*This story involves unprotected sex , which is an unsafe manner in reality. The purpose is to entertain readers. Enjoy reading *

I am Drake, a 20 yo college going guy. It's my second year in the college. I made some great friends, had awesome parties and ofcourse studied, a bit though. I always had interest in muscle men and though, a lot of guys were in my view radar, yet one man stood out from the crowd.

He was none other than the security guard of our college hostel. He was in his mid 40s but built as a brickhouse. Standing 6'3" tall, he had broad pecs and filled his uniform well. His head was bald and shiny. It was his handlebar moustache and green eyes which made my heart skip a beat everytime I saw him.

Some of my gay friends had tried to get closer to him but their efforts to lure him went in vain. Infact, they feared the dominant figure he was. I wanted to get under the sheets with this hunk of a man as soon as possible but he never showed any interest in boys. After some days, I decided to give up the idea. Anyways, he didn't even glance at me.

Although, I managed to turn heads because of my good looks and physique, yet my assets couldn't draw this hot man's attention. Standing 5'10" tall, I got blue eyes and black hair. Both my male and female friends called me cute and sexy. These compliments were good, but I was waiting for the big moment. Days passed by and my lust for the masculine guard got stronger.

One night, I got late for the hostel due to my friend's party. I was afraid as well as excited, since I was going to be confronted by the guard. I reached the gate and as expected, it was locked. I called Ben and he came to the college gate. He was looking ruggedly handsome even under low light conditions. "Sorry boy, but you are late. I can't allow you to enter into the hostel", he said in his husky voice.

I was nervous not because I was late but I was interacting with this hunk for the first time in one year. I felt my knees wobbly as I mustered the courage to reply, " I won't repeat this in future, please open the gates". He looked at me up and down which made my heart thump faster. "I have sen you many times and you come across as a nice boy, but rules are rules. Have to adhere to them, otherwise I will lose my job", he told me.

The night was getting colder and I was shivering, standing outside the hostel gates.I pleaded again and asked him to have mercy on me. After pondering for some time, he spoke" there is one thing that can be done. Hostel warden would be infuriated if she saw you at this point of time, so I cannot allow you to enter inside the hostel. Though, if you have no problem, you can spend the night in my cabin. In the morning, I will help you get inside the hostel. That's ok with you boy?"

I was stunned. Ok? I was more than happy to spend the night with this alpha male.Without giving a second thought, I agreed and he opened the gates. He smiled at me which made me more horny. I accompanied him to his cabin. It was a small room but comfortable enough for one man. I was looking forward to the whole night. My heart was racing like anything.

"It's cold outside", I said ,trying to strike up a conversation. "Yeah , that's why I asked you to come here",he smiled again. There was a bed for him in one corner of the small cabin. "You should sleep now, you look tired", his words again lowered the excitement. Even though I was a bit tired but I didn't want this opportunity to get wasted. "Where will you sleep?", I asked him. " I can wake for the entire night, used to this", he replied. I wondered if he would ever come even closer to me. I got a little more daring as I asked if he could share the bed with me. I told him I had no problem.

He replied"Do you think this bed can accommodate two people?" He was teasing me to the zenith limit. I was trying to be closer to him but he was maintaining a distance. I was disappointed but not yet ready to give up. I had to make the most of this night. I asked him what did he do when he was bored at night. This time he smirked and said, "whatever you young guys do in privacy". I was gradually making him open up to me and further asked if he masturbated to be double sure that I was proceeding in the right direction. He nodded with another smirk. I asked if he had a girlfriend, to which he replied" they create fuss out of nothing and throw tantrums at any time. Left dating girls a long time back".

My cock jumped up a little as I heard this statement. I got more confident. I asked him about his opinion on gay men. He paused for a while and then said"I got many gay buddies and they seem to be happier than the straight couples. I have no issues against them, infact I support them. " "You ever had sex with a man or a boy?", before I could control my words, they slipped out of my mouth. I was red faced as he gave me a strange look.

With a man his size, he could beat me up and anyone would never know about it. I was scared. He laid back on his chair and said"No, I haven't done a full fledged sex with one but yeah got some awesome goldmine in the past. Men have sucked my dick but haven't given young lads any chance". I couldn't believe what he told. This masculine hunk of a man had been receiving blowjobs. None of us spoke for a while. He got up and sat on the bed beside me. I had gone into dreamland when his touch on my back brought me to the reality. "That's ok boy. I know you are surprised but I thought I should tell you about me. Can I ask you something?"

I nodded as he asked "since past few days, some of your friends if been making advances towards me. Why didn't you make any advance?" My heart started racing faster and he had understood intentions of those boys. "I was afraid that you might beat me up since you looked like a true alpha male. Not that you don't look like one now but I was intimidated by your stern nature".

He chuckled for sometime and then put his big paw on my thighs. "How can I cause any harm to such a sweet boy like you. Those boys are good looking but they don't have that innocence which you got. Moreover you are handsome. I wouldn't have denied had you made any advances", these lines almost got me faint as I realized that this tough looking man has a good heart.

I hugged him and he hugged me back tightly. I was so turned on and happy. As we parted, he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. This was the most passionate kiss I ever had with someone. We kissed for a while as spit strands started forming between our lips. He was on fire and so was I. He took off my T and leaned in to kiss me again. This time he shoved his long thick tongue inside my mouth and drooled inside my mouth. He locked lips with mine and blowed a puff of hot breath in my mouth. I moaned so much as this was ecstatic.

