Hello everyone my name is DENNIS YEAGER  this is my story    February7 it was just about mid night  chilly snow on the ground 35 degrees. i decided to venture outside again thinking like a high schooler i decided to sneek out my bedroom window, my house is a ranch style  the windows  are low enough i can step right outside, here i go i opened the window, i felt the cold air on my left leg as i stepped out of the house wow it was cold , i kept going i'm outside again totally naked it's dark cold no people no cars nothing i closed the bedroom window and started to walk aroung the yard . i walked down my driveway to my garage and back to the house i'm cold i'm going in for a bit ,i had a cup of coffeei was back outside after that. i walked down mydriveway once again looking at myy back yard i thought why not , there is snow on the ground i started walking down the yard i am naked it's 2am and i'm out here i thought WOW this is GREAT. I will be outside naked tonight .



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