My ship was attached to the Mediterranean Sixth Fleet when the North Korean Army invaded South Korea on the twenty ninth of June nineteen hundred and fifty, ten days after my twentieth birthday. It was just another day as far as I was concerned, but Zack Shannon my sexy buddy broke out two airline miniatures of Jack Daniel's that he had hidden in his locker. 'Holy Cow, Zack.' I exclaimed while furtively looking around our berthing compartment. 'Where in hell did you get those?'

He glanced around like I had before answering. 'I knew you had a birthday coming up, and we were going to be in the Med. I sweet-talked one of the stewardesses on the plane when I was coming back from Christmas leave, and I got two of them from her. They cost me two bucks apiece, but a guy only turns twenty once, so I thought we could celebrate it together.' he said proudly, his eyes glittering like blue cut diamonds.

'You're a real nut case, Zack.' I said, grinning and snatching one of the bottles from him before someone came into the compartment and saw it.

'Yeah, I know, but that's what makes life interesting.' he said softly, moistening his lips with the tip of his tongue and grinning impishly.

'We'll have to drink 'em straight or with water, Zack; we don't have any Pepsi or Coke for mixers.'

'Gee,' he said. 'I didn't think about that, but I've got an idea; we can get coffee from the mess hall and make Coffee Royals.'

'Coffee what?' I asked in an incredulous tone, sure he was making up something that would taste like crap.

'Coffee Royal, nut sack. Haven't you ever heard of it?' He answered with a mild hint of agitation in his voice. 'My dad used to drink them all the time, except he put brandy in his coffee instead of whiskey.' he said, pausing for a moment and eyeing the small bottle critically as he finished what he was saying, 'I don't think it will taste much different with whiskey than it would with brandy.'

'I've never tasted one of those fancy drinks, but it looks like we're gonna find out how one will taste.' I said, a little apprehensive about it as we left the compartment.

After getting our coffee from the mess hall, we went to the fantail where it was usually quiet except for the rush of the water along the ship's sides and the boiling sound created by the ship's propellers. Zack pretended to mix the drinks as if he were a bartender, and I guess that is one of the things that I liked about him, his lack of pretense and conceit. He was a hell of a nice guy with a great sense of humor, and there was more about him that I liked. But being gay and found out in the navy was deadly, and I admired and fantasized about him and me within myself.

I didn't realize that I was sipping my drink and thinking about my feelings for Zack as he mixed his drink until he threw the two empty bottles over the side and said, 'Happy Birthday, Buddy.'

'Jesus, Zack,' I exclaimed softly, looking around fearfully. 'I appreciate it; and, if it were okay, I'd give you a big hug, but you don't have to let the whole damned ship hear you.' I said surprised at the look of consternation on his face at my admonishment about being discovered alone on the fantail with two illegal drinks.

Even in the darkness, I could see the sparkle in his eyes as he straightened up and looked at me sitting on the opposite capstan. He took another sip of his drink before leaning closer as he chuckled mischievously and said, 'What, no kiss to go along with the hug?'

'Zack, what's the matter with you man, are your forgetting where and what we are?' I said feigning surprise but looking around the superstructure to be sure no one was within earshot of where we were sitting.

'No, Pete, not really.' he replied vehemently. 'It's a damn shame when a couple of guys who like each other can't be honest about their feelings without be called 'faggots'.'

'That's dangerous thinking, Buddy, but I know where you're coming from. You have to remember that we could lose a couple of stripes or worse if some homophobic asshole caught us and reported it even though there was nothing to report.'

'You're right about that, Pete.' He said, exhaling forcefully, glancing into his cup and swishing its contents around before speaking again. 'Earning these chevrons was a bitch, but it was your birthday, and I sort of got carried away.' He said as he took another sip of his drink making a face as the liquid flowed down his throat.

'I appreciate the thought, Zack.' I responded, gazing out at the almost invisible horizon and thinking about how long it had taken me to earn my Quartermaster stripes.

