By Simon Traum

Will left yesterday morning, slipping away before the sky was light, back to his own house. Jake knew he probably wouldn't see the boy again, was grateful he'd gotten a final evening with him. Will's starting college in another state. They both knew this would happen eventually. Nothing worth getting upset over.

Work has been uneventful. Coming home, Jake, a 38-year-old bachelor, has the house to himself. No one else to get in the way. Didn't feel like going for a run tonight. Cold leftovers out of the fridge, bad tv ignored, jabbering to itself in the corner to keep him company. Lying around in his boxers, listless. Nothing to look forward to.

He's skirting the edges of sleep when the doorbell rings. With a reluctant groan, Jake hauls himself out of the plush sofa's gravitational pull and plods to the door. What the hell time is it? Okay, still kind of early, but who would be ringing - shit, now they're knocking - after sundown?

Jake puts his eye to the viewhole. A distorted, fish-eye's view of a large, bear-like silhouette, lit from behind by the front yard's lights. Jake forgot to put on the porch light. His hand brushes over the wall plate, causing the light to blaze on, throwing its yellow illumination over the figure, who steps back in surprise, blinking. It's an older man, bearded, hair starting to turn gray in spots, but still powerfully-built. Jake recognizes him suddenly.

It's his neighbor, Dan, from down the street. Dan, the fireman.

Will's father.

Hmmm. This might not be good. Then again, the guy's always been friendly when they've encountered each other. It's been sort of a given that Will had more sense than to tell anyone about his arrangement with Jake. Well, he can't pretend he's not home now that he's flashed the porch light in the poor guy's face. Just have to open up and try to bluster through it. Take a deep breath.

Jake opens the door before recalling that he's almost naked. It's the blast of cold air that reminds him. Dan, for his part, stops dead on the doorstep, taken aback by the sight of Jake, standing there in his underwear. "Hold on," Jake shouts, sprinting back to his abandoned bathrobe and seizing it. By the time, he returns to the front entrance, the other man's found his way inside, shutting the door behind him.

Dan's drunk. Jake can smell it as soon as he gets within range. Whiskey fumes emanate from his pores, like the guy's been soaking in a bathtub full of stale bourbon. He's never seen Dan like this.

"Dan," he says, unsure how to continue.

"Jake, right?"

Jake nods.

The other man leans his considerable bulk against the wall, backlit again. Jake can't see his face, but he can hear him panting softly.

"Sorry to bother ya.," the dark figure slurs. "Can see this'sa bad time..." His voice trails off.

"Are you all right?" Jake asks, becoming more anxious.

"Just turned fifty," comes the hoarse reply. The shadowed head twists up and over toward Jake, scrutinizing him. Jake feels uncomfortably vulnerable again. What's this guy doing here? "Had a little relapse," his neighbor mumbles. "It happens."

"Well, look," Jake tries awkwardly to come to the point. "Can I help you with anything?"

Dan takes two toddler-like steps closer to Jake and into the light of the living room. His rheumy blue eyes nail Jake to the spot he's standing on, shocking him with their intensity. Jake can't look away, but Dan's gaze drops after a second or two. "Nah," he shakes his head, dropping that as well now. "Just need some rest. M'outta practice. Don' gimme any more ta drink." He begins to slide slowly down the wall he's braced himself against. "Fuck, m'a mess..."

"Shit," Jake says under his breath, quickly placing himself between Dan's slumping body and the wall in an attempt to keep him upright; he knows he won't be able to lift him if he slides down to the floor. Dan has enough presence of mind to sling one arm around Jake's shoulders, and the two of them make it to Jake's couch where Dan collapses, inert, trapping Jake's arm and one half of his bathrobe underneath him. Jake hears the fabric tear resoundingly. "Shit," he whispers again. There's nothing for it but to let it go.

Jake pries his right arm out with some effort from between Dan's bulk and the cushions, then turns around to slip out of the other sleeve, letting the remaining cloth fall over his snoring neighbor like a blanket. The guy's looking quite comfortable now, turned over on his side with the coat wrapped around him. Jake stands a pace away, watching the other man. He has no idea how long he stands there, but it isn't long before he notices that the shitfaced firefighter unconscious on his couch is rather attractive when he's sleeping. Cute. Peaceful.

