It was late afternoon and the big fan running in my room was a futile effort to counter a hot and sultry Louisiana summers day. The heat in the air was nothing compared to the heat emanating from my body as I rubbed my bare ass on Farley's hot, hard cock. He laid on my bed, on his back, naked, his nine inch dick jutting upward, throbbing with each heartbeat, almost burning against the bare flesh of my butt. His eyes had that flat, dark luster of want, and grew darker as I moved my body above him in shameless sexual want. I rolled my hips so that his cock brushed across the cheeks of my ass then slid along the valley between, back and forth, up and down. My hard dick brushed across his stomach and he reached out to grip it with his hot fingers.

I moaned and arched my back. I felt nasty, obscene, and shameless as I gyrated my naked body above his, just as hungry to be used as he was to use me. We both knew his cock would be in me, soon, my body impaled upon his hard shaft. He would fuck me. His breaths were deep and labored in anticipation. I was panting.

I had learned that my need, the thing that made me hot, lay in other men using me for sex. In a whirlwind of a month I had evolved from a lanky, smooth, naive teenager into a seductive, boy whore who sucked and fucked men with sluttish enthusiasm. I had arrived unsure of my own sexuality, but now I was devoted to the forbidden homosexual goal of cajoling a man to pump his seed into my mouth, cum in my ass, on my face, neck, and chest. I lusted for the taste of starchy, hot cum on my tongue, or the sensation of feeling it smeared over my bare ass. I was boy to be used by men, a receptacle for their lust, and a servant to the satiation of their impatient erections. A boy turned totally queer and immersed in a lust for the almighty cock.

My step uncle had prepped me over the years with visits to my room for a back rub that progressed each time; eventually a hand journeyed to my butt to knead my soft muscle, then a warm palm sliding between my thighs and finally, just this last year, the firm yet gentle gesture, rolling me onto my back and fondling my cock to a massive eruption of sperm. He had left me panting and exhausted on the bed, but not before he had placed my hand on the high, hot mound of his crotch. I had left my hand there while he leaned down, kissed me on the lips and left. It wasn't like he was a real uncle. The sexual tension between us had been there from the beginning.

The invitation to stay the summer with him had come soon after and my parents had readily agreed. I was always in trouble and they were relieved to have me gone. As I boarded a bus for New Orleans I knew it was going to be a very different, a very hot summer. I was scared and excited, and my teenage hormones were rampaging within my lean, smooth body.

The die had been set the first day. He lived in a rambling house on the West Bank, backing a thick stand of forest. It was hot and humid. My shirt was stuck to my back as we arrived. He suggested I take a shower and I agreed. I ran the water luke warm, and as I soaped my hard dick I heard the rattle of the shower curtain behind me. He was stepping in, naked, his big dick swaying back and forth. He moved closer and turned me to face the wall, my heart pounding as I felt the soft, hot head of his dick prod my butt. He reached around and gathered my cock in his fingers and began to pump his fist along my cock. It took a dozen strokes and I came in a torrent of sperm, splattering the tiled wall, thick clumps sliding downward to swirl into the drain. I leaned against the wall as he finished me, his other hand running a bar of soap over my back, over my bare butt, between the taut cheeks of my ass, his fingers grazing my balls and rolling over my anus. I gasped at the sensation and went up on my toes. He brought his hands to my shoulders, turned me round. He brought his lips to mine and gave me a long kiss, his tongue filling my mouth. I labored to breath as his tongue fucked my mouth and his big cock rolled over my stomach. He drew back and looked at me.

'All you have to do is say no.' He said.

I stared back, delirious with my own erotic stupor, and then he be pressed down on my shoulders, firmly, resolutely, and I slid downward to my knees.

His cock was an inch from my lips and I watched his fingers curl around the base as the palm of his other hand lay on my head and gathered my hair between his fingers. He brought the pulsing, round head of his dick to my lips and I saw a thin thread of clear liquid drip from the dark slit in his crown. The flesh of his cock pressed against my lips; soft, molten, pulsing.

