Long Jump. There is nothing to it, right? Just running down a lane before leaping off a board and landing in a pile of sand, right? I beg to differ. Like any other sport, Long Jump too has its' technicalities. Besides, if it ever was that easy, I would most probably be a record holder now for the event, but I am not, and neither is it that simple. In Long Jump, we sprint down a rubberized runway, which is just like any other ordinary running track, and jump as far as we can from a wooden board that is built level to the runway before landing into a pit filled with finely ground gravel or, more commonly, sand. If we start the jump with any part of our foot past the foul line, it is considered a foul and the distance jumped is not recorded. This is aided by a layer of Plasticine or clay which is placed immediately after the board to detect any fouls. In addition, there is also an official that will make the determination. We can start the jump from anywhere behind the foul line, but here is the catch. The distance measured will always be perpendicular to the foul line to the nearest break in the sand caused by any part of the body or uniform. So, it is always better to get as close to the foul line as possible. We are allowed to place two marks along the side of the runway so that it can help us jump accurately. Remember that layer of Plasticine I mentioned? Well, it is not always present. The runway might be a different surface or we can start our jump from a painted or taped mark on the runway. And that is Long Jump for you, well, the tip of the iceberg, anyway.

I walked down the runway, counting each step in my head as I measured my starting point from the foul line. "78... 79... 80... 81..." At that point, I turned around and faced the sand pit. I closed my eyes, slowing my breathing down to a slow steady rhythm as I felt my racing heart die down to a regular steadfast beat, pushing the knobby hands of adrenaline away as I refused to surrender myself to it. As the sound of my adrenaline-laced blood rushing in my ears died down, I could feel an inner peace spreading out within me as the feel of my heart exploding out of my chest finally evaporated. With one final breath, I opened my eyes and took off for the sand pit, feeling my muscles contracting vigorously as I sprinted as hard as I could down the rubberized runway. Nothing else mattered in the stadium. I ignored the other runners on the track, their skin glistening with their sweat as the Sun shone its' bright rays onto their rippling skin. I ignored those under the shade of the spectators stand, their veins popping out of their bodies as they contort their bodies to various stretches. I ignored everything. I zeroed in on the sand pit. All about you and me, baby.

When I heard my spikes hit the board with a loud thud, I leapt as high as I could, throwing my limbs back as I felt my back arch backwards, going as far as it could as my head strained to keep itself upright, facing up and beyond. I felt the wind brush through my hair, tickling my cheeks as it howled in my ears. When I felt I was at the zenith of my jump, I threw my limbs forwards, projecting myself further out into the sand pit as it rushed up towards me. I felt the impact of landing on the soft sand, jarring my teeth as I squeezed my eyes shut to block out the rising dust and sand. I opened my eyes and slowly turned around, expecting the worst, a few holes on the layer of Plasticine where my spikes had embedded into them. There was nothing worst, or embarrassing, than having an amazing jump but having to be disqualified just because of a few holes.

But there was none, the Plasticine was as flush as ever. That was one hurdle done, it was a qualified jump. But how did I truly fare? I looked down onto the measuring tape hooked up on the sides of the sand pit, my eyes racing through the numbers as they tried to get my distance. "1m... 2m... 3m..." There it was, 6.45m. I instantly felt my shoulders straighten, feeling an entire weight being lifted off them as a smile slowly stretched across my face. Not only had I managed a qualified jump, but I had succeeded in scoring a fairly decent distance too. In any case, it was my personal best, and I felt extremely proud of myself. Never had I managed to jump beyond 6m and to have scored beyond my expectations was one of my greatest moments. I did a few more jumps and ended my workout session.

I had a long walk home and no company, but I usually lone it anyway. Do not ask why, I do not have a fixed answer for it. But if I had to give one, I would say that I actually find it therapeutic, to be able to dissociate myself from the harsh cruel reality as I escaped into my own fantasy or sift through the problems that had been troubling my mind for days and find ways to solve them. Besides, Tyler and I lived three blocks away so it was not a problem, to me at least.

