I earn about a quarter million a year. Pretty impressive! But I am more

than worth the remuneration from Echardt Assurance Ltd.

I came to work with them three years ago from an assistant coaching

position at a well-known eastern university. My success with recruitment

became rapidly famous. I was only twenty-four when the CEO of this company

invited me to work for them.

I was a former footballer and still look like I'm showing up for scrimmage:

six feet four, very low body fat and a profile never mashed by the other


The methods I used were partly based on training athletes and partly on my

own theories. First off, I recruited athletes for initial interviews. An

athlete is a perfect employee: energetic, has the will to win, attractive

usually (more on that later) and fearless. The main factor I had in

weeding out the not-so-great applicants, and subjecting the chosen ones to

'testing' is that they were crazy to get this job. The pay was


This company is not likely known to you, since we do not insure individuals

and do no advertising. We insure corporations against catastrophic events,

terrorist attacks and devastating natural disasters. The premiums are

high, the commissions are lucrative.

I think you will get to know more about my methods if you follow the case

of Jason O'Malley. Jason just completed college. It was a free ride, all

paid for. He was a good quarterback, but not good enough for the

professional teams. He was twenty-two and prospects looked bleak. His

coach (I had contacts with many coaches) gave Jason my card.

He arrived for our appointment promptly at nine AM on a Monday. I

appraised him as he walked the distance from my office door to my desk. He

had the physical appearance I usually preferred for my salesmen: Good hair,

broad shoulders and narrow waist, a bland good-looking all American face,

open and innocent.

You will remember that I mentioned in passing that handsomeness was an

important factor in selling. The potential buyer will tilt toward a

good-looking guy, not because they are queer, but that there is deep in all

men a remembrance of that short period in life, about fourteen when they

were partially homosexual.

Jason shook hands. Nice large, dry, warm hands, this was a definite plus.

He fixed me with his sharply blue eyes and smiled winningly, likely using

the technique on me that he used on many a girl. This was good. It meant

that he sold with his cock.

He stood in front of the two chairs at my desk, uncertain which one to

take. I had invited him to sit, but I hadn't gestured to either chair. He

hesitated, then looked up at me with a slightly questioning air.

Excellent! I pointed to a third choice, which was a chair on the other

side of the room. 'Bring that one over,' I stated firmly. He jumped into

action and placed it in front of the desk, with an expression to ask if it

was okay.

'Yes, that's fine son.' Of course there were only a few years difference

in our age but I wanted to express my superior position.

Jason was actually inappropriately dressed for an interview of this

seriousness. He should have been wearing a dark suit and conservative tie,

but the kid was still a college kid and wore what he must have thought was

dressy: Chinos, a blue blazer, his tie was a clip-on. 'Yipes!'

I decided to get started. 'Jason, have you read the material about this

company? Do you know what we sell? Do you believe in this product?'

His frown was quite charming making a corduroy of his forehead. When he

answered, I was delighted that he had an excellent voice: deep and clear.

'Mr. Wilson, I would have no problem of personal ethics. This protection

offered by Echardt is needed and offers companies security in these

dangerous times.'

'Good Jason, but call me Jack. We are going to get to know each other

quite well before the decision is made to hire you or not. I want to say

that if you do not get the tap to join us, it doesn't mean that there is

something wrong with you, it just means that the match is not right. I

will give you several other companies you might contact and use my name.'

'Gee, that's great...and comforting. But I know you are going to want me

to be part of your team. I'm a winner.' He clenched his fist in resolve.

'I'll do whatever it takes.'

'Glad you feel that way because some of the testing we are going to do may

seem odd or unorthodox to you but they have proved very effective for us.

Are willing to get started? I have reserved three hours for you this

morning. First off, you will want to know about the naked test. Yes, I

will administer a lie detector test to you. No clothes. Why? Because we

have found that people tend to tell the truth when they are shed of their

clothes. Is this okay with you?

