To the Readers: Once I decided to take a break from writing all sorts of new ideas for stories began creeping into my head. I found it much harder to stop writing than I ever imagined. The story below was originally a short story about a one night stand. I've revised and expanded this idea into more than 25,000 words.



Written By: Bill Hudley

I checked in at the reception desk, handed over the charge card, signed the form and took my room key card. As I rode the elevator to my room I thought to myself, that I was getting tired of this constant traveling. I had three clients to see tomorrow and catch another plane to Memphis at six tomorrow night. I had to find something else. Constant travel had cost me my marriage and I had trouble even dating with my erratic schedule. One phone call from an upset client and old Dave here was off to the rescue. Sometimes all I did was take the client to dinner while our people at main office corrected the problem.

I could have stayed at home and placated the client by phone. Where was the need for me to fly four hundred miles to say we're sorry and it will be fixed as soon as possible. How many times had I thought these same thoughts as I flew off from home base and what little life I had that was mine now.

I dropped my briefcase and carry all on the bed while the bellman sat my bag on the folding rack. I tipped him a fiver and tugged my tie off and turned on the shower. The steamy shower got rid of a lot of my complaints and I felt much better. I put on slacks a crew neck pull over and a sport jacket and headed for the hotel bar.

It was only 4:05 P.M. and the bar was sparsely attended at this time in the afternoon. I pulled out a stool near the bar TV and ordered Dewar's, neat. The TV was showing a Strong Man competition and I watched, not really interested. Others came in as the afternoon crept on toward evening. A nice looking, clean cut young man sat one stool away and after nodding hello he asked what I thought of the Strong Man Competition.

"I wouldn't be interested in being that strong if my body had to look like that. I guess I'm too vain but to me those guys may be strong but they sure do look like they are just fat. I'd rather be weaker and be able to see my shoes when I look down."

He laughed..."That's a great way to think about it. I'll bet that those guys don't date a lot."

It was my time to laugh..."Hell, I've got a decent body, for my age, and I still can't date much. I'm always in the air on my way to put out fires it seems."

"Man, I hear that...I know what you mean, it's the same with me. I'm Jim by the way, Jim Bouten." he said offering his hand.

I shook his hand. "David Crandall...nice to meet you Jim. What line are you in? I'm the Executive Vice President of Client Ass Kissing at my company."

"Jim laughed and spewed a bit of his drink out as he did. "David, it seems we're in the same line of work. I do hold their hands sometimes instead of the usual rim job."

"Sorry, you got me there, what is a rim job."

"I guess you would call it ass kissing with lots of tongue." he said grinning.

"You've lost me there somewhere". I said.

"Sorry David, it was a feeble attempt at dark humor. Only funny if you're familiar with the term. My company sells software programs and I go in, determine the problem and recommend fixes and solutions." Jim explained.

"I do much the same thing, we sell and install industrial conveyor systems."

Jim moved over to the stool beside me. "Looks like the bar might fill up here soon." He said as he sat down beside me.

We continued talking and got into failed relationships, asshole supervisors, clueless managers and the lack of good looking, available women.

Jim looked me in the eyes and said. "Women are way too much work for too little reward Dave. I discovered a while back that I could get a guy to give me terrific sex with no strings and no hassle. 'Wham bam, thank you Sam' and that's the last you hear of him.."

"A guy? You'd have sex with a guy? I whispered not wanting others to hear,

"Dave, did you ever have a jack off buddy when you were young"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact I did."

"Did he ever touch your cock? Did you ever touch his?" he asked.

"Uh...yeah...I guess we both did." I said quietly

"Did either or both of you cum, did it feel good?"

"Well yeah...that's why we did it." I said.

"Well Dave, you've had sex with a guy too."

"Oh just..." I stammered to a stop.

"Kids or men, what's the difference Dave?"

"Uh...what do you do with a guy Jim?"

"It depends on the guy Dave. Some just want to give you a blow job, swallow your jizz and be gone. Some like to feel your body, kiss if you'll let them, some eat out your ass and some love to be fucked in their ass. You would not believe how tight and hot a man's ass is, Dave. Better that any pussy I've ever been in for sure."

"Damn...that's just too weird Jim. I don't think I could do that" I said.

"One quick question Dave. Is your cock hard right now?"

"Hmm...I guess it is...I see what you mean. I probably could do it, huh?"

"I'd bet on it David"

I had been so caught up in what he was saying I hadn't realized that his leg was fully against mine from the thigh to the calf, pressing lightly but firmly. I looked into his eyes.

"Jim are you hitting on me, wanting to have sex with me?" I whispered again not wanting anyone but him to hear.

"Well David, I guess that I am. I really don't want to embarrass you or for you to think I thought you would be willing. It's just that in our talking about it, I've gotten hard as stone thinking about being in bed with you. Touching your body, making you cum."

"Okay...uh...thanks for being honest. I remember the excitement and how I felt as a kid and being with my friend that way. I liked the feeling I had when I ejaculated in his mouth. I did it too, reciprocated I mean. It was exciting."

"Yes I remember too." Jim added.

I looked at Jim for a long moment. I knew that I was going to give in, I'll let him get me off. There's a good bit of truth in what he said about too much work for too little reward with women you didn't hire for sex. There wasn't much fun in that either.

"It's dinner time Jim, would you join me for dinner and then we can talk about whose room we're going to after we eat." I was smiling at him.

"You bet. Let's eat." Jim was beaming a brilliant smile my way.

At that moment I realized that he was a very handsome man. I don't remember thinking of how he looked at anytime we were talking.

We asked the barman for menus and placed our orders to be eaten in the main dining room. About halfway through the next drink we were called to the dining room and we were escorted to our table by a good looking young man in his early twenties, he too had a brilliant smile.

Seated at our table we talked more, Jim lives in Chicago, his family is in Milwaukee. We chatted about our jobs, movies, football and soon we were paying our check and back in the lobby.

This was awkward for me, I didn't have a clue as to what to say or do. Jim pulled a coin from his pocket, flipped it in the air and caught it in air and covered it with his hand.

"Heads your room, tails mine, okay?" he asked.

"Sure." I said hesitantly Jim raised the back of his hand and peeked without letting me see. I laughed and told him to show it.

He uncovered the coin and held it out for me to see. " lead the way David."

As we rode up to the 15th floor I became more and more apprehensive about this. As soon as we were in the room, Jim called room service and had a bottle of Dewars sent up with a bucket of ice. We sat at the table with the TV on and chatted a bit until the bellman arrived with the booze.