We both lapsed into our own thoughts, and I could only hope he was thinking about me the same way that I was thinking about him, but those thoughts were dashed when he spun around and, holding his drink in his crotch with both hands, asked, 'Pete, do you think they will send us to Korea?'

'I don't know, Zack, but a lot of the guys think we will be sent, and some of them even act like they want us to go. Others think we won't be sent because of our already being in the Med for almost six months, and being due to be relieved.'

'Yeah, that's the trouble with fucking sea lawyers who think they know it all. Lots of yackity yack and hot air, but you never can be sure whether they know what they are talking about or what the navy will do.' He said as he finished his drink and, to my surprise, threw his cup overboard.

'Typical.' I thought to myself, grinning as I followed his lead and threw my empty cup after his. 'We talk about how we feel about each other and going to war and then make a Cossack salute by casting empty cups into the ocean instead of a fireplace.

Rumors had been running rampant ever since the news that North Korea had invaded the south and that they were pushing the South Koreans back on all fronts. We were almost finished with our tour in the Mediterranean, and most of the crew thought we would be going home and not to the Pacific Seventh Fleet. Those hopes and rumors were quashed when the captain announced that our squadron was being detached from Sixth Fleet Command and that we would be transiting the Suez Canal enroute to join the Seventh Fleet for extended duty in support of the South Korean army and troops that we were sending to assist in fighting the communist invasion.

After a quick transit of the Suez Canal, we joined with the Seventh Fleet southeast of the South Korean coast in early July. Our ship was assigned to a carrier squadron, and we were involved in routine patrols and in lifeguard duties rescuing downed pilots. I didn't know whether there were any other gay boys on board my ship; but, if there were, I knew damn well that gay sex was the last thing they would have been thinking about. Twelve hours on and twelve hours off didn't leave much time for anything except eating, sleeping and going back to duty stations. Zack worked aft in the helicopter hanger, and I was on the ship's bridge most of the time, so we didn't see very much of each other during operations except maybe we would run into each other when chow was being served or when we were in the head taking a leak.

The ship stayed in an almost constant state of general quarters running up and down the Korean coast to various hot spots that needed big gun or helicopter support. After almost four months of twelve on and twelve off in an almost constant state of readiness, the crew was nearly exhausted. When the word came down the line that we were to be relieved by fresh units and detached from duty with the other ships in our squadron, it was as if the ship and every man in her gave a deep sigh of relief. There was quite a whoop and a holler when our captain announced over the ship's loudspeaker system that we were enroute to Okinawa for a few days of recreation and refitting before heading for home. At that time, any place would have been better than the waters off of Korea.

One of the best things about our detachment was the change in duty watches. We went from a twelve on and twelve off to regular steaming watches of four hours on and eight hours off. Destroyers are notorious for steaming under water restrictions, and being enroute to Okinawa didn't change the requirement to remain on those restrictions. Unfortunately our small ship's store always ran out of deodorants, colognes, after shave, toothpaste and mouth wash when the restrictions were announced.

It was never very long before everyone was getting a little rank since we were only allowed one quick shower every other week. The ship's Executive Officer would announce that the showers in the heads would be turned on from eight o'clock until nine o'clock in the mornings for the off duty watch and from one o'clock until two o'clock in the afternoon for the second duty watch. Four hundred men trying to bathe in two hours was almost impossible, and there would be men standing naked in the passageways with soap in hand and towels over their shoulders before the announcement had stopped. Some guys would get pretty ugly when it was perceived that someone was trying to jump in at the head of the line or pull rank, so there were certain senior petty officers assigned to make sure this didn't happen.

I had my suspicions, but I wasn't really sure whether there were any other gay guys on the ship. However, it was during these shower periods that more than once I had a suspicion about someone when, as we were standing in line, I felt a cock lightly touch the crevice between my butt cheeks. Then when I would turn and look over my shoulder to see who it was, I'd get a sheepish grin and a 'sorry,' but it was frustrating as hell and would take all of my will power to prevent my cock from getting hard.