Not for long, though. Dan's breathing changes and his eyelids flutter. They open and his gaze falls directly on Jake, standing there in nothing but his boxers again. Dan grins blearily, looks him up and down appreciatively, then lets loose an epic belch.

"Whew," moans Dan, sitting upright and placing his feet on the floor. He rubs the side of his head. "Sorry about that. Haven't had a drink in a few years. Think I've lost the knack." His eyes snap back to Jake. "You look good," he announces decisively.

Jake does look good, especially without a lot of clothes to get in the way. Dark-haired, clean-shaven, athletic, with a matured boy-next-door quality and dusted with whorls of brown body hair that accentuate his physique nicely, Jake is a pretty spectacular package, even if you don't count his large cock and shapely, well-furred ass, neither of which are visible at the moment.

"You work out?" asks Dan.

"Yeah," confirms Jake. "Actually, I run mostly these days."

"Ain't got a lot of body fat," Dan rumbles admiringly. "Not like me," and he's pulling his stained undershirt off, revealing a torso even hairier than Jake's, turning.a little gray over the chest. He drags a hand through his thick chest hair, then looks up at Jake, who can't help staring. He aims a drunken smile at him, then pats his protruding, fur-sheathed gut. "See?"

As far as Jake's concerned, Dan's in exceptionally robust shape, sporting well-developed arms, shoulders and pecs. Yeah, he's got a gut, too, but it all seems to be in proportion. For a guy that just turned fifty, Dan's body is in magnificent order, the proverbial brick shithouse. Jake's dick begins to stir in his shorts, somewhat to his surprise. He fidgets, beginning to panic. "I should put some more clothes on." His brain screams at him that he needs to get this crazy drunk guy out of his house.

"Or maybe I should take some more off," suggests Dan, fumbling with his belt. "S'only fair, right? Don't wantcha to get uncomftable..."

Oh Jesus, what the fuck is he doing? Dan's stood up, a little shakily, and has gotten his belt undone. Jake decides to bolt for the relative safety of the bedroom, but Dan's arm shoots out and catches Jake's boxers' waistband in an iron grip, arresting his escape and tugging him closer. It happens so fast that Jake's hands have landed on Dan's body before he gets his balance back. Even through his panic, he likes the way it feels. By that time, Dan's other hand has wrapped around Jake's expanding crotch and a twisted smile is spreading through Dan's beard.

"Aha, I thought you were gettin' a boner," Dan growls. chuckling, while Jake's mutinous body betrays him further by letting his erection get even bigger and harder in Dan's fondling, squeezing palm. Scrabbling at the waistband, he pulls Jake's cock out at the exact instant it becomes fully erect, sticking out rampant and pulsing from his dark pubes. Dan's eyes get bigger. He holds it, reverently, staring. "Damn, that's a big one. Pretty, too. You got me beat." He reaches into his open fly, hauling his own eager hard-on into the light. His cock is thick, rigid, respectably long, certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but he clearly likes Jake's better, jacking it through the callused tunnel of his fist. "That feel okay, man?" he inquires affectionately, eyebrows rising. Jake moans in reply, immobilized.

Dan gets on his knees, kneeling on the carpet. He looks up at Jake. "C'mon, bud," his deep voice husks, "lemme take care of this." And then his bearded jaw has engulfed it, sucking it down in naked hunger. Jake can't even think straight, holding onto familiar furniture he doesn't recognize now. Despite his having rubbed one out this morning before work, Jake's cock is responding eagerly to Dan's ministrations, gulping in its pleasure. Suddenly, Jake can only put one thought together through the deep end of bliss he's been pushed into. Namely, if Will was good in bed, and he was, he's just a shadow of his father, who's currently mowing down Jake's boner and showing him who's boss.

Dan sucks Jake's cock for all he's worth, occasionally pulling back to look up at Jake and run a palm over Jake's muscled pelt, still stroking his dick. "That's more like it," he growls low, eyeing the rigid prong. "Fuck, that's pretty. The whole fuckin' package." Then he's swallowing it down again, working the cock with his throat muscles, and Jake can't do anything but hold on to Dan's hairy shoulders and grunt.

Jake's tingling all over his body, helpless as his orgasm approaches. Dan's steady sucking rhythm is forcing him over the edge.