While Jim put the ice in our glasses I brought in a cup of water from the bathroom, poured two fingers of scotch into each glass and added the water. We lifted our glasses and Jim clinked his against mine.

"Here to new adventures David"

"Cheers" I added as I chugged the entire drink at once and immediately poured another.

"Jim...I'd like some ground rules here, okay. I'm willing to try this but if I say stop, I really want you to stop. Understood?"

"Of course David, I would never force you into doing anything you don't want to do. I promise to stop when you say to."

'Uh...I don't know what we're supposed to do" I said.

Jim turned on the bathroom lights and pulled the door partially closed. and put the TV on a easy listening music station and turned off the lights in the room. He walked over to me and started unbuttoning my shirt, then he loosened my belt. I reached for him and started doing the same. After I unbuckled his belt I hesitantly lowered his zipper as it reached it's end I felt a hardness behind it. I looked up into his eyes, surprised.

Jim carefully finished undressing me and I lay on the bed in my shorts only. As soon as he was down to his shorts he got on the bed , laying on his side and put a hand on my chest. He looked to me and asked...

"You doing okay so far Dave?"

"Fine so far. You sure have a lot of hair on your body. I like it, my Dad was hairy like you." I said.

Jim raised his leg up atop mine and lay his chest onto my side and began moving his hand on my chest. When he touched my nipple I squirmed, when he pinched it lightly I moaned, when he leaned over and took it in his mouth I went wild on the bed, thrashing about and pushing my chest up for him to chew on it more. While he was working my nip with his mouth, his hand rubbed down my body and he cupped my hard cock through my briefs and squeezed hard. I moaned loudly at that. Having a strange hand grab my hard cock was thrilling.

He moved and his lips were now on my neck, kissing softly. His lips at my neck and his hairy body rubbing against my body was very erotic. My cock was so hard it ached. The way that he was snuggled up against me was comforting, I was a bit surprised when I realized that I had my arm around him holding him close against me.

Jim's lips and tongue found my ear and had me panting and moaning as he tongued my ear and kissed my neck softly, I was surprised when his lips touched my closed eyelid, that felt very good, then he kissed the other. As he moved I felt his breath on my face, his lips were only a millimeter away from touching my lips. When I did not respond he moved on and began kissing his way down my body.

Finally I reached out and my hand found his crotch and I groped his cock, holding on tightly. It felt wonderful in my hand, even through his shorts. He brought his head back up to my chest and looked into my eyes.

"Your hand feels so good holding my cock, feel it throbbing at your touch?"

"Yes, it feels so good. I've forgotten how different another cock feels in my hand"

I let go and slid my hand into the waistband of his shorts and continued down and took his cock in my bare hand. His cock and balls were warm and touching them was electric, it felt so good. Jim began tugging at my shorts, I raised my butt and he slid them off and threw them onto the floor.

Jim moved and got between my legs, I watched him reach and cup my balls with one hand and he slowly jacked my cock with the other. All the while he was looking into my eyes.

"Mmm David, you have a very nice body so slim and so very sexy. Your cock is so big around I can hardly get my fingers around it. Please don't get uptight, I'm going to put my face closer so I can smell your musk, that scent that's yours alone. Mmm you smell good David....please spread your legs a bit wider....there now."

I did as he asked and he sucked and lapped at the place where my leg joins my body, it was a bit ticklish, but it felt so good too. I closed my eyes and my hands caressed his head and hair as he lay there licking at my crotch. I felt his head look up then the most wonderful feeling engulfed my cock as he slowly took it deep into his moist mouth. I groaned and he continued sucking more and more of me into his mouth and throat. Finally his nose was buried in my crotch hair and he ground hard wanting more of me. He roughly shook his head back and forth and gobbled at my cock like he could eat me up.

As he started his bobbing rhythm I started moving my hips meeting his downward bobs with an upthrust of my hips, grinding more cock into his throat. Jim got into a fantastic rhythm moving up and down faster and faster. I felt my balls rising up and I told him I was getting close which only spurred him on faster. I began to thrash about.

"Jim...oh man...I'm gonna nut dude...I'm really close... pull off now or I'm gonna nut in your mouth Jim....JIM...OH MIGOD...OH...NOW...I'M CUMMING...GAWD...OH...OH...OH...Jim...Man...whew...Jim."

I pulled him up and wrapped an arm around him holding him against my chest.

"Oh Man, I know what you mean...that was woman would ever do it like you did...fucking fantastic dude."

I bent my head and could just reach his forehead with my lips. I kissed him there.

"Jim, that was special. Give me a few minutes here, I can't remember ever cumming so hard. You did that well, Jim. WOW! I've had quite a few blow jobs Jim, all from women and nothing ever felt like that."

Jim looked up at me. "There now, that wasn't so bad, it didn't hurt a bit, did it?"

"Too bad you're leaving tomorrow David, there's a lot more I could show you that feels so much better than a blow job."

"I like to find out but I have to be in Memphis Wednesday. One thing is for sure Jim, I won't soon forget you and what you did. Now I'm going to try and see how much of that I can do to you. I want to try, you made me feel so good, I hope I can make it good for you too."

I moved between Jim's hairy legs and my cock was rock hard again. It was sexy looking at him lying there before me. I held his balls and jacked his cock like he had done to me. When I bent to smell his musk it was like a kick in the gut. His aroma made me horny, I opened wide and took his cock into my mouth. My mouth closed and I ran my tongue around under his cock. I liked the way his cock filled my mouth, the way it tasted and that scent at his crotch drove me wild.

I bobbed faster and faster, I heard him cry out....'your teeth, watch your teeth'...I covered them with my lips and opened as wide as I could. Jim began fucking my mouth. Holding him tight I pushed hard and his cock went into my throat. He moaned loudly and I ground against him, all of his fat cock down my throat. I heard him growl.

"DAVE...ungh...NOW...It's cumming...NOW...OH MIGOD...SUCK ME...DAVID!"

I couldn't swallow it all, it seeped out the corners of my mouth and he just kept cumming. When his ejaculation stopped, I could taste his cum on my tongue and lip. I wasn't repulsed and I sort of liked the taste of him. When he collapsed he was completely limp except for the seven or so inches of him still in my mouth. That part I nursed and gently sucked and tongued as it slowly returned to its flaccid state.

