The first thing Jeremy noticed was the man's chest. Huge slabs of muscle, his pecs were covered with curly black hair. His bulging shoulders and biceps were just as impressive, as were his thickly muscled legs. He marched up the street toward Jeremy in only a small pair of jogging shorts and sneakers, the pronounced V-shape of his upper body pointing down to his narrow waist and the packed, shifting bulge of his tight crotch. Sweat poured down his heaving, glistening chest; he was clearly returning from an afternoon run.

He had to be at least late 30s, making him well over a decade older than Jeremy, who couldn't help staring at the man's handsome face. He had a short, perfectly shaped beard surrounding thick, wide lips. As he drew closer, Jeremy realized: He lives in my building.

Sure enough, they met in the middle of the block, at the front door to the Chelsea Spires apartment building.

It was the third day of the blackout. A heat wave had caused too many air conditioners to overload the city's power grid, and the electrical system was still struggling to recover. Luckily the weather had since cooled down.

When the blackout started, Jeremy had been happy for the forced break from work. Since moving to the city a few months before, he'd been killing himself at his tech job. It was amazing to actually have a day off. But by the third day without power, he was bored.

He'd hoped to finally get his act together and arrange a hook-up; that was part of why he'd moved to the city, to get a dating life going, or at least have some good sex while trying. But he quickly realized the blackout made that impossible. You can't use a hook-up app when your phone is dead. Jeremy had never made time to find out where the local gay bars were, and now, without the web, he had no way to look them up. He'd never felt comfortable in bars anyway, but he was getting pretty lonely.

And horny.

He'd finally decided to walk down along the waterfront, knowing it was usually filled with shirtless studs sunning themselves. Today he found it abandoned; everyone had left the city in favor of locations with working electricity.

But now there was a nearly naked hunk right at Jeremy's front door.

He'd seen his muscular neighbor before, around the mailboxes, in the elevator, and once in the laundry room, when the man had worn a tank top and Jeremy had to struggle not to gawp. He'd noticed a sexy white pair of briefs in the man's laundry basket, looking nicely stretched out in the crotch area. Is he gay? Jeremy had wondered then, and he wondered it again now.

He turned from his powerfully built neighbor toward the door to their building, mumbling, "I, uh, I have the key."

"Cool, thanks," the man said, his voice deep and breathy from exertion.

Jeremy glanced back and caught an eyeful of sweaty muscle. He fumbled the key out of his pocket and finally got it in the lock after two tries. He held the door for the man, who nodded at Jeremy as he went past. Jeremy studied his neighbor's muscular back; his V-shape was even more pronounced from behind, wide muscles curving down to a tight waist and a muscular butt hugged tightly by sweat-stained running shorts. They had splits stitched into their sides, revealing the strap of a white jock stretched taut over the man's thick thighs.

"You coming?" the man asked, and Jeremy snapped up to find his neighbor staring back at him.

"Uh, yeah, sorry," Jeremy said. He entered the lobby and realized that, with the elevators out, they'd have to walk up the stairs together. The prospect made him both excited and nervous.

"I'm on the 5th floor," the man said as they started up. "You?"

"Uh, the 15th," Jeremy said, trying to ignore the waves of heat radiating off the man's sweaty, muscular body. He smelled like sex.

"Sorry if I stink a little," the man said, running a hand through the sweat dripping down the swells of his pecs. "I guess I'm kind of disgusting right now."

Not the word I'd choose, Jeremy thought. He must know he's got a great body, going out in just a pair of skimpy shorts like that. Jeremy felt irritated by the arrogance of a move like that—but he couldn't deny it attracted him, too.

"You doing OK in the blackout?" the man asked.

"Uh, yeah," Jeremy said, nervous about keeping up his end of the conversation. It was shadowy in the unlit stairwell, but regular windows still let in the afternoon sun, and the man's stunning body was fully on display before him. Cautiously, he glanced over, and his gaze caught on the man's bulging chest and arms, the taut ridges of his abs, and the swinging heaviness of his full crotch. Jeremy quickly turned away, thinking, Don't gape at him.

"I think we might the last people in the building," the man said. "Everyone's taken off until the power's back."

Jeremy nodded, and then, worried that wasn't enough of an answer, he managed a hoarse, "Yeah."

They walked past the third flood landing in silence.

"Hey," the man said, "I just realized, you don't have water up on your floor, do you?"

"The water's off in the whole building," Jeremy said. After losing internet, it was his least favorite thing about the blackout.

