My first encounter with a guy was more than I could have ever dreamed of. Nicholas was the perfect man, Not only physically but as a great person. Since the first encounter we have not done anything sexually. He said we need to have breaks, so that each time we are intimate, it is special. I think it is because he is straight as well. I have also been studying hard at school, it is my first year and I need to set myself up for the following years. Right now, however, I am as horny as hell. It has been a week since I came in Nick's mouth and I need to get off.

I decide to jerk off, something I am very familiar at doing. I strip down to my jocks on the way to the bathroom to fetch some lube, I return to Nicks bunk bed and hop right on, (he offered) The syrup texture of the lube makes a familiar slurp as I squeeze a generous amount onto my hand. I hastily slip down my jocks and prepare myself. I cover my palms with the lube and intertwine my fingers, as if praying, however this praying technique forms a glory hole! I slip my hard cock through the hole and the cool, slippery sensation sends me into a paralysing frenzy. After 5 minutes of making love to my hands, I hear someone enter the room. Shit! I didn't schedule with anyone to study!

'Relax, relax it's just me dude.'

After recovering from a miniature heart attack, I realised that it was Nick.

'Could you have at least knocked?'

'I have a key, remember?'

'O, yea'

'I see why you are so panicked, getting a bit horny I see?'

As he stood there, I started to really notice his beauty. His soft auburn hair softly bounced with his every movement, his deep brown eyes, so passionate and loving, while his body, masculine and finely exercised. He was not very tall at all, but he didn't need to be, his perfect build compensated for that.

'A little I guess, I was just thinking of the other day.'

'Yea, I have been thinking of it the whole time too.'

He approached me while taking his shirt off, my eyes automatically went to his groin. His abdomen formed that perfect lined shape, with just a hint of veins escaping his manhood area. He hopped on to the top bunk with me. I lay flat on my back and he climbed on top of me.

'Do you mind if I kiss you?'

'I-uh, uhm'

For the first time, I was speechless. As I stared at him, at his full lips, all I could think of was having this man into me, having him apart of me.

'I will take that as a yes'

He took it alright, our lips contacted, his warmth penetrated my soul, I lay there, intoxicated by his smell, by his beauty, by his kiss. I opened my mouth, welcoming his tongue, like before he accepted and our tongues intertwined.

'Wow Jared, that was great, I must say, it is better that most girls I kiss.'

'Thank you'

I was red in the face, totally flushed by his kiss. I could feel that he had a raging boner and it was pushing right up against me.

' Jared, I have been meaning to ask you something all week, but have been afraid of the rejection and embarrassment. Are you ready to have anal? I mean like me fucking you, and possibly if I am feeling brave, you fucking me? There I said it! I have wanted to try this for a while; I am getting bored of pussy.'

This boy has just asked me if he can fuck me, I walked into that door a week ago hoping he would say that!

'Yes, I am ready'

We returned into another kiss, we stripped down furiously like sex craved maniacs. Before throwing his jeans onto the floor he pulled out two condoms.


'No, not really, I had it planned'

We were both naked and just admiring each other, his perfect body still on top of mine.

'You are beautiful Nick, you really are.'

'You are not doing too bad either Jared, where did you get your body from?'

'I play football'

He plunged in and kissed me hard, he started kissing his way down, my nipples, stomach...

'O, Fuck!'

His entire mouth covered my cock and was sucking on it furiously.

'Nick don't make me cum, I want to cum when you are in me. '

'ok... have you ever had anal?'

' No, but I have played with my ass, I don't want to prepare for your dick, just get right in there.'

I didn't want to tell him, but I secretly wanted to feel the pain, to have him comfort me and cam me down, to have him there. I prepared his dick, he bought those studded condoms, I gently slipped it on him, he groaned with my every touch. Nicholas had a nice sized cock, not too big and not too small. I knew this was going to hurt, quite a transition from my carrots. He straddled me; I lay flat on my stomach with him on top of me. This was the moment I only dreamed of. He slowly pushed his mushroom head into my ass.

'Fuck! Wait, just don't move oh my god!'

'Ok ok, I told you I should have prepared your ass, it is okay, just take nice deep breaths and push out'

He was massaging my back and running his fingers through my hair to try and calm me down, besides all the pain, this was what I was hoping for. He pushed in deeper and a flood of pain plagued my spine and my anal cavity. He pushed in deeper.

'Jesus Nick, what the fuck! '

'I'm sorry Jared it's just it feels so good I can't just wait, fuck.'

And after he finished that sentence, the pain dissipated and was substituted with a warm, fulfilling satisfaction. He slowly slid in and out, in and out, although there was pain, the goodness of him in me overwhelmed the pain. I was still on my stomach, Nick's sweaty body still hugging me, desperately pushing deeper into me.

'Jared, god it is good!'

'Uh-oh yea, please Nick, please!'

My eyes were closed, all I could feel was his breath on my back, his body stuck to mine, all I could hear was his rapid heartbeat and the moosh of his penis sliding into me, all I could taste was his sweat. He slowed down the pace; he was now slowly penetrating me, enjoying each thrust. I did not touch my dick and within 5 minutes of him fucking me, I came on the bed, my cum pasting my stomach.

'Jared Babes, I'm going to cum.'

'please take off the condom'

He did so and threw it on the floor, he re entered me and the heat of his dick was more intense than ever.

'It's time, god!'

With a couple more full thrusts, Nick exploded all of his beautiful seed into me. I could feel the viscous warmth as it lathered my insides. It was absolutely wonderful. We lay there, he, still on top of me.

'Thank you Nick'

We kissed, deeply and passionately. We lay there, connected. I could only wait for us to be passionate again.



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