I don't know how long we lay there but when I felt Jim move I moved back up to look at him. He gave me a weak little smile and exhaled loudly. He said only one word.


I don't have a clue why I did it but I inched my face closer and I kissed his lips, I felt his tongue begging for entry and opened my mouth to the most shocking, moving feeling of the night for me. Kissing him was the most sensual thing I have ever felt. I was rock hard again in seconds. We kept kissing, Jim wrapped his arms around me rubbing all that body hair against me. It seemed that it lasted for hours, when we finally pulled apart we both gasped for air and lay there just looking into the others eyes, I felt a twinge inside me. I still don't know what that was. But at that moment, that kiss was the best thing that I could remember ever happening to me.

I was stupefied, I couldn't talk. I just pulled him close had held him tightly to me. He stretched his body and wrapped his arms around my neck again and kissed me again. Ten seconds into that kiss I ejaculated again covering both of us in my cum, without touching my cock. Jim kissed the cum out of me.

At three A.M. I woke and had to pee. I came back to bed with a warm washcloth and gently cleaned Jim. He stretched and smiled and reached for me. I turned him and spooned him to my chest and held him close to me. my lips at his neck, his round little butt cradled against my crotch. I can't remember the last time I slept that good. We stirred and got out of bed at eight A.M., showered and dressed, Jim went to his room to change and I told him to meet me for coffee.

As he walked into the coffee shop he had a shy look about him, I rather liked it. He sat down and was quiet as he sipped his coffee. We looked at each other over our cups and finally I spoke.

"Chicago, huh?"

He grinned. "Yeah, I'm afraid so."

"Jim, last night was an unimaginable surprise to me, amazingly fantastic. I want us to do that again. And soon."

"Anytime David, anytime."

We exchanged cell numbers and before we parted I asked him to come with me to the men's room. Inside I pulled him into a stall and kissed him as hard and as long as we could. Panting again as we broke apart. He said...

"I'll call you tonight. when I get home."

"You'd better, I'll be jamming up your message box if you don't...Jim, there has to be more than just last night. Okay?

"Yes, I want more of you too."

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear. We can work with the miles between us. That's the easy part. I'll see you soon, I promise. Meanwhile we can talk, are you with Phone sex."

"I guess we'll find that out tonight. David."

We parted at the hotel, Jim staying for another night then home to Chicago and me home to Memphis later on a 6pm flight. I've been distracted all day, thinking about my first adult homosexual encounter last night. We met in the hotel bar and somehow, after dinner and enough Scotch to loosen my inbred Southern inhibitions, we wound up in bed together doing the nasty! I wasn't drunk and I knew exactly what I was doing. I was also well into my fifth month without sexual intercourse. My last time had been with a prostitute and I feared that I would have to resort to that again. After our conversation at the bar all I had expected from this guy last night was a blowjob.

Back in Junior High, my buddy Adam and I started jacking off together, not touching each other, just whacking off and sneaking glances at our buddy's cock when he wasn't looking. At 14 our cocks pretty much ruled our minds and bodies. I was beating off before school, at school in a restroom stall and I rushed home to do it again before my kid sister got in from her school.

Every time Adam and I were alone together we'd end up beating off. We'd been jacking each other for a few months, when one afternoon, without a word of warning, Adam leaned over and took my cock into his mouth. That did it for me right then. A cute guy like him sucking my cock was a turn on like no other! I was completely awed when he swallowed my jizz. He lay back on his pillow when he had finished.

Recovering quickly, I wasted no time in getting his longer, fatter cock in my mouth. I did everything I remembered Adam doing to me, when he warned me he was getting close, I worked harder trying to get more of him in my throat. This was just another step in our teen aged, evolving, sexual curiosity and development. We did this for two or three months before Adam started dating girls. Then before I realized what was happening, he was gone from my life. I saw him at lunch some days and we talked a bit, but we were never close again. Once he mentioned us having sex, and started warning me to never tell anyone, when I stopped him.

"We were just kids, Adam. I won't tell because I did everything you did."

So it's been 17 years between my man to man sex encounters. More like boy to boy than man to man that first time. I began dating girls and soon learned that with a lot of heavy petting, kissing and feeling them up, most girls would rather give me a blow job than risk having intercourse and the possibility of pregnancy. That was just fine with me; I only wished that the girls could do it as well as Adam had back when we were kids.

Now, after last night with Jim, my mind is bouncing around like the silver ball in a pinball machine, one minute I preparing for a client meeting and the next second an image of Jim's tight, hairy body with me lying between his legs sucking his cock.

As I sit in a restaurant waiting on my client to meet me for lunch, last night with Jim keeps flashing through my mind. Somehow, strange as it was, it all seemed natural to me. I feel no remorse nor any regret. I'd do it again right now if he were here.

It's strange though that it isn't the act of sex that fills my mind. It's Jim that does that, I think about how his fine, furry body felt against me, the thrill I felt with his fat cock in my hand, his handsome face. When I really think about the act, what we did, I get erect and hard as stone. Today, my head cleared of alcohol and my mind filled with the newness of what has transpired between us, I couldn't think of anything that would keep me from going to bed with him again...and the sooner the better for me!

It wasn't the ball draining orgasms that occupied my thoughts, it's Jim the man, that's been on my mind all day since our parting kiss in the men's room. I just want to know more about him. The way his naked body feels against me, the way I feel with him, naked and in my arms...that is a main attraction now. The intimacy I felt lying naked, with his firm, hairy body molded against is what occupies my thoughts.

I've been with several women sexually since my divorce but I've never felt the intimacy I felt with Jim, that's what I missed most, the connection and intimacy shared by lovers. What we've shared completely shattered the taboos I've heard all my life. Be that as it may, the feel of his hard, muscular and very hairy body entwined with mine as we made love followed by the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced, shook me to the core.

Faced with my very real enthusiasm for what has transpired over the past few hours, I'm convinced that I must have buried my homosexual desires since Adam reacted so strongly against the very thing he initiated, back when we were in High School.

The fact that I enjoyed my time with Jim and what we did together, forces me to admit that I am, at the very least, a bi-sexual man.  For right now, that's as far as I want to go in this self analysis, but I haven't thought about a woman sexually since I met Jim.  At this moment if I had the choice of taking either a beautiful woman to bed or to make love with Jimmy again, right this minute, it would be Jim hands down, for whatever reasons lurk in my nasty little mind, his hunky, furry little body drives me crazy, I've had the best sex of my life with him and the man scent at his crotch has become my newest addiction.   Already I'm hard and leaking just thinking of him.