Growing up was never really a bed of roses for me. When I was four years of age, when I was beginning my exploration of the world before me, I lost my Father during the Persian Gulf War, more commonly known as Operation Desert Storm. He died while trying to save his own comrade from being shot at by a hail of bullets. On that day, I had lost my own Father, yet I had no idea what that felt like until time matured me further. I lost a pillar of my strength, but I had gained a guardian angel that had been a hero on Earth, watching me from afar, making sure I was doing fine, just like he had always been doing. But that was only the beginning.

I lost my Mother to breast cancer when I was sixteen and had been living on my own ever since. Ever since then, I had been hardening my emotions, closing them off from the world, hiding my sorrow in the deepest corner of my mind, pushing it all away as I grew more stoic to everything else. I am quite fortunate to be part of a wealthy family but it was not what it seemed to be. From far, people see me as living in my own small world of happiness, but as they got closer, they unexpectedly find all these sadness and sorrow welled up within me. True, I had many servants with me, always by my side, ready to take up any duty I set forth to them as they satisfied my every need, no matter how trivial or ridiculous they were. They would rush off to get my meal or find something I needed in another part of the mansion in the blink of an eye. True, I had many chauffeurs that would gladly bring me to any great locations around Singapore to quench my entertainment thirst. I could go to the Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel in the world as it offers stunning broad views of the city centre and beyond, including the Indonesian islands of Batam and Bintan, as well as Johor, Malaysia. I could go to the National Museum which offers a morsel of history through the wide range of exhibits as well as displays that never ceased to enlighten me with knowledge, no matter how small it was. It was not that I did not appreciate all of these and more, I do. But what good does it do when at the end of the day, I still have a hollow emptiness within me?

Wanting to start anew, I had decided to move to New York to further my studies after my National Service, when I felt things were changing for the better. Throughout my National Service career, I had turned my life around, spending on others instead of myself, giving me a warm sensation that felt so alien, so foreign, even, after all those years living with that cold hollow emptiness within me. It was new. It was refreshing. One day in New York, I was queuing up at Starbucks to get my daily dose of caffeine; venti black coffee, no cream, no sugar, to go. As I waited for my order, I accidentally heard the conversation between the baristas. I swear, accidentally, really. They were talking about one of the newer baristas, and not in the bad sort of way. I listened rapt with attention as I heard his struggle and by the end of it, my order was long forgotten. Instead, I longed to know his name, to meet this hero, to help him through his struggle. More importantly, I was impressed by his perseverance. Never had I met someone of that stature. And that had been the spark that kindled a whole new ride of life.

Time escaped me and I found myself standing before my front door. I unlocked it, stepped inside and could not help but smile at the sight before me. He lay before me on the couch, looking as youthful as ever in his sleep as I heard his soft regular breathing. His silky smooth chocolate brown hair that looked like warm hot cocoa frozen in time, so warm and inviting, stood at odd angles at where he had lain his head, a new look to his regular neat spike on the crown of his head. He has alabaster white skin that showed neither a smudge nor a flaw of imperfection, making him look as though he had been a marble statue in Greece that had life breathed into him by the great Rhoecus himself. He has a Greek nose, perfectly straight with no curves or hook-like shape, boosting his Grecian facade. The best part of his museum worthy face? He has the most subtle outline of cheekbones, but in just the right lighting, it was enhanced tenfold, making them look sharper and higher. That was the best, the sudden burst of magic he had within him that allowed him to stop people in their tracks. Well, if you missed out on his cheekbones, fret not, you definitely will not miss his angular jaw. They were so perfectly chiseled and looked so sharp, as though if I were to run my hand across it, they would cut me. Jeez, Tyler, just how great can you be?

