Alex was the new kid in town. It wasn't the happiest experience for him. No friends, new school, new teachers, new everything basically. Alex wasn't the type for making friends though. In his old town he only had one friend, his best friend Misa. She liked guys but so did he, just she didn't know it yet but neither did he. Other guys weren't exactly Alex's good point. He was bullied most of the time. The only reason he moved to this town is because his mum and dad got a divorce and he decided to live with his mum.

School the next day was the worst day ever. Nobody talked to him except there was one Japanese student who constantly looked at him. His name was Akira Hikaru. He sat with his feet up on the chair all the time. But beside Akira was someone Alex knew all to well... Jack. Alex began to get a throbbing feeling in his trousers and recognized he had a boner. It was growing thicker and thicker. Alex purposely dropped paint on him during his art class. Only because Jack was in his class but also so was Akira. Jack went to the toilets to get cleaned up and wished for Jack to walk through the door when he heard the door outside the hall open up. Jack came out but walked to the other classroom. Alex stood there gutted. He continued to clean himself up when Akira burst through the door.

'You seem lonely, Alex,' whispered Akira beside Alex's ear.

'You seem to be nosey,'

'You have any friends yet Alex?' asked Akira in his fluent Japanese accent

'No, not yet but Jack is someone I know from my old town,'

'Yes he came in a few days before you,'

Alex looked into the mirror his red eyes staring back at him while Akira's black eyes looked at him.

'You like Jack a lot, don't you?'

'I'm straight!' said Alex in an angry voice.

Alex walked into Art a few minutes after Akira left the toilets. Jack walked up to Alex. He pretended to sharpen his pencil but only came over to talk to Alex.

'Akira,' said Jack.

Alex looked weirdly towards Jack. Jack's eyes were sparkling blue. Alex knew something that he kept a secret for years even from himself, he was infatuated by Jacks' beautiful looks. His brown hair hanging over half of his face.

'Meet me in the Common Room at 3 o'clock,'

'You know your way about already,'

'I was given this room specially, I'll be your first friend here if you become mine,' Alex agreed to Jacks terms, to meet him in the Common Room at the designated time.

Alex sat there in a chair and waited patiently for Jack. Alex could already feel the hard-on coming on. 'Shit hurry up Jack'

Just as Alex stood up to leave Jack walked in.

'Sorry didn't know where the Common Room was,'

Jack burst out laughing then Alex followed laughing as well. Jack walked over to Alex and knelt down to his trousers. He unbuttoned, then unzipped Alex's trousers. They dropped to the ground. The good thing about the Common Room was it could easily be locked and there was no windows.

Jack pulled down Alex's novelty boxer shorts which said 'Too Hot to Handle' Jack tittered at the sight of his boxers but exclaimed at the size of his cock. 9 Inches hard. Jack took this monster into his mouth and started sucking slowly and then got gradually faster. Alex was thrusting his cock into Jacks willing face. After 5 minutes of fast cock sucking Alex said, 'I'm going to cum,'. Jack said muffled,' Just go with the flow, let it loose,' Alex spasmed where he stood and shot his own milky seed into Jack and he swallowed all of Alex's cum.

Akira stood behind a board that was in the common room watching this scene take place. He took his foot and moved to the left into view. Jack saw him, 'You freaky bastard. What did you see?'

'A pair of lying people,'

'Why watch us?'

'I wanted to ask you something,'


'Want a sleepover tonight, hint hint,'




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