Disclaimer: Based on actual events, names have been changed.

It's was dreadful day, I had found myself stuck in the confines of my home as the the rain poured and poured. Finals week was nearly upon me and I had to study for a boatload of exams. Some friends came over (including Anthony and Tyler from my previous story). The study session was odd, it was ideal cuddle weather and I wanted to "cuddluck" with anyone who would give me the chance. During various points, the sexual tension was in the air, amongst all the books, laptops, papers, and empty Red Bull cans. It was a struggle no doubt trying to get through it, and at the end of the day, one of my friends, Megan, decided we should go eat. I liked her and she was trying anything she could to latch on to me. For her sake, I tried to hold her off, my focus lately was on expanding my horizons on the guys. But, I decided to fulfill her wish to go over some difficult material.

The rain subsided and we headed over to a casual Italian dining restaurant. Upon getting there, Megan tried to engage into conversation, I obliged until the moment my eyes got fixed upon our waiter.

"Good evening, my name is Victor."

My heart dropped a bit, I tried to keep my eyes off his complexion as much as I could but that was impossible. Victor was roughly 6 feet tall, broad shouldered, had short dark hair, brown eyes, and a five o'clock shadow. His bulging biceps were evident by his tight white shirt, his black tie was nestled in between his large chest muscles that was held tightly inside by the buttons of his dress shirt.

"Here are your memos, I'll be back in five."

My dick rose slightly as he left, I admired his back side as he walked away. He was dressed from neck to toe yet his body was screaming to be undressed. I found myself wanting to ignore Megan and just daydream about doing this waiter. I thought about stepping out for a restroom break and bumping into him there, hoping if by some miracle we would fuck inside the stalls. My sexual desires were running on all sorts of crazy right now but I loved the feeling of dominating, admiring, and loving another guys body, I felt I was powerful.

Megan kept bugging me with menu options, I already knew what I wanted and just wanted to continue daydreaming. After a few minutes, Victor returned.

"Have you made you orders" said Victor in a semi-serious tone.

"Yeah, I'll have a Three Cheese Pomodoro Ravioli, water for drink"

"Ummmmm.........I'll....I'll get what he is getting, I'm just hungry and I can't decide." Megan said. "I'll have some coke."

"I could wait a few more minutes" said Victor with a smile.

"No...its fine" Megan replied, handing over her menu to Victor.

Victor picked up the menus and left. Megan decided to go over a few terms for our exams. I stay almost silent, just nodding at whatever she posed. My mind was on Victor, I just wondered whether it was possible to break him. I continued on with the conversation giving it my 10%.

Victor returned roughly 10 minutes later, with plates at hand. He laid the smoking food in front both of us. I glared at him and he glared back. My dick sprung up again under the table. The eye contact lasted for a long second. He left with empty trays in hand. I had an uneasy feeling, I just wanted to desperately fulfill my wish, to have sex with Victor.

After eating our meals, Megan had received a call from a friend stating she had a family emergency. Her aunt was about to give birth, apparently, she had already texted her cousin to come pick her up. My generous offer to speed her to the hospital was rebuffed, but I'm glad it was. Megan left me with the bill and I knew it was my opportunity to try to make my move with Victor, as hard as it seemed.

"Check please!" I said shortly after Megan left. I opened up my wallet, counting my money. I wanted to leave a generous tip to Victor as a sort of hint to him, but more of a thank you for being so hot. He passed by and left the check. The bill was roughly $50, I paid that and left a tip of $50 for Victor, leaving a statement. I decided to leave because I did not want to be in an awkward situation with him at the moment he picked it up.

I went outside and light drizzle began to his my head. I walked towards my silver Mercedes Benz GLK350 and sat inside, pondering what to do next. Should I wait for him to leave his shift, should I drive and come back another day, should I stalk him? My mind was racing with thoughts and my dick was hard-on. I opened up my zipper, not worried cause my windows were tinted. I struggle pulling by 7.5 inch cock out of my tight jeans.

I begin to jerk my warm cock with my right hand as I leaned to to my left with my left hand, pressing the lever to pull down my seat. I whisper..."Victor...yeah thats it....suck my cock." I closed my eyes and kept jerking in the comfort of my leather seat. But suddenly I stopped, wanting to enhance the feeling I opened up my glove compartment and pulled out some spliff and promptly began to smoke it. I leaned back down, smoking and slowly jerking my cock off.