"Aahh - I'm gonna come..." Jake gasps.

"Mm-hmmm," Dan's muffled voice answers back, mouth crammed full of Jake's hard cock. He keeps his speed up, enthusiastically closing in on the soon-to-erupt load.

"UUUUhhhhhhh," moans Jake as his body lights up inside. Honey sparks behind his face and chest, and his ultra-sensitized prong ejaculates into Dan's mouth. Dan grunts in satisfaction, but keeps sucking, swallowing, working Jake's crank until he's done shooting and finds himself propped against the nearest wall, still out of breath.

"Sweet," Dan proclaims the instant after he lets the deflating tool slip from his mouth. He licks his lips and stands up, still unsteady. Both of his large, warm hands find their way to Jake's panting and damp body. "That was just what I needed." He wraps both arms around Jake and hugs him quickly, then pecks him on the jaw. "I think that goes double for you. You went off like a shot." He strokes Jake fur-lined stomach. "You feelin' good, Jake?"

Jake nods, speechless. His head is spinning, almost as if he'd gotten a contact buzz from the other man.

Dan pats Jake's abs gently. He still smells like a landfill doused with alcohol. Jake's not trying to get any closer to him. "Glad you liked it," Dan confides, no longer slurring. "Made my night. Maybe we can do it again sometime." Dan launches himself away down the hall to the front door. "Right now, I need to go to sleep for a week or two. Catch ya later, beefcake. Be good..."

And he's gone, stumbling shirtless over Jake's lawn. Jake doesn't think to shut the door again until he realizes he's getting cold.

Saturday, three days later. Coming back from his morning run, Jake finds Dan sitting outside Jake's door, on the front step. "Howdy," the big guy beams.

"Hi," replies Jake, cautiously. He's both anxious and horny at the sight of his erstwhile lover's hot-ass father.

"I came over to apologize, if it's necessary," says Dan, who seems perfectly sober and pristine today.

"It's not necessary." Jake unlocks his door. "Do you want to come in?" he asks without really meaning to.

"Oh yeah. I want to do more than that." Dan follows Jake inside. "I think we need to talk."

Jake's blood runs cold in his veins as anxious takes over for horny. Sickened inside, he turns to close the door, deliberately taking as much time as he can before he turns to face Dan. Once he does, he sees Dan staring at him strangely, saying nothing at first, just looking at him.

Uncomfortable, Jake tries to break the ice, get it over with. "Look, if this is about Will..."

Dan interrupts him. "It's not, but he's got something to do with it."

That doesn't help Jake relax at all

"I want what he's been getting," Dan announces.

This throws Jake entirely, notwithstanding what they got up to the other night. "Look," he stammers, "I don't know what you're thinking, but - "

"I ain't thinkin' anything!" Dan barks at him. "I know damn well you've been fucking my boy!"

Jake is silent, thinking, Well, that answers that question.

Dan drops the volume a notch. "That ain't the problem. Hell, I know how hard it is to say no to him once he sets his sights on you. Far as I can see, you've been good for the little degenerate. He was gonna get kicked out of school if he kept screwing his friends. That's neither here nor there. Fact is, he'll be off at college for a few years, so you won't be seein' him for a while as you're probably aware. So who's takin' care of you? No one. Right?" He moves in a little closer to Jake, who almost takes a step back, then stops himself. This is his house, dammit.

The larger man leans toward him, dropping his volume again, absently stroking his own stomach. "And here I am, newly fifty and stranded without Ted for five days."

"Who's Ted?"

"Ted's my partner. You know, my guy. The one I work with and sleep with. Been with him eleven years."

"Is this that big guy that lives in your house?"

"That's him," Dan nods proudly. "Makes me look petite. We're both firefighters, but they schedule us separately unless we get lucky. He's been out of town most of this week, gets back tomorrow. So I'm sitting in that house over there, and all I can think of is you." Dan grabs his own crotch, in case Jake hasn't figured it out yet. "I wanna make you come again," he husks.

"I don't know if this is such a good idea," Jake begins.

"Oh yeah? Did you say that to my son before you pronged him stupid?"

"I-- Uhhh, I don't, uh..."