One time when we were in line being jostled and pushed, Zack was behind me; and I gasped when I felt his cock pressing against the crack of my ass. When I looked around at him he was grinning impishly, and there was the hint of a salacious glint in his ice blue eyes. I could have sworn that I felt an almost imperceptible hardening of his cock pushing into the crack of my ass, but he covered it up by giving another guy behind him hell for standing too close. I had to lower my head to avoid being seen grinning at his chastising the guy. At the same time, I would have given anything to feel Zack's cock filling my ass. Several times when we were in the showers at the same time, he would be washing his crotch; and when he saw me looking, he would grin impishly and teasingly act like it was his vigorous washing that caused his cock to swell. There would be a glint in his eyes when he saw my cock responding; and, winking at me, he would turn to the wall and finish showering leaving me in a state of agitation with a set of aching balls.

Zack Shannon was a good-looking curly headed blonde guy from Paradise, Texas, who was the same age as I. I fell for him the instant that I saw him looking across the rows of bunks at me and our eyes locked. I was stowing my gear away after reporting on board for duty, and I tried to tear my eyes away from his gaze, but the feeling that swept over me told me that I wanted to know him better. He was five feet ten inches or so tall and was a lean hard muscled one hundred sixty pounds with crystal blue eyes that always seemed to twinkle but could change in an instant with his mood. His build was natural with cleanly defined chest, arm and leg muscles. His broad shoulders and torso tapered to a small waist, the perfect 'V' definition that gay and straight guys envied. His muscles flowed together smoothly, and there was a light golden sheen of fine hair on his forearms, thighs and calves. He was an Adonis that made even straight guys turn for another look and that made gay guys drool wishing for more than a look.

The silky golden hair on his head was as thick and curly as that on his pelvis and around the base of his large, smoothly tapered, uncut cock that rested on testicles the size of golf balls. He was not a nudist as such, but he was not ashamed for other guys to see him naked. I could swear that I had seen more than one guy give him a lingering glance as he was showering or was dressing in our berthing compartment. Hell, if I had what he had, I would not have been ashamed myself; and although I did not exactly match his attributes, I was not bad in the physique - cock department. I was a little taller than Zack, but we weighed about the same; and, while his build was natural, I had to work at mine to maintain tone and definition. I had thick dark brown hair with a light sprinkling across my breast muscles drifting south between thick rigid abdominal muscles and merging with the forest that surrounded my thick uncut cock and balls. The dark hair on my chest was silky and did not hide the tawny silver dollar sized aureoles on each breast that enhanced protruding dark nipples that were made to be played with and sucked. As hot as I was for Zack's ass, I never missed a change to breathe in deeply and suggestively expand my chest or give my own impressive cock an extra tug when he was looking in my direction; but he would turn away without giving an indication of what he might have been thinking. I was hoping for a hint that he might feel like I did; but, with circumstances as they were, that was all I did. All that I could do was fantasize about what I wanted to do with him and jerk off whenever I had the chance, with those thoughts of him in my head.

When we were two days out of Okinawa, the old man lifted water restrictions; and the showers were almost as crowded as when restrictions were in place; therefore, I decided to wait until after my watch to let the mad rush subside before cleaning up. I was just coming off of my watch from four to eight o'clock P.M., and even though the restrictions had been lifted early in the day the heads were still pretty busy. When I reached my berthing compartment, I swung up into my bunk without undressing and stretched out sighing deeply as my muscles relaxed. I saw Shannon lying fully clothed in his bunk, two tiers to the starboard of mine, with his broad beautifully tapered back toward me. He had one arm lying on his pillow under his head as if he were sleeping. It had been an exhausting tour and with the detachment from the fleet, relaxing of water restrictions combined with the knowledge that we were homeward bound, he like a lot of others were catching sack time whenever they could. Flexing my muscles to relieve the tension, I arched my back before putting my arms behind my head on the pillow and closing my eyes. I was dosing off and on while I waited to take a shower when I heard Shannon speak right next to my head saying, 'Pete, you gonna shower now or wait until later?'