'Sure, guys like us are used to being undressed.....in the locker room and

so on. I'm not embarrassed.'

'Right. Now step into the bathroom over there, get undressed, and drink

the full class of fruit juice left there. It is a relaxant and will calm

you for the test.'

He got up slowly. He must be thinking 'what did I get myself into?' He

disappeared into the lavatory. The class of 'juice' contained a calming

drug, yes, but it tended to remove inhibitions that that interfere with

getting the truth. It also contained a tiny bit of libido stimulant that

would also reduce resistance to questions.

He stuck his head out of the door like a shy maiden. 'You ready for me?'

I waved him in. He was a nice specimen of young manhood. He was slightly

hairy in the center of the chest and around his navel. His skin was smooth

and healthy looking. The cock was normal sized and I noted that his pubic

hair was slightly trimmed. His legs were full and muscular, a great

feature but when he turned, his ass took over as champ. It was museum


'Take this seat. I will be putting electrodes in several places. Then I

will ask a list of questions. Don't try to anticipate what answered will

impress or what you think we want to hear. Just answer truthfully, even if

it is embarrassing. You are more likely to be eliminated if you lie.'

He nodded and said, 'Yes, er, Jack.' I noted that his eyes were less

bright and open. The hypnotic, calming drug was taking effect. As yet his

the libido effect of the other drug had not taken effect and would not

until something stimulated him.

I sat slightly out of sight behind Jason. I noticed he was breathing a

little heavily. 'Jason, nothing that happens in this room will be

revealed. In fact I will give you the readout to destroy. You may find

some questions make you sexy and if you get a penile reaction, don't worry

about it. I have done this test many times and that is common. Now I am

turning on the paper roll and will start with question one.'

'Have you ever had a lie detector test before?'

To my surprise, he said yes. I figured I'd go into that after the test.

But I was pleased that he saw fit to respond in a way that might be

negative for him.

'Have you cried in the last year?'

Again he answered in the affirmative. This boy was really into truth.

Must macho guys don't cry and if they do they deny it.

'Did you like your father best?'

'No.' (Now that' interesting. I will question that.

'When did you last have sex?'

'Last night.'

'Was it with a girl?'

He half turned to glance at me. 'Yes, of course.'

'Just say yes or no.'

'Do you prefer straight vaginal sex?'

It took a bit of a while before he answered.


'Do you prefer to perform oral sex on your partner?'


'You like oral sex performed on you?'


Well, looky here, Jason's little guy was rising up. He sensed it and put a

ham hand over it.

'Have you ever had sex with a boy or man?'


The test went on into various ego matters and testing him for anger

triggers etc. Finally I came over that told him that the test was over and

I removed the electrodes. 'Shall I dress?'

'No, just sit here on the couch and we'll go over your responses.'

I took the read out and began. 'You had a problem with the type of sex you

enjoy. Don't you like giving pleasure to a woman?'

He seemed uncomfortable. 'I do, in theory, but I don't like the taste of

some vaginas.'

'You like getting a blow job. Do you come quickly?'

'Yes I do, if the person is good at it.'

'Do you find that many are not?'

'Oh yeah. This girl last night stunk at it. I knew she didn't like doing

it and that was a turn off. Holy shit, I can't believe that I am telling

you all this. I guess my hiring chances are shot.'

'Not at all. So far you're doing great.'

'No about your father. What didn't you like?'

'I never have discussed family secrets but he molested my older brother. I

saw it happening and I was very upset each time.'

'He left you alone?'

'Yes because I was only about seven or eight and shortly afterward my folks

got divorced. My brother was made a queer by all that stuff.'

'The question about whether you had sex with a boy or man. You said no,

but that was a lie. What's that about?'

'Yeah, well, when I was in my early teens there was a kid on my team and we

had sex together. Nothing heavy. We jerked off together.'

I noticed that his cock, that had been relaxed was now rising.

'Is that all?'

