My last 12 New Years Eve celebrations have been dull. Me home alone waiting for a midnight call from my boy friend who was off island hopping on his family yacht. Well six months ago our relationship ended. I was depressed but not devastated. We had a good life but far from thrilling. What was depressing was to wake up at 35 and be single. For several months I sulked.

Then when the holidays came and a new year approached I wrote out my resolutions. I had already embarked on a health transformation and had lost a few pounds and put on some muscle. While I had few regrets about my past, one thing I was determined to change was my sex life. My ex was a boring lover. One position, four times a week, bang, bang, bang, cum, sleep.

Prior to meeting my ex I had the good fortune to have a few truly wild, albeit kinky, experiences. My resolution, shake it up, be wild, have fun. For about a month I had already started that cycle with a few select internet hook-ups that proved to be mind-blowing.

The holidays are a very busy time for me at work and New Years snuck up on me very quick-no plans made. New Years Eve day I was online chatting with a friend that I had hooked up with for some explosive sex a month earlier. He had plans with his lover (obviously they enjoyed an open relationship) but suggested I go to a sex party of a friend of his, Steve.

Well, he sent me Steve's profile and I had actually chatted with this stud but never hooked up. In the profile section marked "likes" he indicated that he got into everything, "EVERYTHING" except blood and scat. Hmm, I wondered what this party would be like.

Well things were set-up and I got an invitation. Steve's number was on the invite so I called and asked what I could bring with me. He suggested any beverage I wanted, a couple towels as he was expecting a big turnout and wasn't sure if he had enough, and enough Crisco to last until sunlight. Okay, that got me hard. I now new the score and I was game.

I was one of the first to arrive at the party. Steve welcomed me and ushered me in. The house was a very nice, sprawling ranch with a private back yard and pool. Several rooms opened onto the pool and the weather was perfect for indoor/outdoor play. Steve showed me to a guest room that was to be used as the changing room. He left me there to strip and stow myself. Oh did I mention that Steve was wearing a dirty jock and nothing else? He looked amazing. He admitted that for two weeks he had been hitting the gym twice a day to prepare for this party. I told him it paid off. He really looked way better than his online photos! I also suggested that he have me take some pics so he can swap out his profile pics. He smiled. He said he was going to the back yard to finish setting up the watersports area. I should make myself comfortable.

I stripped, put on a leather jock I had bought, black boots and loaded a grocery sack with my poppers, condoms, lube and Crisco. As I started to wander, I came to the next room, obviously another guest room. A super hunky, naked blond was assembling a sling. I came in and offered to help. When finished Cal introduced himself and we shook hands. He giggled, leaned in and gave me a wet kiss.

"I am sorry, I just can't be naked and shake hands with a hot guy in jock."

I smiled and returned the kiss. "I am so glad you did that."

We actually made out for a while. Cal and I definitely had a chemistry. We heard the doorbell a few times and decided to go see if Steve needed anything. It seemed everyone was as eager as I to end this crappy year and have fun. About 12 guys arrived on time (that is so not normal gay behavior) and about 10 more came later. Wow, Steve has a hot guest list. Cal was staying with Steve and visiting from LA. He certainly was the guy that got most attention. He was hunky, blond, blue eyes, an ass that was round and gorgeous and abs that were lean and tight. He also had a charisma that drew everyone, not just me, to him.

Cal made his way back to me, put his arms around my shoulder and we engaged in another kiss. "Miss me." I smiled, "Of course." I joked back, "Don't leave me like that ever again." He smiled. It was confirmation, we were into each other. He took me by the hand and led me to the master bedroom in the back. A sling was set up there as well. From the grease marks and used toys, it was obvious that it had already been used today.

"Well, since I have already started playing, we need to get you caught up. Crack open that Crisco and let's get you in the sling." Cal suggested.

I just opened the can and made myself comfortable in the sling. Cal put on gloves and slicked them up with Crisco. He stood in front of me and with his hands behind him, leaned in for a kiss. There I was, pinned in the sling with a very HOT man making out with me. After a while he stood up, took his seat on a stool and lovingly greased up my hole.

Man did this stud no how to work a hole. I had taken a hit of poppers as Cal fingered me. 1. 2. 3. 4. thumb and in. He new just how to go. I lost my breath. I, obviously, was not a fist novice but to take it with so little effort was amazing. He kept his hand still and slowly, ever so slowly, he worked his hand into a fist. He moved around, explored, traded hands and made love inside my hole. We were both silent. Me lost in euphoria, Cal in a hole trance.

After a while we made eye contact. We started talking about what we liked sexually. Cal told me he was a total fist pig and he belonged to several fisting groups in LA. He was into leather bars and leather men, watersports and light S&M. I asked his favorite position and he told me I was in it.

Ah so he was versatile, whew!.

Two guys had come in to watch and were playing with each other on the bed. They had turned on some porn, but I was too into watching Cal's handsome face to look at anything else.

He had progressively gotten more aggressive. He told me to take a hit, I did. He pulled out his fist and pounded full-on back in. Wow. Wow. Oh-wow. Punch fucking is something I enjoyed giving, this was a first for me. I loved it. He loved watching my hole. He said I was getting huge and that he wanted me to be really swollen and sore by next year.

