Danny and his family had just moved to St. Louis for his senior year. On the first day of school, Danny's mom altold him to make friends and try new things this year. Little did she know that Danny would do exactly that. Now Danny was a great looking guy. He was 6 ft. tall, short blond hair, muscular build, and a nice hairy chest. He had a pretty big package too. 9 in. long and pretty thick. When Danny got to school, all the girls noticed him. He just smiled and said hi. No one knew that he wasn't really into girls. When he got to his locker, Danny saw the hottest guy had the locker next to him. The captian of the football and swimming team, Jared, was a tall muscular thin guy. He wore a v-neck so Danny saw that Jared had a nice amount of chest hair too. Later, Danny realized that Jared had all the same classes as him. After a week, Jared started to notice Danny and invited him to a back to school party. Jared introduced Danny to the whole football team. Danny thought they were all really hot guys, but Danny still thought that Jared was the sexiest guy at the school.

The next week at school was amazing for Danny. He slowly realized that Jared and some of the other guys wanted Danny to try out for the football team. But Danny didn't know that they wanted to see Danny naked. So theteam rigged the Tryout so that Danny would make the team. After the first week of practice, the whole team was in the locker room getting ready to shower. Danny needed to get home so he went straight to the showers. Jared and Nate, the running back, quickly went to join Danny. Danny started to get a boner when he saw Jared and Nate come into the shower, laughing and playing naked together. They made their way over to where Danny was. Danny took a peek at Jared's dick. He saw it was just as long or longer than his own. Then Danny looked again, and saw that Jared was looking at Danny's dick too. After the shower, Jared told Danny to come to the 2nd locker room. So after about 15 minutes, Danny went to the other locker room and saw that there was just a bench and towels laid on it. There was a note that told Danny just to take a seat. So Danny waited and saw Jared and Nate come in. Then Danny realized that they were naked. Before Danny could do anything, Jared was bending down, pulling off Danny's shorts and Nate was pulling off his shirt. Then, Jared said,

" I know your secret, and don't worry, I wont tell anyone if you don't"

Then Jarod bent down and started to suckon Danny's dick. Nate was making out with Danny. Jared was doing such a good job, that Danny almost cummed. Then Jarod pulled out a condom. He handed it to Danny and told him to put it on.




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