His being so close startled me; and, after quickly glancing in the direction of his bunk, I turned my head toward his voice. He was grinning at my confusion, and his ice blue eyes were twinkling as he said, 'I'm sorry, Pete, I thought you were awake. I was wondering whether you were going to take a shower now or later during movie call. It shouldn't be overly crowded, and that might be a better time since most of the knuckleheads will be at the movie.'

I didn't understand what he was saying for a moment or two until my head cleared from having been waked; and, after rubbing the back of my neck, I said softly, 'You didn't wake me, Zack. I was dozing off and on trying to make up my mind whether or not I wanted to get the crud and the dingle berries washed off my ass now or later after the herd finishes.'

'I have been going through the same thoughts too.' He answered, leaning forward to place his arms on the galvanized pipe rack of my bunk for support and then place his chin on his arms as he continued to expound on his thoughts. 'I'm feeling just as cruddy as you are, and I'd like to take my time and not rush, but you know what the idiot homophobes will think if a couple of guys stay in the showers too long.' He said chuckling softly, his eyes boring into the deep brown of mine.

As I turned on my side to face him, my lips were only millimeters from his; and a strong urge to kiss him surged through me; but common sense prevailed. Swallowing hard and breathing in deeply I said, 'Yep, I hear all of that homophobic crap being spewed around about faggots, and also I hear some jerks making fun of a guy even though he is only jerking off. Everyone knows the ones that are doing the most bitching about fags and homos are probably jerking off every chance they get. It's all a bunch of bull, and that is why I'm gonna get a nap and wait until the movie is being shown.'

'I hadn't thought about it like that, Pete.' He answered noncommittally as the loud speaker blared out that 'The Sound of Music' would be showing on the mess deck in ten minutes. Straightening up he asked softly, 'Sure you don't want to see the movie and then we can take a shower afterward?'

'Nah,' I answered, ignoring his comment about taking a shower together, as I inhaled deeply, stretching and exhaling as I arched my back. Flexing my muscles as I rolled over on my back, and turned my head toward him and said. 'I've seen it at least five times, Zack.'

'Most of us have, Pete, but it kills a little time.' He replied as he straightened up to leave. 'Maybe I'll see you later?'

'Maybe, I replied breathing in deeply and holding my breath momentarily as he bent over, his dungarees stretching tightly over his gorgeous ass as he stepped through the watertight doorway into the passageway that led to the mess hall.

After Zack left, I set my wristwatch alarm to wake me at nine thirty P.M., but I was restless and frustrated from the interplay with Zack. The berthing compartment was empty except for a half dozen guys sleeping before their next watch. Swinging over the side of my bunk, I got a towel and my toilet kit from my locker and, after stripping, knotted the towel around my waist.

I thought the head was empty until I heard the water running in one of the end stalls. Usually when someone was alone and using the end stalls it meant only one thing, they were jerking off. If that were the case, I didn't want to interrupt. Placing my kit on the back of one of the stainless steel sinks, I foraged for my toothbrush and paste. While I was brushing my teeth, I heard the water turn off; and Gene Dankowski, another good-looking stud, stepped out of the shower and reached for his towel which was hanging on one of the hooks. He didn't see me at first, and I got a good look at the cherry red head of his glistening still almost hard cock before he realized he wasn't alone and quickly turned away saying in a muffled tone through his towel as he dried his face, 'Hey, Collins, I didn't hear you come in.'