"No, it's not," the man said. "I'm on the 5th floor and I still have water. The pressure in the pipes here is pretty good. Only the higher floors need electrical help to get water. And we have a gas heater, so the water's hot, too."

"Oh," Jeremy said. "I didn't realize. Not having water has really sucked."

"I can imagine," the man said.

"Before it gave out, I filled a bucket for when my toilet tank ran dry," Jeremy said. "You can force-flush a toilet by dumping water in it, but I just used up the last of the bucket." That's disgusting, he thought. Why am I talking about this? "Sorry," he said. "Too much information. You don't even know my name. I'm, uh, I'm Jeremy."

"I'm Mike," the man said as they reached the fifth floor landing. He stopped and extended a large hand.

Turning to face him, Jeremy forced himself to keep his eyes on Mike's face, not his rippling body, as he shook his neighbor's hand. Mike's sweaty, strong grip engulfed his.

Mike smiled. "Sorry, I got you a little wet there, didn't I?"

Jeremy nervously pulled his hand back and mumbled, "It's fine." Actually, it's kind of hot, he thought.

Mike's grin widened. "Look, if you're flushing your toilet with a bucket, I'm betting you could use a shower too, huh?"

"Oh, I'm OK," Jeremy said, instinctively pushing back against the idea.

"No, seriously," Mike said. "We're neighbors. There's no reason you shouldn't take advantage of me still having water."

Jeremy paused. Why am I trying to say no? I could use a shower—and he might even be flirting with me. Jeremy couldn't decide if that was a crazy idea or not; he was distracted by the effort of staring up into Mike's face instead of down at his massive chest.

"What, you're too good for my water?" Mike cocked his head, his grin turning almost threatening.

Jeremy was surprised by how vulnerable he felt. He's the one who's nearly naked. Why do I feel so nervous? Although to be fair, he is twice my size.

"Come on," Mike said. "Drop by and have nice, long, hot shower. Don't you want to get squeaky clean?"

Something twinged in Jeremy. That definitely sounded flirty.

Mike shrugged and turned away. "But hey, I don't mean to pressure you. Don't worry if you—"

"No, it's fine," Jeremy said. "Thanks, I... when should I come by?"

Mike looked back at him, considering. "I'm in 5C. Come by in ten minutes, I should be done by then." With that, he turned and opened the stairwell's door out to the darkened 5th floor hallway.

As Mike walked away, Jeremy's eyes swept down his neighbor's muscular back, to the compact shorts that tightly hugged his round ass and the tops of his thick, bulging thighs. Jeremy imagined Mike naked, toweling off, and suddenly his dick was hard. He quickly started up the rest of the stairs.

It was another ten flights to his apartment. By the top of the climb, Jeremy felt lost in a confused mix of uncertainty and lust. He unlocked his front door and walked into his apartment.

The building had large, wide windows, so, even in the blackout, the interior was well-lit during the day. Right now, the late afternoon sun flooded Jeremy's place, highlighting how many moving boxes he still had to unpack.

Hired right out of college by a major tech company thanks to his coding skills, Jeremy was able to afford a very nice apartment, but he'd been given no time to make it his home. Choked by overwhelming amounts of work, he hadn't even hooked up once since moving to the city months before.

He wasn't inexperienced; he'd had a boyfriend in college, and they'd figured out gay sex together. But one of their discoveries was that they weren't truly compatible, sexually or otherwise.

Jeremy had been with a few other college guys after that, but he'd never experienced sex with a man he was strongly attracted to.

His fantasy, when he was honest with himself, was to be topped by a bigger, stronger, older man.

Someone just like Mike.

Was he hitting on me? Jeremy wondered. He went over the conversation in his head, but all he could figure out for sure was that Mike was incredibly hot. I don't even know if he's gay. Or if he's into smaller guys like me.

Trying to clear his head and banish his horniness, Jeremy grabbed a plastic bag and gathered his body wash and shampoo from his bathroom. He stopped to study himself in the mirror. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt tight enough to show off the time he'd been spending in the gym. His morning workout was the one thing he refused to sacrifice for his job. It kept him healthy and sane, and he'd been pleased, now that he was on a more regular schedule than he'd been able to keep in college, to see solid results.

He stripped his shirt off and examined his lean figure. His muscles had filled out into a nicely proportioned swimmer's build, and his careful diet kept him well-defined. He knew he had a decent-sized dick, and a nice bubble butt going.

