Nature Preserve

There is a nature preserve near where I live. It’s an area near Mountain Creek Lake that the city allows to grow wild. No planting or mowing or any help from man. There are walking trails through the morass that is known as a pretty good cruising and hook up place. I was craving a nice hot load of cum so I decided to head out there and give it a try.

It was easy to find. I just drove out Beltline road past the soccer fields. Being Saturday all the fields were in use when I drove past. There must have been a dozen fields with boys and girls of all ages running up and down kicking balls around. It does a heart good to see so many kids enjoying good wholesome.  

I arrived at the preserve and parked, then headed off down one of the trails. I walked until I came to a bench and sat down to wait.

After what seemed like an hour, but was actually maybe twenty-minutes I noticed a decent looking middle aged guy coming up the trail toward me. He was wearing some rather tight shorts and I could see the bulge of his cock sticking out slightly. As he got close, I decided that I would stare directly at his cock as he walked by and see if he would notice.

Apparently not because he just kept walking.  So I sat back prepared to wait some more.

Then I saw that he was walking back towards me and as he got closer, I could see that he must have re positioned his cock in his shorts because it was sticking out more prominently.  When he got to me he stopped. Turning, he faced me with his cock about eye level to me. I said, “It sure is a nice day for hiking,” as I glanced up and down from his eyes to his dick, which was now clearly visible through his shorts. I could even make out the rim of his cock head through the thin material.  

He finally agreed so asked, “Do you like to play?”

Not knowing where I was going with that he hesitantly said, “Yes.”

“Do you want your dick sucked?”

With a shocked look on his face, he glanced both ways up and down the trail to see if anyone was around and then said, “Yes.”  Then he slid down the front of his shorts and showed me his semi hard cock and nice set of hairy balls.

I said, "Man that’s a beauty. I’d love to suck it."

“I think we have what’s called a meeting of the minds,” he chuckled, “you want to suck it and I want it sucked.”

Then with him leading, we eased off the trail back into some trees and brush to a more secluded spot where we couldn’t be seen from the trail.

I dropped to my knees as he slid his shorts down again. Raising his cock with one hand, he put his other on the back of my head and guided the swollen head of his still semi-hard cock to my open mouth.

I took the head in my mouth, sucking and swirling my tongue around the base at the same time. Then I tightened my lips and slid them deep down his shaft. As he whispered, “Oh yes,” I felt his cock grow from semi hard to throbbing erect almost immediately. As his dick hardened, it rose with a very prominent upward curve to it.

I moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” as I felt the rim of his head slide past my lips. Bobbing my head, I started sliding my mouth moved up and down. His shaft had one bulging vein that came up one side then ran over the top of the shaft just below his circumcision scar. It felt good sliding my lips across it.  

He moaned, "Ooooh yesss man that feels so damn good,” with approval and said, “Suck me faggot. Suck my fucking dick. God I love it.”

Then I took the tip of my tongue and ran it down the underside of his curved shaft until I got to his balls.

I rolled and lifted each ball with the tip of my tongue, then I sucked each one into my mouth with a gently suction and pressure. I was working them eagerly when he said, "Get down under my balls now." I slid the tip of my tongue between his balls and traced the seam of his ball sack back until I found the spot right where his ass crack starts and began to mouth and tongue him there. Gosh I have to admit that the musky male taste and smell of him down there was so erotic.  

Moving back to the base of his cock, I ran my tongue up the shaft until I hit his frenulum and I gave it a good hard licking. Then I rolled my tongue across the sensitive underside of his head and then circled the rim of his head with my tongue. He was moaning, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” and loving it then he moaned, "Ohh, Ooohhhh, yessssss…Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock,” so I deep throated him, sliding his curved dick down my throat, pulling with a suction that I hoped that he could feel deep down inside his balls.

I cupped his balls with my hand and gently squeezed and kneaded them with my fingers in hopes that I would coax as much cum from them as I could get.

He then told me, “I hoped that you like to swallow because I’m about to shoot my load.”

I told him, “There’s nothing that I want more than for you to fill my mouth with your cum.”

Going back down on his hard cock, I started sucking again. I could feel his legs quiver and noticed that his balls had tightened up to the base of his shaft, so I knew he was close. Then he moaned heavily, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming. OOHHHHHH God I’m cumming” he cried. “Eat it, faggot. Eat my cum."

A big jet of cum hit the back of my throat. I eased my lips back up to where they were around the base of his head so that the rest of his cum would flow across my tongue so that I could get a good taste of it. His pulsing dick spewed again and again in my mouth and he filled it with thick, hot, salty cum. He shot about six thick jets of thick cum into my mouth and I savored every drop of it. I swallowed this down with a nice gulp. I licked and sucked the head to get any that was left.

Then I kissed each of his balls to show my appreciation for the delicious load that they’d just provided for me.

He looked down at me, breathing hard and said, “My orgasm was so intense that my knees almost buckled.”

We both kind of laughed and I told him, “I loved it.”

He said, “I’d love to do it again…soon.”

So we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again real soon.

I can't wait to get his dick in my mouth again.

The end…



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