My partner and I were alone in the squad room. It was Christmas time and we

were assigned to decorate for the Christmas Party but he decided he was tired and sacked out. So I got screwed again. I was working on it by myself when one of the CI's [confidential informants] showed up. AJ was twenty five years old and had been supplying the squad with information on petty crimes for a couple of years; after I had booked him for a snatch and run. He helped us to recover a lot of stolen property. Everybody liked him. He was about 5'10, had curly black hair, about 160 pounds and cute as a button, especially when he smiled. I had often jacked off in the station bathroom thinking about his hot body.

He walked into the deserted squad, asked what I was doing, and jumped right in and helped me finish the decorating. After the lights were strung and everything else was set up, we sat down at one of the tables to take a break. He immediately took out a pack of cigarettes and lit up. I was in such a horny mood that I decided to have some fun with it. I started kidding around with him as to how disgusting smoking really was. We kidded around for awhile and talked about different things. Then I came back to that same subject. This time I said ' You know, there are a lot of things I would put in my mouth before I would put a cigarette in it.'

He asked, 'Such as?'

'Well,' I said, 'I would probably put a dick in my mouth before I would kill myself by smoking.' I could hardly believe that I let those words out of my mouth.

AJ looked at first like he didn't know how to take it. He looked like he was embarrassed. Finally he said, 'Oh really?'

Quick as a flash I gave in to my desires and said, 'That's right. I bet you don't have the nerve to let me suck on you dick here and now.'

Like most young guys, AJ was up for anything that involved getting his rocks off. But he was still nervous. 'If I let you do it where would we do it?' 'And what about your partner?'

'That shithead is asleep in the bunkroom and wouldn't have a clue. Let's go into the dayroom and do it there. Then we'll hear the door of the bunkroom open if he wakes up and we'll have time to stop'

Nervously he nodded his agreement and we walked into the dayroom together.

I sat down on the couch and he came over and stood in front of me. I asked him 'Have you ever had a blow job before?'

'Yeah, from my girlfriend. But she hasn't done it in a long time.'

'Well, I am going to give you a really great one right now.'

With that, I reached over and started rubbing his basket through the front of his jeans. It didn't take long for it to swell and show me that he was enjoying himself. Then I slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. He was wearing white briefs that showed a nice hard cock outlined in them. I leaned forward and lightly ran my tongue across that outline of his had dick. He pushed his hips forwards to meet my mouth.

I pulled down his briefs and his cock sprang free. It was a nice cock, about seven inches long, cut, and nice smooth balls. I reached out and took a firm hold of his tight ass cheeks as I started licking his balls. He threw back his head moaning lightly as my hot tongue licked his cum makers.

Then he said 'Suck my cock now, man. Please suck it.'

So I ran my tongue up the shaft of his cock until I got to the top of it and slowly swallowed his hard shaft into my mouth. He squirmed with delight at the attention I was giving his cock. I started bobbing up and down for a few minutes running my tongue over the head of his cock.

About that time, we heard the bunkroom door open on its squeaky hinges. 'Damn!' AJ said and quickly pulled up his pants and sat down in the other chair. Before long, my partner Mark came into the room. He asked, 'What are you two up to?' I explained that we had finished decorating the squad room and were taking a break. He turned to AJ and said, 'Thanks AJ for helping out with the decorations while I caught some zzz's.'

'No problem dude. It was worth it.' Little did Mark know what AJ meant by that.

Well it was obvious to both of us that Mark was going to stay up now so I got AJ off to the side and said I'd finish what we started later after the party.

So we stayed busy with the usual piddly crap that day. After the party, AJ helped Mark and me put all the squad room back to normal. After everyone had left and the room was straightened, Mark went off to bed once again.

I could tell that AJ still wanted finish what we started so I said, 'Let's go back into the day room and get you off.'

'What about Mark?' AJ asked again.

'Don't worry about him. He's had so much to eat and drink that he'll be passed out until the end of our shift.'

After getting into our original positions, AJ did not have to be guided by me. He was so horny from earlier that he took down his pants and jockeys, moved is hard cock toward my face with one hand and took hold of my head with the other and started sliding his cock in and out of my waiting mouth. He fucked my face harder and harder with each thrust of his hips. I had a tight hold on his firm buns as he fucked my face to keep his cock inside my mouth. It wasn't long before his balls tightened up and he thrust all the

way down my throat while holding my face against his belly. Then I felt the first spurt of his hot cum as it splashed against the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly so I wouldn't loose a drop of his boy nectar. He kept coming for what seemed like forever and then pulled out, pulled up his shorts, rammed is still-leaking cock into the pouch and zipped up his pants.

'Thanks, man. I really needed that,' he said nonchalantly.