He was wearing a tight fitting black sleeveless shirt that was able to capture the amazing body he had underneath. The soft black fabric subtly defined the contour of each and every one of his abdominal muscles, bringing a smile to my lips as I saw the taut ridges of his abdominal muscles being highlighted in proud honor. And unlike most of the gym rats we both knew, his was all natural, not a result of something out of the medicine cabinet. He was wearing a pair of black jeans that hugged onto his figure beautifully, like a second skin, showcasing his calves in all of their majestic glory. He stirred for an instance before returning to his slumber. I caught sight of his black work boots on his feet and sighed as I knelt before him.

Tyler knows that I can cover both of our expenses just fine but he prefers to find his own way into the ever changing globalized world on his own, always declining any offers I made to ease his bumpy road, always having a steel determination in his mismatched yellow-gold eyes as he soldiered through everyday endeavors with a genuine smile on his face. I truly have a tremendous amount of respect for him because of it. But, in every good there is bad, right? In his past, Tyler was juggling two jobs as both a roofer as well as a barista at Starbucks. Now, after much persuasion as well as cajolery, he is just a regular roofer, but he is always trying to carry two bundles of roofing up the ladder at any given instant, which always strains his back, and I bet that day was no different. He stirred in his sleep again, and ever so slowly, like how the golden orb of the fiery Sun rose out of the horizon. I waited in anticipation, holding onto my breath, just like how every creature of Mother Nature's creation did before an awe-striking sunrise that was God's gift to all of us on Earth. He opened his eyes.

Tyler has mismatched yellow-gold eyes, just like I do, and residing in them was his headstrong willpower that burned brightly in an eternal flame that never seemed to waver no matter how hard the going gets. I smiled down onto him.

"Hey, Tyler. Had a good sleep?" I asked tenderly as I ran the back of my hand down the side of his face. I knew he loved that, it reassures him of my presence with him.

"Yeah," he sighed out happily, "Real nice." He made a move to sit up but it was intruded by a wince. He twisted around, but I knew he was trying to hide the hand he was resting against his back.

"I'm fine," he told me hurriedly when he noticed me eyeing him. I placed a firm yet loving grip on his shoulder.

"Why don't you let me give you a good rub down?" I asked. He looked up at me and I thought I caught a flash of lust in his mismatched yellow-gold eyes before disappearing completely.

"Yeah, I could use that," he admitted with a sigh. He tried to stand again, but the familiar wince came out of his full tender lips. Without hesitation, I scooped him up in my arms and walked down the hallway leading to our room.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and told me, "You're too kind for your own good, do you know that?"

I smiled down at him, "For you, anything is possible." I pushed through the door and stood him gently onto the floor. He crossed his hands under him and made to remove his black sleeveless shirt. I reached out from behind him and grabbed onto his hands softly as I nuzzled my face into his neck. I felt him stretch his neck out like a swan, welcoming me into him as I felt a vein pop out against his skin while he sighed out longingly.

"Don't. Let me," I whispered into his ear, letting my hot breath caress his ear as he shivered with desire in my arms. I slowly teased the black sleeveless shirt off his body, letting the soft cotton play across his skin before finally shedding it in a rustle of cotton. When that happened, his smell spread throughout the room and fuck, it was intoxicating. Tyler's smell was his own. He has a musky earthy note from his natural oils that was neither too overpowering nor was it too choking. It was perfect for a guy of his stature. But there was more, a unique note to him that was unlike anything that I had ever come across before. If black roses ever existed, he would have a subtle hint of it on him. It was dark and mysterious. Every time I caught a whiff of it, I was left begging for more. I kissed him on his neck again. This time, I let my tongue trail along the length of his neck, tasting him in my mouth as his natural musk sent my nose to sheer ecstasy that surpassed the seven layers of Heaven itself. I sucked on him, right under his jaw and he let out a long moan into the room. I parted and wiped my lips with the back of my hand. Give me a break, I could not resist him, I can never.

