I first noticed you as I walked into the locker room. You were just leaving to work out and I was so sorry I missed watching you change. I had to hide my half hard-on as I got dressed just thinking about what I'd missed not seeing you naked. Then I saw you out in the gym weight room. I walked by and saw the outline of your cock in your shorts as you worked your legs with squats. God I wanted to grab your ass cheeks and suck every bit of you down my throat as far as I could stand it. I caught your attention when you saw me hesitate, standing in front of you with that lustful look on my face. I knew you were straight, but then you'd probably not been with a guy before. It seems we both wanted to change that.

So here we are at your place, Mr. Stallion, with nothing to stop us. I don't hesitate to let you know what I want. I love watching you get hard while I tell you how sexy you are and how much I want your dick in my mouth. Jesus, look at that beautiful thing rising and pulsing just asking me to suck it. And you like it when a guy sucks your dick, don't you you stud? Oh sure, women want you but nothing makes your dick harder than when you're with a man who loves stroking your shaft, licking your balls and using his mouth to lure the cum out of your cock.

God I love how you taste! I love the feel of your manhood sliding across my tongue. I can taste your salty essence coating my throat as I feel your cock throbbing inside me. I can see the veins and tendons in your neck straining to tell the world how much you like this. Your groans go back in forth between ecstasy and helplessness as your mind battles with just how much you like another man sucking you off.

You feel my hand caressing your balls as your guilt turns to joy. You feel incredibly sexy hearing me describe just how much you turn me on. Our combined lust electrifies the room. In this moment, nothing is more important to me than making you cum. Give it up stud. Give me what I crave. Let go of all your inhibitions and cum inside me as you've never cum before.

My head is bobbing the full length of your gorgeous cock as my right hand rhythmically follows the pace tightly wrapped around your girth. You can feel my chin contacting your balls with each thrust of your manhood down my throat. That inevitable orgasmic feeling starts to erupt as never before starting from an unknown place deep inside you.

Suddenly you find yourself gasping frantically and your hips buck desperately as the moment arrives. You can feel your cock spurting gobs of cum as you fill my throat with your seed. I use my left hand to bring myself off at the same moment shooting so hard you feel your crotch and balls get drenched.

In the aftermath of our ecstasy, I begin to rub our combined juices all over your cock and balls and then lick you clean. There is no denying how much we both enjoyed this and how much we want it to happen again.


Somewhat Straight


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