I looked over to the TV and there was a close up on a HUGE gapping hole. I wondered how far off my hole was from looking like that. That of course encouraged me to keep taking the pounding. I liked the idea of transforming my hole into a big gapping slut pit.

Soon it was break time and Cal helped me out of the sling. We kissed like long-time lovers. It was hot and sweet at the same time. I had been having plenty of casual hook-up sex in the past few months but this was the first spark, the first guy I connected with like this and it was nice!

We left the master bedroom through the patio doors. Poolside another sling was in use by Steve as a bottom and a very, very young guy with tiny fists. Cal and I held each other and watched. Fisting can be boring to watch but these two were good looking and good at putting on a show. Cal went to get us each a beer and the young top was getting bored. Steve, a true power-bottom, suggested that I top him as I had never met his hole.

I jumped in. Steve liked it slow and deep. He had an easy hole to navigate but a foot into him it got real tight. Steve is a very handsome guy and his guests appreciated the sight of his hot muscle bod sucking on my (modesty aside) hot lean arm. Yes, we were almost to elbow. While cal was sipping on his beer, he would occasional fill his mouth and give me a beer kiss so that I did not get dehydrated. I was in Steve quite a long time. I was really enjoying being in Steve. His moans were sweet and he was such an easy pig bottom. Note-to-self, be sure to plan a one-on-one with this guy!

Cal soon started a play scene on a matt near us with a rough muscle stud. Hot!

This biker looking leather man was fucking Cal hard. The top was obviously into verbal and physical dominance and was calling Cal a pretty boy sissy fag and telling him to tighten his cunt and take the cock harder. Cal seemed to love it and he took it well.

On the far side of the pool a group of men were milling around, I joined them as I thought I recognized a one-night-stand, Bill. It was Bill and I said hello. He gave me a big hug and asked if I had warmed up yet. I smiled and he laughed and called me a stud. He said that they were just about to start a fist chain. I said I would take part if I got to take his great, small hands. Bill just moved behind me. An incredibly tall thin black man moved in front of me and offered his butt. It was a large round ass for such a thin man. It already had a grease trail. The guy told me he came prelubed.

Well it wasn't long and Bill slid his small hand in me. That was my cue to do the same to the hot black guy. I have medium/wide hands and this boy just took `em-no problem. Once in he asked me to make a fist. I did. He was already mid-arm into a cute red headed guy. I saw some flashes. Steve had grabbed a camera. He told us to not stop and went inside to recruit. Well before we were done, there were 12 guys fisting around the pool. It was one of those odd fun moments. Captured in a truly gorgeous photo (gorgeous porn).

The train disbanded but Bill kept working me. He suggested we move to a sling. I got in the sling on the other side of the pool and Bill went back to work. My eyes shut, I was concentrating on his hands as he was stretching me thoroughly. I felt lips on my lips and I opened. It was Cal. I could smell his sweet skin and he tasted so good. We made out while I got reamed. Bill shouted, "Yea, oh yea, you got `em bitch." As he slid two hands in.

Curious Cal stepped back to look. He smiled and returned and continued to make-out with me. At one point Bill bored with just having two hands in me and pulled them out. Seeing how open my wide hole was, he just rammed them both back in. That was the start of a glorious double punch fisting. Every punch in I would exhale into Cal's mouth while squeezing his hand tight.

It was a great moment. For fear of soreness, I asked for a break. Bill reluctantly agreed.

Cal and I cleaned up and rested in the pool for a while. Okay we made out in the pool. Bill joined us and we kissed and chatted. Bill asked Cal and I to fist him. Cal and Bill started while I went for a cocktail. The night was so much fun. Cal and I both took turns on Bill and then we switched with some other guys and well, it was a good orgy! I was fisting one guy when I felt a tongue in my ear. Cal then whispered, "Lets go off for a while." I finished up with the bottom and met Cal outside.

"I want to end the year with you." Cal said. It was getting close to midnight. I smiled. "I can't think of a better way to start a new year than with you." I said to him. I did have to pee so he walked with me to the watersports area. I just let loose on the tarp. Cal got down on his knees and asked me to soak him. That was a nice surprise. I aimed at his face and drenched his face, shoulders chest and cock with my piss. He was enjoying the sensation and stroked his cock while I peed. When done, I was so horny and hot for me the scene. I dropped to my knees and we kissed.

Just then I felt a splash. Bill and Steve had come out to pee and decided to shower us. We made out as these two hot men soaked us with there piss.

Both of them made sure to get us everywhere but especially our holes. I heard Steve say it was almost midnight and dropped to the tarp.

When someone in the house yelled "Happy New Year", Cal and I were in the 69 position each with the other's cock in our throats. Steve had entered me with his fist and Bill had one fist in Cal working on a second.

Someone in the house was trying to find Steve. When the guy realized we were outside rutting, he summoned the crowd to watch. Well, about 8 of the guys came out to watch, but 4 or 5 of them joined by pissing on Cal and I whiles we got punch fucked.

It was so hot. My mouth was full of hot cock. My ass was being expertly reamed. And, I was getting piss soaked from four handsome strangers. My vanilla past and my post-break-up depression were left in the last year. This was my new beginning. The fresh start to a kinky new year.

My resolution was simple. To be the pig I discovered I was that night and not to settle for a boyfriend that was not as ffun and as hot as Cal or Steve or Bill or... well to not settle!

Happy New Year!



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