The alarm startled me, I opened my eyes and for a moment couldn't recognize the place but then I saw the boxes and everything came back to my memory as fresh as a knife. We had arrived in the plain from Madrid-Spain yesterday, I wasn't in my appartement, I was in a chalet in the outskirts of Chicago; the poster collage my friends had gaven me in the airport was above my bed, in the middle a heart shaped photo with me and Isa my best friend; I sank into my pillow and cryed.

It took me quite some time to get the strength to get out of bed, I dragged my feet all the way to the adjacent bathroom; it was a huge bathroom, marble floor, a glass wall marking the shower, a toilet, a flying counter with two sinks and a huge mirror that took the hole wall. I looked at myself in the mirror for a while.

My name is Martin and I have 18 years, I am on my last year of school. I suffered a troubled adolescence that drowned me into anorexia; I passed it and went into swimming and gymnastics so I have a good body, broad shoulders and really thin waist, slim legs but strong arms, nice defined abs and good pecs...those ones that look great in V necked t-shirts and make people want to rip it off. I felt comfortable on tight clothes. My hair is copper coloured and I keep it short but long enough for some curls to dangle around covering slightly my forehead; my eyes are dark green, almost brown, and they are in great proportion with my slim and strong face. I have my upper right ear pierced with two holes, a little black ring in each one.

I looked for a while, only wearing my boxers, then I started washing my face and applying some cream, I got a little nivea roll-on and rolled around my eyes to hide the puffiness of my crying and the black circles around them, then I combed my hair. The school uniform was waiting on the counter, dark blue pants, light blue shirt and an aquamarine V necked sweater it is, they actually were pretty tight and made my V shaped body look irresistible,I topped it off with my timberland boots and a grey scarf that went around and around my neck, a last check on the mirror and I headed downstairs to get some breakfast.

I went into the modern kitchen, my mom was having some oatmeal and reading a magazine, my dad was reading the paper and eating his toast with teà as always, there was a soggy bol of cheerios on the table but my sister Anna was in the middle of a great fight between the hair straightener and her charcoal black curls. 'Hey honey, how did you sleep' said my mom giving me a warm smile, I smiled back and started preparing myself a coffe in the nespresso machine, I grabbed a pice of bread and spreaded some butter on it. 'Oh! Dad! You are here? Good Morning?' He laughed 'Sorry bud, I am reading about the political situation in Madrid, still terrible, good morning...' I rolled my eyes 'Anna your cereal is getting all soggy' I said 'I don't care' she replyed while applying some lipstick 'Anna, really you look gorgeous, now eat your cereal' she smiled and looked pleased for the compliment so started to eat.

We rushed out the door after kissing goodbyes, first day and we were running against the clock. I dragged Anna from her arm to my car and practicaly shoved her in the passengers seat 'Can I drive??' 'No way sis! I just got this car and you are not touching it!' She gave me the puppy face to wich I responded with a wink, she erupted in laughter.

The school was really tacky, glass building and nice arranged gardens with fountains and benches, flowers here and made me want to puke, where was my gray school with its beige sandy gardens and red roofs; this looked like if it was gonna be a terrible day.

We had gotten a little after the beginning of the school year so we had to go introduce ourselves to the principal who gave us a tour to the school and our time tables; I had phylosophy so I rushed to my class lost in the top floor.

Infront of the door the nerves made theyr way into my head, I shaked them away and opened the door, I headed straight to the teachers desk 'Hi, my name is Martin, I am a new student' 'Oh! Well, pleased to meet you' and then she did the most embarrasing an typical thing 'Hey class! This is Martin a new student, be nice with him and give him all your support!' I gave a warm smile towards the class and then headed to an empty seat near the window, next to a blonde good looking girl. 'Hi! I am Veronica! How are you? Where are you from?' I flashed her with a sexy smile and she melted instantly what made me laugh 'Well I am from Spain and just got here yesterday so I basicaly feel like a bunch of nervous tired emotional shit' she gave me a sorry look 'Well, I am sorry, hope you get better' . The class dragged on and I talked with Veronica for the hole time, she was open an talked a lot, really nice, I would like her as a friend but nothing else...I am gay if you hadn't guessed.