Then about ten minutes later, Victor emerged from the restaurant, apparently finished with his shift. I gather my composure a bit, cocking the seat back into place as I watched him walk towards his car.

He was trying to beat the drizzle which was starting to downpour. He drove a fourth generation black Ford Mustang. I had decide to follow him just to see if I could ever bump into him near his home. I was crazy just thinking about this, it made me feel like a creep but I wasn't going to rape him. Victor was trying to start up his car but it failed to respond.

He got out as the rain began to soak him up, opening up the hood of the car. I decided that this was my chance. This was the miracle, oddly enough, this would be my one opportunity to make a play and so I did. I put my dick back inside my jeans waiting a few seconds for it to soften before stepping out of the car.

I ran out towards him, asking him if he needed any help.

"Stubborn old thing won't crank" said Victor. "Been giving me problems all week and.....you are the one..that gave me the $50 tip!"

"Yeah...it wasn't a mistake....I don't normally go to restaurants but I like to reward the hard working people serving me." I meant that literally, he was hard all over.

"Can I help you out?" I asked.

"No, I'm going to have to call for a tow truck...this is where that tip will come in handy."


"If you want I could drive you and you could just leave your car here....and I'll pay for the tow tomorrow..."

I was nervous, I began trembling and the rain gave me goosebumps, and my dick began start up again.

Victor closed his hood, contemplating my offer, he reached for his cell which was vibrating. "Hey sweetie, I just left but I'm stuck here, the car flatlined......don't worry I'll be there as soon as I can..............bye...love you."

"Was my girlfriend, was gonna pass by to pick up some cough drops and soup from a store..."

"No worries...we can stop by and pick up whatever you want." I said without hesitation.

"Ok." nodded Victor as we headed for my car. We weren't dripping soaked but Victor's white polo was enough to just rip off. His nipples were visible from the street light shining inside the car. His arms and biceps were wet, and my dick wanted to erupt upon the sight of it all.

I put on my seat belt and drove towards a convenience store. I wanted to make small talk to get to know Victor a little more.

"The names Zach" I said as I put my hand out to him. He shook my hand firmly, it was a manly grip, it got me even more excited mentally about the prospect of him in bed.

"Nice car.....smells....interesting in here."

"Yeah..that air fresher, its a beauty...nothing beats it." I said lying, knowing he was referring to the smell of weed in the air.

"Haha...yeah it's something." replied Victor.

We were coming up on the store, it was a bit packed but thank goodness for Express lines. I waited inside my car again as Victor went inside. I grabbed more spliff from the glove compartment and lit it. I wanted to get Victor to smoke with me. It was one avenue to get him to feel comfortable, and less tense around me.

Victor emerged about ten minutes later, with a plastic bag full of medicine, a Gatorade bottle and soup packets. He got inside, getting another dose of rain on his clothes. I felt compelled to ask him to take it off because he would damage my seats but I couldn't take that chance, I wasn't a woman and I didn't want to ruin what I had going.

Victor sat inside and immediately looked at me. "Let me get a whiff of that" He said. "If you don't mind?"

"Yeah, this is probably what you referring to?" I responded.

"Haha...yeah that air freshener...(puffs)..I didn't want to impose...I haven't had one of these since freshman year in college."

"How old are you?" I ask.

"23, I'm graduating later this year, was actually in firefighter school straight out of high school (puffs).. then I decided to study medicine...you?"

That explained his chiseled physique, I was dying to see his body. I was tempted to tell him to take off his soaked polo. But I had to keep my cool.

"I'm actually graduating high school in a couple weeks..was studying with a friend inside there for a test."

"Yeah...you looked older...but that'll always be good when you set foot inside campus, chicks like older, more mature guys, it compels them (puffs).

At that point, I didn't know how to proceed. He was clearly straight and trying to get him to break was increasingly difficult but I wasn't giving up, I wanted him.

"Thanks...I guess...."

"Listen...um...would you mind if I took my shirt off?" Victor said.

My heart sank at the sudden request of this stud. He beat me to the punch, I was speechless and my cock continued its hard-on.

"Yeah no problem...wouldn't want to join your girlfriend exchanging coughs."

Victor chuckled a bit as he leaned forward and removed his soaked polo. He put on the dashboard as he leaned right back. I grabbed my crotch to temper my dick up a bit. Victor's upper body blew me away. He had a well-defined set of pecs, his washboard abs glistened with the moisture the polo left behind. His shoulders were ripped and his biceps were a handful.

