I was at home. Finally alone I popped a tape in the VCR. I had been filled with a sexual tension lately and was going to do something about it with the house empty for a few hours.

On the screen a blond woman was being fucked by a hard bodied stud with a huge cock while a petite Asian girl squatted over her face. The blond lapping up at the shaved pussy above her, occasionally teasing her ass with the tip of her tongue. I took my shirt off and poured some massage oil on my chest and started rubbing it around paying special attention to my super sensitive nipples, tugging on them as my cock hardened instantly.

I was slightly startled by a voice from the bottom of the stairs. 'That looks like fun!' I turned to see my neighbor's son, Tim, staring at the screen. 'Can I watch too' he said as he walked up behind the couch.

Tim was 19 just two years younger than me. I had noticed him out in his yard from time to time, but we never interacted with each other much.

'You scared the shit out of me! (I think I pulled a muscle in my neck when I jumped)I screamed.'

I didn't have any time so say no before Tim picked up the oil poured some on his hands and said 'I think I can help you with that.' And before I knew it his strong hands were on my shoulders, sliding from the tops of my arms up to the back of my neck.

I was nervous but the massage was doing what it was supposed to and I could feel myself start to relax.

After a few minutes he said 'Can I sit?' Again he didn't wait for my answer as he slid in behind me, instead of beside me like I expected. He never even stopped rubbing but now he was going from my shoulder blades up and over the top of my shoulders. On the screen now was a man giving a different blond a massage while another guy was working out nearby. When the masseur started fingering her pussy and ass the guy working out came over and put a large cock in her pretty mouth.

This was one of my favorite scenes and I was very aware of Tim's bulge pushing on my back. As well as my own now very hard cock. 'So lucky' he murmured, the woman loving this man with her mouth. I said I thought she looked like she did it very well. Tim's hands were on my chest...

He was making circles around my nipples when he said 'No her! She is so lucky to have that beautiful cock in her mouth!'

'Indeed' I said. Before I knew it he was gone from behind me, pushing me down on the couch. Kneeling in front his hot mouth was on my nipple and his hand squeezing the bulge in my shorts. I closed my eyes and went with it. I reached down and found his knee, ran my hand up his thigh, over his bulge and up under his shirt to his chest. He moved away long enough to pull his shirt over his head and then he was back licking and sucking at me. He turned so I could lick his chest to and I felt his hands at the string on my shorts...

It finally donned on me what was about to happen... While I had thought about what it would be like to have another man before, I never really considered actually doing it! Yet here I was. It was happening and I was going to go with it...

He pulled that string, and in a flash I was naked and his mouth was on me. Licking and sucking at the head of my cock, then sliding his lips down, down farther till I could feel the tightness of his throat on the tip. He had obviously done this before!

I could feel the pressure building and was about to explode when he stopped and stood. 'Not yet! I have plans for that...' Then he popped the top button on his jeans. I reached up and undid the other four buttons and the biggest penis I had ever seen was suddenly staring me in the face. I touched it with my tongue, licking the bottom of the tip just behind the hole, and moved my head forward till my lips met it. I felt its velvety smoothness sliding in to my mouth, I wasn't stretching my lips, but it was a tight fit, 3' inches around and about 8'inches long.

I began bobbing my head up and down, and pumping the shaft with my hand. He stood, hands on my head, fucking my mouth, deeper with every stroke, and I jerked him off into my mouth. I felt him start to jerk and sway, and I knew he was about to cum. He pushed his dick deeper in my throat, and I could feel his dicks head pulse and quiver as I increased my pace.

'Oh God, Oh God OH GOD!!!!' Tim groaned as his sperm started squirting, huge load was pouring down my throat. I thought it was over and I took his dick out of my mouth, two jets of hot sperm came hitting my face and lips. I liked it and leaned forward, still pumping with my hand, and took the head in my mouth again. I could feel every vein in his cock pulse and with every pulse a hot shot of come boiled over my tongue. I couldn't believe he was still Cumming how much there was, but I kept sucking and swallowing. finally he stood still and I could feel him start to soften just a bit, so I just sucked slowly on his shrinking cock, a thin trail of come ran from the corner of my mouth.

After a few minutes of silence he said, 'Well I guess it's your turn now...'

He laid me down on the couch and straddled my knees, reaching for the oil bottle on the coffee table. Pouring it over my still very hard cock, and stroking up and down slowly. He rubbed some on his ass and slid forward. Tim guided me to his tight back door and pushed down. It felt like it was against a brick wall for a second, then as he relaxed I could feel me sliding into him. The tight ring of muscle gripping the head. He stopped there for a moment relaxing and getting used to the feeling, Then he sat all the way down. It was so tight! He began moving just a little the first then faster, and as he did his cock sprang back to life.

Again I took it in my hands and stroked it. I could feel the pressure building in me and finally I could take it no more.

'Oh god I 'm coming!' I said as I pumped his cock the moment he realized I am going to cum, he stopped riding me and started sucking me. I knew I couldn't take this much longer my cum was boiling for a release after a loud moan I let it go. He was a expert in that he drank every single drop of my sweet man juice. Suddenly I felt my leg getting wet I knew he was Cumming. I pulled him up to meet his lips and I kissed him till he shoot all his men juice out.

Tim got up and put his pants and shirt on. 'Well' I got to go,' he said, 'we should do this again sometime.'

I mumbled a 'Yeah sure...' Still not really believing what had just happened, as the door closed behind him upstairs. We did of course meet again after that, but those are stories for another day.



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