Still, he didn't compare to a stacked near-bodybuilder like Mike. Jeremy pictured his hunky neighbor downstairs, peeling off his skimpy running shorts and his even skimpier jock, the straps catching on his tree-trunk thighs. Jeremy realized Mike was naked right now, scrubbing himself in his shower, his dick dangling free, water dripping off its tip.

Jeremy's own cock surged up, straining against his briefs. Mike's probably just being a friendly neighbor by offering to let me use his shower, he thought, trying to calm himself down. I really do need to get clean, and the last thing I want to do is make things weird with someone I'm going to keep seeing in the elevator all the time.

He wondered how long it had been since he'd come upstairs; he didn't own a watch, his phone was long-dead, and there was no clock in his apartment. Has it been ten minutes already? He wondered if there was a way to time it so he'd catch Mike still getting dressed. I've seen most of his body already—but it would be awesome to get another look.

Don't make things awkward, he reminded himself.

Trying to calm down and kill some time before heading downstairs, Jeremy put his shower stuff aside and lay down on his bed. He tried to clear his head, but all he could see was Mike's body, the dark hair cover the shelf of his chest matted with sweat. I'd so love for him to fuck me, Jeremy thought.

Stop it. I can't show up at his door with a hard-on, and he's not going to want me panting after him inside his apartment. Even if he is gay, and even if he is into smaller, younger guys, he probably knows it's not a good plan to fuck your neighbor. And I know that too. I'll just go in, quickly take a shower, and get out.

And then I'll come back upstairs and whack off all night.

Sighing, Jeremy grabbed his shower supplies and headed downstairs.

He felt self-conscious as he knocked on the door to 5C. The hallway was dark and creepy with all the lights out, and it wasn't a fun place to wait. He knocked again.

Mike did say 5C, didn't he? Maybe he's still in the shower?

Jeremy hunched down and put his ear to the door, listening for running water but hearing nothing.

The door swung open and Jeremy jumped back.

Mike stood in front of him, a small towel tied loosely around his waist.

Jeremy's eyes dropped to where the towel fell open, revealing the full length of one of Mike's muscular thighs. And Jeremy was pretty sure the long, towel-covered bulge next to it was his neighbor's impressive cock.

Jeremy forced his eyes up. "Uh, hi," he said. "I guess I didn't wait long enough."

Mike grinned. "No big deal, I was just drying off. Come on in." He turned, revealing that the towel just barely covered his muscular ass, the shadow between his butt cheeks peeking above it. The curves of his butt danced as he walked, making the towel look like it would slip off at any second.

Jeremy tried to control his breathing, his eyes, and his dick. He barely remembered to close the front door after him, then looked around and realized the apartment had the same layout as his own: a large living room, then a short hallway leading to small eat-in kitchen. In the hallway, two doorways faced each other—one leading to the bathroom, the other the bedroom.

As in Jeremy's place, large windows meant the apartment was well-lit even without power. But unlike Jeremy's place, Mike's was lived-in, neatly arranged, and tastefully decorated with dark, masculine colors.

Mike turned to Jeremy at the bathroom door. "Shower's in here."

Jeremy met Mike's eyes, working hard not to let his gaze fall down to the beefy curves of the older man's impressive body. "Uh, thanks," he muttered. "I brought my stuff." He lifted his body wash and shampoo.

Mike frowned. "But no towel."

Shit, Jeremy thought. "Sorry, I forgot. I'll just, uh, I'll just run up and get one."

"It's fine," Mike said. "I have plenty."

"It's just a few flights," Jeremy said.

"It's fine, buddy," Mike said, putting a large hand on Jeremy's shoulder. "Just use one of mine."

Jeremy was shocked by how warm Mike's touch felt, even through his t-shirt. "Uh, thanks," he said, his voice a little hoarse.

Mike didn't remove his hand, and he was blocking the way into the bathroom, so Jeremy just stood there, forcing himself to keep eye contact. Is he coming on to me? Why is it so hard to tell? He shifted a little under Mike's hand, trying to keep himself under control, but he could feel his cock stiffening.

Finally, Mike let go of Jeremy's shoulder and turned toward his bedroom. "You should be all set," he said. "Go on ahead while I get dressed."

Jeremy felt disappointed. You don't get dressed if you're about to have sex with someone.