"You got anymore of these?" asked Victor, referring to the spliffs. I nodded and reached for the glove compartment. I took a peek at his crotch, wanting to get a whiff of his cock while grabbing hold of his pecs.

"Let's sit in the back, I don't want this cops patrolling the area to see us through the front." I got out of my seat and went to the back crawling through the middle of my car. Victor followed and were both in the back seats.

"Could these be put all the way back?" Victor asked with a laugh.

"Yeah..go for it" I said as Victor put his seat back at a 90 degree angle. I had the perfect view of his body. His crotch had a casual bulge that I just wanted to pounce on. His abs and chest were impeccable and I at that point I didn't care. He didn't know me and I didn't know him, if I failed, well then at least I can say I tried.

Victor smoked the spliff as he gazed upwards. "Thanks for this, I owe you one." said Victor.

I saw that as my cue. I began moving my hand towards Victor's pants. My heart was rapidly beating, my breathing got heavier and I was like a zombie just focused on my task, his dick. I moved my hand closer and closer and lifted it up above his bulge. Victor doesn't notice, he is mindlessly just smoking away.

I lower my hand, slowly and begin massaging his bulge. Victor immediately comes up and puts the spliff in the ashtray on the side of the door.

"I'm not a fag...thanks for smoke..and the ride..I'll pay for it when you drop me off."

Victor didn't look the least bit happy.

I was rejected but I didn't want to give up. There was a slight pause. I looked at him as he gazed out the window. I took a deep breath and reached inside my pocket.

"Here...." I slapped down all the cash inside my wallet. My stomach coiled back, I took a deep breath as Victor looked at the load.

"It's about $900, should cover the tow, and repairs..don't worry about the rest."

Victor looked confused as he reached for the money but I decided to give it one last effort.

"I'll give you all that money if you let me have sex with you...right here...right now." I was shaking, and my heart was racing like a car at the Daytona 500.

"Is this a joke? First you drop a $50 tip, then you happen to be there when my car broke down, and now you are bribing me with more cash so I fuck you?"

"Think of it what you want.....If you don't want it then...you're more than welcome to pay me for the spliffs and take care of your car." At this point I was playing an aggressive game, wanting to lure in this straight guy on to me. I hadn't done this before, it was like trying to reel in a shark unto a paddle boat.

Victor laughed at my suggestion as he checked his watch and let out a sigh. He glared out the window once more and then turned back at me.

"$50 more...$50 more and I'll do what you want me to, an even $1000."

I pointed to my glove compartment which had some cash inside a plastic envelope. Victor leaned into the compartment and pulled out a $50 bill and sat back. I reached for his bulge again, massaging with more fluidity this time. I lean closer to him, our faces are inches from each other, and our dicks rising.

I thought to myself, I did it again. I was gonna fuck another dude with a girlfriend in tow. This gave me such thrill and even more so as a cop car had parked right next to us.

"I think we need to stop..." said Victor.

"Can't see us," I said as I got closer to his face. I gazed deep into Victor's eyes and grasped the back of his head. Victor resisted a bit but we both closed our eyes and locked lips. Victor wasn't giving up his tongue but I tried to break that out of him as well. I used my tongue to slide inside his, eventually he gave way and he grabbed my face.

I broke it apart to take my shirt off and we continued kissing. I pushed Victor back as I began to descend up on his neck and chest. I sucked on his nipples and slid my tongue down his abs. I stopped at his belt and pants.

"Just do it already" Victor whispered wanting to get this over with but I hadn't even begun.

His cock was flaccid and I began getting to work on making it hard. The feeling was tremendous, having his cock progressively harden inside my mouth. Suddenly, Victor's phone vibrated, he reached for it.

"Shit.....hello......babe....yeah no....worries, I'm picking up some things.....I'll be there soon. Bye. Oh.....my gosh.....what am I doing?"

Victor felt the utter pleasure of the blowjob with the guilty feeling that he was betraying his girlfriend but I wasn't about to stop.

I reached for his pecs as I promised I would and held on as I deep throated his erect cock inside my mouth. Victor latched on to my head with both his hands, holding my head down.

"Yeah....down with it....get it all the way....ahhhhhh."

I swirled my tongue around his cock, I was gagging a bit but it made Victor enjoy it more. He was beginning to enjoy the sex. Rain began pouring harder and harder outside as our cocks were trying to keep up in that department. On and on I went down on his cock for a good 20 minutes and then I came up to breathe.

I undo my jeans.

