"hey sexy" I heard as I turned to see Mike laying naked,with his godlike muscles bulging, screaming to be touched." um what the Fu.." I was interrupted by MIkes soft lips on mine. I pushed him off in shock. "Drew!? Drew!?" I blinked and opened my eyes to see my mum looking at me. "Drew your going to be late for school get up sweetie". She turned and left my room closing the door behind her. I looked around my large room about the size of 2 average livingrooms. My family is extremely wealthy my mum is an attorney and my father one as well. With that being said they ha e some very high expectations for me and my sister. We are also well taken care of but my parents are gone a lot and always busy. So any ways I walked over to the shower turned the water to hot and jumped in. As the hit water ran down my muscles waking my body it felt good. I got some axe body wash soap and lathered my whole body up,making my way down to my growing dick. When I went al the way fldown to my dick it was alto it's full length 9.5in I started to stroke it from th bass all the way to the mushroom head. Then I made an ok sign with my fingers and played with the head" oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" I moan in pleasure I started to pick up speed my hands moving in a blur "uuuuugh......uuuugh" I moaned as shot after shot of cum exploded from the tip of my cock. I quickly waned up and dried off and threw on a black areopastel shirt with all white vans and dark blue tight jeans. Brushed my terrier put on some deodorant and colonge and went down the many stairs into my kitchen. "hey bro" my sister said. She was about 5.5 bad light brown hair with light green eyes, looked slot like me except of coarse she was a women. By the way we are twins. "hey big sis , what's fir breakfast" " oh nothing just cereal but hurry because school starts in 20min" my sister said she is always worried about not bring late...we are both really smart all ways straight A's and excel in sports too. "Oh well I just won't eat then I'll be in the car hurry up!" I said while laughing. As I walked outside to our 2011 volvo all black pretty nice car . "drew???" I heard and turned to look to see who it was. "I didn't know you lived next door" to my surprise it was Mike smiling up a storm with the smile of his that I hated to admit I loved. " oh yeah I moved in a couple days ago where have you been under a rock ?" I said. " um nope I've just been busy haha you know what football practice and all" be said with a smirk " oh yeah well I was thinking about joining the team today" "really? Well you better join soon we babe our first game in like a week" " oh yeah? Damn I'll go after 3rd period" "I in can take you if you want" be said and aftter that I hear my sister coming" oh hey who is your friend" my Sis asked " mike this is Cindy ,cindy this is mike" "nice to meet you are you guys twins?" mike said "yeeeeeaah" we both said attbe same time" "well we are going to head to school you need a ride mike?" Cindy asked. " actually take you up on the offer" mike said. So he got in and I drive with him nextto me and Cindy in the backseat alone "hey I have cheer try outs after school so come pick me up k drew?" Cindy asked "um yeah sure, but I might try to join football so I might have practice too" I said. "well I could have my mom pick us up" mime said. " oh ok



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