir, came his response.

How many whips with the bamboo stick should a bad boy have? I texted back as my head raged with thoughts of him submitting to being spanked.

I waited for about 10 minutes before I felt my phone vibrate again.

Only one sir. I will not do it again sir.

Again my cock strained to raging hard as I realized that he was scared of the stick and he was still willing to come.  I texted back,

Same rules as last night but wait in the kitchen. I will decide how many lashes bad boys get.

He texted back almost immediately

Yes sir


My day ended and I was tired from the digging and from very little sleep the night before.  Yet, I anticipated the arrival of Dave and while I waited I played with the idea of showering or not showering. I'd been working outside all day so I was ripe. I wasn't sure how much I would like a stinky, sweaty guy, but I was very clear that this was a turn on for some. So, I decided to go with skank to see how Dave would react. Without needing a shower I decided to relax and patiently wait for the sound of crunching gravel.

Like the night before, I had the lights out, music on, and family room set up.  Dave came in and immediately undressed. He was even more unsure of himself and in the dark he glanced furtively around trying to obtain any information as to the nature of his experience. I couldn't believe he had come back knowing he would be spanked.  I was a little unsure how to proceed. I didn't have a plan.  

Dave quickly put on the blindfold and moved into the middle of the kitchen. He put his hands between his legs and stood nervously and showed that he was uncomfortable and scared. His willingness to be vulnerable made every part of me want him even more. I moved into the kitchen and very slowly I began to caress him, pinched a nipple, slapped his balls, rubbed his ass and watched him get hard.  I took the bamboo stick and very carefully rubbed it all over him and watched his dick go limp.  

I took him by the arm into the family room where I had placed the massage table.  I leaned him over the table and clipped his wrist to chains that I clipped to his ankles. He was able to lean on the table and there was enough room to move a little but he was spread eagle over the table. I walked to where his head hung over the table and rubbed my crotch in his face.  Immediately he started licking and sucking on my dick through my jeans. I slowly unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and shoved my crotch back into his face. I could hear him breathing in through his nose in big gulps then standing on his toes and flicking his tongue around my crotch as far as it would go into my pants. He was moaning as I held his head into my crotch and just let him smell me. Then I took out my dick and shoved it into his mouth.  He sucked on my cock like a hungry calf on a teat and I almost shot down his throat.  From my position I saw that he was also hard and squirming because he couldn't touch himself.

I pulled out and quickly walked around the table and took a quick, hard swing with the stick on his ass.  He jumped and screamed and tried to get away but he was chained to his ankles over the table.  He stopped and rested on the table.  His legs were shaking and he was sweating all over and he had one long, red welt on his ass. He let out a small sob from deep inside and I froze. Immediately my dick went soft and I freaked a little because I had already pushed him too far and I had no idea what to do. I decided to let myself just act without thinking and I walked to the table and put my hand on his head and I began to rub it softly.  He pushed his head into my hand and whimpered a little as he relaxed even more.

"May I speak sir?" he whispered to me.

"Of course," I say with my mouth next to his ear.

"I think I need one more, sir. So I learn."

"Are you sure?" I asked because I was not thinking.

"Please, sir," he whispered back

I rubbed his head and whispered to him, "You are the best boy.  Such a good boy."

Then I walked slowly around the table and I saw him stiffen and hold his breath. I took the bamboo stick and rubbed it on his thighs, on his back and his ass.  He was standing on his toes and I could see that he was hard again. I reached under him and felt his raging cock throb in my hands. I began to massage his dick and very slowly I felt him get closer and closer to his edge until he was shaking and he whispered, "please sir...please."

He began to clench as he started to come and I squeezed his dick one more time and felt him start to shoot then I felt the warm, hot liquid shoot into my hand and I let loose with the bamboo stick on his ass and he shot an extra wad, screamed and collapsed onto the table.  I stood shivering and watching him on the table, shackled and welted, and breathing heavy. I felt compelled to stop and unshackle him and take care of him. I was moving towards him when he snapped his head up and with his mouth open and gaping he searched for my cock. He didn't say a word but his intentions were clear and who was I to not reward.  

I walked over to him and once again pushed his face into my crotch.  I pushed my jeans down to my knees and let him have his way as he licked and sucked on me until my head was spinning. Then I felt him try to tongue my ass so I turned around spread my sweaty cheeks and he moaned even more as he ate out my ass.  His tongue was working its way around my hole and  my balls were burning. I felt his tongue go deep inside and I moaned then he moaned and I felt my guts clench. I turned around and he opened his mouth like a baby bird and moaned and reached with his lips for my cock so I plunged it into his mouth and grabbed his head as I shot my whole load down his throat. He gagged once, swallowed and sucked me dry in one try and then took a breath and once again a slight sob came from his throat as he said very quietly, "thank you sir




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