I laid him down onto the bed and he sighed out gratefully. I reached out towards the bedside table, pulled out a drawer and picked out a bottle of lavender scented oil. I popped the plastic cap open and my nose went crazy. The scent of lavender, so subtle and relaxing, intermingled with Tyler's smell, so robust as well as powerful, creating a whole new level of scent that surely drove anybody crazy. I rubbed my hands generously with the fragrant oil and got to work on him. Slow and deep is the secret, right?

With the heels of my hands, I started off with a long stroke from the pelvis, working my way up along both sides of his spine as I heard Tyler let out a soft moan. I smiled. Inhaling the inebriating brew of scents in the room, hearing Tyler's moan escape his soft tender lips, seeing his back glisten with oils, feeling his rough weather beaten skin slide against my glossy fingers as I worked on his hard back muscles... Suddenly, the temperature of our room had risen ten degrees higher, but was that because of the heated intimacy we were building?

I shed my shirt, leaving the both of us clad in our jeans. It was a recipe for a massive hard on, basically, and I could feel my jeans getting tighter in certain areas, feeling my cock getting harder and stiffer with every second that ticked by as I continued massaging Tyler's back. When I reached his shoulders, I swiveled my hands so that my fingers reached out to his ribs. He inhaled sharply at my touch and I knew he was turned on by it as much as I was, if not more. While I was there, I reached for his nipples. They were rock hard and erect, perking up nicely out of his chest as I swirled my soft fingertips all over them. I gave him a pinch and he let out a wince. By then, I had already climbed onto the bed and was sitting on his butt, making sure that he could feel my rock hard cock resting against his butt muscles.

"Too hard?" I asked sweetly.

He rested the side of his head against the bed and panted, "No... Keep going..." Working my thumbs in small deep circles, I started kneading him in the interior part of his shoulder blades, before slowly moving up the spine again, into the base of his head and then down to the small of the back.

"Ahhh... Yes... There..." he sighed out. At the base of his head, I pressed the tips of my forefinger and middle finger deep into the furrows and that continued for awhile as I alternated my hands and overlapped my strokes. I glided down his back and he arched his back, letting out an increasingly loud moan with every inch I slid down his back. Fuck, that was hot. He lay back down again, awaiting my next move. I could not take it anymore.

I had to have him. He was mine, and I was going to have him whether he wanted to or not. Starting from the bottom of his spine, I kissed my way up, landing imprints of my burning passion for him as he tried to squirm away from my salacious hunger. I lay on his back, nuzzling my face against his neck as I breathed heavily next to his ear, causing him to shiver with concupiscence as I felt my hunger grew. I growled next to his ear, feeling my throat vibrate against his skin before nibbling his ear lightly as I sucked on his ear lobe. I slid myself off him and tugged his jeans off, pulling the damned piece of clothing off him, dropping it onto the floor in a thud of denim before shedding his black Calvin Klein boxers.

"Don't you think your ass needs a good massage too?" I asked. Come on, to hide a body like his under clothes should be punishable by law, if you ask me, especially in bed. I expected a protest from him and was prepared to backhand him.

But he gasped out hungrily, "Yes!" I smiled as I revered Tyler's butt. It was perfectly toned from all the workouts he does and looked great. I raised my hand and slapped it home. Quick. Fast. No hesitation. He cried out in pain as the echo of the slap reverberated through the room, but it did not stop me, it never does. He could scream all he want, but he was mine. And so, I increased my speed, growing faster and harder as I landed blow after blow on both of his cheeks. Overtime, Tyler's cries of misery subsided as moans of pleasure took over, escaping his tender lips softly with every blow I made. When I was done, I stood back. Tyler's butt was a burning scarlet, the brightest one yet, and it looked even better. He was breathing hard from the torment I had put him through, holding onto the sheets in his clenched fists as I heard his ragged breathing. I lowered my face towards his butt and nuzzled against them lovingly, feeling the heat coming through his cheeks as I felt them vibrate from the stings under my cheek. I kissed each of his cheeks, a quick peck to each of them, as he thrusted his cheeks towards me. He wanted me, I knew it. I rested the side of my face against his cheeks and rubbed them sensually.

