Before we get to the story, you need to know a little background information.

The 6 of us boys grew up together. We are all from a small town in North Central Indiana. We all come from middle class families where mom and dad both worked and we all have several siblings each. Five of us were born in this neighborhood and the 6th come moved here before he started kindergarten. We've been around each other our whole lives and we do everything together. We grew up playing little league, peewee football, and soccer. Whatever one of us wanted to do, the rest followed suit. We were inseparable as kids and are still pretty much that way as adults.

When we hit our early teens, we experimented like all boys do. We were curious as to what the other guys had, how big theirs was compared to ours, did it look the same... About that time, James was the first one to grow pubic hair and he couldn't wait to show it off. I think Rick was second followed by me, Stephen, Robert and Toby. At that time, getting pubes was better than anything. Once every one had some, then we had to compare; who had more, whose was curly and whose was straight... With the introduction of pubic hair, our dicks started to change. Then size was a real issue along with curving up, curving down, curving sideways, who had the biggest head... And with our dicks changing, so did our balls. We compared everything.

Then the contests began. Who could shoot their load the farthest? Who could cum the fastest? Who could come more than once? Who produced the most cum? Then the games turned more sexual where we would dare someone to suck off the others. We all took our turns being the suckee and the sucker. Some were better than others but we all got pretty good at it. Then sucking turned to fucking. Stephen had the longest dick and James had the thickest. Both hurt when it was my turn to get fucked, but like the rest of the gang, I took my turn.

All this took place in a storage building behind Toby's house. They didn't mind that we used it as our clubhouse. His dad was going to make a workshop out of it but when he kept having kids, they needed more space so it became a storage building. We teased Toby that they must sleep in the closets since it was only a 3 bedroom house and at that time there were 6 kids. Eventually, there were 3 more.

One day during one of our "I dare you to suck..." sessions, Toby's older brother caught us in the shed. I think Rick was sucking and the rest of us were standing around him without our pants, jerking off. Toby's brother, Kent, called us faggots, cocksuckers, queers-every name you can think of. We thought it would pass, but it didn't. Whenever an adult was around, he was cool. But as soon as he was alone with us, it was back to faggot, cocksucker, ass hole licker, butt fucker... No one really seemed bothered by it and we actually thought it was fitting. We did suck cock, we did fuck each other, and we did swallow cum so it was all true. None of us acted gay and some of us even had girlfriends though nothing ever happened with them-not even kissing. We learned to accept it, ignore it and move on.

During our sophomore year in High School, we all played football. We were split between offense and defense and none of us were any good. Since it was a small town, we played no matter how bad we were. Toby's older brother was still relentless calling our group names. No one questioned why he was doing it. I guess they thought it was a big brother picking on a little brother and his friends. All was good until one day after practice, James lost it. He was yelling and screaming that his was sick of being called those names and wanted to fight Kent. This was making Kent happy knowing he finally got one of us upset. Kent's friends egged him on while we tried to control James. Coach came over and broke things up. Well, he thought he did.

James went back to talk to the coach during practice which was a total waste of time. Coach wasn't concerned with anything other than what was happening on the field. He told James to work things out with Kent after practice since they both would be putting up the equipment.

James came over to me and told me to get the rest of the guys to stay after practice but to hide out until he and Kent went into the locker room. He had a plan. He said not to hang out in the locker room and to stay out of sight, outside. Once he and Kent went inside, just follow him and do what he said. I managed to get to the other guys and no one had a problem with taking care of Kent.

After practice was over, the team went in to the locker room to shower and change before going home. Me and the rest of the gang hung around the side of the building away from the locker room entrance until we saw the last of the equipment was taken from the field. Our coach never stayed around after practice for fear of having to talk to a parent. He made sure the door was locked and drove away. We slowly made our way around the building. We were about 30-40 feet behind James and Kent. I couldn't hear everything, but Kent was laughing at James and still calling his a cocksucker and faggot.

Kent went through the doorway first followed by James and the rest of our gang. James shouted for Kent to stop, which he did. He told him to stop calling us names. Kent laughed one more time and James yelled to 'get him'. We all dropped our helmets, knocked James out of the way and tackled Kent to the floor of the locker room. James asked if he wanted to apologize yet. Kent replied, "No fucking way, faggots." Kent was pinned by all of us, but what was the next step in James' plan?

James turned around and shuffled back to the coach's door across from the outside door. Next to it was a shelf with training supplies. He picked up a couple of rolls of tape and skidded back to us. Cleats and concrete don't mix.