He dripped a huge glob of spit into my mouth and traced it down to kiss me again. This man surely knew how to kiss another man. I started unbuttoning his shirt and sucked on his thick neck. He grunted in his hoarse voice as I sucked his Adam's apple. Outside, it was cold but inside, a firestorm was brewing up.

He nibbled my ears, cheeks and neck sending me into pure pleasure zone. His stubble and moustache were enhancing the ecstasy. We both took off our socks and shoes. I unbuttoned the last button of his shirt and his furry muscular chest was revealed. I stared at it for a while and he asked if I liked it. I nodded and flicked his nips with my tongue. He held my hair and groaned louder. I started giving butterfly kisses all over his chest. He was enjoying it and I was loving it. He pushed my head into his armpits which smelled of his pheromones. It was enticing as I munched his pits making him moan and yell words like "fuck yea boy, you are so good".

I licked down to his bulging abs as his whole body shuddered with pleasure.I unbuckled his pants and unzipped them. I was excited as to how hung this man could be. He grinned at me as I slid his pants down his massive thighs. His briefs sported a huge bulge and a spot had formed on them. He was a heavy dripper. I leaned down and licked his outlined bulge. He moaned and asked me to take it out of the briefs. I peeled his briefs down and was amazed to see the girth of his dick. It was long as well, around 8 inches but it was his girth that made me more horny. It was beautiful cock with shiny purple knob. His big piss slit was oozing precum as I grabbed his huge dick with both hands. His balls were huge and I could tell he was a big cummer. I looked at him and then leaned down to lick his precum. He grunted as I tapped his slit with my tongue. I opened my mouth wide and managed to engulf his sweet mushroom in my mouth. He put his big paw around my head and I started sucking his huge succulent cock. I choked for a number of times but it was worth it. He started pumping my mouth with his huge shaft and I tried to take it all. I was surprised that he wasn't aggressive in bed. He understood that I was taking such a huge cock for the first time and he was passionate which made me feel good. I sucked his mushroom head like a lollipop and he moaned. His piercing green eyes were making me more horny.

He asked me to strip naked which I happily did. He blowed a whistle as he saw my plump bubble butts. "Woof!That is one hot ass boy. I am gonna make sure it receives what it deserves. Lie over my body in a 69 and let me taste that fine ass", he was getting hornier than ever before. I got on top of him with my butts facing his hot face. I started sucking his juicy cock again, slobbering and drooling over it. He placed his big paws on my cheeks and massaged them. I moaned as he tapped my tight hole with his thumb. He parted my ass cheeks and squeezed them.

He pulled my ass back and gave a hot sensual lick on my crack. I paused for a moment as I wanted to enjoy this sensual moment. He blowed a puff of hot breath on my hole and then circled it with his tongue making me moan harder. I was breathless due to this extreme pleasure he was giving me. He started making my hole wet as he swirled his hot tongue around it and on it. He lapped up hungrily as I sucked his cock which was bigger than before. Shoving his hot tongue inside, he pulled my cheeks back as his stubble scraped them. For others, it was a cold night but for me, it was turning out to be the hottest night. He deposited a huge amount of spit in my hole which was quivering. His cock was looking more tempting , coated with his pre and my spit.

I knew the big moment was next and it was inevitable as we both wanted it.

I got up and he asked if I wanted a rubber. Before I could give him any reply , he added further "though you can trust me, I have always used rubber. Having said that, I want to feel that hot bare hole of yours. " I was confused for a while but the manliness that was oozing out of Ben allayed all apprehensions.

I told him that I wanted him to breed my ass and he immediately pulled me closer, kissing me passionately. He massaged my buns as he poked his finger in my hole. Then he asked me to get on all fours. The big moment was there and I was excited. He tapped my hole with his flaring helmet as he teased me. The heat was itself giving so much pleasure. Then he started pushing his thick mushroom in my hole as I moaned loudly. He held my waist with his big paws and pulled my ass back on his huge pole. His thick cock inched slowly inside my well lubed hole. Every inch was making me jump and moan as he kept thrusting until his big balls were kissing my cheeks. He leaned down and kissed my back. He licked my neck and then gave me a bear hug from behind. His furry chest pressed against my back and he scraped my neck with his moustache and stubble. He started giving long deep thrusts as his round knob poked my spot. The passion exhibited by him was intense.

He rolled me on my side and started pounding my hole with greater speed. His thrusts got powerful as we both moaned on that single bed. He licked my ears as he ducked me deep and hard. He mounted me on his shaft as he pulled my cheeks apart and thrusted upwards. He was looking damn hot as I rode his thick shaft. He made me lean forward as he took my nips in between his hot lips and nibbled them making me leak more precum.

He started pumping my ass faster as his tongue and lips worked their magic on my pecs and nips. His cockhead hit my wall and this sent me over the edge as I shot all over his hairy pecs and abs. He gritted his teeth and grunted loudly as he flooded my ass with his hot cumshots. We both panted for breath as I collapsed over him. He embraced me in a close cuddle as he kissed me passionately. For the whole night, we both slept on that single bed with our bodies joined by his massive cock. It was amazing.



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