"Do me..please..."

Victor was hesistant..he really just wanted to top, but I wanted this to be a flip-flop session, I always did. "Remind me to buy mouthwash when this is over." Victor said.

Victor opened wide and dug in.

"Ahhhhhhh....yeah........yes!" I said. I loved the feel of Victor's mouth encased around my erect cock. The sheer presence of him and his body sent goosebumps around my body. I sat on top of chest as he began swinging his face towards my cock.

I was feeling invincible, I had this incredible firefighter calendar model basically devouring my cock. I began to laugh hysterically as I held Victor's head to my cock. "Ahhhh yeah...just like that."

Victor then retreated catching his breath a bit. Sweat piled upon our bodies, it made Victor's body all the more desirable to me. I wanted more.

I pulled my pants off. "Fuck me..hardest you can." Victor reached for his pockets to pull out a condom and slide it down his dick. I hover over it and lower myself upon it.

"Oooooo fuck...yeah.......yes!" I close my eyes, the feeling of his cock sends shivers down my spine. Victor stays quiet, mostly all he let out was moans but I didn't care, for me it was enough.

"Ahhhhhh yes...........harder, harder!" I was in full awe of the moment, this stud waiter who I was getting a hard-on for a few hours ago is fucking me inside my own car.

"I must say....this...feels great....but never...am I doing this again!" Victor said moaning in between.

"Never.....say...never....again!" I said.

"He continued to fuck me for another ten minutes. I wanted to fuck him but he was entirely hesitant on that end. I insisted.

"Come on....please" I begged like a child. "I'll let you have the remaining amount load inside my compartment...."


"Fuck...alright....do it." Victor responded.

I smiled as I reached for my condom, slipping it on my hardened cock. I slide back and lift Victors legs, using our combo of clothes as a cushion for the angle I needed to fit my dick inside him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck..........what I'm doing!" Victor shouted. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh man.....this is insane!"

Victor's ass was extremely tight, I tried my best to slip it in. The lube from the condom helped as I managed to ease it in after a few grueling minutes. I began my fucking motion, Victor was under intense pain it seemed.

"Oooooooooooo fuck.....ahhhhhhhhhhh."

I got enjoyment from the fact I was fucking this muscle god. He was at my knees, it gave me so much thrill and some much pleasure.

I continued to pound him for all he was worth. I leaned in and felt his abs and chest, all sweaty. I grab his biceps, both sweaty and hold firmly. I feel his breath and moaning right below my face. We make eye contact, and I asked him my go-to question. It was starting to become a staple but It gave me more punch as I was about to deliver my load.

Victor's phone vibrated again, he turned it off.

"Tell me you love me.....it sounds....

"You're fucking crazy.....enoughs.......enough! Ahhh"

"Yeah....words are words....just say it...It doesn't mean anything.....beyond this moment.....then we can move.....on! Please!"

"Fine...ahhhh......ah....I..love you.....ahhhhh...I fucking love you!" Victor said reluctantly. I smashed our faces together for a passionate kiss, I climaxed at that very moment. Letting out a moan in between our kiss.

"I love you too, ahhhh, that felt good."

"Swallow my cum....." said Victor as he was about to climax. I said nothing and just went down and gave him another blowjob while stroking his cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck ahhhhhhhh....oh my...fuck!" Victor shouted. He erupted his white jizz inside my mouth. I gulped every bit of down my throat like a pro I was.

"This is insane ....but amazing" said Victor with a laugh. I leaned back up and rested my head on his chest. Oddly enough, Victor began massaging his hand on my head.

"Crazy as it sounds....I loved it....its different....but sex is sex." Victor said.

I smiled and reached for more spliffs. The cop car was still parked next to us but we didn't care. We were both naked and on each other as we smoked inside the car.

I played with his every muscular curve while he smoked. He didn't care at the moment. I had him and he was mine for the time being.

"Damn I love this back here.....smells just like...."

"A new car smell?" I said as Victor reached for his vibrating phone yet again.

"Yeah just like it.....(click)let's go again, figure you need to get your money's worth and I need to smoke more of this.....new car smell," said Victor with a smile.

We went another round deep into the night. While we were unloading yet again on each other, shoppers were loading their stuff onto their cars and leaving. I had sucked this guy unto my world, for one night, but nevertheless it was an accomplishment for me to top this guy.

In fact, we slept naked in the car next to each other in the back seats until the next morning when the sun was shining on us. We woke up and the rest is history....



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