I had a quick intake of breath and my cock surged at the sight of Dankowski's impressive schlong thrusting outward from his thick bush of dark brown hair. He was extremely well muscled, and there was a light silky covering of hair over his upper chest and an exciting trail of dark hair leading downward between his rigid abdominal muscles to join his thick bush, but his build was not natural like Zack's. I had seen him and some other guys working out in a small makeshift gym that had been set up in part of the forward rope locker; and, while it was exciting to watch their rippling muscles bulge, and the sweat rolling off of their massive chests, I knew they were more interested in themselves and were nothing more than muscle bound cock teasers who got their kicks by showing off. Dankowski was that type; but, from the supposedly covert way that he had looked at me other times we had been in the showers together, I had a feeling he was probably more than a cock teaser.

'How could you, Dan, you were busy taking a shower, weren't you?' I asked innocently, looking at his reflection in the mirror and noticing the very substantial bulge outlined under the towel that he had tied around his small waist.

'Yeah. ' He answered. Lowering his eyes quickly, he blushed momentarily before turning to one of the mirrors on the bulkhead and flexing his biceps as he recovered his composure. Running his fingers through his thick damp hair, he posed for a moment admiring himself before looking at me in the mirror to see if I were watching. As he put his soap dish in his toilet kit, he said, 'I was here earlier, but the fucking place was loaded. I didn't want to wait with that mob, so I folded some clothes and put them in my locker before coming back.'

I continued facing the mirrors while I brushed my teeth, trying to hide the swelling of my cock after he had removed his towel and unashamedly exposed his impressive still half-hard cock to me. Since we were alone, it was as if he were deliberately trying to solicit a reaction from me, as he stood naked in front of the mirror flexing his muscles. I couldn't help but believe that his erotic display had been for my benefit, but I had never given Gene Dankowski any reason to believe that I might be available or would be interested in sex with him. He was not who or what I was interested in.

'That's the same reason, I waited, Dan.' I said, nonchalantly spitting into the sink and glancing into the mirror at him still flexing and admiring himself. 'Showering with a gang of guys is one thing when water hours are in effect but not when they aren't. I like to take my time, relax under the hot water and not have to rush because some knucklehead is standing almost in the stall with me because he is afraid the water will be cut off.'

'Me too,' he said as he turned to face me, his huge chest expanding as he inhaled deeply before continuing. 'But you don't get much time alone when on board a small ship.'

'You're right about that Dan.' I said as I found my soap dish in my kit; and, moving toward the shower stalls, I removed my towel from around my waist and hung it on one of the hooks.

I gave Dan a good view of my ass before stepping inside the stall, and I heard the unmistakable sound of labored breathing. I resisted the urge to look around the stall partition toward where he had been standing. When I heard the head door close, I waited a second before looking to see if I were alone.

To some extent, Dan was correct in his prediction. I had hardly finished drying off when the door opened, and the head was full of jabbering sailors in various states of dress and undress, with hidden and exposed cocks, some impressive and some not so impressive and with a few swinging more freely than others. I knew several of the men and when they saw me, we acknowledged each other with glances and nodding heads. I didn't see Zack among them; so, breathing in deeply to suppress my disappointment, I gathered my toilet articles and made my way through the crowd of young masculinity and down the passageway to the berthing department, thinking he might still be waiting before taking his shower.

Most of the bunks were still empty, except for the men who would probably be on the next watch from midnight until my watch at four A.M. Several guys were hanging around four guys playing a game of pinochle, but I didn't see Shannon among them. Glancing at my watch, I saw that it was only a few minutes past nine P.M.; and I really wasn't sleepy. I slipped on a pair of socks and my work uniform before putting on my shoes along with my foul weather jacket. I went on deck to the fantail hoping that Zack might be there.

There was a stiff breeze blowing from the northeast, and there was a slight chop, but except for a few whitecaps the water was inky black. A countless multitude of bright twinkling stars filled a sky that was just as black as the water. The moon hadn't risen yet; and but for the brightness of the stars, there was no light other than the distant running lights of our squadron. The fantail was empty, but that really didn't surprise me as it was late November and the nights had turned cool.