He pulled my head forward and his cock slid between my parted lips. His fiery, thick shaft filled my mouth. It was huge and heavy on my tongue. He rolled his hips and the cock nudged the back of my throat. I gagged and he drew back. 'Suck it.' He said. I gagged, sputtered, gasped, and moaned as he fucked my mouth, as I sucked a mans cock for the first time, as he used me to satisfy his need and awakened my own forbidden desire.

I ringed my lips around his thick shaft as he began to pump his long cock between my lips; a steady, rhythmic surge of hard, hot cock into my mouth, surging forward, faster and faster. His fingers gripped my hair and held my mouth upon him as he rolled his hips.

When he came his thick, molten sperm filled my mouth, jetting against the back of my throat and gushing out the corners of my lips as I sputtered and swallowed. He went on pumping his dick between my lips until he had spent his seed. He held himself in my mouth and spoke. My cock had grown rock hard again and I gripped it in my fist. I heard his voice, almost a whisper, come from above me.

'Go on. Do it. Make yourself cum.'

I began to stroke myself, faster and faster, half out of my mind with wanton lust, my mouth full of my uncles softening dick, his cum drooling from my chin onto my chest as I kneeled before him on the shower floor. The warm water cascaded over us and I let this wild discovered desire overwhelm me, transport me as I held his languid dick between my lips and I jacked off beneath him. I was enveloped in the strange and erotic sensation of surrender, his cock between my lips and filling my mouth while I masturbated beneath him, naked and on my knees. I came again, a stream of youthful lusty sperm splattering his legs and feet. I was panting, my cheat heaving, and he pulled his cock from my mouth. I slid to the floor and leaned against the cool tiled wall. He stood over me, his cock a long lazy snake between his legs and trailed a finger through a strand of cum on my chin.

'I guess that means yes.'

Sucking my step uncles cock became my unspoken, daily right of passage into the world of homosexuality. I was tutored as his sexual servant, a cock sucking houseboy at my uncle's beck and call. I was his sexual toy to use, naked and fed a steady diet of hot cum.

He liked to watch me strip on his command, to service his handsome dick whenever the urge. came to him. The urge came a lot. I fell into the role of his submissive bottom boy, a will-less sexual savant, increasingly addicted to a need to be commanded and used. He would settle back on the couch in his bathrobe, watching TV, motion me over. I would shed my tee shirt and shorts as I crossed the room and settle between his legs.

His half hard dick would await me and I would run my tongue back and forth along its length until it grew hard and molten. Then I would take him between my lips and fill my mouth with cock, sucking and tonguing him to orgasm.

And then, his cock resting between my lips, slowly shrinking, I would fist fuck myself as I nursed his cock and felt his cum bubble about my lips.

It all changed in the third week.

He fucked me on week three.

It was late and he came to my room with another man, his boyfriend actually. I was lying on my bed in boxer shorts. It was 90 degree's at night and my body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. The fan churned away. Night birds sang outside the window.

They told me what they were going to do. I lay there, feeling the heat in my gut grow as they stared at me and talked, reacting to words are groups of words in a sort of erotic delirium; 'cock, fuck, tight ass, up in you, use your hole, punk ass.' I knew what they meant but I felt a sense of surreal as they shed their clothes and stroked their cocks above me. I lay there, knowing they meant to fuck me, to fuck me in the ass. I began to pant. They pulled off my shorts and took turns, the boyfriend first, prepping my anus with an oily finger, running it back and forth and around, dilating the tight puckered ring of my hole. He slapped my butt and laughed when I jumped. He slapped me again and ran a second finger into my hole. I squirmed beneath the penetration, my hips rolling in response to his finger fucking. His eyes went flat and dark as he watched me. He crawled on the bed, wedging my legs apart with his knees, lowering himself until his long, rapier like cock pushed against me, the head of his cock pressing on my hole and then he was in me, deep and hot and hard. I cried out, in pain and confusion, as he held himself in me. The weight and heat of his body on mine was incredible and I labored to breath. He held himself in me for long minutes and then he began to roll his hips gently and his cock moved within me. I began to feel sensations; in my gut, a visceral awakening, an erotic wave of sensation, and I began to move with him. He gathered my hair in his hand and pulled me up and back until I was on my knees with my chest still pressed to the bed. My ass pouted high in the air and I thought his cock might come out my throat. My uncle got on the bed in front of me, sitting with his legs spread wide on either side of me. He brought his cock to my mouth and I began to pump my mouth upon him as his boyfriend thrust his cock into my ass. In a matter of minutes I learned the rhythm of sucking a cock while being sodomized, the steady crescendo of back and forth, up and down as I was fucked from both ends. I felt totally used as one cock surged between my lips and the other pistoned into my butt.