Since we parted this morning, I've thought about the 'switch' from straight to gay a good bit.  I even started a Pro & Con list while waiting for my next appointments.   My straight sex life has been almost non existent, no dates in nearly six months.   I do however have a world class collection of 'Straight Porn' as a result of my dating inactivity.

Sometime ago I was thinking about my predicament and came to the conclusion that my hand and my porn collection were much preferable to my ex-wife.   The constant carping, bitching and sexual deprivation she used to get her way; for her sex was a tool that she used to get what she wanted. Sandra had no appreciation for a moment of silence, quiet reflection or introspection. She saw every lull in any conversation as her opportunity to talk about any and everything as long as it pertained to her. While I blame my job for ruining the marriage, I've come to believe that our divorce was a good thing.

After abandoning the pro & con list, I tried to think of situations where introducing my gay partner would embarrass or trouble me.  Honestly there aren't any I've thought of.  As for family, I have a brother, two years older than me, he's recently divorced, caught at a motel by the wife's private detective; photographs verified the affair.  Now he's paying the mortgage and support payments for my two nieces along with her alimony.   I'm sure things are strained with him at the moment, we were really close when we were younger, he always let me tag along after him, but we not as close these days.

When Dan went to Junior High I became his little brother 'the Pest', I missed him so much I cried myself to sleep many nights back then.  My kid sister who was two years younger than me, ran off with a drug addict when she was 18,   they both died the same night, overdosed on heroin. She was only 19 when she died.

Since last night, I've wanted to hold Jim against me again, to kiss him and to sleep spooned to his back.   Kissing Jim really threw me a curveball. The pure maleness of a man kissing another man, tongues battling, the animalistic, raw lust that his tongue probing my mouth ignited, overwhelmed me.  I like everything we did and wanted more of it, now.

I found myself wondering if I could live my life with a man as my partner. I've never considered the possibility, but after last night and today, it is something that I am certain I will need to decide and very soon. I really don't think that will be an issue. IF I can accept the fact that I am a gay man and willing live together with a man as my partner and lover.

I finished my appointments a bit after 5 pm and rushed to get to the airport and my flight home to Memphis.  A thunderstorm with horrific lightning, lasting for more than an hour, delayed my flight, it was after 9pm when I opened the door of my condo in Memphis. The place was dark and stuffy with the AC thermostat set to come on at 90° when I'm away for extended periods.

In the dim light of the kitchen lamp I saw the insistent blinking light on the answering machine.   I hit the play button and I heard 'you have eleven new messages.  I picked up a notepad and pen for phone numbers if needed.  I listened as my boss wanted a recap of my trip, one of the Charlotte clients called to thank me for personally coming to his aid. One message from my dentist, a couple of hang ups and three messages from Jim.

His message started out nice, saying what a good time he had with me, by the time I heard the last one he was down to just 'call me David.' Smiling I dialed his number.  He answered on the second ring.

"Jim!  It's David. I just got home, there was a 90 minute flight delay for a bad thunderstorm, I've only been home about 5 minutes.  How are you tonight?"

"I've been wondering all day if you were a dream or are real.   I've got body parts that tell me you are very, very real.  I wish you were here David, I can't remember how long it's been since I've slept so soundly and rested so well as I did with you.

"I know, me too. So, Jim, it's Thursday evening, what are your plans for the weekend?"

"Just the same old routine, clean the apartment, do laundry, go to the market, pick up the dry cleaning and all the while I'm doing those things I'll be wishing I was there with you."

"Oops, a call's coming in, aw shit! It's my boss, I'll call you back, a.s.a.p.  He wants a briefing on my trip."

I did a ten minute song and dance for the boss and took tomorrow off. I told him I was about burned out.

"David, take a week or two off.  God knows you've enough time built up."

"You talked me into it boss.   Are you okay with me not taking my phone?"

"NO! I AM NOT!  Take your phone with you David."

"Darn, can't blame a guy for trying, but thanks bossman, I need some time off right now." I laughed.

I dialed Jim back as soon as I could.

"It's me again.  The boss told me to take a week off to regroup.  I'm thinking I haven't been to Chicago in ages, are you okay with me coming to visit you tomorrow?

"What!  Uh yes but,  if you're really serious then it's HELL YES!   You're coming here for real?

"Yes I am.   I'll call you for an address when the plane lands.   Promise me that you'll keep it low key, just hang out and see how we get along out of bed.  Not to imply that we won't spend a lot of time in bed cause we will be doing a lot of that I hope."

Now, meanwhile, I'm going online to make a flight reservation, then make a sandwich and go to bed.  I hope I can dream about this guy that seduced me last night,  I'll call first thing in the morning Jim.   Sweet Dreams!"

"Sweet dreams to you David. Jeez!  You're really coming to see me?"

"YES.  Don't worry about showing me the sights, we'll just hang out and get to know each other a bit. Okay!

"Sure, that sounds just about perfect,  quick, what's your favorite breakfast?" Jim asked.

"You'll never find Tennessee Country Ham with scrambled eggs, fried apples, Cat Head biscuits and Red Eye Gravy in Chicago.  My Gran always made it for me every time I visited with her.   We'll do that when I have you here in Memphis.  We can go for brunch Saturday, I have a 'thing' for Eggs Benedict, if we ever leave your bed then you can feed me Eggs Benedict.  Uh, food wise I'm flexible, oatmeal and toast would be a feast if I'm eating with you.  You really make me hot Jimmy, the things you did to me."

"Yeah, that horny feeling is mutual for sure!   A weekend in bed should tell the tale about us getting along.  I've heard there's more to life than sex, but if memory serves, it was a 45 year old virgin who said it." Jim added.

Our conversation became little more than whispers and moans as we took great pain to explicitly state every little thing we intended to do to the other.  I lay naked atop the bed covers and covered my torso with my semen as Jim and I climaxed, just talking on the phone while our hands provided our release.  We managed to get off nearly at the same instant. Jim blew his nut about two heartbeats before me.

"I'm coming to be with you. I need to get to know a lot more about Jim Bouten"

"Jeez David, I can hardly believe that you're really coming here, wow!

After ending our call, I hit the shower and cleaned up my mess from the phone call, after that phone session I can hardly wait to get to Chicago, even masturbation is more intense with Jim!   I looked in the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and a Klondike Bar from the freezer.  No sandwich tonight.  I went to the computer and booked myself on a 9:15am flight to Chicago-Midway airport.