Eyeing Mike as he walked into his bedroom, Jeremy had to stifle a gasp when the older man nonchalantly pulled off his towel, revealing his perfectly smooth, round, muscular ass, along with a glimpse of his long, dangling cock as he turned and disappeared into the far room.

Jeremy hurried into the bathroom and shut the door. What was that? he wondered. Was he flashing me on purpose? After a moment, he thought, You still don't even know if he's gay, much less interested in you. And if he's straight—hell, even if he's gay—this is how guys act in the gym locker room. They get naked and shower around each other, and it's no big deal. There's nothing sexual about it. Stop being such a weirdo.

Willing his dick to behave itself, Jeremy quickly took his clothes off, piled them next to the toilet, and turned to the shower. He was surprised to find its controls were different from the ones in his bathroom, and it took him a moment to realize what was going on. Attached to the arm of the shower was a hose leading to a tall, thin nozzle that looked a little bit like a dildo. Jeremy recognized it from his long hours of internet research into all aspects of gay sex; it was a douching attachment.

A shower douche. Would anyone but a gay man have that in his bathroom? Feeling excited, Jeremy decided the answer was no.

But does that mean Mike's a bottom? Jeremy's excitement dissipated. Then again, even he were a top, he's still my neighbor—and almost certainly not interested in hooking up with me.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. "Everything OK in there?" Mike asked from the hallway. "I know the shower can be a bit of a puzzle."

Before Jeremy could reply, the door opened and Mike strode in. He was naked except for a pair of small white briefs—the same kind Jeremy had noticed in his laundry weeks before. The crotch bulged with the weight of Mike's heavy package.

Surprised, Jeremy hid his dick under his hands.

"No need to be shy," Mike said. "We're all guys here."

Right, Jeremy thought. Just like in the locker room. He tried to relax.

Mike reached a muscular arm up and pointed to the shower controls. "This knob manages the temperature, and this one controls the water flow."

Looking away from the hairy, muscular chest just inches from his face, Jeremy glanced at the shower knobs, then nodded. "Thanks."

Mike pointed at the douche. "And you know what this is, don't you?"

Surprised Mike was bringing it up, Jeremy said, "Uh, yeah."

Mike smiled down at him. "I have it for when boys come over and they want to make sure they're clean for me."

Jeremy stared at Mike in surprise, but the older man's expression was casual, as if he were explaining something totally commonplace. "Feel free to use it," he said. "I sterilize it each time after someone visits."

Jeremy felt his dick hardening, and he was relieved his hands were still hiding it from view.

Mike turned to go, and Jeremy took the opportunity to look him up and down quickly. Somehow the sight of Mike in his tight white briefs was just as hot for Jeremy as when he'd seen him naked a few moments earlier.

"Oh," Mike said, turning back, "and I should get you a better towel than the ones in here. I have nice big ones for guests like you. Jump in and I'll bring one in for you in a second." He departed, leaving the door ajar.

Jeremy stood holding his stiffening cock for a moment, trying to figure out the situation. He walked in on me naked... he told me to use his shower douche to clean myself out... is he going to fuck me?

Or am I just imagining things?

Uncertainly, Jeremy climbed into the shower and pulled the curtain closed.

He clearly told me he has guys over, and he encourages them to clean themselves out for him. That has to mean he's fucking them. And he called them "boys." Does that mean guys younger and smaller than him? Guys like me?

Jeremy's hope and lust battled with his worries over making things awkward if he was misreading the situation. Even if he is coming onto me, I shouldn't have sex with a neighbor... right? He turned the water on, quickly getting it to the right temperature. He slowly started to shower, but all of his attention was fixed on the fact that the bathroom door was ajar, and Mike was just on the other side of it, possibly still in only his underwear.

There was nothing to do except wash himself. Finally, Jeremy heard Mike come back into the bathroom and move around. Is he just dropping off a towel like he said? Or is he going to climb in here with me?

After a few moments holding his breath and listening, imagining the shower curtain suddenly being pulled aside and Mike stepping in beside him, naked and hard, Jeremy heard the older man leave the room, shutting the door after him. Jeremy peeked out, verified that Mike was gone, and went back to his shower, feeling disappointed and foolish.

He was probably just teasing me, he thought. Even if I am his type, he wouldn't want to hook up with me, knowing we'll be running into each other in the elevator forever after this. And it would be a bad idea for me to hook up with him! I should just be happy to get a shower in the blackout, and then I can go back upstairs and forget about this.

But Jeremy knew is would take many whack-off sessions for him to ever forget about this.

