It was Spring break, and Mom said she would FedEx the key to her apartment in Malibu, so a couple friends and I could enjoy a California break. My friend Jake from the dorms, had his Mom's old Sequoia, and he said we could invite his cousins to go with. They would chip in for gas, and it would be a guy's trip.

I packed light, because I wasn't sure how these guys were, and didn't want to be a pansy. Just a few pair of underwear, 2 pair of Levis 511s, some tees, a hooded pullover, and 6 pair of shoes. Jake seemed impressed that I kept it to two bags. I helped him load our stuff, when I noticed two tall, dark, and handsome guys walking toward the SUV, bags in hand, and a wheeled cooler. "Hey guys!" Jake greeted them with a hug. The shorter of the two, I recognized as Ivan. Jake's cousin from Vermont. He was mixed. His Mom had him in highschool, from an attractive black man (I'm assuming by his features.) I shook his hand, and then Jake introduced me to his taller cousin. "This is Isaac." I was caught off guard, because Isaac looked like an underwear model. He had a square cut muscle shirt with nylon gym shorts, and Lacoste boat shoes. He had wavy blondish hair to his shoulders, and puppy dog brown eyes, with a lot of freckles. He was completely athletic from head to toe, and a full set of perfect teeth. He smiled and shook my hand "Hey Lex, Jake told me all about you." I laughed and said "I wish I could say the same!" Truth be told, Jake had never mentioned his cousin Isaac. I was feeling lucky, being in the company of sexy men. Jake was my friend, but he's a sexy guy. He had gauges, and a lip ring, and always straightened his hair, and let it fall in his face. He was borderline emo, but beefy. He had a sleeve of tattoes on his right arm, and a few arm band tattooes on the left, and Love written in cursive on his wrist. He also has dragon wings on his back, a sundial tattooe around his left nipple, and a piercing through the right. He had a girlfriend of 3 years, Amanda, who texted him constantly. Eventually they broke up, but anyway...

We had driven several hours, laughing, talking, and creating scenerios after graduation. I dozed off a few times in the front seat, and then after waking up, and stopping for a bathroom and stretch break, I switched with Ivan. I caught myself eyeing Isaac's chest quite a few times. The way it pushed at the seams of his tank top, and expanded as he breathed. It cut in dramatically under his pecs, and flattened from upper abs to the band of his shorts. I noticed a little bulge, but with a body and face like that, who needs a big dick? We stayed at a Comfort Inn outside of Chicago. It was about 11PM, and we had slept a lot along the way, so Ivan suggested we go to the pool. He flirted with the girl at the frotn desk, and she unlocked the glass door that led to the hallway toward the pool. We jumped in, splashing water at each other, and seeing who could hold their breath the longest. Isaac and Ivan looked even bigger with their shirts off. I looked bigger with my shirt ON, and rarely got above my collar bone out of the water. I have a slimmer build, and large nipples. I have hardly any body hair, except for a peach fuzz happy trail, and bush of pubes, that gets pretty thick, so I keep it trimmed (as you know already).

Isaac kept lifting me up under my arms, and half tossing me into the shallow area, so that I'd be exposed. I called him a dick, and he called me a pussy, and winked. I turned and sat on a step, with the water level at my naval. Isaac came over and asked if I was alright. I said yes, but wanted to chill. "Holy shit you have big nipples." He poked my left one, and I giggled, and instinctively covered it. "Are they sensitive?" I nodded, and crossed my arms to cover both of them. (They're not huge, but they're larger than usual.) Isaac and I were talking about a time when he was younger, and had fallen off the docks at their cottage, and no one was around, and he almost died, but finally grabbed onto a post and hung on til someone heard him yelling for help. He said his parents put him in safety swim classes immediately, and he's loved water ever since. Ivan suggested we go in the hot tub. He went in first, and while we were walking over and stepping in, he pulls his trunks out of the water and laid them on the stone surround. Isaac said "oh great idea!" He too, put his shorts on the surround, and leaned against the bench. "Nothin like free ballin in jet streams." Jake and I followed their lead. I will say it is really soothing, being naked in a jaccuzi. I let myself float back, and relax. I felt a foot up against mine, and instinctively moved it. "Oh sorry" Isaac said smiling. "It's alright." A few minutes later I felt it again, but didn't move my foot. He was looking right at me, and then I felt him moved his foot over mine, and leave it there, as he looked away, talking to Jake about driving time tomorrow.