"I'll be nice," I reassured him. I reached out from under him and took out his cock. It was decent, a splendid length of eight inches and each of them was rock hard as it throbbed with lewd energy in my hands. I sucked his ball sack into my long awaited mouth, letting the skin of my tongue and the skin of his ball sack merge into a single entity that sent shivers down both of our spines as I felt his balls tingle with delight. He sighed out and I got to work on him, parting his cheeks open ever so carefully, making him anticipate in suspense. I slowly licked his cheeks and the top of his crack, circling my long wet tongue, spiraling it as I made my way closer and closer to his hole. I teased his hole once with a very quick flick of my tongue and he rocked on the bed. When I finally reached his hole I kissed it, long and hard with my lips as he moaned out, "Oh, God, Zul..." Yeah, that's it, Tyler, beg me for it, let me hear you want it...

I made my tongue rigid and pulled his cheeks wide open before slowly penetrating him, probing every nook and cranny that I came across, leaving no edge untouched with my tongue as I drew out long moans from him. I surged through him relentlessly, forcing myself to resist tiring out as I excavated his hole, finding his spot. I dug deeper, thrusting my tongue in and out of him as I dove my face into him. "Fuck!" he cried out as he spasmed on the bed. Found it! I probed his spot, teasing him with it as he tried to writhe away from me, but I knew he wanted it as much as I did. I held him down and finished what I started before sliding back out. Boy, that was good. But I was not satisfied.

I walked around the bed and stood before him. I grabbed a fistful of his hair in my hand and pulled him off the bed, shoving him towards the obvious bulge of my jeans. He looked up at me and his mismatched yellow-gold eyes gleamed with enjoyment, glowing brightly with lechery as he smiled up towards me. He kissed my navel, just a quick one, but it left a burning mark on my skin as though I had been branded. As he pulled away, I could feel as though the mark was releasing pulses of electricity to all of the erogenous points within me, awakening my senses to new heights as I shivered with delectation. He held onto my hips, unbuttoning my jeans with his teeth before pulling the zipper down in the same manner. My rock hard cock was pressed against the black fabric of my Armani boxers and there was a small wet spot of my precum on it. He grabbed the hem of my Black Armani boxers and pulled it down, releasing my cock from its' cage as it stretched out towards him like a lazy panther basking in the Sun.

I prided my cock, for it was a grand length of ten inches long, and in that moment, it was dripping with my precum, just tiny streams of my precious gold dribbling down the length of my shaft. I trailed it along his face and he rolled his eyes in sheer euphoria as he felt my cock graze by him, tracking wet trails of my precum all over him. Yeah, that's right, Tyler... He leaned in, his soft full lips parting and I lost myself to him, to his wondrous rhythm of suction, to his warm wetness. He willingly, gladly, even, took the entire length into his mouth, letting my meaty cock slide over his tongue as I touched the back of his throat with the tip of my cock. I heard him gag slightly, but instead of letting him regain himself, I pushed myself deeper into him, feeling the tip of my cock slide down the tight constriction of his throat. He gagged slightly and I held onto his nape, forcing him to service me, denying him the opportunity to regain himself.

"Try again, Tyler," I told him and I heard my voice grow raspy from the intimacy. And he did. He slowly wrapped his soft slick tongue along the length of my shaft, instantly sending tingles of zest throughout my entire body as I dug my nails into his nape.

"Oh, fuck..." I gasped out, that was amazing. He sucked on me eagerly, licking up my gold as I heard loud slurps from him, drawing out moans from me. I grabbed his hair tightly in my hands as he slid in and out of me while I thrusted myself into him. He licked ardently, not wasting a single drop of my gold which I knew he had been craving for. But, come on, since when did I let him get his way so easily? I tried to slide myself out, but he held onto me, not letting me go as I felt him dig his nails into my hips. He was lost in himself. I held his jaw open and slid myself out before cradling his face in my hand. He was panting hard from his service, his lips were swollen from it, and I lost it. I dove into him as we kissed each other passionately. He was delicious.