He quickly scrubbed himself down, determined to finish quickly so he could get out and leave.

His gaze fell on the douche. It really did look like a thin little metal dildo. Jeremy had often fantasized about buying a dildo for himself, a nice long one, but he'd always been too embarrassed to go through with it. He was familiar with the act of cleaning himself out, but he'd never used a shower attachment to do it. Something like that would definitely make it easy, he thought.

He figured he was pretty clean already; he hadn't been eating much since the blackout started. Most of the restaurants nearby had closed up after the city's first day without power. Since then, Jeremy had been subsisting on fruit and dry cereal, so there little reason for him to be too dirty inside. Still, he knew how nice it could feel to be totally cleaned out.

Mike did encourage me to use it. And at least this way I'll get some kind of action out of this situation.

Feeling daring, Jeremy took down the douche and experimented with the valve to turn it on. At first water sluiced out too strongly, but he quickly figured out how to lessen the flow. He turned the temperature in the shower down—he knew not to burn himself inside—and then he slowly opened himself up with his finger and slid the long, thin douche inside. He felt the long-forgotten pressure of something entering his ass, reverberating out into his cock. It wasn't wholly sexual—just an odd but satisfying tension. And it had been a long time since he'd experienced it.

After a moment of adjusting, he turned the douche on and carefully cleaned himself out. As he'd suspected, there wasn't much need, so it didn't take long. He thought of other boys using the douche before him—guys who came come over to get fucked by Mike—and his dick hardened. It made him feel dirty and wrong, like a slut, but it also seriously turned him on. He realized he was beginning to fuck himself with the douche, and he forced himself to stop.

How long have I been in here? he wondered. He quickly put the douche back and finished washing himself off, then shut down the water. I just need to get dressed, thank him like a normal neighbor, and leave, he thought.

He stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel, only to find the rack empty. That's weird. Weren't there some towels here when I came in? He remembered that Mike had come back in to leave a better, bigger one for guests, but the bathroom was small and he didn't see it anywhere. He also didn't see his clothes.

As he stood there, shivering, he wondered if he'd somehow gotten confused.

"Hello?" he called out. "Mike?"

He listened but heard nothing.

What the hell? Is this some weird kind of trick?

Confused and alarmed, he went to the bathroom door, then paused. He was naked, with nothing to cover himself with, short of ripping down the shower curtain. That seemed a step too far.

Nervously covering his dick with one hand, he opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

"Hello?" he called out again.

Mike moved into view within the bedroom, making Jeremy jump. The older man was still wearing only a pair of tight white briefs, and he was holding a large, fluffy towel.

He had a serious expression as he silently studied Jeremy. Finally he said, "Sorry, I forgot to bring a towel in there for you." He walked out to meet Jeremy in the hallway. "Let me help you with it. You look freezing."

Confused, Jeremy stood still as Mike stepped behind him and ran the towel over his head, down to his shoulders, and then around his torso, Mike's large hands rubbing across Jeremy's body through the cotton fabric. Jeremy was surprised and uncertain, but he could feel himself relaxing—and getting turned on—by the feel of Mike's hands running over his body, and the heat of the large, muscular man hovering just behind him.

This is not how guys act with each other in the locker room.

Jeremy started to turn around to face Mike, but the older man said, quietly but firmly, "Stand still. Face straight ahead, arms at your side. Don't move."

Jeremy did as he was told, wondering, Is he going to fuck me? He tried to remember why that would be a bad idea. Because we're neighbors? His dick stiffened as Mike continued to handle him firmly through the towel, sliding his hands down to Jeremy's waist and then his lower back.

"Relax," Mike whispered, right in Jeremy's ear.

Jeremy's breath quickened, but he tried to do as he was told. Looking straight ahead, he found himself staring at a seascape photograph on the wall. Black and white, it had purposefully been taken out of focus, so that the sky and sea were simply large, smooth fields of grey. It was soothing, a calming visual that let Jeremy focus on the feel of Mike's grip on him as it shifted to Jeremy's ass, rubbing through the towel from the top of Jeremy's butt cheeks down across them and then, teasingly, between them, making Jeremy shiver.

Mike was pressing right up behind him, and he felt the great swells of Mike's bulging arms and hairy chest brushing against his back.

Jeremy's dick was now rock-hard and pointing straight out from his body.

He's definitely going to fuck me, Jeremy thought, and his cock twitched up, toward the photograph.