It had been almost an hour, andthe bubbles and stream had stopped. We were just lounging around, and Jake said he was tired, and going up to the room. He got up, and put a leg up to step out. I got a glance of his hairy ass crack, and really low hangin balls from the back. He walked casually over to the towel station near the indoor/outdoor carpeted area by the vending machines. He toweled off and walked back toward us, with more towels. He was completely naked, as he squatted down to set the towels by the whirlpool. He had a thick bush of pubes that was damp and dark against his skin. His dick was pretty long, but slim, and had a Prince Albert piercing. "Dude, how the fuck is that comfortable?" Ivan said, pointing at his dick piercing. "Amanda loves it," he said as he stood up again, toweling off. His slim but athletic body was glistening, as he toweled off his crotch area, wrapping the towel around his waist. He scooped up his trunks, and left the pool area.

Ivan said he was beat too, and jumped out, grabbing a towel. He had a smooth bubble butt, and very athletic back, and he wrapped the towel around as he turned to say goodnight. I saw a very thick outline of a semi erect dick. Isaac laughed and pointed, "That's what you were doing under the water." "Fuck you man, at least I can fuck with this." He grabbed at his dick as he walked away, trunks over his shoulder.

Isaac turned to me, "I'm not really tired, but if you go up, I'll go up." I said I was fine, and sat back against the wall. "It seems pretty useless with no bubbles." I nodded in agreement, and Isaac suggested I go turn them back on. I argued playfully with him, and he said "fine, I'll do it." He got out of the water, and had a completely tanned ass and legs. There were wet blonde hairs all over his legs, up to his thighs, just under his ass. He had a perfectly smooth athletic back, and strong shoulders and arms. He started the bubbles, and turned to come back. I tried not to look, but he was beautifully sculpted. His chest was flawless, and hairless, and he had a slighly obvious six pack, and deep Vs on each hip. His stomach was also very smooth and flat, and he had a trimmed patch of dark pubes around his very average sized dick. "Like what you see?" I felt my face burn as I said "Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't admire your figure." He laughed and got in. We relaxed and talked more. He kept the foot thing going, and I'd let my foot slide up his leg, by the currents in the streams. At one point I think I brushed against his dick. He was hard, but not intimidating. At this point I had only had a friend briefly put his dick in me, but it hurt, so we decided against it. I was very curious about Isaac though. After a half hour more, we decided to turn in. We both got out naked. I saw Isaac glance at my crotch, and then look away, as he toweled off. We got back to the room, finding Jake and Ivan had nunked in one bed, leaving the other one for us. We took turns showering. I got an up close look at Isaac as he dropped his towel. Even in the dim light, his body was gorgeous. He showered first, and then I followed. He had left the sheets folded down, so I slid in next to him. "If you need more covers, I'm fine without any." "Oh, no that's okay. I can share." He moved around a bit before settling, and I fell asleep shortly after.