There was a pleasant but subdued taste to him, mostly sweet lagered malts, and there was a slight amount of grain flavors, with subdued grassy hop undertones as well as minimal bitterness. It was an overall clean beer flavor that had very light malts used. He was as playful as ever, rapidly attempting to capture me with his tongue as I teased him back, swiftly evading each and every one of his maneuvers as we chased each other tirelessly, mirroring the classic relentless battle between good and evil, except that we were just devilish angels. He cornered me against his lips, but instead of striking fast like a cobra, like he should have, he let his guard down, allowing me a small window of opportunity which I seized immediately. I slid out of his grasp and wrapped my tongue around his, sucking on it delicately, drawing out long moans of prurience from him as I held him up lovingly with my arms, softly but firmly to reassure him of my profound love for him as he melted into every fissure of my arms.

We parted, breathing harder with swollen lips as we stared at each other hungrily. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me onto the bed as I clambered to his orders. He leaned into my chest before sucking my right nipple into his lips, chewing and sucking on it like there was no tomorrow as I felt his tongue flick all over it, swirling swiftly as my nipple grew harder as well as more erect under his command. He wrapped his arms around my back, digging his nails into the skin as he scratched them deep while he slobbered all over me, leaving nothing untouched on my sinewy pectoral muscle. I moaned out in ravishment at the agony as I felt him kiss my nipples lightly. He pushed me down onto the bed and my cock stood out, all ten inches proudly erected before us as it pulsated with the thirst of an orgasm. He lowered himself down onto it and he let out a wince as I slid into him. I let his muscles conform to my cock as I felt his sphincter muscles stretch to accomodate me. I reached up and cradled his face in my hand as I smiled up to him. That seemed to give him newfound energy and we were back in the game.

I thrusted myself into him and I could feel him working his butt muscles to milk me as he panted from the effort. His cock lay before me, all eight inches of it glinting with his precum as it pulsated with lascivious energy. I reached up and inserted my forefinger as well as my middle finger into his lips, letting his tongue play all over them as he sucked fervently. He closed his eyes in rapture as he slid in and out of me, moaning out softly as his tongue worked indefatigably on my fingers. I felt the soft mass that was his tongue caress my fingertips lightly, sending waves of relish throughout my body as my cock grew rigid within him, his butt muscles working unflaggingly. And the inevitable happened.

He burst his load all over me and I felt hot spurts of his white precious cum splatter all over my neck in a massive explosion of mythical proportions. It was his biggest load ever and his eyes rolled up with joyful lasciviousness.

"Ahh... Fuck..." he sighed out in relief as he emptied himself onto me. But he had no idea what I had in store for him. I reached up, gently caressing his nape as he shivered at the feel of my touch on him, before pulling him roughly down towards me. He yelped out in surprise as I held him down.

"Wha...?" he managed but I just shook my head, clicking my tongue in disapproval at his explosion.

"Lick it, scum," I snarled in his ear. "All of it." At first there was no movement, but suddenly, I felt a lecherous tongue of blazing fire licking up my neck as I felt him trail his tongue along the length of my neck. I moaned at the sensation of his tongue on my skin, holding up his nape to my neck as he licked his cum, scooping it back into his system with his tongue. I wrapped my arms around his back, not wanting to let go, never wanting him to leave, not wanting it to end. I felt the cum slide across my neck gracefully as he sucked on my neck and it was the most amazing feeling ever, feeling the thick creamy wad move against my skin as though it was an entity. I gasped out, but all that did was increase his pace as he began slobbering all over me, licking up all of his cum as I continued thrusting myself into him, shivering to his tongue's dominance. When he was done, he cradled my face in his hands and planted a kiss on my lips. He tasted sweet, of his own cum, and what an erotic flavor it was!