When I thought to check my messages the next morning, I had already had two texts from Jim, one inquiring about my arrival and the other asked if I would mind having him bathe my body with his tongue.   I sent him my arrival info and told him precisely where he could stick that tongue once we are in his bedroom.  My cock has been semi-hard all morning just thinking about the what I expect to happen over the course of this weekend.   I can't even remember the last time I had sex two nights in a row.

I repacked my carryall, fresh underwear, tees, shorts to lounge around his place in, Jeans and boardshorts for going out.  I wore a old pair of 501's I've had since I was in college, they fit like a second skin, the knees, crotch and rear pockets all were faded and worn to a much lighter shade but there were no holes in them as yet.  With the jeans I wore a starched, white button down collar shirt, Bass Weejuns, a camel tan Suede Sport Jacket and my Aviator Ray-Bans, I added more shirts and jeans to go along with my ever present dark suit and tie.

Killing time waiting for my cab to take me to the airport, I glanced through the mail, glad to find that there was nothing that couldn't wait. I heard a car horn and I looked out to see my cab was here.  Grabbing my things, I ran down the steps and off the the airport.  All was going smoothly so far, my flight would leave on time. I sent off a text message to Jim when we got the call to board.

After deplaning at Midway Airport I went straight to baggage pick up and caught my bag on the second time around, put the strap over my shoulder and picked up my carry all when there was a tap on my shoulder.  I turned to see Jim smiling at me.

"Need a ride stranger?"

Jim stood there wearing the most welcome smile I can remember, I threw an arm over his shoulder and hugged him to me. I nuzzled into his neck. He wore jeans as well, a kelly green sweater lucked into the jeans and a worn bomber jacket that stopped at his waist giving the world  sight of what I considered to be the perfect bubble butt.  I was already getting hard and we're not out of baggage claims yet.

"Jeez Jimmy, you smell so good. Hey, what a surprise!  I was going to get a cab to your door, but I'm sure glad you're here."

Jim blushed a bit and looked down.

"I didn't want to wait, plus it gives us a little more time together.  Geez, I can hardly believe you're here. Ooooh,  you looked great in a suit David, but Damn!  Seeing you in those Jeans, is a sight to remember, I'll be the envy of men and women alike with you beside me.  Were you this handsome in when we were Charlotte?"

"I'm just really turned on to see you.   It's been a long time since I spent more than a few hours with a date.  We've got a few days if you can put up with me that long Jimmy!"

It seemed like I got my seatbelt adjusted and fastened and we were at Jim's apartment.  When we got out of his car he invited me in.

"Come on in, we can get your bags in later, you won't need clothes for what I have in mind for our immediate future."

Inside, his arms were around my neck before the door closed.  This kiss was very different from the one in the bathroom stall right before we parted in Charlotte.  That kiss was still all lust. Now it's more than lust, at least it is for me.  This kiss was gentle, loving and so full of emotion that I was a bit confused at first.  Then I realized I was the same way as Jim, we knew that there was no frantic need to climax, now we could take our time and enjoy a each other, and share more  intimate moments together.

Holding him slightly off the floor with my hug I savored the taste of him, our tenderness and caring was pervading the room.  When we broke the kiss,  Jim lay his head on my chest and sighed.

"Mmm welcome to Chicago David Crandall, you seem to be too good to be true, but I know you're the real deal.  You really have surprised me, I feared that we would ever meet again much less you flying here so soon."

"I told you I wanted see more of you.  Our night together in Charlotte showed possibilities that I had never considered, we're pretty darn good in the sack, if we get along as well out of bed as we do in bed this could be something special Jim."

"Damn!  My manners!  Can I get you a drink, something drink or to eat." Jim asked.

"Yes you can Jimmy, I have this protein deficiency that I need your help with.  You want me on my knees here or in the bedroom?"

Before he could answer I had his jeans unbuttoned and pulled them to the floor, his hard cock bounced around in wide arcs after being freed from it's denim prison.  I saw a clear pearl gather and grow at his slit,  Pulling his cock down, I swallowed all I could in one gulp.  By the third head bob I had all of him deep inside me. 

His orgasm happened fairly quickly, it seemed that just a minute or so passed by when he's showered my tonsils with his semen.  Right on cue with my thoughts, Jim froze with his cock deep into my throat, I put my arms around his hairy little butt and pulled him in deeper as he filled me with volley after volley of his semen.  It came so fast I couldn't keep up, some dribbled from my mouth as I tried to take all of him.  He shot his load down my throat, his body bent over, cradling my head with his chest and arms, his hands caressing my neck and face while his hips and engorged cock are jack hammering  in my throat. I try and keep him from falling.  Thank fully I don't have a gag reflex, I can suck him deeply.

When Jim's breathing calmed I stood and picked him up in my arms and carried him down the short hall to the room he indicated and we lay on the bed.  I was on my back and Jim lay on his side, covering half of me with his furry body.  We he looked up to me,  I leaned in and kissed him again.  During that kiss his hand took my cock and slowly rubbed round the head, sliding down the shaft, then up again.

Without a warning,  Jim was up and straddling my hips, my fingers twirled through his chest hair and found the hard nubs of his nipples buried in the thick, dark mat of chest hair.   I studied his face.  How can he can go from a complete stranger to this handsome man whose presence I suddenly seem to need, after all, I've flown 800 miles to be with him.  I've never done anything like this for a woman.   I snapped back to the present as he pinched my nipples hard.

Jim's thumbs and forefingers on both hands were rolling and pinching my nips, making me moan and thrash about.  I began playing with the silky hair on his chest again, Jim leaned down to kiss me and I felt him place my hard cock at his opening.   Once positioned, he pushed back enough to let me know this is what he wanted.

"You sure Jim? I've never done this,  anal sex I mean."

"You'll do just fine. Kiss me, David, kiss me!"

Somewhere during that kiss I felt Jim gasp and suck in air between our lips.  I was inside him.  Instinctively I knew to be still.   Jeez, I've no monster cock but I imagine that it would hurt like hell pushed up my butt.  I kissed and talked with Jim, asking him if I should pull out and he pulled me closer making more of my cock slide inside him.   When his mouth closed on my nipple I nearly bucked him off the bed. My nips seemed even more sensitive than at our first meeting.