James told us to tape his wrists and ankles but to leave lots of extra tape at the end. Rick laid on him while Stephen, Robert, Toby and I taped him up. No one could decide on how much to leave so we all left about 3 feet of extra tape. Rick also used his hands to muffle his yells. Coach was gone as well as the other players so no one was going to hear him until tomorrow morning. What the hell was his plan?

Once we were finished taping his wrists and ankles, James wrapped the tape around his head covering his mouth. Kent was able to push it away from his mouth with his tongue and started yelling. Rick used his hands to muffle him again but this wasn't going to last very long. Kent was bigger than us being he was a junior.

Rick asked what we were going to do to stop him from yelling. That's when James kicked off his cleats and began to unlace his football pants. He undid the belt and pulled them off standing there with just his jockstrap, socks, shoulder pads and practice jersey. In a flash, he started yanking down his jockstrap and wadded it up in a ball. He told Rick to hold Kent's mouth open and get the tape ready. James stuffed his stinky, used jockstrap in Kent's mouth then taped it in there. No way was he going to use his tongue to remove the tape now.

James told us to move him to the back hallway of the locker room where the support posts form a row. Once we had him back there, we stood him up after we taped his ankles to the poles. Once he was standing, his wrists were next. Now he couldn't move. There was just enough room for him to wiggle around but he couldn't yell slurs at us nor could he touch us. This set James into high gear.

"Hey, faggot. I'm talking to you. You like the taste of my jockstrap in your mouth? I've shot a few loads in it for you. All that saliva from your mouth should be turning that hard, crusty jizz into creamy pudding soon. You like the taste of jizz in your mouth, don't you?"

All Kent could do is shake his head no.

"Was that a no? Wrong answer faggot." James said as he turned and walked back to the front of the locker room. He picked up something from the training shelves and came back to where we were all standing around Kent. James balled up his fist and slugged Kent in the side of his face. "You better learn to give me the right answer." Then he pulled out what he had been hiding from his other hand-a pair of scissors. He sliced up the center of Kent's jersey and then down both sleeves. The cut jersey fell to the floor.

"Lookie there faggot. Something happened to your jersey. I wonder how you are going to explain that to coach tomorrow at practice? You better start giving me the right answer, understand?"

Kent shook his head up and down as James undid the buckles on Kent's shoulder pads. Once they were undone, he took the shoulder pads and threw them on top of the cut jersey. Kent wore a cut up t-shirt under his shoulder pads. The bottom had been removed, the neck was cut into a V and the sleeves were cut off so it was basically a few threads covering his nipples. James took his scissors and cut it the same way as the jersey leaving Kent bare chested. James stood back from Kent admiring his chest and abdomen. Kent had a large treasure trail leading from the top of his football pants to his navel. Everything above the navel was smooth except for a few hairs around his nipples. As James stared, his dick started getting chubby. He reached out and pinched both of Kent's nipples.

"You like having these pinched, queer?" James asked. Kent shook his head no. "I thought all fags like to have their nipples pinched. And you gave me another wrong answer. Why can't you give me the right answer faggot?" James said in a condescending tone. He balled up his fist and hit him in the face again. Now his nose started to drip a little bit of blood.

"Ah, look. The faggot is starting to bleed. I can't wait until I fuck that ass of his and make it bleed too."

Robert looked scared and said we'd gone too far. Stephen agreed. Rick and I wanted more. We all had taken years of abuse from this asshole and now was our chance to get revenge.

James too his scissors and started cutting up Kent's left leg of his football pants. Kent was trying to shake his leg and whimpered to get James to stop. The tape prevented him from moving and yelling. He cut all the way up to his thigh and had to move around his pad. As he worked his way up to the waist band he said, "Got to be careful up here. We don't want you to be bare assed naked in front of a bunch of cock sucking faggots. I'll make sure I don't cut your jockstrap, fag." He cut through the belt and Kent's fuzzy left leg was exposed. James bent down and did the same thing to his right leg leaving Kent taped to the poles wearing his cleats, socks and jock.

After James made the final cut, Kent's pants fell between his legs and James stepped back. James' chubby dick was now a full, raging hardon. "Looks like I'm not the only want with a hardon, am I faggot?" James reached out and grabbed the pouch of Kent's jock. He was right. Kent's dick was so hard it pushed the pouch outward and upward allowing one his hairless balls to hang out. "I knew you were a queer like the rest of us. Only difference is you won't admit it, will you?" James asked Kent while squeezing his cock and letting Kent's other ball hang out. Now his jockstrap was only concealing his cock.