He was swift in my mouth, rapidly avoiding all my attempts to capture him as I bombarded him with strike after strike, blow after blow, to capture him. He evaded all of them gracefully, as though he had been anticipating all of them as he slid all over me. Our tongues curled amongst each other, intertwined like a nest of snakes as he danced within me. He reached the back of my throat and slid his tongue into it. You read right. He did not just slide the tip of his tongue into my throat, he slid his entire tongue into it and it was amazing! My body rocked with lewd pulses as it travelled down the length of my spine. God, that felt amazing! I moaned into him, feeling his swift tongue touch every part of my throat as I fought my own natural gag reflex. It hurt so good and I wanted more. He slid himself out and bit his lower lip seductively. I was panting, hard, but it was one of the best things we had ever done together.

"Good boy," I told him and slapped his cheek lightly. I meant it. That was intense and pleasurable. I stood on the bed and slapped his face with my meaty cock.

"Yeah, you want that?" I demanded as he held onto my hips.

"Yes, Zul! Fuck! I want your cum, goddamnit!" he yelled out. I smiled. Oh, he was getting it, alright. I held his mouth open, clenching his jaw open with my left hand as I stroked myself with my right. My cock was glistening with my precum, and soon, so was my hand as I pumped myself. I felt it, a warm sensation spreading throughout my system like how a beautiful red rose was blooming on the first day of Spring. And it happened. A river of my white hot precious cum exploded onto Tyler's face as we both sighed in unison, splattering all over him with my white goodness as his face was completely masked by it.

"You like that, asswipe?" I asked, my voice going gravelly as I emptied myself. He did not reply because he was too busy sucking all of my juices into his mouth. I have to admit, Tyler's oral abilities were amazing as he was able to suck all of my cum off his face and into his system. I watched with salacious fascination as my white gold slid off his face, as though obeying his every command, like cobras dancing to the rhythm of a flute, as he cleaned himself nicely. And that was when everything blacked out, as though we were deprived of our senses, losing ourselves to each other. Really, all we remembered was having the time of our lives as we rolled over one another, kissing passionately into each other as we contorted our bodies to various positions. I remembered savoring the taste of my own white gold in my lips as our lips mated before losing my senses. It lasted for quite a long time but we did not really know how long because time ceased to exist in our realm of seduction. Spent and exhausted, we knelt before each other on the bed, our foreheads touching one another, our faces close as we breathed hard.

There was a sheen of sweat and God knows what else on our bodies. The scent of sex and sweat was electrifying in the air of the room, it was as though all that we had done had manifested itself into a concupiscence being. I felt it, yet it was familiar to me, like I knew it somehow, but maybe that was because it was in the both of us all along. He draped his arms around me as I held onto his hips. The warm rays of the setting Sun filtered through the window as we basked in each other's sex afterglow, feeling the genial caress of the Sun on our skin as we stared amorously into each other. His mismatched yellow-gold eyes were piercing as they seemed to glow even brighter than the setting Sun, his eyes ablaze with an inferno that was fuelled by nothing but love, true love.

Someone once told me that there are many bonds besides friendship, bonds that we do not understand, bonds that we do not need to comprehend. They were nameless bonds, that existed solely to be experience. These bonds had no boundaries, limitless, as they bound hearts together. They were bonds of passion, bonds of love. There was silence, except for our soft breathing. He inched closer and cuddled into me, leaning into my pectoral muscles as I wrapped my arms around him, feeling the heat coming through his bare skin as they gleamed with our bodily fluids. I kissed the crown of his head and ran my hand through his hair as we rocked in each other's arms.

"Don't leave me," he whispered ever so softly as he buried himself deeper into the folds of my arms. I leaned down into his neck, kissing them softly, sighing into him as he wrapped his arms tighter around me.

"Never, not now, not ever," I told him. And it was a promise I will keep, even in the face of Death itself.




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