There was an occasional spray thrown up on the fantail by the chop slapping up against the stern quarter, and it was too cool to sit on the capstans where Zack and I usually sat, so I decided to seek shelter against the bulkhead under the overhang of the helicopter pad. Leaning back against the bulkhead of one of the workshops, I lit one of my rare cigarettes. Zack didn't smoke; and, every time that I would light one up, he would scowl and snatch it from between my lips or out of my hand. I would protest in mock anger when he would pull the cigarette from between my lips along with a little skin, but secretly I knew they weren't good for me or anyone else. I was trying to break the habit and was doing pretty good until he wasn't around and I started missing him. Those were the times when I needed a cigarette to help fill the empty feeling inside of me.

I don't know how long I had been standing in the darkness thinking about the first time that Zack and I went on shore leave together in Naples where the street whores and pimps were as thick as thieves offering blow jobs and just about any sex that could be done for a few cigarettes or a couple of American dollars. At the time, I never gave it a thought that Zack had reasons other than not wanting to fuck a whore; and, holding our wallets tightly with one hand, we good-naturedly fought them off with the other. There was the time we visited The Accademia Museum in Florence to see if Michelangelo's David was as magnificent as its pictures, and then our joking about Michelangelo's having run out of marble when he chiseled David's cock and balls as small as they were in comparison to the rest of his body. A euphoric feeling settled over me as memories of the fun we had had together on that and other occasions swept over me. I was half way through my third cigarette when I was startled out of my reverie by a familiar voice in the darkness, 'I thought this is where I would find you.'

'Hi, Zack.' I replied as I turned to peer into the darkness, a wave of delight and excitement washing over me at hearing the soft lyrical tone of his voice. Attempting to appear unconcerned, I nonchalantly flipped my half finished cigarette overboard as he ducked under the overhang to join me. 'I finished showering and came on up here for a smoke. Is the movie over?' I asked, trying to suppress the excitement from showing in my voice.

'You know it is, Pete and when are you going to quit the smokes like I have been asking you to do?' He answered and asked with a warm note of concern in his voice that generated a feeling of warmth deep within me knowing that he cared enough to persist in his crusade to stop me from injuring my health by smoking.

Glancing sideways at him, and still trying to be nonchalant, I said, 'Can't answer that one, Zack; it's a hard habit to break although I'm trying.'

'If you don't have an answer for that, Pete, how about answering this?' He asked quietly, barely above a whisper, as he moved closer, leaning sideways against the bulkhead and looking into my eyes as he continued, 'When are we going to stop playing head games and start being honest with each other?'

The meaning of what Zack had said struck me like a thunderbolt, and I shuddered at his sudden frankness. I had been thinking about the same thing, but it was not what I had expected to hear on the fantail of a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It felt like the intense pressure of an unexpected blow in my solar plexus; and for a moment I struggled to breathe from being taken by surprise, and then I was afraid to speak for fear that my ears had played a trick on me and I would say the wrong thing. My muscles tensed, and I tasted the blood seeping into my mouth from my teeth biting my lower lip. It seemed like ages before my senses returned, and I gasped trying to regain my composure as my racing brain sought for the right words to answer him with, 'I've, I've always been honest with you, Zack, ever since we've known each other.'

'Have you been honest with yourself as well, Pete?' He asked shocking me again as he boldly straddled my legs with his, placed his hands on the bulkhead on either side of my head and leaned into me pressing his groin against mine

The darkness could not conceal the lust burning in the dark indigo depths of Zack's eyes. His closeness was exciting, and the hot throbbing bulge in his crotch pressing against mine was generating an overpowering desire to release the pent up feelings that I had, for so long, held within my breast. His soft succulent lips were tantalizingly close to mine; and, as he breathed, I detected the sweet intoxicating aroma of Colgate toothpaste when he exhaled. The glint in his eyes seemed to be daring me to give in to him, and it took all of my waning will power to resist succumbing to the intense pressure of his hard muscular body pressing against me. Nervously moving the tip of my tongue over my lips as I inhaled, I whispered, 'Zack are you sure that you know what you are doing?'