Jim sat up, letting up, more of my cock ease into him. I closed my eyes and savored these new feelings gathered just under the head of my penis.  I shuddered and felt goose-flesh run over my body. These sensations that are bombarding me, one after the other, the tingling, tickling feelings just under my cock glans are maddening. I have no control, it's Jim's ride to finish

I raised up a bit and pulled him to me, Jim delivered a soul searing kiss, with his tongue in my mouth my body was wracked with chills and tremors.  His responses to my kisses and playing with his big fat cock completely jangled what few nerves I have left unfrayed.

Jim is an expert at keeping me just at the edge of orgasm, just when I start to moan he backs off and moves to another part of my body to work me into a frenzy all over again.  He loves stretching my testicles, making me moan and groan.  I need to fuck him.  I'm begging him to let me fuck him, I'm about ready to bust my biggest nut ever judging by the aching in my testicles and penis.

Jim began circling his hips, working my stiff cock with his insatiable ass. He rode me hard and in seconds I was moaning and grabbing fistfuls of bed covers.  Technically, it was my cock deep inside Jim's beautiful butt, but there was absolutely no doubt about who was fucking who. I pressed my hips upward and let his have his way with me.

He's soft like velvet inside, and so frigging hot!  His body temp feels like it is 200 degrees. I knew already  that Anal sex would play a very large part in any relationship with a man, now I know why.  I watched Jim's face register his emotions as he flashed from pain to pleasure then into rapture.  We were both caught up in the emotions of the moment; Jim was at that place where the only thing that mattered is the cock inside him, he needed it to be deeper, harder and faster!  Jimmy rode my cock hard.  I could only push up, grinding against his pelvis. His pleasure showed in his eyes, he was past any sort of pain, the look on his face makes me wonder how good this really feels.  I arched my back and thrust my hips hard against him.

"David, lets turn over, please.  I want to watch your face when we reach our orgasm, Ooooo Dave, for your first time you sure know how to make me feel good. Oohh!  Your cock,  I'm so full of you."

I rose up onto my knees and took his legs in my hands, holding them wide spread and out of our way.  Jimm stuffed a couple of pillows under his butt as I slowly slide deep into him again.   Jim is pulling on the backs of my thighs, wanting my cock deeper.  Our eyes were locked in a lustful stare as he slowly strokes his aching cock, I began long dicking his hairy butt and thinking that this is the best sex ever!  Our eyes never once wavered, from the time I started my rhythm to the near heart stopping orgasm.  I just can't get enough of this man!

Maybe it's just lust, but plugging Jim's furry little butt brought me to the hardest, most debilitating orgasm of my life.  Jim's eyes were glazed, he was lost to the sensations in his anal canal, his eyes rolled back and he was gone, nothing mattered in his world now but my cock churning inside him giving him a pleasure like no other.

He started meeting my deep thrusts with his own and we were grinding hard against each other every time I plunged deep inside him. He began to pick up the pace, circling and grinding his butt on my rigid, stone hard cock inside him.  All the while he jerked on his cock furiously as we both raced to orgasm.    Each time I tweaked his prostate, a low guttural growl came from deep within him and he rode me harder, his hips a blur as we scratched at the itch deep down in his bowels.  Pre-come coated his shaft, flowing in an almost steady stream.  Bending down I licked his corona clean, then deep throated his cock before surrendering to his ass. He flexed and squeezed his bowels massaging my hard cock inside him, thrilling us both with delicious feelings and emotions.

We were dripping with sweat, our soft and gentle lovemaking has evolved into a hard rutting fucking hard, like animals.   Pure lust! Primal instinct! Every thrust I made inside him sent chills over his skin, I leaned close, chest to chest against him, and we kissed while he rode my hard cock. He bucked, he thrust, he gyrated and rolled his hips from side to side, his ankles locked around my waist and he began to pull me deeper each time he ground against me.   I felt a another shudder pass through his body.

There was no warning, its time!  One minute I'm fucking him as deep as I can and the next we're lost into our orgasm, semen spraying from each of us, my second unbelievable orgasm in less that five minutes.

Jim and I lay in a heap, sweat drenched and drained of every ounce of energy in our bodies. There were no words yet, our gasping for air was the only sound, we would both slip into sleep before we could talk again.

When I woke I had an arm around Jim, his head lay on my chest, his lips just at the nub of my nipple, his hair is plastered to his forehead from the sweat, and a peaceful, contented look on his handsome face.  I smiled and hugged him closer and bent to kiss the top of his sleeping head.

Lying together like this, him sleeping contentedly on my chest, his body molded to mine, makes me know that I don't want to sleep alone any longer.   I don't want to live alone any longer.   I need to love and be loved.   Jimmy seems to be the perfect candidate for filling both my physical and emotional needs.  I haven't a clue, how all this happened, over the years I've struck up conversations with hundreds of strangers, in bars, on planes, or trains on every business trip, I've even been blind running drunk with some of them, but until two nights ago I'd never wound up in bed with any of them them.

Everything I had been taught or heard about homosexuality suddenly seemed silly, I've been told it's a sin and an abomination against God.   But if that is so, then why would God let this feel so right if it's wrong?   I don't mean the sex part now either, I'm talking about the feelings I have lying here now with my arm around Jim and him sleeping on my chest. I'm contented, even a bit possessive toward him, in some ways I'm already thinking of him as mine!  And now, just in these past few hours, there are new feelings toward Jimmy, friendship, a deepening care for him and his well being, and this almost giddy feeling I get at the strangest times.

I drifted off to sleep again and woke later with Jim cradling my balls while nibbling at my ear.    Jim had three fingers well lubed and slowly put them inside me and with his other hand, gently cradled and tugged at my testicles. It began to feel good and I moaned and writhed about. Jimmy twisted his hand inside me and he touched a spot that made me shout out. It wasn't pain at all but an indescribable pleasure. He stroked the gland again.

"Ohmigod  ..OH!..Ooooo...Jim...slow down. Oh shit...holy freaking shit!!! Jim...stop or I'll cum! AWW FUCK! I can't stop it...JIM!!!"

That nut was Epic! Once he saw that I wouldn't stop, his fingers stroked and poked my prostate until I was babbling incoherently...then he pulled his fingers out of me.

"That's just a little taste and tease David. Now, with your permission, I plan on fucking your beautiful butt raw after I've eaten my fill. Your ass is mine tonight David. All mine!"

"I'll try...I can't promise that I can do it Jimmy, but I do want to try. I saw that look on your face. I want to feel that too!"

