"Wake up boo, we're home."

I open my eyes, and see the city lights welcoming me back. Joe and I road tripped to Aspen and back over Christmas, and made it home in time to take in the new year.

We get up to the apartment, and I stumble in after Joe. He grabs my face, and kisses me.

"Welcome home baby, I'll put you to bed."

He slides off the Ralph Lauren leather pea coat he got me for Christmas, draping it over the side chair. He removes my clothes, and helps me in bed. I feel him crawl in behind me, and his arms around my chest. He's been growing his chest hair and happy trail out since fall, and it's soft and warm against my smooth back. I smell his Gucci cologne, and feel his warm breath on my neck and earlobe...

I wake up New Year's Eve in Joe's arms. We're both completely naked, and wrapped up in blankets and pillows. I hear the familiar sounds of day, and immediately check my phone out of habit. No emails, and then I remember it's a holiday. Joe stirs behind me, and I feel the familiar hardness of my baby against my bare ass. He pulls closer to me, and lightly thrusts up my back. I can feel a little wetness on my back, and Joe moans in my ear.

"Mmm, baby, I want to be inside you right now."

"Mmm, give it to be Daddy."

I turn to face him, and our lips lock. He's so passionate, and horny. He pins me against the mattress with his hands over my wrists, and he hunches over me, working his lips over my neck and chest, grinding his dick against mine, and poking the head between my thighs, and under my balls. He works his way down my body, pulling at my belly button with his teeth, and lightly biting down my faint happy trail, nuzzling his face in my shortly trimmed pubes. He wakens my dick with his tongue, and I instantly become hard. He slurps at my dick hungrily, and takes each ball in his mouth. He nibbles on my sack, pulling at the little extra skin, with each bite. He gets me hard, and then pushes my thighs up, and to the side. He bites down my right cheek, spreading them wide, and flicking his tongue against my hole. I sigh loudly, and reach my hand down, to run through his hair, while he licks all around my hole, lightly tongue fucking me. I feel my lips pucker, and plump, as he teases them with his teeth and tongue. He flips his tongue inside each side of my hole, popping out the lipped sides, and making me gape for him.

A few minutes of sucking, slurping, and tonguing my hole, Joe turne me all the way on my side, and pushes up on my right leg. I feel him guide his hard dick into me.

"Mmmm, you feel so good in me baby..."

"I love bein inside you baby."

I pull my right leg up to my chest, while Joe slides in and out of me with ease. I turn my face to the pillow, and moan loudly. He pulls at my face, and kisses me passionately. We fuck on our sides for a few minutes, and then Joe pulls out, and turns me on my back. I look up in his eyes, while he spreads my legs softly, and slides inside me, with my legs to the side. I wrap them tightly around his waist, with my heels pulling at his ass cheeks. He moans, and smirks, and he comes in for more kissing. He braces himself on his forearms and elbows at my sides, and rests his face against mine, breathing into my ear.

"Alex, you're all mine...I love you."

"Mm....I love you too Joe. I love you inside me"

He speeds up his motions, and I feel and hear his balls slapping against my lower ass. His thick pubes are brushing against my balls, and it adds to the sensuality of our love making. I hold onto him under his arms, feeling his muscular back, as he flexes with each thrust.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum soon...are you ready?"

"Mmm, I'm always ready baby...give it to me Daddy!"


He stops thrusting, and bites softly, but firmly into my neck, while his dick throbs and jerks inside of me. He's hunched over me, and giving me quick little thrusts as he busts a nut inside me. He shakes just a little, and I wrap my arms around his neck, holding him while he cums. He's still twitching inside me, as he pulls away to look at me in the eyes.

"Damn, you get me so hot."

He nibbles on my lower lip, and I feel him slowly start to calm inside me. His dick is slowly flexing, massaging me on the inside. I feel him rubbing lightly against the walls of my inner ass, and it feels so good. He slowly pulls out, and lays next to me. I adjust accordingly, and feel him resting his dick inside the small of my back, and up my lower spine. He holds onto me, and we talk about Christmas, and the memories we made with his family.

His sister had coordinated the Aspen adventure, and we had driven out there, seeing sites and parks along the way. I feel like we grew closer on the road. Neither of us in our element, and having to figure out the path as we went. I'm not that domesticated, so we had no beverages or snacks packed, and we had to stop at the most random places along the way. We did get lost when we pulled off in Stuart, IA, to stay at a hotel called AmericInn. We went out the next day to find a restaurant, and it took a couple hours of driving around to figure out how to get back to 80 West! He's quite the navigator, and we only used Siri twice. We had loud sex at the hotel, and had slept in, which may have been the reason we got lost. I'm amazed by this man.

Joe kissed my neck, and whispered,

"Let's take a shower boo."

We took our time in the shower, and Joe washed me as usual. We toweled each other off, and I followed him into the kitchen. He made us a giant omelette, and I fed him, while we watched cartoon network. We were naked the whole time, which felt really comfortable, except when I dropped some egg on my inner thigh...It was hot, and not in a good way. Joe sprawled out on the couch, head in my lap, while I ran my fingers through his hair, playing with the stubble on his face. He playfully bit at my fingertips, and held my right hand with his.

After a couple of hours, Joe challenged me to Scrabble. I got up, and got the game out of the storage ottoman, pushing it aside, and sitting cross legged on the rug. Joe slid off the sofa, and sat across from me. I love how broad his shoulders are, the way his chest hair starts just under his collar, down the center of his pecs, and spreads to his nipples. The hairline down the center of his body, getting thicker as it trails down to his overwhelming bush, around his meaty dick...where our babies live...Mmm....