"Are you a faggot like the rest of us? Before you answer, it better be the correct answer-you understand me?" James asked Kent. "Are you a faggot?" Kent shook his head no. James balled up his left fist and struck Kent on the other side of his face. Blood started pouring from his nose and it looked like blood was forming under the tape. His lip may have been busted, too.

Toby seemed scared and wanted to stop. He started pleading with James to let Kent go. James said he was just beginning and Toby could leave if he wanted to, but he was going to get his revenge. Toby didn't leave nor did the rest of us.

"Well, faggot. I'm not sure what to cut off next? All you got left is your shoes, socks and jock. I know, let's set your dick free. It looks cramped in that jockstrap." James took out his scissors and cut a strap right next to the pouch. As the strap sprung backwards, his dick pushed the pouch up at least two inches. "Woa there faggot. You look pretty excited for someone who's not queer." James cut the other strap and the pouch was almost pushed against his treasure trail. "Tell you what faggot; I'm going to cut the rest of that pouch off so we can get to your dick easily. Is that OK with you?"

Kent shook his head no. "Wrong answer you stupid queer. Why can't you learn how to answer my questions correctly? Do I have to knock your teeth out first?" Kent flinched because he knew what was coming next. James started smacking his cheek with the palm of his hand. "Oh, I hate to hurt that pretty face of yours anymore. There's another place I'm thinking about hurting. Got any ideas where that may be? You may be a virgin now, but in a few minutes, I'm going to pop that cherry of yours. I'm not going to ask you right now, but I bet you want this cock of mine stuck up your asshole." James said while shaking and stroking his cock. Kent's eye widened and showed a real sign of fear. "Oh don't worry faggot, it won't hurt for long. And after you get used to it, you will be begging me to fuck you harder. I bet you'll be begging all of us to fuck you." James turned and walked back to the training table. He picked up something and started walking back. He went around to the back of Kent and we all turned our heads to watch.

"Bend over and poke that ass out, fag." James opened a small container of Vaseline and started smearing it on his cock. Kent did as he was told and with his limited mobility, bent over at the waist and stuck his ass out. James lined up the head of his dick against Kent's hairless asshole. Kent pulled away and attempted to clamp his butt cheeks together. James grabbed a handful of his dark, straight hair, pulled his head back causing his neck to arch and told him not to move. Kent assumed the position again and James brushed his dick against Kent's asshole. "There, is that enough lube for you?" Kent started muttering through the jockstrap planted in his mouth something no one could understand but everyone knew what he was saying. "Alright fag, I'll give you a little more lube. I don't want to completely rip you ass apart. I need to save some for the rest of the gang."

James took out a big glob and smeared it on his asshole. Then forcefully, he inserted a finger. Kent winced and moaned. "You like that? You want another?" Before he could even get used to one finger, James inserted both his index and middle finger into Kent's asshole. Kent was screaming and you could tell he was in pain. "That's enough prep work, isn't it guys? I think he's ready to be fucked." James pulled out his fingers and Kent sighed. James stroked his cock once or twice, planted his head against Kent's asshole while holding the base and in one push, buried it all the way in. James was packing about a 6 ½ cock that was thick. Of all the guys in our gang, I really enjoyed getting fucked by him. What he lacked in length, he made up in girth.

Every muscle in Kent's body constricted as he arched his neck and back gasping for air to help ease the pain. "That's it faggot. Give me your cherry. I took your fucking cherry! Aw, this asshole is tight guys. You won't believe how tight he is. Just wait until Rick breaks you in. He's got a 9 inch dick that will reach places I can't get to. You will love the curve, too." James kept talking and fucking Kent. From Kent's facial expressions, it was beginning to turn from pain to pleasure-not that he would ever admit it.

I couldn't take my eyes off James fucking Kent. I'd watched everyone in our gang fuck and get fucked, but this time it was different-very different. I hadn't touched my dick and it was beginning to ache-still tucked away in my jockstrap beneath my football pants. I broke my stare to see what the other guys were doing and all of them had stripped completely naked. I was the only one clothed. I kicked my cleats off and was naked in less than 30 seconds. I didn't want to touch my dick for fear of blowing my load. My dick was already twitching and jumping from just watching James fuck Kent. There was a huge wet spot in the center of the pouch of my jockstrap lying on the floor and I was dripping precum He'd been initiating his hole for about 4 minutes and showed no signs of stopping. I'd be lucky if I could last four pumps before I shot off a load.