'Okay, I'll come clean. We did sixty-nine and once we experimented with

ass fucking.'

'Do you miss that young fooling around?'


'Jason, if I asked you to open my fly and take out my cock would you do


'I don't think so. That's too queer for me.'

'If I told you that you had to do it to win the interview?'

'Is that true? I would be hired if I did it?'

'Yes.' This was the supreme test to find out how far he would go to win.

He leaned forward. His hands were at my crotch. He wrestled with the

zipper. It was awkward as I was sitting. 'Shall I stand up?'

'Yeah,' he said gulping. I noticed his handsome face was bright red. I

stood up, he easily zipped the fly and my pants opened and exposed the

white shorts and the bulge of my penis swelling out.

'Go ahead boy,' I said putting on an impatient, commanding voice.

He almost sobbed with resignation and reached in and extracted my long cock

through the opening of the boxers. He looked up at me. 'Okay, do I pass

the test?'

'You do, but I think you would like to stroke it a bit. No?'

He didn't answer but lightly, using one finger, he stroked the underside.

His breath was now rasping in his throat. 'That's real nice boy. Lean in

a little and smell it.'

He leaned close. I put a finger in his mouth and he automatically began

sucking on it. 'Good boy. Now go for the real thing.'

He opened his pretty jock mouth and was about to slide onto my cock. I

backed away. 'That's enough!'

He looked up at me in shock. 'It was a trick! You seduced me and I fell

for it because I wanted this job so bad. You're a fucking bastard.'

I patted his head. 'Jason, Jason, calm down. You got the job.'

He smiled up at me. 'Gee, I thought I had killed it. I don't know what

got into me. I don't think I'm gay...but...'

Jason and I were together a lot during the next few weeks. I helped him

get a wardrobe of clothes, I got him settled in a small apartment, but in a

good building. 'Address is important. You can move to another apartment

in the same building later, when your income allows it. Then I began

teaching him and some of the other new recruits, the fine art of landing a


Jason made a sale! A nice one, a good start. He was already ahead of the

others. As a reward, I took him with me on a company sales meeting in Las

Vegas. We shared a room, but not a bed of course. I made a presentation

and Jason was really impressed. 'You organize your thoughts so well and

your diction and voice quality is terrific...compelling.'

We went out drinking that night. I can handle drinks better than Jason.

Though we matched drink for drink, Jason was mashed and smashed. I helped

him back to our room. I took off his shoes and pants and he flopped into

bed. He mumbled something about 'no school tomorrow' and passed into a

deep sleep, snoring loudly. I undressed to my shorts and slipped under the

covers. It was about midnight. About three hours later I awoke to Jason

rubbing my shoulder. 'I didn't want to wake you abruptly.'

'What's up?' I asked.

'I woke up an hour ago. I'm half sober, but horny. Can I get a reward? I

mean doesn't this job have 'fringe benefits'?'

'Okay I said,' still half asleep. Slip in here.'

He took off his shirt, socks and underwear and lay beside me on the bed. I

moved my hand on his muscular chest, exciting his nipples. He was sighing

continuously. That was some hot spot for him. I moved down on his

slightly hairy belly and caressed gently. He lifted his trunk as a hint

that I should get to the main event. His cock was stiff and pulsing, the

end wet with sex dew. I cupped my hand over the shaft. He let out a long

moan. I began a slow soft stroke. His mouth was open, he was moaning

steadily. 'Do you want to cum?' I asked him.

He gulped and said hoarsely, 'Yeah, please, I'm going outa my mind Boss.'

I smiled to myself. 'First you got to earn that come.' I leaned over him

and brought my lips close to his full jock lips. He pulled back a little

and said, 'I just can't get myself to kiss a guy. Sorry.'

'No problem,' I leaned back and got back into a sleeping position,

signaling the episode was over.

'Hey, you gonna leave me like this?'