"Now, don't go gettin' flustered. On second thought, you probably did say something like that to him. He just wouldn't listen, right?" Jake is back on the verge of panic as Dan immobilizes him by running both palms up his still-sweaty trunk and pinning him to the wall behind. He still feels quite a bit of fear in Dan's unpredictable presence, in equal portion to his desire.

"Tell you what," Dan rasps, "you want me to keep my mouth shut, right? So why don't you put somethin' in it?"

One hand presses gently on the erection growing unrestricted in Jake's running shorts, letting him know exactly what Dan's got in mind. He seems to know precisely what to do with his fingers. Without letting the shaft slip from his hand, two digits squirm under Jake's balls to massage his prostate. It feels incredible. "C'mon, man, let's get these fuckin' clothes off. I'm horny as fuck, an' I'll bet you ain't had nothin' since the last time I came over..."

It's somehow worse that he's right. Maybe it's due to the previous frequency of Will's demands being followed by a dead cut-off, but Jake's body has built up a tolerance for regular bouts of fucking. His sole sexual release for the last couple of years has been Will, whose excessive horniness kept him so busy that Jake hadn't even considered getting any on the side. Jake had thought that his sex drive would mellow out as he got older, but that hasn't been the case Right now, his entire nervous system is revving like a racecar, fueled by Dan's earthy, sexed-up energy. Saying no is making less sense all the time.

Jake finally relaxes and lets his hands do what they want to. They find their way to the sides of Dan's torso, pulling up his shirt, exploring beneath. Dan's eyes drop to half-mast in response. "Oooh, yeah," he purrs, stretching his body under the contact. "That's it, beefcake. Get familiar with it. Damn, you're right where I want you." Dan grabs the back of Jake's head and thrusts his tongue into Jake's mouth.

The kiss is what does it. As soon as they lock mouths, every barrier in Jake falls, leaving him expanding into the sweetest feeling he's ever experienced. Suddenly he knows he needs this as badly as Dan clearly does. He'd only hurt himself if he didn't give in. They find themselves on the floor almost instantly, still kissing furiously, rolling around the living room carpet, throwing clothing and shoes every which way.

Dan gets on top of Jake, straddling his hips and pinning his elbows. He leans in, rubs his nose up the side of Jake's neck. Jake moans and bucks his hips off the floor. Their hard-ons are pressed together between them. Dan nuzzles his head lower, submerges his fuzzy lips in the forest of Jake's brown chest hair, kisses the surface in a trail from his collarbone to the nipple, which he latches his mouth around, licking. He growls as he does this, aggressively grinding his pelvis into Jake's, then dips his head further to drag his rough tongue up Jake's sweat-drenched side to lap at his nipple again. Jake grunts, incoherent with sensation.

Already horny from his run, Jake's riding the edge of his orgasm. It's just as well he's got his arms pinned. If he touched himself now, he'd go off. Maybe Dan intuits this, because he picks that moment to shift his hip-grinding into high gear, dry-humping his pelvis up against Jake's. This in turn is what sends Jake over the edge. "OOOOoooouuhhhh, fuck!" he exclaims as his burning load shoots out between them. "Oh God," he pants, "oh fuck, that's hot."

Both their bodies are sheened with sweat, and Dan's grinding doesn't stop. Dan moves his face back up to lock mouths with Jake again, insistently prodding at him. "I can go again," Jake pants when they come up for air.

"Good boy," breathes Dan.

"Do you want to fuck me?" asks Jake, a little timidly.

"Yeah, I do. Are you okay with that?"

"I think so. It's been a long time. I might have a little trouble."

"Will never fucked you, huh?"

"Not very often. I got used to topping."

"Sounds like Will."

"Do you mind my asking how you know so much about your son's sex life?"

"Well, knowing Will like you do, what do you think?"

"I'm sorry I asked."

"We'll say no more about it. He's got no idea I'm over here, and I'm not planning to tell him. I was just guessing about you two; he never said anything," he smirks. "Here, get up on that couch. There, with your cute butt hanging over the side. Good. I promise I'll take ya slow."

Jake reclines on his couch, raising his legs and propping them on Dan's shoulders, then scoots his butt forward until the crown of Dan's dick is rubbing through the damp fur on his ass. Dan licks his index finger and pushes it in the hole. "Ah, yeah," sighs Jake beautifully. Dan's enflamed glans mushrooms out by itself. He drools some saliva onto it, strokes it, drools some more on Jake twitching rectum. He adds another finger to Jake's butt and is rewarded by the sound of Jake assuming a panting, moaning rhythm as Dan moves the fingers in and out.