"Anyone else want to fuck this fag before I give him my load?" James asked us. Everyone said no, but someone had a good comment. "You took his cherry; you need to be the first one to seed his ass. Blast away and I'll take sloppy seconds." James picked up speed and was plowing his cherry ass. He pulled all the way out and then rammed his cock home. Kent was squirming and whimpering. On the second ramming, he missed Kent's hole, well most of it. I think he hit the rim and then his dick slipped upwards causing Kent to yelp like a wounded puppy. The third penetration did it-James was planting is seed in a virgin ass. Kent was still recovering from the near miss while James held steady and dropped his load so deep, it would probably never come out.

"You like me shooting my jizz in your ass, faggot. Now that you've been bred, you're one of us. You are a real faggot now. How does it feel to be a real faggot with jizz up your shitter? Alright guys, who's next?"

Stephen was next. I'm not sure if he wanted sloppy seconds or not, but he was getting it. His dick was the longest in our gang at 9 inches and the end of it turned upwards. I wouldn't say it curved, but it definitely pointed up. He wiped his head around Kent's asshole to lube it up with some of the cum from Stephen. I don't think he used any Vaseline. He aimed his dick down so the head was touching Kent's asshole and started pushing it in. James' dick was thicker but I think the curvature of Stephen's dick was causing some pain for Kent. He started squirming and wiggling until Stephen just rammed the whole thing in there. Kent whimpered and looked like he was going to cry. Stephen's dick was reaching places James' dick couldn't. I've had that curved beast up my ass and I know what it feels like. Kent was getting used to the length and curve when Robert stepped up. He ripped the tape off Kent's mouth and Kent spit out James' jockstrap. Just as Kent was about to cuss us out, Robert broken the tape holding his arms to the poles and forced his hands to the floor. Robert shoved his dick in Kent's mouth and started cumming. Kent tried to back off it but his ankles prevented it along with Stephen firmly planted behind him still fucking his ass. Robert also had a grip on the back of his head forcing him to take his cum. "Here's some fresh cum for you. I bet you sucked that jockstrap clean. And every fag loves the taste of cum." Robert barked at Kent.

After Robert finished cumming, his dick started softening quickly and Kent was getting vocal again. There were threats of what was going to happen once he got free and how he would get his friends to help him beat the shit out of us. Stephen swatted his hairless ass once or twice to egg him on and tell him who was in control at that moment. Once Stephen said he was about to cum, James picked up the spit soaked jockstrap and told Stephen to shoot his load on it. Stephen pulled is dick from Kent's ass and started jacking at a lightning pace. James wrapped the jockstrap around the end of his dick so none of the cum would be wasted. Stephen was moaning and twitching from James squeezing the jockstrap around his sensitive head. Finally, he told James enough was enough and to leave his dick alone. James released the hold on Stephen's cock, folded the jockstrap so the fresh cum was on the outside and walked back to Kent's face. "Here you go fag-fresh cum for you to suck on while the last two fuck your ass. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Now open your fucking mouth, faggot."

James wiped a glob of cum onto his waiting tongue before shoving the rest of it in his mouth. "Don't spit it out-do you understand me, queer?" Kent shook his head yes. "If you spit it out, it will only make things worse. Do I need to tape you mouth shut?" Kent shook his head no. "Good boy. You are learning. I knew I could teach you how to answer my questions. You're a smart faggot, aren't you?" Kent shook his head yes. "I really didn't want to punch your nose again-especially after it stopped bleeding. Do I need to teach you another lesson, cocksucker?" Kent shook his head no. "Who's next?"

Toby didn't move or say anything so I stepped up. "You want to fuck him?" Stephen asked me. I replied, "I guess so." "Well, what are you waiting for? Christmas?" I leaned down and got a little bit of Vaseline and smeared it on my dick. I leaned down to get more but James told he was lubed enough and after the longest and thickest dicks, I was good to go. I stepped behind him and was mesmerized by his asshole gapping open. It was moving in and out but wouldn't close. Also, it was swollen and looked like it was turning more reddish purple. That didn't stop me. I wasn't as long or as thick as the other two, but I planted my big mushroom headed cock into his ass with one push. He moaned and took it like a champ. I don't know if it was the other cum or his hole being stretched out, but his asshole felt hotter than the other guys and very silky-smooth. Almost like you were humping the mattress on your parent's bed with silk sheets. That, along with the fact I had stroked my dick while I watched the other guys fuck him, had me to the breaking point in no time at all. I felt like a wuss because I didn't last as long as the other guys, but I couldn't. My balls pulled up against the base of my dick and started kicking in. From the feel of it, I unloaded about 3 gallons of cum inside his ass. The blasts were more intense than I'd ever felt. My knees were shaking and I felt wobbly. I leaned over and put my chest on his back. "You going to pass out Jack?" Stephen asked. I couldn't speak. My quivering was being mistaken for pumping the last bit of cum out of my balls. I finally regained my stability and raised up with my dick still firmly seated in his ass. It better close after I pull my dick out or he would be standing in a pool of cum. I eased back until just my mushroom head was still inside. I wanted to see if he would push it out. I saw some movement of his ass lips, but he didn't push me out. I let it slowly slide out only to be followed by a generous amount of ass juice being deposited on the concrete floor. The splattering noise echoed throughout the locker-room. Kent's brother, Toby, was up next.