I didn't answer. Nothing happened for a least two minutes. I could hear

him breathing. Suddenly he took my shoulder and pulled me around to face

him and put his scalding lips against mine. He keep them there, closed

tightly. I reached toward his nips and stroked them. His mouth opened

slightly and I could feel his breath against my face and he bellowed in and

out. He was fast slipping into a sexual haze. I opened my lips and he

followed, his tongue snaking out to touch my tongue. Now he was gasping in

passion. I knew this was what he always wanted.

I pulled away. 'Wha'?' he almost cried. 'I did it, now why don't you

finish what you started. This is torture.'

I patted his head. 'Jason, I'll give you a mind shattering orgasm but you

have to learn to give as well as take.'

I turned my body around so that my face was at his crotch and moved my

trunk so that my cock was at his face. 'Get the idea?' I said.

'I just don't want to do it. It's just too gay.'

'No tickee, no shirtee.'

I leaned forward and a gave a quick lick on his occk head which was

completed out of its foreskin, wet and fragrant. He groaned and his body

actually gave a few fuck thrusts. 'You like that, don't you? You want

more, you have to earn it with a few licks of your own.'

He signed in resignation and stuck his tongue out and licked the underside

of my cock. It felt excellent, especially having worked hard to get to

this point. Without my prompting he moved to take my cock head into his

mouth. His tongue flicked quickly back and forth, no doubt imitating his

clit licking talent. I began to get dizzy with pleasure.

I slipped his cock into my mouth and worked it down into my throat. He

stopped for a minute and left out a howl of pleasure. 'Oh, that's so


'Show your appreciation,' I whispered to him, speaking around his cock. He

needed no further instruction. He fell into a mode he still remembered

from his early teens. He took my cock deep into his throat, his lips

against my public hair. I did the same to him. Now we were both whirling

into orbit, the room had disappeared and we were one organism belt on

release. We moaned a duet, we shook and thrust at each other. For these

moments we were intensely in love as each knew the other held the key to

his release.

Jason locked up first, but managed to keep sucking. I think the power of

his coming orgasm scared him. He let out awed 'ooohs, and ughs' as his

body switched from his brain to his balls. His body now was dancing in and

out seeking his cum. Suddenly he stopped, all his splendid muscles in a

lock. Then his cock began to deliver its sweet cum. I stroked his hot ass

during his long, six pulse cum, delaying my own. But then I couldn't hold

back. I shouted my cum song and unloaded, going almost into a blackout as

I orgasmed.

Finally we lay back panting. Jason was the first to speak. 'So that's

what you meant. Okay, you should have explained better Boss.'

Jason and I were both busy for the next few weeks. He continued to rack up

small sales. His stats were almost twice the other guys. I was working

with them constantly to determine their closing problems. Besides Jason,

none of the other guys were intimate with me.

About three months after our session in Vegas, that we never repeated, my

receptionist buzzed me that Jason O'Malley wanted to see me. He came in,

we shook hands formally and he sunk into a chair I had indicated. 'What's


'I got a real problem. I've been working on a policy sale to a global

shipping company.' He mentioned the name. It was a big outfit. 'We have

been talking about a ten million dollar policy of protection.'

'Sounds great. What's the problem?'

'I've been working exclusively with Ramon Viera, Jr.' I knew the name

well. His father had founded the company and Junior was now gradually

taking over. Fortune Magazine had an article about him a month ago so it

was fresh in my mind. Ramon was only in his early twenties, a former

international playboy, now settled down and doing very well with the

shipping company. I remembered that he was extravagantly handsome, tall,

slim, dark curly hair and fabulous eyes with tangling lashes. He was often

shown on the tennis court, his slim tan legs well displayed by the very

short shorts he always wore.

'Nice work to be spending time with that hunk.'

'Yeah, very exciting but I don't want to mix business with six.'

'What's the story?'

He has fallen in lust with me. I have to keep moving around his penthouse

office to evade him. He has made in pretty clear that if I am going to

land this fabulous piece of business that I will have to do whatever he

wants sexually.'