Mike crouched down, rubbing the towel down Jeremy's legs, and then he brought it back up to Jeremy's ass.

"Did you get it nice and clean for me in here?" Mike asked, and Jeremy could feel Mike's breath against his bare butt.

Falling into a lusty stupor, he took a moment to answer. "Y-yes."

Mike's hands, still holding the towel between them and Jeremy's skin, spread the younger man's ass cheeks wide. Jeremy felt Mike's hot breath there. His face must be inches from my hole, Jeremy thought.

"Are you totally clean?" Mike asked. "All the way inside?"

"Yes," Jeremy said, his voice breathy with anticipation.

"Good boy," Mike whispered.

His hands dropped off Jeremy's body, and suddenly the two men weren't touching at all.

Jeremy stood still, looking at the photograph, feeling totally exposed and, as the moment stretched on, confused. Why did he stop? He could sense Mike still crouching down behind him, but as the moment lengthened, Jeremy worried he'd done something wrong. His hard-on began to falter.

Without warning, Mike's face plunged into Jeremy's ass, his thick lips pressing against Jeremy's hole, and then his muscular tongue pushed against it, opening Jeremy up with its wet tip. Jeremy gasped and fell forward, bracing himself against the wall, hands on either side of the photograph.

Mike grabbed Jeremy's lower body, locking his muscular arms around Jeremy's legs and pulling the young man back onto his face, burying it deep inside Jeremy's ass crack. Mike's tongue forced its way into Jeremy, with a warmth and wetness Jeremy had never felt before. Mike gripped Jeremy's butt cheeks hard and kneaded them roughly, keeping them spread so that his tongue could dive deeper into Jeremy, quickly flicking back and forth, making Jeremy gasp and writhe, arching his back in response to each deeper thrust from Mike's mouth.

Jeremy's dick was rock-hard, almost painfully so. It dangled up and down as Jeremy was pushed nearly off his feet. He rode his ass against Mike's face, powerless to do anything but thrust his hole back to meet the older man's hungry mouth. He gasped and moaned from the sensation of Mike's nose and chin pushing into his crack, and Mike's seeking, searching tongue penetrating him.

I could come like this, Jeremy thought, overwhelmed.

Suddenly Mike eased his face out of Jeremy's ass, pushed Jeremy back to the ground, and stood up behind him. He hugged Jeremy, cradling the younger man's body inside his muscular frame, running his large hands over Jeremy's thighs and torso and arms, brushing across his dick, making Jeremy's entire body twitch. Jeremy's bare ass nestled itself against Mike's cock, a rigid line bulging to the side in the older man's tight briefs. It felt like a long, hot rock, pressing tightly and insistently against Jeremy's butt.

Jeremy was engulfed by the need to have that cock inside him.

Mike chuckled, a low, long laugh against Jeremy's neck. "It's getting dark," he said. "I want to see that ass while I still can. Give me a good look before I start fucking it." He stepped away from Jeremy, who shuddered in the sudden absence of Mike's warm, muscular body pressing up against him.

Mike fondled Jeremy's bare butt and pushed him toward the bedroom. "Get on the bed and put that ass in the air for me," he commanded.

Lost in heat, Jeremy stumbled into the bedroom. A large queen bed lay before him, and he fell onto it. Then, remembering Mike's command, he got on his knees and elbows and pushed his ass up in the air, as high as it could go. I should do whatever he says, Jeremy thought.

Mike whistled appreciatively behind him. A real wolf whistle, it would have felt cheesy if it hadn't turned Jeremy on so much.

"It's a good thing you cleaned yourself out," Mike said, "because I'm going to be getting to the very bottom of that ass."

Jeremy turned his head to look back at Mike, and he was stunned by the sight of the tall, hairy, incredibly built man behind him. Mike was a wall of muscle, the tight lines of his body pointing down to where his thick, long cock was pushed to the side of his briefs. It stretched all the way across Mike's hips, forcing out the waistband, and at the end its large, round, dark head peeked out.

Mike hooked his fingers into his briefs and slid them down his thick thighs, unleashing the massive cock. As it swung free, Jeremy realized it was the biggest dick he'd ever seen in real life.

Mike went to a side table drawer and pulled out a condom and a container of lube, then met Jeremy's eyes. "You're so hot for me, aren't you?" he asked as he expertly ripped open the condom wrapper and slid it over his cock. "You haven't been able to keep your eyes off me." As he lubed up his dick, he pointed it at Jeremy's face. "You're desperate for this long, fat cock."