With that, it was clear to me that he was straight and that he didn't want to do anything in return. But then I had already had what I enjoyed the most. I was able to suck his young hot cock in my mouth.

So that was the end, or was it?



part 2

It was a few months later before AJ and I got together again. There had been a rash of home burglaries that we couldn't solve. The perp was alluding our investigations. We were looking into any lead that we could find. I decided to call in my CIs to see if they could help us break the case. We were paying for any information that was credible, so one evening, four came in including AJ to give us their insights about the capers. None had anything solid to give us.

So we talked about lots of other cases for a couple hours. Just chatting like a group of guys with nothing really on our minds. But I had something on my mind that had nothing to do with solving a burglary case. After a while, the other three left and I was alone with AJ. We talked some more about the case, then I began moving the topic towards sexual issues. Finally, I couldn't stand it any more, I wanted him badly so had to say something.

'AJ,' I blurted out, 'I would really like to suck your cock again. Would you like me to again?'

His faced turned red and he looked real embarrassed as he replied, 'Yeah, sure I would. I've been thinking a lot about last time. But where would we do it?'

'Right here like before.'

'But there are so many people around. What if they see us?'

'It's late and those around are busy working on cases. I'll just sit here in the chair and you come stand by me. Just take down you zipper and pull out your cock. I'll suck your cock without you getting naked. If we hear someone coming this way, you can just move away and zip up.' I was horny and really wanted it. The risk of discovery added to my excitement.

He still looked nervous but said, 'okay. Let's do it.'

'Come here.'

He came over beside me and I reached out touching the front of his blue jeans, feeling his cock starting to swell already. I rubbed it through his pants and then began unzipping them. I slid his pants down just a little bit (so that he would be able to pull them up quickly) and found him wearing a pair of boxer shorts this time.

His cock came free out of the slit and bounced up and down right down in front of my face. I ignored but pulled out his balls and began flicking it across his hairy balls. I savored the taste of his man sweat on them. I took each one into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue as he moaned quietly.

I could hear him whisper as I centered my attention on his nuts, 'suck my cock man. Please suck it.'

I had him right where I wanted him.

Slowly I moved real close to him and began breathing hotly across the head of his cock. I was driving him wild with his desire to get sucked. Then just when he seemed to be going crazy I suddenly engulfed his entire cock into my mouth. I impaled myself upon that stiff man meat, savoring the taste of the precum dripping from the head.

I reached behind him and grabbed hold of his firm buns pulling him tight against me. I could smell his manly smell as my nose was buried in his pubic hairs.

I held him tightly and began sliding my hot, moist mouth up and down his stiff pole. Suddenly I felt his hips begin to move as he overcame his nervousness and he began to fuck my mouth like a man possessed. I used my hands to encourage this movement and then he reached out and placed a hand on each side of my head, holding on to it, he began fucking my face, harder.

I loved the feel as his cock withdrew and then buried itself inside my mouth with each thrust of his hips. I reveled in the feeling of knowing that I had this straight man loving what a gay man was doing to him. The knowledge that even though I was on my knees in front of him while my head was held firm in his hands and although my mouth was being filled with each hard thrust of his hips shoving his cock into it, I was the one who had the control.

I stayed there on my knees, in my most favorite position of all, enjoying the object of my desire, pleasuring him more than any woman ever had.

I took one hand off of his ass and began to use it on his cock as I rode my mouth up and down on his cock, I twirled my hand around his cock head as it came almost all the way out each time. I could feel his hips jerking every time that I worked on the oversensitive head of his tool.

All of a sudden, I could feel his shaft beginning to swell even bigger. He began breathing real heavy and I heard him cry out, 'I'm gonna cum, man, I'm gonna cum.'

I just kept working over that meat with joy and pleasure until he rammed his cock all the way home into my throat, filling it with hot cum as he lost his load. He flooded my mouth and I swallowed it all down so there would be no evidence to give us away. I greedily drank every drop of his salty semen.

I licked him completely clean as his cock softened. And then sat down in the chair.

AJ turned to look at me, very red in the face. He sheepishly said, 'Thanks man. That was the greatest.'

I could tell he was very embarrassed even though he dumped his man juice down the throat of another man.

'Listen, AJ, ' I told him, 'There is nothing wrong with one guy helping another guy relieve his needs. I'll suck your cock any time any where.'

'But you swallowed my cum.' he said shyly. 'Doesn't that make you feel sick?'

'No it doesn't. Your cum tasted very good and I loved it when you sunk your cock deep into my throat and filled me with your cum. I'd do it again, any time, man. Any time.'

'Uh okay. I'm still not sure about the whole thing but I know I enjoyed it. But you do know I don't ever want to do anything in return? Maybe, in time, I could learn to please you, too.'

'I understand AJ. I love sucking cock and that's enough for me, right now.'



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