"Fuuuck me," Jake hears himself whine.

That's all Dan needs. Squeezing himself hard around the base, he watches his shiny cockhead turning purple and puffy in the instant before he pushes it, gently but insistently, into the aperture.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh," groans Jake, who grabs his own dick and strokes it slowly, feeling Dan's thick hog pushing its way inside. It hurts, but he can't even talk to say it. Then he sees Dan, looking transported, and he wouldn't make him pull out for anything. The big guy looks beautiful, wide awake and rapturous. Jake feels himself opening inside, but the deepest internal pleasure flares into being as Dan pulls back and pushes in again. "Oh God, yes," Jake sighs, dropping his dick to keep from shooting off right then. He's feeling so good, loving everything in the world, especially big-dicked Dan. "Ah, God..."

"Mmmmm, feels good inside you," Dan growls at him, pushing harder, lighting Jake up like a pinball machine. Dan can feel the energy rush himself, and he increases his speed, pumping faster up Jake's wiggling rump, letting the pressure and friction build, claiming his territory. "Yeah, take it, beefcake." Jake can't talk anymore, just whines and grunts as Dan uses his ass.

Dan's having the time of his life, his body swelled with pleasure and effort in equal amounts. "Oh God, man," he pants to Jake, "you look so fuckin' good with my dick up your butt."

"Uuunghargh!" Unable to hold back, Jake's cock erupts like a fountain all over him.

"There ya go again." Dan grabs Jake's spurting prong in his churning fist, making the other man whimper, out of breath. "You're like goddam old faithful, the way you come."

"Ooh, uh, hah hah hah hahh, It's okay, hahh, I can go again, hah hahh hahh...keep fuckin' me..."

"Oh, I think so," Dan replies. He ain't stopping now. "You're feelin' pretty good, huh?"

"Oh God, Dan," gasps Jake, "your fuckin' cock! Uh!"

"It likes you," Dan snarls, leaning forward into his fuck, hanging over Jake, who gazes up at the glowering demon, wide-eyed. "Fuck yeah, boy! Gettin' ready to spew my load deep inside ya."

"Oh, fuck yeah, baby!" Jake exclaims. Having wrapped both legs and an arm around Dan's pumping body, Jake's running his remaining hand through Dan's steely chest hair. That does it. Even while Jake begs, "Give me the load, daddy," he's getting it, injected deep into his core. Dan's face and upper torso have flushed a deep crimson and he's dripping sweat, flexing and bellowing as he comes. Jake's cock gets harder again just watching him.

Wheezing and panting his way back to more normal breathing patterns, Dan eventually gets to where he can talk again. The first thing out of his mouth is, "Boy, if you think I can live without this regularly, you are wrong. You seein' anybody?"

"Uh, no. Just, you know, only..."

"Oh. Yeah, Will. I forgot." Smiling, Dan pulls out of Jake's ass. "You got a shower I could use?"

"Yeah, over this way." Attempting to get up off the couch, Jake discovers that his legs aren't prepared to support his body at first. It's been that long since he got fucked. Dan helps to steady him while he directs the pair of them to the master bedroom.

"Nice place you got," Dan says, looking around. "Spacious. You live here alone?"

"Uh huh," Jake nods, leading Dan into the bathroom. "I figured you knew already. I just assumed people talk if you're unmarried in the suburbs."

"I don't keep up with the local gossip. A lot of stuff happens without my noticing. Can't speak for the neighbors, but Ted and I've been here for ages and had problems with nobody. We've never flown a rainbow flag off the roof though. Hey, that shower looks big enough for two. C'mon, get in with me. Oww, Jesus, that's cold!"

"I was trying to tell you. No, no, you might as well stay there now. Here, I'll get in and warm you up."

Their mouths meet under the warming spray, dangling cocks bumping between furry thighs. Dan's warm paw finds its way around Jake's hardening member, stroking and squeezing it gently, teasing it back to teakwood stiffness under the water. Jake starts fucking his dick through Dan's soapy fist, moaning as Dan talks filthy in his ear.