'I've always known, Pete, ever since the first time I saw you; and, from the way we have been dancing around it, I know you feel the same way.' He answered, looking into my eyes and relaxing his full weight against me as he pressed his lips to mine. We opened our mouths, and the movement of our searching tongues released the flood of passion that had been held back for too long. I felt the fire in my loins blazing under the assault of his hips grinding in unison with mine, and I held his hard body closely to me as we kissed and ground our cocks against each other. I could feel the ecstasy and excitement of the sperm in my testicles boiling and rising from the sensation of his hard cock rolling over mine and from the feverish intensity of the volcanic passion that was building between us.

The confession that we had harbored the desire and the physically passionate need for each other triggered a bizarre loss of the reality of where we were. We entered the surreal erotic fog of the lust filled realm of touching, holding, stroking, and experiencing the mutual need that physical contact required to reach the subliminal heights of ejaculation to relieve the ecstatically agonizing pressure that had built in our loins demanding release. Zack's rotating of his hips became a steady even thrusting of his cock against my pelvis, and my hips automatically responded stimulating the feeling of excitement generated by the continuous contact of our burgeoning cocks. Waves of ecstasy enveloped us, and we both were breathing heavily as an overwhelming euphoric feeling of rising passion enveloped us. Zack's breathing increased in intensity with each thrust of his hips against mine, and the fire in my loins signaled that I was on the verge of emptying my tightening nuts, and I whispered in his ear, 'I'm close, Zack.'

'Me, too, Babe, me, too.' he growled huskily, breathing heavily and shaking with passion. As his muscles tightened, he uncontrollably and savagely pushed me tightly to the bulkhead grinding his cock into my pelvis with such intensity that we reached the pinnacle of lust at the same instant as our pulsing cocks emptied the elixir of life from tightening nut sacs.

Time stood still as the aphrodisiac of to long held passion slowly drained away; and our breathing and racing hearts slowly returned to near normal, the afterglow of satisfaction waning slowly as the surreal erotic fog of passionate pleasure evaporated.

A long low moan escaped from Zack's lips as he leaned his head against the bulkhead beside mine breathing deeply for a moment before huskily whispering, ' Jesus, Pete, I'm sorry, but I've wanted you for so long that I couldn't hold how I felt any longer.'

'That's two of us, Zack.' I whispered soothingly in his ear as I softly kissed his cheek and nibbled his ear lobe. 'I've been a fool for thinking I could continue hiding how I felt about you.'

'We've both been fools.' he said, running the fingers of his hands though my hair and rubbing his nose against mine. He looked intently into my eyes for a moment before saying softly, 'I don't know where this will lead, Pete; but I love you, and I hope that you feel the same way about me.'

My heart skipped when he spoke the three words that I had been hoping to hear; and, pulling him tightly to me, I gazed at the soft glow in his eyes. Brushing his lips with mine, I said, 'What makes you think that all I've wanted was sex, Goofus? I fell in love with a gorgeous blonde, blue eyed guy looking at me between the bunks as I was unpacking; and I've damn near had a constant hardon wanting to make love to him ever since that moment.'

'I only....' he was saying when the loudspeaker under the overhang of the helicopter landing platform blared a scratchy, recorded version of 'Taps' followed by 'Lights out in ten minutes.'

'Grinning broadly, and with the twinkle in his eyes that I loved, he repeated what he had started to say. 'It wasn't what I've fantasized it would be like, Pete; and I only wish we could have done this another way and in another place.' He said pushing back from the bulkhead and caressing the side of my face with his fingers as he breathed in deeply sighing softly as he exhaled.