'This is really a big deal. It would make you the salesman of the year,

even the decade. I am not sure how to advise you. Suppose we go together

ostensibly to discuss details and maybe we can steer him away from the


Jason made an appointment, but didn't mention that I was going alone. We

entered the lobby of the building the shipping company occupied. It was

very impressive. The security was heavy. I even had to take off my belt

and shoes. Finally a well dressed young guy acted as escort and we entered

the special elevator and in a flash we were outside the office of the

executive vice president, young Ramon.'

Jason pressed a silent entry button and the opaque glass door became

transparent. It must have been some sort of Polaroid arrangement. We were

both revealed to the person in the office. A somewhat computer-like voice

crackled at us. 'I only expected Jason. Who's this guy? Are you planning

a threesome? Okay, I'll see you both but you must get undressed and slip

into a robe. They are in the closet on the left.'

We starred at each other. This was getting weird and I wondered what I had

gotten myself into.

Now robed, we rang the entry button. The dark door again cleared and the

elegant slim figure Ramon Viera was revealed. He was wearing his patented

white shorts...nothing else but a broad smile.

He boldly went over to Jason and pulled the string on his robe. 'Tasty I

must say' and twirled an imaginary moustache. His eyes were glued to

Jason's handsome dick that I noticed had slightly plumped out. That boy,

he loves attention and compliments. He will be an easy lay for the eager


Ramon now brought his attention to me. 'Jason is the perfect sex partner.

Husky, clean and innocent yet darkly passionate. You on the other hand are

the epitome of sexuality. Men and women are drawn to you as you embody

power yet have the nature to bring tender sexual activity to anyone lucky

to have you.' He walked over to his glass desk, threw his long barefoot

legs up on it, knowing we two could easily see up the leg to his bare balls

and cock. 'Tell you what I'm thinking. I am offering a ten million dollar

contract, providing the extra benefit is included. I will double that

figure and will sign today if both of you, shall we say, play along with


He sat there, his smile broadening by the moment, looking from Jason to me.

We were speechless. That would be the largest contract in the history of

the company. We would be heros. But there was something that I believe

Jason and I both suspected, that this young guy was

unpredictable.........maybe nuts. But I looked at Jason and he stared

back. He slightly nodded and I returned the nod. Ramon saw the whole


'Okay, lovelies. Slip out of your robes and I my shorts and we'll have a

drink first.' He walked to the refrigerator concealed behind a wall panel.

A tray of glasses and a frosty pitch was inside. He brought it to the

desk. He flashed a gorgeous smile. 'It's not lemonade and it's not booze.

It's a little concoction I drink before sexual encounters. It puts me in

the mood. You will love the effect.

We shrugged and walked over and each picked up a glass. We three downed it

almost simultaneously. At first I felt nothing but Ramon watched us

carefully, giggling slightly. 'Y-e-s-s-s. You are feeling a bit warm,

even a tiny bit dizzy but not unpleasantly so. Verdad? Your scrotal area

is relaxing, calling attention to itself. What's this Jason, the all

American Boy is getting a big stiffy.' He walked over to Jason who was

flushed and swaying on his feet. He seemed to get a greater effect that I

did. I was feeling sexy but still in control. Ramon put his arms around

the muscular boy and pressed his lips with his hot Latin ones. Ramon

stroked Jason's chest, flicking his finger over the rapidly stiffening

nipples. Jason was moaning around the kiss. His moans turned to cries.

'Oh shit, fuck, I'm going to spill.' He began shaking and Ramon cupped his

hands under Jason's pulsating cock as it delivered a half cup of steaming

cum into the slim brown hands. When he finished, he staggered over to the

leather couch and fell on it, seemingly passed out. 'Poor boy, my brew and

his cum was too much for him, but he'll recover shortly I promise.

Meanwhile it's time for a little snack.'