They used me a long time, more than once that night, and left me on the bed covered in sweat and cum. I had cum without touching myself, the dick in my ass finding a sweet spot in my tight tunnel that brought me a huge spurting orgasm. It was incredible. I lay on the bed, naked, cum congealing on my face and between the cheeks of my butt, tasting cock on my tongue, my ass feeling empty with a the huge surge of hot cock up in me.

I lay in a daze with a one thought. I wanted more.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Farley was stroking my cock as I lowered my ass down and I slowed my gyrating butt so that the head of his cock nestled against my anus as I moved it a small, minute circle. The smear of Ky I had prepped my hole with created a slick, electric sensation as his cock and my asshole touched. I could see from the hunger in Farley's eyes it was driving him just as crazy.

I leaned back and down. His cock slid into my ass, slid up in me, filling my body with hot dick.

His hands slipped over my hips as I leaned further back and took in his thick, hot dick. I moaned. He moaned. I rolled my hips and leaned forward, moving back and forth on his hot spear. He gasped and breathed between his teeth. His fingers dug into my hips as he lifted me off the floor and drove his cock into my ass, to the very hilt. I rode up and down on him, pumping my ass in a shameless, wanton desire to fuck, to have my ass impaled upon his hard shaft. He began to slam into me, driving his hips upward and I was suddenly riding a raging bull, his cock ramming into me in angry, merciless thrusts.

'Take it.' He seethed between his teeth, 'Take it all fag boy. Fuck yeah, you fucking homo, fuck my cock!' It was incredible, his cock ramming, thrusting, and pumping up into me, a hot piston,

a thick pipe, reaming my asshole and making me crazy with this slamming pleasure.

I felt him explode inside me, a gusher of thick cum surging through my gut. I moaned and came too, a thick jet of white sperm spiraling in a haphazard pattern across his belly. He slowed his fucking but seemed to enjoy the hard slam of his cock up in my ass. I rode him, rolling my hips and arching my back, a shameless assfucked cock slut, reveling in my raw use. He grabbed my waist and rolled me off him and then he was on top me, straddling me, moving up till he pinned my arms with his knees and his half hard cock rolled back and forth across my face. He slapped my cheek with an open palm, then again, reaching back to grab my dick in his hand and squeeze. He used his other hand to feed me his cock, pushing it against my lips.

'Open, you fucking queer. Open your mouth.'

I did and he rolled his hips so that his cock filled my mouth and pressed down my throat. I gagged on his dick and growled, gripping my dick harder.

'Yeah' He said, 'You fucking cock sucking queer boy. I'm gonna use you up.'

He let go off my cock and I felt him move off me and then he rolled me over on the bed and he strapped my wrists behind my back with my own pants belt. He stuffed my underwear in my mouth. I was naked, on my belly, my wrists strapped behind me, gagged on my own underwear, and then he was tieing my ankles to each corner of the bed, spreading my legs, and my ass, wide.

The first slap of raw leather across my bare buttocks was an electric shock and the snap of the belt was loud as it rapped across my naked flesh. I screamed against the cloth wadded in my mouth, a pathetic and muffled cry. He brought the belt across my ass again, and again. He brought it across in sharp strikes that bit into both cheeks of my ass, and I arched my back and craned my neck up wards as the pain racked through my body. He whipped me a dozen times and then he was on me, mounting me, thrusting his hard cock deep into my ass, fucking me in a mad frenzy, pile driving his cock into my very core, pumping and driving his dick as deep and as hard as he could. He reamed my ass with his powerful thrusts, slamming into me again and again. He used me completely and thoroughly, fucking me to the very core of my sexual being. I was lost in a tablu of deep, resonating pain turned to a dark glowing erotic pleasure. He had taken me, and I was without a will, a vessel of flesh to be used and used again. He turned me and I would never be the same. My cock had turned rock hard at the first whipping shock of the belt and I had cum during my punishment. Whipping my ass had given him a massive erection, too. He fucked me a long time and then, before he came, he rolled me over, straddled me again and came in my mouth, and made me swallow all his cum as he pistoned his heavy shaft between my lips and deep into my mouth. He rubbed his ass on my cock and laughed when my cum splattered on his back as he fucked my mouth. He left me there, the belt around my wrists, cum dripping from my lips.

