Well I have never had my heart broken, something I try very hard to never let happen that is why I ended up being bisexual. I will not bore you with my heterosexual adventures this is a gay site after all so go easy on me because this is my first story

Virgin by Default

It is not fair to the others before me to mention that the love of getting fucked in the ass by a nine year old is right but unless it is by an eleven year old. I am a nineteen year old bisexual who loves the taste of both sides a hard cock or a plump pussy. I will tell you about the life of a teenager who walks and is shaped like a girl. These petite fem attributes don't slow me down though, because I have proven time and time again that I am a Power Top, just ask my uncle Dale.

My Uncle is 42 years old that is 23 years than I am and my father's brother, I hardly bottom but I had decided to spread my ass to the first willing cock I could grab and with him being so close I set out to seduce him now let me tell you on a regular day I jack off at least ten times with no exaggeration especially if I am reading some erotic stories. But he was easy bait all I did was lie and say that I was supposed to meet up with a girl and I don't know how to put on a condom, playing the naive virgin which I wasn't on both ends.

Dale is a rumored to be gay around the neighborhood but he denies the accusation but I knew they were true because he paid a few persons to fuck him and tried to get my other cousins to do the same that is my mother's nephews.

Now I had ran this through my mind for several days and set out to trap him taking a few condoms using the flavored one for my un needed lesson we proceeded when we were both naked and sheathed I asked, 'do you know if she is going to like the flavor of the condom if she agrees to suck my cock?' Dale just shrugged and said he wasn't sure. Things were progressing as planned then I said 'How about if I try it out on you and see if it tastes good' He started saying, ' We could, but are you sure?' I said yes.

Now his cock is not that big only 5.5 inches but what the heck I was horny. I dropped to my knees and accepted the grape flavored cock I was in heaven but I bet he shot passed heaven because he was grunting and moaning and saying things that were not of this earth his knees were shaking until he begged to lie down.

I obliged him and said, 'Here I am sucking your cock, and maybe you should fuck my ass and complete the experimenting'. He asked me, 'Have you ever done it there before? Because you suck cock like you have before' I said, 'No! I watch a lot of porn.' He laid me out on my stomach and lubes me up with his spit and started to insert his fuck pole into me but I was supposed to be a virgin. I pretended to wimp out but he coaxed me into it again the he started to gently pry my hole open whispering into my ears 'God You Are Tight' But the genuine pain of insertion was there and as he rocked in me I started to go to familiar heights turning me over on my back and dropping back into position he started to really fuck me god it was not the best I have had but it was good enough for the moment he did not last long but I held him into to position till I jacked my own 7 to satisfaction

Psycho Needy Kid

Now get this straight the age of consent is sixteen. I was in a Internet café and decided to take a quick peek at some gay porn, boy did it change my night. There was a kid sitting two stations away from me, his cousins owned the Café but I did not know that this boy had noticed me and was watching me from the time I walked into the café. Minding my own business the boy just said, 'You like watching that?' Well I was shocked and my heart started to beat uncontrollably but being someone who could make myself appear cool I said, 'I watch anything that is available'. He twisted his monitor to show me he was watching the same thing. I was stunned, one for being so reckless and to see that I might get a tight hole that night. Being safe I give him my email so that we could start talking unheard even though we were sitting so close he move to the next computer and we began to chat I learned that he was fucked by an older cousin and he was sixteen but he was not properly broken in, he was barely in the seat one minute when he zipped down my knee long khaki and started jacking me. The feel of his hand on my cock was superb, but that did not ice the cake, when he leaned down and took it into his mouth that was so fucking exhilarating. With the thrill of getting a blow job in public and to think his mother was on the other side of the station. I forced my cock to release and he caught every drop of my load.

I Said, 'I got to get that ass tonight', he just blushed and said, 'You got any way to go' I said No But we will find. We walked up the road and ducked into a dark spot and by the time we were out of sight he snatched me and started to kiss me I must admit he could kiss but that was just what he saw on porn he was doing so I showed him I knew better quickly stripped down between kissing. We call this sort of situation 'Tiefing Some' Don't mind the spelling. I saw a cock that was beautiful it was as big as mine but curved to the left. I said to him getting on my knees well son you going to get some ass tonight because this cock is beautiful and wrapped my lips round the head of the cock he squealed at the first blowjob he ever got I worked his cock wet and said come on stud fuck me. Bracing a tree I eased him into me this virgin started to easy work his cock in my ass he was moaning and grunting but by the time I was comfortable he started to really fuck me at speeds that was unnatural this went on for at least half hour. When I realized he was ready to come I pushed him off just in the nick of time to feel him plaster my back. I was satisfied that he could cause me to almost go off the edge but it was my time at his ass. I said on your knees which he complied and I spread his ass and tasted it boy was it tight and sweet with his fuck sweat when he was moaning for me to take him I aimed my cock and pressed unto his passage and broke inside his muscle reacted by trying to push me out but I used it as an opportunity to ease another two inches in he was of course in pain so I pulled his face to mine and comforted him with passionate kisses. In his blind passion with kisses I start to play with the outer depths of his manpussy sinking slowly into it and retreating until I was balls deep into his love chute and held it there for him to adjust. I slipped all the way out and plunged into him with a force showing his ass no mercy as he did mine. I rode him hard until he started to cum all over the tree. I slipped out his ass and sat on the leaves and had him straddle me face to mine and began to make love to his young body slowly teasing his nipples with my tongue then I pushed him backward where I had access to his cock bringing it to my mouth he went wild shivering in delight as I stroked his cock and suckled on it. The combination of pleasure on both ends brought him to another quick climax but my cock could not survive the spasms of his ass muscles causing me to flood his tunnel with my seed.

I held him in my arms and started to kiss him again my cock still hard in his ass when he whispered, 'I love you' I took it as nothing but what he said next had me baffled, 'If I can't have you no one else can' I must say I fucked him again then and on a few other occasions. But then the kid got needy and psycho demanding things giving me alternatives if I didn't give them to him and so I finally broke it off. I moved out of town a few weeks later and he called me and asked me to reconsider us, but I said no and to top it all off he asked for a final fuck to which I replied no. Now this is the Cherry on the cake the Kid said if I didn't he will hang himself. Well I hate a threat and I called him up on it, so I said, 'If I had not been so far away I would have brought the rope for you to hang yourself and if you don't I would beat the hell out of you'. Mind you I had to change my email, cell phone number and block him on facebook.

Look out for 'Bottoms Up Uncle' depending on how these two chapters go over I will install the third chapter



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