The next morning I woke up, and felt Isaac's hand on my waist. He was close behind me, and I knew for sure he had morning wood. I quickly seperated further from him, and looked over my shoulder. He was fast asleep with some of his long blonde hair covering his face. I looked over, and saw that Ivan and Jake had left the room already. I moved to get out of bed, and I heard Isaac's scratchy voice, "Good morning." I turned to see him wiping hair out of his face. "How'd you sleep?" "Good, how bout you?" "I was good, but you seemed cold, so I put more covers on you, and then I got cold, so I just slept next to you." He stretched, arching his back, and I noticed he was tenting the sheets. He caught my gaze and laughed, pushing his dick to the side. I got up and went to grab my bag. When I turned around, Isaac was standing behind me, and the little bulge I saw before, was not that little, stretched to the side of very fitted boxers. "Oh, Wow..." He laughed, "It's not that big, these shorts just show me off." He squatted down to rummage through his duffle bag. I went to the bathroom, and quickly showered, pulling on some 511s and an Affliction tee. Isaac quickly went in after me, and I turned the TV on, watching cartoon network. Jake and Ivan came back a few minutes later. "Dude, you missed breakfast." "Yeah, it was pretty good actually." I was asking if we could stop somewhere to grab a bite, when the bathroom door opened, and Isaac walked in completely naked. "Man, put some clothes on!" Jake yelled, ans Ivan cat called. Isaac laughed and covered himself with his towel.

We stopped at McDonald's and I have a breakfast burrito, and orange juice. Isaac had 2 sausage biscuits, with hashbrowns, a large coffee, and a medium coke. As we drove, we'd search for different stations, and played the license plate alphabet game. Ivan won the first round, and Jake won the next two, and then I won the fourth round, and we called it quits. We decided to extend the trip a day, and go camping in Iowa. We had google mapped a route, but then made some minor adjustments...OK, I'm not an outdoors kind of person, at all. The other three guys got excited, so I just went with it. We stopped at a Farm and Fleet store, off the highway, and purchased supplies, a 2 bedroom tent, and sleeping bags. I bought a pillow too, even though I was harrassed about it. We drove for a couple hours, and found Bellevue State Park. We found our site, and set up camp. Ivan was actually pretty handy, and had the tent up in half an hour. Jake and Ivan wanted to go get some beer and liquor, and I declined to go. Isaac said he just wanted to relax, so they took off, leaving the two of us. We talked about our childhood experiences that involved camping. I only had one, when my cousins and I stayed in our Grandparents' RV at the cottage, while the adults stayed inside. He had quite a few more experiences, including Yellowstone National Park, and a few places down the East Coast, with his Uncle and Jake. I had to go to the bathroom, so Isaac and I explored, finding the bathroom and shower area. It was pretty wide open, and I have a shy bladder, so I went into a stall. We explored the campgrounds, and found a little make shift beach area. We sat down, enjoying the sun, and talked more about our experiences, and highschool. He was on the basketball and track teams. I was in band, and won an art competition with a sculpted piece. I was kind of a nerd I guess. We headed back to the site, and saw that the guys were back. We started our fire pit, and broke open a case of Bud light. I don't like beer, so I had a couple shots of Captain Morgan, chased with a Coke.

I listened to the three of them talk about their childhood life, and all the trouble they got themselves in. They were actually really funny to listen to. After a few beers, and multiple shots, everyone started getting stupid funny. We'd burst out laughing at random things, and then Ivan thought it would be a good idea to play strip UNO. He said when you won a game, you could pick someone who had to remove a piece of clothing. I wasn't that great, but thank God they picked on each other more than me. Jake won a couple hands that he picked me for, and I was down to my tee and briefs. Isaac was already naked, because he had only worn his swim trunks and a tank top, and Ivan had his briefs on. Jake was naked except for his hat, which was odd to be the last piece on. I had already seen their naked bodies, so it wasn't anything that exciting. After everyone was naked, we switched to Dare UNO, where you could pick someone you could dare. If they didn't do the dare, they automatically lost.

Jake dared Ivan to run around the camp site naked, and Ivan dared Jake to pee in the middle of the road. Isaac dared me to do 20 jumping jacks on top of a picnic table across the road. It was dark, and the campground was virtually empty, so it's not like we could actually get in trouble (to clarify).