"Yeah, fuck it hard, big guy. You got the nicest cock, Jake. Can't keep that to yourself, man. I think we like each other too much for that. You gonna let me suck it again? Yeah? Right here. Put it in my mouth and work it till you can't stand it anymore. Come on my face, big guy? Squirt a hot load over my beard, in my mouth?"

"Fuck yeah, suck it," rasps Jake, who can't believe how hot he's getting again. Dan's a fucking livewire! In a flash, he's on his knees in the shower stall, chowing down on Jake's hard meat. Jake groans, dragging a hand down the front of his torso, then grabs Dan's head and neck in his hands, pumping his hips forward. Dan chokes once, but Jake's not letting go, insisting on giving Dan a mouth fucking. Grunting bestially, Dan takes the fleshy column again and again down his throat, repositioning himself so he'll have better access. His cock is standing at full attention, jutting out untouched between his legs.

Finally, letting loose of Dan, Jake leans back on the other wall, under the fine needles of the spray. Dan half-sits, sprawled and spluttering on the floor of the shower. Jake helps him stand up.

"Thanks. You throw a good fuck, you know that? Wanna stick it in me?" He bends over the tiled shower seat, showing his fuzzy ass to Jake. His lathered paw rubs bubbles up his crack. "Whaddya say?" He grabs one hairy buttock, spreads it for a better view, winks his asshole at Jake, who's rubbing his cockhead over it in less than a second.

"Go on, man," teases Dan gruffly. "You said you topped a lot with Will. Show me what you got. Y'know, I don't do this for everybo-- OHFUCK! OH my God!" He looks back, grinning and wide-eyed, over his shoulder at Jake, who's already fucking his butt hard and steady. "Yeah! That's more like it, stud! OH -- my fuckin' God! Give it to me, boy. Make daddy take it! Oh fuck, Jake..." He starts to whine and snort, pushing his ass back. Jake keeps pounding, stone-faced, hard-dicked. "Fuck me mean, baby! Don't ease up now. Ah. Ah, God..."

The big fireman's voice chokes off into labored panting and wheezing. His powerful arms are bracing him against the sides of the shower, holding him in place as Jake pummels his hole.

Dan starts growling like an angry pitbull, his breathing becoming ragged. "Jake, boy, you're makin' me come," he rumbles.

"Same here," gasps Jake through gritted teeth. His orgasm rips upward through his body, making him shout as he pours honey inside the other man. "Oh God, take it," he moans, delirious.

"Don't stop, fucker! Almost there." Dan's reached back with one arm, stroking the erection hanging between his legs. Jake drops his torso over Dan's, wrapping his arms around him, groaning, continuing to jab his insides with an over-sensitized cock. Dan's bellows smooth out into sobs as the hot, thick strings of his seed drip through his fingers.

"So what would you say to helping me bone the hell out of a big, hairy Slav," Dan asks, out of the blue, while they're getting dressed. "I love the guy to death, but he's wearing me out."

"Big, hairy Slav?" Jake's confused.

"Biggest and hairiest I could find. Handsome as hell, too. My partner, Ted's from Slovenia," Dan explains, tossing a wink at Jake. "He's about your age. He likes to get dicked. Kind of a pig about it. We watch too much television while we're at work; when we're both home, we fuck. A lot. Sometimes we have other guys over. Fuckin' slut wants it constantly. Not that I'm complaining. He looks great takin' it, but I'm afraid if I don't bring in some more backup, he's gonna leave me for the corner hydrant."

"Ted, huh? So you're asking me to come over and fuck your hunky husband for you? Is there a catch?"

"The catch is he might not let you go home for a couple of days. He'll fuckin' love you with that dick of yours. Can't wait to see you rockin' his big, furry butt."

"And if I say no?"

"Now why in the world would you want to do that?"

"Offhand, I can't even imagine."

"Stop talking nonsense. Seriously, Ted and I have some messed-up schedules, but he'll be home tomorrow night, and so will I, if you're free."

Jake takes a deep breath. "Okay, I'm free."

"Good. Say, dinner at six at our house?"

"Six works for me."

"Looking forward to it." Dan grins. "Wanna get right up behind you, stick my cock up your ass while you fuck him."

"Tomorrow night, then."

"See you then, neighbor."


Simon Traum

[email protected]


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