My step uncle came later, pulled the belt off and rolled his finger back and forth across my lips, his other hand fondling my cock.

'All you have to do is say no.'

He stood and pushed his pants off his hips and put a knee on the bed and looked down at me.

I lay on my back and waited,.

He swung his leg over my chest and his big, hard, hot cock lay across my face.

'Suck me.' He said. 'Suck my dick.'

New Orleans summers are relentless, hot and exhausting, laughing at any resistance to it's formidable force. The men who used me that summer were much the same. My uncle gave me to some, sold me to others, and they all used me. I sucked cock day and night, and when I slept I dreamed of big, hard dicks using me, cumming in thick floods of hot sperm that covered my body, dripping from my mouth and butt, and I awoke each morning with a raging hard on. Each day would bring another hard, hot cock to my mouth, another impalement of my naked ass upon another throbbing stake of man flesh. They came alone or in pairs, and they used my young, smooth flesh to paint their queer passion. I was the perfect canvas for their lusty paint, for their rough and demanding need.

One of them, his name was Claude, muscled, in his thirties, had mesmerizing eyes, dangerous and commanding. He rapped on my door and when I opened it he shoved me back on the bed. He put a knee on the bed and leaned over me. He slapped me, sharp and open handed, across the face, then again, again, and again. He grabbed the neck of my tee shirt and with a shrug of his forearm ripped it from my body. I was wearing cotton shorts and he grabbed the one leg with both hands and ripped them from my waist. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me off the bed to my knees and shoved me down until my cheek lay against his thick leather boot.

'Lick it.' He said.

I ran my tongue across the rough leather toe, then back and forth, the tawny hide leaving a thick taste on my tongue. I heard the snap at his waist and the zipper pulled down and he was pulling me upward until my nose touched the hot belly of his 10 inch cock, thick and throbbing.

'Suck my balls, fag boy.'

His sack hung low and heavy beneath his cock. I ran my tongue around the smooth, shaved flesh and then took them in my mouth and sucked. He kept his fingers wound through my hair, holding me to his crotch.

'I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, queer boy. Fuck you hard and fast. I'm gonna own your ass when I'm done.'

He pulled me to my feet and shoved me back on the bed. He grabbed my ankles and brought them over his shoulders and moved in, his cock rubbing the insides of my thighs as it made for my anus. He shoved his cock into me in one massive thrust and then he fucked me, just as he said, hard and fast, and deep, and like a man on fire. He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. I thought he would split me two. His cock was a huge piston that bore into me, driving deep and thick. My ass was his as he pumped his raw lust into my hole, filling my very core with the massiveness of his manhood.

'I like fucking you like a bitch.' He snarled. 'You my bitch, fag boy?'

I nodded as he slammed his dick into me, as I grunted and moaned.

'Feels like rape, don't it.' I nodded.

He slapped the cheek of my ass, then the other, then he reached over and slipped a hand around my throat. I felt the fingers clutch me and squeeze and I struggled to breath. He just smiled and continue to close his hand around my throat as he rammed his cock into my spread ass.

'I am raping your ass, you fucking queer.' He said and grabbed my hard cock with his other hand and stroked me as he choked me, fucked me, and raped me.

We both came at the same time, his cum flooding my ass while my jetted upwards and splattered over my belly. He fucked me for another minute, then pulled his cock out of my ass and straddled my chest.

'Suck it.' He said. 'Lick all that cum off my dick.'

I did what I was told. He watched me do it then grabbed my hair and leaned in close.

'I'll be back.'

He flung me back on the bed and left.

I was spent, totally exhausted, my ass reamed, my flesh raw from his rough palm, my ripped clothes laying about me. I felt raped. Violated. Used. And I wondered how soon he would come back.



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