Ivan started dozing off, so Jake suggested we all go to bed. I pulled my underwear on and went into the left room of the tent, sliding into the silky sleeping bag, and adjusting my pillow. I noticed I had an email from my mom, so I was emailing her back, when Isaac unzipped the door and stepped in. He was still naked, and I could see his form in the glow from the light of my phone. He laid his sleeping bag out next to mine, and slid in, "how's it goin?" "Good, just emailing my mom." "Cool. You're pretty close to her aren't you." "Yeah, she's always there for me." He told me a little about his Mom, and I heard loud snoring next to us, on the other side of the nylon wall. "Are you close with your Dad?" I shook my head, "He wanted a sports star, and I'm more artist than athlete." He punched my arm lightly "you're good at UNO." We both laughed, and he looked seriously at me. "I feel like you need a hug." I said OK, and he gave me a giant bear hug. I knew he was drunk, but honestly, you know how you just want to feel someone wrap their arms around you and hug you? I really did need that hug. I felt his hardon poke into my side, "Ohhhhn sorry...." He quickly dropped his arms and put his hands under his sleeping bag. "It's really sensitive, I must've gotten aroused." I laughed, "I aroused you?" "Maybe you did, I don't know." I felt him leaning toward me, and I prepared myself for anything he would throw my way. He softened his voice and said "I've never done anything with a guy before." "I have." He leaned forward, pressing his lips to mine. I kissed back, but it was dry and awkward. His breath reeked of alcohol, and his lips were cold. He gave it another try, pressing harder, and manuevering himself closer to me. Once again I felt his dick poking me. This time he didn't move, and neither did I. In fact, I slid my hand down his flat stomach, and followed the happy trail to his shaft. I felt his dick throbbing against the sleeping bag, anticipating action. He sighed loudly as I grabbed his shaft. It was warm, and soft, but hard. I felt him thrust his hips, and he started breathing heavy against my neck. He moaned a little, "Oh fuck, I think I'm gonna cum." "Want me to stop?" "No no, keep going." I increased the pressure of my fist, and sped up the pace a little. Within seconds I felt warm cum shooting into my hand, and surround my fist within the sleeping bag. "Shit, that feels good." He was still fucking my hand, and kissing on me. The snoring was loud behind me, but this moment was more intoxicating than the rum in my bloodstream. Isaac sat back, and peeled the sleeping bag away, looking inside of it with his phone, "shit I cam a lot, look." I peeked inside and my mouth feel open. It looked like bukkake, and the smell quickly flooded the tent. I told him we should clean it, and so he stood up, rubbing his head against the roof of the tent, and I followed him out of the tent.

He was still naked, and I was in a loose tank, and my briefs. We were headed to the shower area, when we saw headlights coming down the road. Isaac grabbed my arm, and pinned me against a tree. I felt his wet crotch against my upper thigh, and his breathing on my neckline. The truck passed by, and we continued walking toward the showers. As we approached, we heard running water. Isaac walked around the back, in search of a faucet. We found one, and quickly drenched the sleeping bag. "Can you go in there and get some soap to wash it with?" I nodded and walked into the room, spotting a chubby, middle aged man showering in the middle of the open room. I quickly went to the sink and pumped a handful of soap, walking out as fast as I could. It didn't take long to wash the sleeping bag, and we headed back. Isaac draped the sleeping bag over two of the chairs, and went into our side of the tent. I followed him in, and he was opening the sleeping back. I checked my phone, while he created a makeshift bed. He laid on top of ilthe spread out sleeping bag, and motioned for me to get on. I sat down, and he got close, pressing his naked body against mine, putting his arms around me. "Is this okay?" "Yes, definitely." He squeezed me for a second, and then rested his head against my shoulders. I fell asleep fast, and when I woke up, I was in the fetal position, and really cold. I was still in my loose tank top and briefs. I saw my hooded pullover, draped over my bag, and covered up with it. I looked around, and didn't see Isaac. I pulled on my jeans, and walked out of the tent. The guys were cleaning up the site, and shaking out the beer bottles. "Hey sleepy head, if you want to go shower, we'll finish picking up, and then take off." Jake smiled, and I said OK. I glanced at Isaac, and h gave me a wink. I smiled as I took off to the showers, towel and underwear in hand.