Jeremy nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

His wide lips curling into a lustful grin, Mike walked up to Jeremy and slipped a lube-slicked finger right into the younger man's hole. It popped in almost audibly, shocking Jeremy, but in moments he was grinding back against it, letting go the way he'd started to in the shower with the douche.

"So hungry for it," Mike said appreciatively, and he began to slide a second finger into Jeremy. Breathing heavily, arching his back and thrusting his ass up to meet Mike's hand, Jeremy turned his face away, and, through half-lidded eyes, he saw his clothes piled up neatly in the corner.

Mike took them from the bathroom, he realized. Along with all the towels. He forced me to come out into the hallway naked. He was playing a game with me. Jeremy felt like he should be angry, or even just annoyed, but something about being that vulnerable—being manipulated by Mike—and now rewarded by getting fucked felt incredibly hot. He was overwhelmed by Mike's arrogance and control; it turned him into an animal, eager to do anything Mike told him to. He moaned as Mike slipped a third finger into him. It took him a moment to adjust to the insistent pressure in his ass, and then he slowly bucked his hips back and forth, strongly riding Mike's hand.

Mike chuckled. "I like how much you want it," he muttered. He pulled his fingers out, and Jeremy gasped at their sudden absence. After a moment of recovery, he started pushing his ass up and down again, powerless to halt the rhythm of his need, hoping it would encourage Mike to keep going, quickly.

The bed creaked as Mike stepped up onto it. Jeremy glanced back and watched the older man position his feet on either side of Jeremy. Mike bent his knees and grabbed Jeremy's back so that he was crouching down on top of the younger man. Then Jeremy felt Mike's thick cock, impossibly big, shoving into and sliding down his ass crack, its head pushing against Jeremy's hole.

Jeremy closed his eyes, waiting for it to enter him, but Mike kept sliding his dick back and forth, teasing. Jeremy opened his eyes and saw his clothes again, and he knew this was how Mike was always going to do it—make Jeremy want and need it, and then take his time to give it to Jeremy only when Mike decided. The realization made Jeremy press his ass even more insistently against Mike's cock, trying to say, It's yours. Please take it.

He heard Mike chuckle as he got the message, and then the older man's cockhead pressed against Jeremy's hole and held there, steadily applying a solid pressure. What if I can't manage it? Jeremy thought, growing nervous. But the pressure grew and grew, and Mike reached his long arms around Jeremy, his muscles bulging against the younger man's body as he held Jeremy firm, so that his hole couldn't escape Mike's massive cock. The pressure grew still more, making Jeremy moan, and then Mike's fat cockhead popped inside.

Jeremy bucked and writhed as the head pushed into him, but Mike held him, and after a moment he adjusted to the feeling. While Mike was a lot to accommodate, the discomfort was fully counteracted by the incredible feeling of Mike's body all around him and the knowledge that the older man's massive dick was finally making its way deep inside.

As Mike began to gently thrust his hips, each move sliding more of his shaft into Jeremy's hole, Jeremy pushed back, happy he was totally clean, knowing that he could press down as hard as he wanted onto Mike's cock. Growing more comfortable even as Mike went deeper and deeper, Jeremy began to rock his hips back and forth, and soon he felt Mike's pubic hair brushing up against his butt cheeks as Mike fully buried his dick to the root.

"That's it," Mike said. "You want the whole thing, don't you?"

Jeremy tried to answer Yes, but he could only whimper as his whole body clamped down on Mike's cock. He squirmed around the long, hot rod impaling him, and he heard Mike sigh in satisfaction.

Their two bodies began to thrust against each other, Mike's dick deeply penetrating Jeremy, and Jeremy's ass wrapping around it, trying to suck it in all the way and hold it there.

Their rhythm built and built, until Mike was fully topping Jeremy, his thick thighs pressing down around the younger man, his hands propping himself up above Jeremy's back so that he could powerfully drive his hips in and out, solidly bringing his cock home again and again. The room filled with Jeremy's whimpers, Mike's grunts, and the slapping of Mike's muscular body against Jeremy's ass.

Jeremy's face was pressed into the bed, especially when Mike grabbed him by the back of the head and held it there, getting a round of especially strong thrusts in. Jeremy thought back to the sight of Mike returning from his run, his massive body in those tight little running shorts. And then later, Mike wearing just a towel, and then the tight white briefs, and finally naked, his long cock springing free. Jeremy was astonished at the feel of that massive, naked body on top of him now, Mike's firm, round muscles all around him, pressing into him, the older man's large, muscular butt powering his hips and cock deeper and deeper into Jeremy.