He kills my ass at Scrabble, with all the two letter words, and hitting almost every triple word score! He's a good winner though, he never lets anyone feel bad. I was a little disappointed, but it's just a game.

"Come over here."

I scoot over by Joe, and he takes my hands in his, kissing each palm. He tells me a story about being overseas, and thinking about when we first met. He tells me how he's always wanted what we have. His voice is so calming, and I get lost in his words. I just want to hold onto him forever.

I feel goosebumps on my body, and I get up to straddle Joe. He leans back against the sofa, with his arms draped over the edge of the overstuffed cushions. I press into him tightly, and feel our body heat mix, taking in the faint scent of his musk. His body is soft and furry against mine, and I feel his shaft beneath my balls. He runs his hands up and down my spine, and makes me shudder. I slide my hands down his chest and abs, and reach under to take hold of his manhood. He sighs as I slowly start to massage his shaft, and finger under his balls. His pubes are soft and fluffy against my figertips. He quickly hardens to my touch, and His hardon forces past my balls and dick pushing them to the side, and standing straight out of the mass of hair. I get up and walk through the living room, to the hall, and into our bedroom. I retrieve a bottle of KY, and come back to see Joe on his back, hands behind his head, dick straight up in the air, watching the TV. I straddle him again, and squirt some KY on his dick, slowly massaging him, with both hands. I squirted some more KY into my hand, and reached back to lube myself up. I felt Joe reach behind, and put a couple fingers inside. I instantly got hard, and moaned loudly. I lean forward and kiss him deeply. I scoot up, and position my ass right over his dick. I slowly lower myself down onto him, and my thighs grip his waist tighter. I start bouncing myself up and down on his dick, feeling him hit deep within me over and over again. I start to jerk myself at the same time, and quickly reach orgasm. I don't hold anything back, as I shoot all over his abs and chest. He starts to rub my cum into his skin and hair, as I continue to ride his dick.

It's been a few minutes, and I'm feeling the tightness in my thighs, calves, and abs. I lean back, bracing myself on my elbows, slowly grinding up and down, massaging his dick inside me. Joe sits up, cupping his hands under my ass cheeks, and positioning himself in a dominating role over me. I stretch my legs out, pushing up on the balls of my feet, feeling my ass rest down ontop of his thighs. He handles me behind my lower back, pulling at my waist, and pushing deep in with his dick. I'm against the sofa, and he's in me, thrusting deep with each push. I hang on to his neck as the motions quicken, his face contorting with pleasure.

"Joe...I wanna see you cum..."

"You don't want it inside?"

"I do, but ....can you...let me watch?"

"...Okay....you can watch..."

Breathlessly, he slows his motions, and pulls out of me.

"Where do you want me to blow?"

"Let me jerk you off til you cum."

He leans back, and lays down onto the rug, where he was previously. I squirt more KY into my palm, and start to jerk him quickly. He bites his lower lip, and arches his back.

"Okay boo, I'm gonna blow!"

"Alright baby, blow!"

He starts to thrust at the hips, fucking my closed fist, as his cum shoots out in thick ropes, splattering across his abs and chest, mixing with the dried spots where I had previously cum on him. His load lasts almost a minute, and then the spurts stop, and his dick calms beneath my grip. I continue to slide my closed fist up and down his rock hard shaft. He twitches and moans loudly,

"Whoa baby...okay...it's sensitive.."

I let go, and his dick flops against his abs. I lay next to him, panting along with him, and we catch our breath. A few minutes pass by and we get up and shower again. It's almost dinner time, and Joe orders New Venus, and we eat at the table, naked. We don't say much, but it's one of those dinners, where you keep eye contact, and then giggle about nothing. I felt myself blushing, thinking about what had just happened, twice. He gets up and walks to the kitchen, and I turn to watch his furry ass walk by. He goes to the freezer, and gets the frozen yogurt out, bringing 2 servings to the table. We share spoonfuls, and end up making out across the table.

After washing the table off, and doing the dishes, we settle back in the living room, and Joe puts in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I sit in between his legs, and find myself dozing off midway through. I wake up again, with prodding from Joe. He's watching CNN, and I get up to go to the bathroom. I come back out of the bathroom, and find him waiting for me in bed. I slide in beside him, and nestle into his open arm. It's only 10:30, but it was one of those things, where you're so relaxed, that you don't care about anything. We fall asleep, having spent the entire day naked.

The next morning I wake up, and Joe is already having coffee and breakfast, on his phone at the table. I wrap up in a sheet, and shuffle out to him. He pulls me in for a kiss, and asks how I'm feeling. I nod and smile, collapsing against him.

"Whoa, you have to get ready for work silly boy. It's almost 9:00"

"Can't we just stay in bed and be naked again?"

"Noooooo, we can do that later. I mean it Alex, get going."

I shuffle back into the room, letting the sheet fall off of me, dragging it by a corner, and glancing over my shoulder to see him staring at me.

I pull on a pair of Costume National leather pants, and a tribal printed cardigan and military trench from Zara. I tousle my locks with Paul Mitchell, and grab a pair of Cazals on my way to the door. Joe gets in after me, and we're off. Later that evening we made love again, and celebrated our "New Year" out with friends that night at karaoke. Our naked New Year was a blast, ball drop or not.



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