We made a few rest stops along the way, and had dinner at a truck stop outside of Vegas. I asked if we could go into the city, but the guys knew it would take forever. We made it to the apartment by sunset. It's just a few yards from the beach, and we took off for the water. It was so refreshing! Childhood memories were flooding back, and I sent a text to Mom saying we had made it. She called me, and quickly explained that she stocked the pantry with junk food, and pastas in case we decided to cook. She also said we could take the Benz into town. She had an EClass at the time, and I figured it would be easier to drive around with local plates. New York plates wouldn't get us much respect.

We ended the night on the balcony, sipping wine coolers, and what was left of the rum. Mom's apartment is spacious for the area. She bought it in the 80s, and it's been remodeled a couple times. There are 4 bedrooms altogether, but only three available, so Isaac (of course) said we could bunk together. Jake and Ivan loved the idea, because sharing a double bed at the hotel, and then half a tent at the campground was stifling. Each room had a King bed in it, so Isaac and I had plenty of room. I had the bedside lamp on, and it set a nice glow throughout the room. I went to the dresser and pulled out a pajama set from when my parents were together. Mom kept a few things there for me, for the rare times I could make it to the apartment. I was pulling on the pajama pants, and Isaac was stripping down to his boxers. He hesitated a second, and glanced at me, then pushed them down to the floor, sliding into the bed. I opted out of wearing the pajama shirt, as I liked the feeling of his bare chest against my back, and his arms around me. I slid into the bed, and he scooted behind me, pressing hard against me. He kissed the back of my neck, and whispered that he wanted to fuck. I had only been fucked a couple times before, but he wasn't that big so I agreed. I pushed the covers down, and grabbed my bag. I had some aloe vera lotion, and squeezed a good sized amount over his dick. He instantly started to grow hard, as I lubed up my ass. I slowly started rubbing my ass over his dick, while he consistently became harder. Pretty soon he was slipping into me. It tickled at first, but quickly started pleasing. He only thrust a couple of times when he gasped that he was going to cum. I quickly slid myself off his dick, and felt him spurting against my ass and balls. He had his eyes closed, and his brows furrowed. He sprayed against me multiple times, and I felt it dripping off me. As I at back against him, I felt squishing against me. I stayed still for a couple minutes, feeling his dick stop spasming. His eyes were wide, and he seemed a bit embarassed. "I'm sorry, I usually last longer." "It's OK, honestly, I'm just glad you got off." I slowly maneuvered off of him, using the pajama pants as a towel. He was covered in his own cum, and I giggled a little watching him try to get out of bed, without dripping onto the sheets. We showered together, poking and jabbing at each other. We fell asleep with his arms around me, and his hard dick against me. The next morning I woke up alone again, and made my way to the kitchen, where the guys were eating bacon and eggs. Isaac winked at me again, as I sat down.

We spent the day at the beach, and had a movie night that evening. Isaac and I didn't mess around again, but he kept his arms around me through the night. The rest of the week flew by. On the last night at the apartment, Isaac said he wanted to fuck again, and this time he had condoms and lube. We started off slow, and when I would sense him building up I'd stop, and contract my ass hard over his dick. He did this quite a few times, until a few minutes later, he was getting vigorous with his thrusting, and he let out a "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...." And I felt him cumming inside. He pulsed and throbbed, and hung tightly onto me, while he came. He slowly relaxed, and let go of me, his dick still inside. He kissed the back of my shoulder, and we fell asleep.

The trip back to New York flew by. Ivan and Jake traded positions, driving straight through. Isaac and I would exchange glances and winks often, even stealing a hand holding moment, especially at night. We all said our goodbyes at the dorm, as Jake and I moved slowly through the parking garage. I glance over my shoulder at two tall, dark, and handsome guys walk away...



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