More turned on than he'd ever been, Jeremy pushed his ass back as hard as he could, bucking back against Mike, determined to ride the older man's cock as thoroughly as possible, to satisfy Mike and thank him for taking control so completely.

"I have a rule," Mike said huskily, in between breaths as he powered into Jeremy. "I don't fuck neighbors." He leaned over the younger man, his muscular, sweaty chest rubbing against Jeremy's back. "But you're worth breaking the rule for," he said into Jeremy's ear.

Jeremy could only gasp and whimper in reply.

Mike leaned back, grabbing Jeremy's hips tightly and pulling them back onto his pile-driving cock. "I loved seeing how you looked at me, how much you wanted this." He reached around and grabbed Jeremy's rock-hard erection. "You love it, don't you?"

Before Jeremy could answer, Mike pulled out, shocking Jeremy, and then twisted him around, tossing him onto his back.

The older man loomed above Jeremy, a mountain of muscle. Mike watched Jeremy stare at him appreciatively and grinned. "You can't get enough of me, can you?"

His shoulders and biceps bulged as he hooked his arms under Jeremy's legs, bending the younger man in half as he lowered down onto him, his cock snaking its way toward Jeremy's ass. "You were gawking at me when we meet at the door to the building," Mike said, and his cock began to press against Jeremy's hole. "You wanted me right then, didn't you?"

Jeremy writhed, pushing his ass down onto the older man's cock. "Yes," he managed to whisper as Mike's dickhead slipped back into him.

Mike grinned and grabbed Jeremy's thighs. He pulled the younger man fully onto his cock, making Jeremy whimper. "I knew you were mine right away," Mike said, "but it was fun playing with you. Still, I might not have let it take so long if I knew you would feel this good."

Mike hammered away, filling Jeremy completely, hitting just the right spot inside of him, a part of him he'd never felt before. He could feel Mike's fucking reverberating down the length of his cock, and he was reduced to gasping and whimpering and moaning as Mike's giant body held him down and slammed into him. Mike's arms bulged as he moved his large hands around to Jeremy's butt cheeks, pulling them open so his cock had full access all the way into Jeremy's hole. "I can't wait to fill this ass," Mike growled.

It was too much for Jeremy, and he couldn't even warn Mike, just whimper loudly as the bed shook and Mike's cock hit its mark, and suddenly Jeremy was shooting, the feeling in his cock exploding out in a fountain of cum up over his stomach and chest.

For a moment he was afraid he'd come too soon, but Mike's thick lips spread into a grin. "Oh, that's how it is, is it?" he said, continuing to thrust into Jeremy, each push triggering another spurt from Jeremy's dick. He leaned back, giving Jeremy a clear view of his perfect, massive body. Jeremy's orgasm stretched on, and he couldn't believe this was all happening to him.

"So," Mike said, thrusting once with the word, and again with each following one: "This. Will. Be. Round. One." After one more thrust, his body arched and he threw his head back, groaning. He's coming in me, Jeremy thought. Even though he knew Mike was wearing a condom, it still felt dirty—and hot. He finished his own orgasm with a final spurt.

Mike shuddered a few times as he unloaded, and then he lowered his head and looked at Jeremy with a wolfish grin. All at once, his body rolled down over Jeremy, his massive chest pressing against Jeremy's cum-drenched torso. Mike's big lips kissed up Jeremy's neck to his face, and then he was overwhelming Jeremy with a deep, insistent kiss, his tongue strong and forceful. He slowly pulled his long cock free from Jeremy's ass, his kiss easing the sensation for Jeremy, who couldn't think of anything but Mike's massive body weighing down onto him.

Eventually, Mike broke off the kiss, then said quietly, "We should shower. You've got to stay clean for a full night of fucking. After all, there's nothing else to do." He pulled away, Jeremy's cum sticky in his chest hair, a cum-filled condom swinging off the end of his still-hard cock. He slapped Jeremy's ass. "Round two is going to go a lot longer," he said.

Jeremy eagerly bounced up off the bed, looking forward to fucking himself with the douche in preparation for a longer topping from Mike.

Later that night, as Mike pummeled into him again and again, Jeremy felt very lucky the power outage had put him at the mercy of such a power top.


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