I was strangely repulsed and turned on at the same time as Ramon hummed in

pleasure as his shiny red tongue lapped up the cum collected in his palms.

'Ah, delicious, speaks of years of good healthy living.'

He turned to me. 'Now comes your opportunity to double the contract.

First off, on your nice hairy knees and get in my crotch and open those hot

puffy lips.'

I knew this was coming. I seldom in my sex life had ever blown anyone. It

was okay right now. I knew this was on the menu coming in. I leaned in.

The boy was hard. I wondered if he ever wasn't hard. He rubbed my cheek

and scratched my head as if I was Rover. 'Take it deep. There is a

surprise waiting for you.'

I allowed saliva to gather in my mouth and eased his prick deep in my

throat until my nose was right against his pubes. Then I realized what the

surprise was. There was a sweetish odor in his pubic hair. He must have

coated it with an anesthetic, maybe chloroform I tried to pull back as I

was getting woozy but his slim, but strong brown hand pressed on the back

of my head. I didn't go under but I was in and out of consciousness. I

hadn't realized his wiry strength as he pulled me into an elbows and knees

position and began slowly fingering my ass lips. I was moaning in pleasure

and also the weird feeling of being half under. As all this was going on,

I glanced at Jason who was still sprawled on the couch near us. He was

just waking up. He scratched his balls and stroked his cock. He looked

down in surprise to see that it was hard, but that was the viagra or

something similar that he had imbibed. I was half passing out again as

Ramon put his finger all the way into my ass hole, stroking my hot button

inside. My ass was moving in and out by itself, seeking more stimulation.

'Nice, very nice boy. You are asking to be fucked in non-verbal

communication and I hear it. Just as I felt waves of part unconsciousness

assailing me again, he stood up, greased his cock and pushed it in roughly.

I came to for a moment and howled in pain. 'There, there, calm down big

guy. You have to suffer to enjoy the reward I will give you.'

He began slowly fucking me. I had waves of sleep and waves of alert

awareness. I was constantly moaning and talking to him. 'Yes you fucker,

come on, move faster and deeper. I want to feel you deep.'

He was now mewling in passion, his cock deep in and out was bringing him to

a crashing climax. Suddenly he slapped my ass hard, stingingly. This got

him off, by causing pain, but it also threw me over the hill. I shouted

that I was coming and he, just behind me felt my ass opening and closing

rapidly. We came both at the same time.

Jason in the meantime was stroking himself off watching us. 'Suck me

somebody.' He pleaded.

The two of us, Ramon and I went to perform the duty. We got on either side

of his rampart cock and licked each on our side, stopping to twirl tongues

together. I sucked him, then Ramon sucked him. Jason was babbling with

over stimulation and finally he grabbed us both firmly to keep us from

moving and causing exquisite agony and pain on his sensitive organ. Then

he began babbling as his cum hit him, spewing sweet cum on our shoulders

and even Ramon's black curly hair.

I was the first to get down to business. I've got the papers in the other

room. Are you ready to sign?'

'Er, I'm ready but a contract of that size has to be signed by Papa. Get

dressed and I'll ring him to come up for the signing.

A few minutes later I, Jason, Ramon and a distinguished and handsome fifty

year old Ramon, Sr. were in the room. The contract was on the glass desk.

I took the lead in explaining the contract. Mr. Viera studied the contract

and turned to Ramon. 'You can't sign this. First of all you have no

authorization for committing the firm to anything over one thousand

dollars, and secondly we have a contract already with another assurance

company.' Turning to us, he smiled elegantly, 'Knowing my son, I would say

that you have been fucked. I hope it was worth it.'

Jason and I were numb for several days, then we saw the humor of it. We

two, especially me, educated lads were duped by a kid with wild sex and

good looks. 'He was the prototype for cute,' said Jason. I told him that

he ran a close second.

He liked that. 'I feel a need for fringe benefits Boss.'

'Came here for your rewards. You deserve a happy ending.'



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