Jim jumped out of bed and tugged at me until we were in the shower, despite the 'epic nut' of three minutes ago, my cock was trying to rise from the dead. Most likely it's Jim's great body, all that silky hair, everywhere except the shaved places like his smooth as velvet testicles and inside his butt crack. (Mmmm...the better to taste you my dear...said the big bad wolf!)

After our shower we went to breakfast about five or six miles from his apartment. As we eased into a parking space I was really skeptical. This looked like a really bad ass, hole in the wall, dive of a place. Jim gave me a reassuring look. Once seated I looked around, this place was old, dark and dingy. Jim said that it doesn't look like much but the food is always perfect. A server appeared and I was expecting a menu when he placed a plate before me and refilled our coffee cups.

I really didn't believe my eyes, but my nose told me it was true. In Downtown Chicago, Jim was feeding me Tennessee Country Ham with scrambled eggs, fried Granny Smith apples, Cathead biscuits and what looked to be perfect Red Eye Gravy!

I was truly surprised and touched that he would actually seek this place out just to please me. I could only smile at him for a moment...that bubble in the throat feeling when something really moves you, it hurts but feels so good too. When I could talk I reached across the table and touched his hand.

"Thank you Jimmy! How on earth did you find this place?"

I was cutting my Ham while he told me about how easy it was to find. He called the Italian restaurant where he eats most of his meals and told them what he wanted and they directed him to this place.

I made a pig of myself, the Ham and Red Eye Gravy were wonderfully prepared. On one of the Server's visits to our table I ordered four Ham and Biscuits to take home with us for later. We chatted a bit as we ate. Mostly about how fantastic this 'thing' between us is. I get absolutely goofy sometimes thinking about him. He's occupied most all of my brain these past few days and unbelievable nights.

I watched Jim take his first bite of the Ham. His eyes went wide from the shocking salty taste. I suggested that he take a bite of the apples first and the eggs, his pained expression turn into grateful smile. He hesitated again with the Red Eye gravy on a biscuit, but grabbed a bite of apples as insurance. He surprised me by eating all his food. At the checkout I was raving on and on about how wonderful the food was and how surprised I was to find it here. I asked the cashier to give my compliments to the Cook, the Country Ham breakfast was perfect.

Stopping at a neighborhood market, we bought Oranges, Bananas, Grapes and Strawberries to have for snacks. I suggested we swing by the liquor store and Jim told me he has plenty of Dewar's as well as Bourbon and Gin. We were in and out of a couple of stores, and back to his place a bit after two o'clock, with food and three large bottles of Ultra Glide.

We put away the food and retrieved my clothes from his car; after getting things put away we changed into tees and shorts to watch the Friday night movie. Jim was Channel surfing at light speed. He stopped on Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein".

We settled in on the sofa, with me spooning up to Jimmy. I really did like lying here holding him against me. I felt a contentment I've never known before. In less than ten minutes we were prone on the sofa making out like we would never get to do this again. Jim picked up a remote and started the music. He had CD of instrumentals, and a couple Barry White CD's thrown in to get the lovin' started.

Jim picked up right where he left earlier this morning and pushed two fingers coated with lube into my butt, in just a few minutes he had four fingers and part of his hand dodging in and out of my ass. My body language told him all he needed to know. I was ready for Jimmy to fuck me. Really, after the feelings his fingers and hand stirred in me I sort of need him to fuck me. I need to know if I can manage this part, this is could be a deal breaker if I can't do it, who'd want just a top? I willed myself to do this, I really want to please him. I remember watching his face as I entered him; I want to feel that pleasure I saw in his face.

We were in mid kiss when I roared into Jim's' mouth, his steady pressure pushing at my opening finally coaxed my sphincter to ease up and his cock plunged halfway inside me. I was trying to climb off his hard cock in my ass, it hurt like nothing I've ever known before, but Jim was kissing me and whispering sweet nothings to me. When he clamped down on my nipple with his teeth I moaned and my whole body shuddered as his entire cock probed deep into my bowels.

Quickly, all the pain was all left back at my sphincter. Down, deep inside, Jim's cock stoked a new fire in me. Ohmigod...he fills me so full. I just don't know the words to describe these feelings in my body. Now, its me with chills and shudders running all over me. Jim has begun longer strokes, the friction of his cock in my ass quickly became the only thing in my world right then.

"Yeah...babe...bang that prostate. Stroke it...oooo Jimmy...look at all the pre cum!"

I took my cock and began stroking rapidly, This nut was coming...and fast, no doubt about it. Jim was on his knees between my widely splayed legs, my butt propped up on a couple of pillows and best of all, I get to look at Jimmy, with all that sexy body hair, his eyes locked with mine as he slowly and methodically plows my virgin no more, fuzzy butt.

Hey, I really like this! It's funny the things that come to mind when doing something so private and personal. As I was slipping away to that place, I thought to myself that getting my butt fucked regularly was not going to be a problem. Whew! Nothing has ever felt like this. Ooo, so full, so good.

"Aww Jeesusss Jimmy. Do me baby, fuck it good. Aw Gawd...JIMMY!"

I chuckled to myself thinking that I have pretty much got to give this anal sex thing its props. Hell yeah! I can do this...Hmmm, Damn, this could become habit forming!

I was brought back from my daydreaming to the present as Jim found his rhythm. His steady, long strokes went from balls deep to my sphincter clamping down to keep him inside me. Goose-flesh, tremors and unbelievable sexual pleasures coursed through my body. There's just something about the way my orgasm feels with a hard cock churning in my guts. Nothing else feels like that. Nothing!

Jim later told me that the moment I reached orgasm my body went crazy.

I had to have more, I seated my heels in his butt cheeks and pulled him hard against me. Both of us grinding our groins together, sucking Jim's tongue and finally...that moment when we both exploded in a white hot orgasm that burned a trail from my testicles to my brain. That entire route throbbed and pulsed as we lay there gasping in air.

Some two hours after we descended from the heights of our sexual pleasure I could still feel the ache inside my butt and testicles too.

We grabbed a quick shower and went out for an afternoon walk and for Jim to show me his neighborhood. Later he drove us up to Oak Park where he had booked us on the afternoon Frank Lloyd Wright Tour. There are six buildings on the tour and it takes about three hours to see everything. I was really pumped, these buildings are so beautiful; it was a great surprise that Jim planned when he heard I was coming to visit.