Finaly the bell rang, I headed out of class and to the lockers to see if I could find Anna, I saw Veronica and her friends looking at me and giggling, I ignored them and pulled out my cell-phone to text Isa, I then sensed two pairs of shoulders closing around me. Above me to hot guys, a chocolate coloured african american with ice-blue eyes, tall and strongly muscled; the other one had brown hair and brown eyes, he was really good looking and also incredibly muscled. Brown eyed guy spoke up 'You newie! Stay away from Veronica you hear me? She is mine and if you try something with her I wi-' I now felt an arm wrap around my showlders 'Kevin god! He is new! Just leave the poor kid alone' and I was dragged away by this arm. The guy attached to the arm was just to sexy to be real, deep electric green eyes and blonde hair, messy and so sexy. His body was slim and also really muscled hard pecs fulled the shirt and the arm holding me felt like an iron bar, his collarbone was viewable above the neck of the sexy...FOCUS! Screamed my inner god! I am conscient of my good looks and wasn't going to let this guy impress me so I flashed him with the best charming sweet white and sexy smile in my arsenal, he was speechless for a moment and my inner god pirueted for the victory but he recovered 'Football team bullies, you have them everywhere huh? Oh! By the way my name is Charlie' he extended his big hand, looked like a basketball players hand, I shook it, it was warm...I didn't want to but I let go 'Oh! I am Martin, the new one!' He laughed 'I know buddy! So where you from?' 'Spain' I said with a wry smile 'Hmmm...I like Spaniards..oh! You are the soccer world champions!' I ignored the first coment 'Fuck yeah' he laughed 'So what class do you have now little spaniard?' I looked for my timetable 'Ummm...ugh...history' 'Ok, I'll take you to your class' so we left the hallway and headed to the second floor.

The day went from boring class to even more boring class until lunch time. Like it was my first day I decided to give the cafetarea a try. All the glamour the school had was lost in the pile of green mush standing in the middle of my plate I grabbed an apple and started looking for a table; I noticed Charlie waving from a table in a corner so I headed there stopping at my sisters table and giving her a kiss on the cheeck first. 'Hey Charlie' he smiled 'Hey guys! This is Martin a new student' I waved and sat next to Charlie trying to join the conversation. Suddently a gingerhead named Gus jumped 'Hey Martin?' 'Yeah?' 'Is the black haired chick, the one you said hi to, your sister? 'Cause she's frigging hot!' 'Yes, she is, and she is also two years younger, so get near her and I'll rip your balls' Charlie laughed and sprayed water all over the place 'Way to go dude, my sister is the red head sitting next to yours, Gus was also interested in her and I told him I would throw him to the dogs if he touched her' I laughed and continued to spread the mush around the plate 'Hey spaniard? You aint gonna eat?' 'Definetly not THAT' I said with disgust he laughed and handed me part of his sandwich 'Here, you should eat something' I accepted ' Thanks Charlie' 'No problemo' he grinned and after that we went back to the conversation, sports.

The day continued and I continued to make friends, I had two other classes with Charlie in wich I sat with him so I got to know him a little better. Last beel rang and I dashe out the door and to parcking lot, that was enough school for the day. Standing next to my car was Anna, and to my surprise she was with Charlies sister, I gave Anna a kiss on the forehead 'Hey sis, how was you first day?' 'Great! Yours? Oh! This is Tyna, you were sitting with her brother at lunch, she is coming over' I smiled at Tyna 'Sure, no problem, nice to meet you I am Martin'

The drive back was full of questions and laughter, some Rihanna poundingo on the stereo, roof off ognoring the cold.

We got home, no one there, so Anna and Tyna went to her room and I went up to mine, dropped my bag, today had been my first day so I didn't have homework. I grabbed my mac and started skyping with all my friends, telling Isa about Charlie and how sexy he was and Veronica, I ended up crying and telling her I missed her and that I already had the tickects for being there for christmas in two weeks but right abut then the door rang. I went to open, topless and with tears in my eyes thinking it would be my parents, what a surprise when I found Charlie at my doorstep 'Oh..em..hi...Martin? I am here to pick up Tyna' I sniffed and was about to speak up went Tyna and Anna tormented down the stairs and started pleading for another half an hour like little ten year olds, Charlie accepted and they tormented back upstairs, i whipped my tears with the back od my hand 'Hey Charlie, don't leave, you can stay for half an hour' he agreed 'Martin, are you ok?' I nodded but couldn't help the sobb trying to get out of my throat so ended up letting out a loud sobb 'I-it's just that I was talking to my best friend, and I miss her, but I mean, nothing you have to worry abou-' and he hugged me, just a silent hug, holding me tight...he was war and comfortable, strong, I felt safe...he let go 'Hey Martin buddy, I just met you, but I like you, your a nice guy, I care, don't worry' I nodded adn gave him a weak smile 'Want something to eat or drink?' 'You got some soda?' I grabbed a soda and a bol of grapes 'You aren't having soda?' 'To many calories' 'Oh so you are one of those healthy freaks?' 'No, I am an ex-anorexic who is careful about what he eats' 'Oh...' 'LOL, follow me'