I slipped my arms around his neck, and he placed his hands on my shoulders, and we looked at each other for a moment. I felt the strong vibe of feelings that flowed between us, a feeling that I had never experienced before. I'd been with other guys since I understood why I felt the way I did about boys and men, but there had not been the sincerity and connection with any of them that I was feeling with Zack. Touching his forehead with mine and playfully rubbing our noses together, I said, 'When we reach Hawaii there will be a hotel or someplace where we can get a room; but we have to be damned careful.'

I could see his eyes light up as he listened, and he was like an excited schoolboy when he replied. 'Damn, I surely hope so, Pete; and then I can really show you how much I love you, and I'm not talking just about sex.' He said grinning broadly, his eyes twinkling.

'You already have.' I said, my cock stirring at the thought of us making love in bed.

We stood holding each other for a moment longer under the overhang; and, from the stickiness that I felt in my crotch, I knew he must have felt as uncomfortable as I did. The moon was starting to rise bathing the black water in a silvery light; and the earlier breeze had subsided, leaving only the hissing sound of the water boiling from under the ship's stern as we sped toward Okinawa. There were fewer whitecaps on the chop than there had been, and I said, 'We better wait a few minutes before we go inside, so lets sit on the capstans. There doesn't seem to be any spray now.'

We sat for only a few moments lost more in our thoughts than talking. Every now and then, Zack would push down in his groin from the discomfort of the sticky sperm; but I marveled at how magnificently good looking he was in the moonlight, his blonde hair glistening like silver and the silky fine hair on his forearms transforming to a brilliant silver sheen. I felt an erotic desire to see him naked in the moonlight, to see his finely honed muscles rippling and the silky golden mass of hair on his head and the mass of it that surrounded the base of his thick cock glistening like spun platinum. 'Jesus, Zack, you're the most gorgeous guy that I've ever seen.' I said softly, gazing at him reverently.

'And,' he said as softly as I had as he leaned toward me, his eyes glistening brightly as he looked at me. 'Don't you think you have the same effect on me?'

I couldn't say anything as he stood and moved toward me, the outline of his impressive cock enhanced by the dark stain that soaked the front of his dungarees. Hesitating for a moment, he stood beside me with his hand on the back of my neck looking up into the ship's superstructure. When I turned to see what he was looking at, he quickly leaned down and, kissing me, left without saying anything, disappearing into the darkness up the starboard side toward the door that led to our berthing compartment.

I didn't realize that I was holding my breath until I heard the watertight door clamps fall into place. It seemed as if it were a signal that he was safe, and I exhaled explosively, breathing rapidly until the racing of my heart subsided. My cock softened while I waited a few minutes longer before following Zack; except I used the port side doorway.

A pungent, not totally unpleasant masculine aroma, assailed my nostrils as I descended the ladder into the red light illuminated bunkroom. The sounds of breathing and snoring surrounded me as I silently opened my locker and removed a fresh pair of briefs before moving to a darker area and removing my sperm soaked briefs and dungarees. My towel was still damp from my showering, and I was grateful for its cool dampness as I quickly wiped the sticky residue from my stomach and pubic hair. Before getting into my bunk, I draped the towel over the chains of my rack, folded my dungarees inward to hide the stain and keep it from staining my mattress and slipped them under the mattress to be taken care of later.

Rolling on my side to face where Zack's bunk was, I placed one arm on the pillow under my head and pulled the sheet up under my other arm with my free hand. Breathing softly, I looked over at his bunk and smiled when I saw him wink before stretching out on his back and pulling his sheet up under his arms.

I fell into a deep dreamless sleep, which lasted until I was roughly wakened at four o'clock to take my watch. Dressing quickly, I glanced over and saw Zack still sleeping peacefully. 'Lucky stiff, Aviation Technicians don't stand underway watches.' I thought to myself as I said a silent prayer that there was coffee in the mess hall.


Lee Mariner

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