"This is for all those times you came on my face. Let's see how you like it." Toby was jacking off-thinking he was going to shoot a big load onto Kent's face. I'd seen Toby cum before-he wasn't a big shooter. I suggested we make him lay on the floor, face up, so Toby could come on his face. Rick and Robert cut the tape from the poles that were attached to his ankles. Kent voluntarily laid down on the floor. As he did that, he removed the used, wet jockstrap from his mouth and placed it over his dick. I looked and Rick and James were jacking off again. Until someone came, I had a plan. I squatted over Kent's face and told him to eat my shit hole. My aim wasn't good when I squatted over him, but Kent scooted on the floor to get his tongue up my ass. For someone that has never eaten ass before, he was doing a perfect job. He did such a great job sticking his tongue deep in my shitter, that my dick started getting hard again. I hope he was enjoying all that sweat and stink-especially after a tough practice. Since my dick was getting hard, I started jerking, too. I pushed my ass out so he could get in it easier when he started sucking on it. That did it. I shot my second load all over his chest and I was only half hard! While I was dropping my second load, I could feel my asshole constrict on his tongue. I was in heaven.

I guess me shooting again brought Toby to his peak. He stepped forward and I stood up. He knelt down. It wasn't a big load, but he came all over his brother's face. "There you go-payback is hell, isn't it?" Rick and James started firing their loads too. Once everyone was finished, Kent was covered with cum and his dick was standing straight up, barely covered by James' spit soaked, cum laden jockstrap placed over it.

James knelt down. "OK, faggot. Your turn to cum. Are you ready to show us what you got?" He removed the jockstrap, scraped up some cum from his stomach and circled his fingers around his stiff dick. In slow motion, he was jacking him off paying close attention to his head. He would twist his hand around it and then back again. He didn't squeeze it or move very fast. Rather than just jack him off with his fingers touching his thumb, every few strokes he would push Kent's dick between his index and middle fingers while still twisting around the head. "I'm going to cum. Get ready, here it comes. Faster-jerk faster." James didn't speed up. He kept the same pace. When Kent exploded, he shot cum everywhere. It was in his hair, on his face, on the floor by his sides and all over his chest and stomach. That was one of the largest cum fountains I have ever seen-even until today. "That's a big load for a cock jerking faggot. When did you jerk off last?" Kent replied, "This morning, when I woke up." I wonder what he used as a toss rag to control explosions like that.

"Alright you queer, cock sucking, ass fucked, jockstrap junkie faggot. You better treat us with some respect or we can make things worse for you. You understand me?" James asked Kent. "I promise. No more harassment as long as you let me be part of your club. Do you think I can join?" Kent asked.

"I don't know. We'll have to get together and decided if we want a cock sucking fag like you around us. We'll let you know what we decide." Kent said with a grin.

Toby asked how Kent was going to explain his jersey, pants and jockstrap cut to pieces as well as his bloody nose. James answered back, "I guess they got ripped during practice or someone torn them while trying to tackle him. And for his nose, he got hit while standing on the side line. Knocked his ass to the ground while he should have been watching. Coach made his stay after practice to run laps. That's why he's late too." "But how's he going to replace the equipment? We can't pay for it." Toby replied. "Our practice uniforms are old game uniforms. They get torn up all the time. As for his jockstrap, he can keep the one he was chewing on. I've got another one at home." James replied.

By now, Rick, Stephen, Robert and I were in the showers washing off the stink from practice and Kent's ass juice from our dicks. We were whispering about what we could do to Kent for the initiation. We were thinking about a camping trip out in the woods where we could use and abuse Kent all night long. Even though Rick and I gave Kent two loads, we were both getting chubbies again thinking about all the possibilities. Maybe we had time to give him one more load in the shower before we all headed home.



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