We went into my room and he was imediatly mesmerized by th photografy poster my friends had made, it took almost all of the wall space above my bed and hi was starring at the photos, I saw him stop at two in particuallar, one was of me in the middle of a jump in a gymnastics competicion, I was in mid-air my head towards the floor and my legs sprawled, one almost touching the back of my head and the other one almost touching my face. The other photo was of me also after a swimming race, I had the gold medal around my neck adn was only wearing my tiny speedo, my body glistening with water 'Dude this is awesome' 'My friends gave it to me in the airport' I said as I pulled a t-shirt on 'You swim and do gymnastics, no wonder you look so good!' My inner god dancing 'Thanks!'. So we spent the half hour talking about everything at a moment he threw me a grape so we started a grape fight wich ended with both of us splattered on the floor giggling. He then got up and said he had to leave 'Hey spaniard, it was fun, and please, wash away those tears, they spoil your beautiful face...hope we can hang out again soon' and before I could get up he was out the door with Tyna. Anna came into my room 'Had fun heh bro?' My family knows I am gay 'Yeah, Charlie is nice' I smiled and she giggled 'Well...I have sources that tell me he is gay..and he finds you cute' and she left leaving me there with my jaw hitting the floor and in state of shock. My parents were comming home late so me and Anna oredered shushi and had dinner watching house, even if I begged she wouldn't tell me more so I just went to sleep.

Another morning, lost at the beggining but hit by reality, oatmeal cheerios tea and toas, hair straighteners and make up, car, rushing, newspaper, nespresso. We got to school and my mood was of MY FUCKING LIFE IS A DESASTER, but when I got to my class Charlie was there and he came to talk with me and I was suddently in the clouds once again, lost in his eyes and his body, ignoring the world, so it was really surprising and uncomfortable when he was waiving his hand infront of my face 'Earth to Martin...Earth to Martin...Hello?' I snapped 'Huh?!' 'Duuuuude you were totally out' I blushed 'Sorry...' 'No problemo, I was asking if you would like to come over to my house this afternoon so we can study?' I could se the hope and the nerves in his eyes, I gave him another of my best smiles 'Sure thing!'So that had me in the clouds during the rest of the day, flying above everyones, class and class, lunch with Charli in wich I probably just had an apple while thinking on eating some other things...and more classes and I was still flying, I couldn't stop similling like an idiot! I felt the light in my eyes. More than once Veronica had asked what eas happening but I had ignored, no way was I going to share this!.

Finaly the last bell rang and I ran to the parcking lot, Anna and Tyna were waiting by my car 'Anna take the keys, you are driving, I am going over to Charlies house' both of them giggled but Anna grabbed the keys 'Here me you little girl, a single scratch and I swear to god I will burn you alive and dance the indian victory dance around the fire' That made them both explode laughing, and they laughed even more when Charlie appeared behind me 'A little agresive are we pequeño spaniard?' I turned tomato red ''s a new car and should get going' he jus laughed really loud but then grabbed me by the the waist! I was all crimsom red and making knots with my fingers while stummering incoherent words; he sat me in the passengers seat and got behind the wheel 'So I sense you are nervous' Where was all my confidence?! My inner god was hiding behind a couch and my subconcious was running in circles and screaming 'Um, nahhh, not really' I giggled and he just said 'That's a beautiful sound, I like it when you giggle' so I couldn't help it and started giggling again 'I like it even more when I am the reason' and that just made me throw myself ontop of him, I didn't care if we were in the parking lot, I didn't care who could see us, I just sat right ontop of him and put my nose against his nose, looked him straight in the eyes and he looked at me straigh in the eyes, our breathing ragged, and it was like an electric pull, no words needed, I just tilted my head a little and very slowly leaned down, our lips brushed and it was like if a tornado of butterflies flied in my tummy while fireworks exploded in my mouth, and when our tongues touched chills went up and down my spine, I could feel every single one of ther heres in my body tensing, we stayed like that, explorin our mouths with our tongues, moaning, I was grinding my ass against his crotch, saliva pourring from muth to muth, so much love shared in one single kiss...but I parted and retourned to my seat,and with my confidece back and while Charlie was still mind blown, I spoke 'Lets go to your house and talk' so he drove away, no one had seen our ten minute kiss.

We got to his house, it was empty, and went straight to his room. We really didn't need to talk, it was simple impulse and intuition, I knew what he wanted and he knew what I wanted, we got closer, hesitated a little, starred at each other and then kissed again, while slowly unbuttoning each others shirt, rubbing our chests together and hugging, I could feel his warmth against my skin, it was just so perfect, he unbuckled my belt and pulled down my poants and boxers, he started kissin my neck, then then my collarbone, my niples, each one of my abs, my navel, my pubic hair and then my cock, he kissed it, then put the head in his mouth and sucked, after a few minutes he started bobbing his head up and down my shaft and finally deep throated me, he was going up and fown, swirling his tonge, sniffing my groing, tugging my balls and I was moanin in ecstacy,I felt my abs tighten, a tickle in my balls an I exploated into the most magnificent orgasme in my life, I don't know how much I cummed because I was los in heaven for some time, when I fell back to earth Charlie had swallowed every drop of my cum and had cummed all over himself, so I made him lay down and cleaned him up sucking his dick clean aln licking his groin and abs, and navel and pecs and nipple and neck, then we shared a salty passionate kiss. He opened the covers, pulled my back agains his chest and hugged me to him keeping me warm and save, before falling into a wonderful slee I hear him say 'Martin I think I love you' and I answered 'I think I love you to'. Then everything just wnet black.



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