The Country Ham breakfast, this tour, making love like we'll never have another chance...Jim seems to intuitively know what I like. Already I'm comfortable with him and enjoy his's way more than being comfortable with him. Hell, I crave being with him now. On our way back to his place Jim asked if there was anything that I wanted to see or do while I am here.

"I came to be with you Jimmy. I don't care where we go or what we do as long as we're together." I said.

"I'm just afraid that you'll get bored with being around me so much. Say, We could catch a Cubs game tomorrow afternoon." He added.

"Relax Jim, we don't have to fill our time together sightseeing. I'm still happiest lying naked in bed together after we've done the nasty. Lying in bed with your furry body molded against me is just the best feeling for me. With me not having any sort of regular sex schedule, I've grown out of the habit of being intimate with someone. It's what I like best about us, we've shared things I've never dreamed of and this sex thing with us is completely off the charts...amazing!"

Jim turned to face me for just a moment. He had a strange look about him that I couldn't quite figure out. Turning back to watch the streets ahead he chuckled under his breath.

"What planet are you from David? It's almost like you've read my heart's desire somehow. Cuddling after sex is my very favorite thing with you too. I've never met anyone like you before."

"Me either, that's why I hopped on that plane and came here. I need to know if this is real or just overactive hormones. In a very short time you've shown me an alternative to the way I was existing, and I really like your way a lot!"

Uh...David...there's something I need to tell you...I'm gay, and out to my friends and family. I'm not new at this, like you. I've been actively gay since college. When we met I don't think it ever occurred to you that I was a gay man. I liked the way you look, and I started our conversation, eventually trying to convince you that sex with guys is safe, fun and can be no strings attached if that's what you want. I just want you to know that I have a past, but that is all it is, my past. It's the future that I'm anxious to live now that I've met you."

Back at his place we dozed again, waking a little after six PM. After another shower we were having drinks on the balcony when Jim turned to me and asked if I had ever been to a gay bar.

I laughed. "Before we were married my ex-wife took me to BackStreet in Atlanta once, I had more hands grabbing at my ass and cock than I could fight off, just waiting on line to piss. It kinda freaked her out and we left right after. I liked to dance back in college but that seems like it was a couple of lifetimes ago now."

"Aww...I was thinking maybe we could go out tonight and I could show you off to some of my friends." Jim said with a little pouty expression.

"Jimmy...I'll go anywhere you want me to. I'll enjoy meeting your friends too"

"Really! We could stay just a bit, maybe an hour or so, then we can come back home and practice our love making for the rest of the night."

"It's a deal but I gotta wash my jeans, you know the ones I wore on the plane."

"Oh yeah...the image of your butt and cock in those old jeans is burned onto my retinas. When you're gone back to Memphis, I'll picture you in them when I'm busting a nut dreaming about you."

Jim fixed us a salad for dinner, with chicken, bacon, four cheeses, veggies, fruit and Olive oil, a bruschetta on Italian bread and a delicious Pinot noir. We lounged around, watching TV and making out. Finally I got up, I couldn't take much more without release so I headed to the bath and put a cold washcloth on my face. Right now...all I want is us to be in his bed loving on each other.

Trying to ease my frustration, I cleaned up the dinner dishes, loaded and started the dishwasher. I took a long shower and slowly got dressed, I came out of the guest room where my clothes are and into Jim's, just as he was getting ready for his shower, I was barefoot and bare chested, wearing only the jeans and a new Bike jockstrap under them.

"Holy Shit! Do you have any idea how sexy you are! I could blow a load just standing here looking at you. Damn David, you're so freaking hot!... Yeow!

I walked to him and hugged him, when our bare torsos touched the electric shock wave started again. I pulled back to look at him without releasing the hug.

"You make me happy Jimmy!"

Jim went to his knees and wrapped his arms around my hips and mouthed my cock through the jeans. My erection filled the jeans and jockstrap, looking down at Jim mouthing me, I knew we had to go to bed right now, no way would we last until after the club.

"Oh...fuck, Jimmy! We have to make a decision babe, if we're going out we gotta stop this cuddling and kissing, or you can just fuck me right now."

The little devil glanced at the clock and then back to me and raised an eyebrow over a lascivious grin, I slowly pushed my jeans and jockstrap off my hips and stepped out of them where they lay on the floor. I lay back on the bed. Jim took care of my needs in short order, he grabbed my ankles while I guided his cock home. There's still pain when he enters me but this time it quickly dissipated into awe and wonder once that cock of his is lodged down deep inside me.

This was a hurry up fuck, driven by our mutual need. No foreplay now, we rushed to get to that place where the ecstasy is. Getting fucked by Jimmy is my new favorite thing. I've learned so much these past few days, Jim knows when and where to touch, lick, suck and fuck. He plays my body like a fine violin when we make love, I can never get enough of him. I promised Jim that he'd get to bottom when we came back from the club. He reluctantly agreed and returned to the job at hand.

I know that many people confuse great sex with love. It's just the way most of us are wired, when making love escalates to 'Mind Blowing' we tend to develop proprietary feelings toward that person. Each time we climax my feelings for Jim deepen. It's the way we are after the orgasm that gets me. The feel of him against me, the way he makes me feel. This has just got to work out for us.

Jim rose and started tugging on me to get me into the shower, he wisely had me go first...and alone. After I was finished and was getting dressed he dashed into the shower then dressed for the club.

We arrived at Sidetracked over on N. Halsted at about 12:30 or so. Jim looked so good, he wore vintage 501's and a plain white body shirt.

I felt my cock twitch as he walked back from the bar with more drinks. There's no doubt about it, I'm queer for Jim Bouten, big time. The contrast of his tanned complexion with the tight, white muscle shirt, the dark hair on his arms, those super sexy curls spilling over the neck of his body shirt excite me. I was hard again just looking at him.

I moved behind him to hide my boner and to rub against his ass. Discretely he managed to push back against me while he introduced me two of his co-workers. After they had moved on Jim explained that they worked at the same company, they were always cordial but never were close friends and they didn't socialize with the same groups. Without turning around Jim leaned to one side and turned his head to see me and said...

"Umm, is that hard cock of yours going to keep until we get back to the apartment or do I need to take you to the restroom and take care of you right now?"

"Jimmy, when you walked over here with our drinks I got hard just looking at you, I'm a changed man Jim, thanks to you. I can wait, I'm getting used to living with a hard cock when I'm with you."

My conversion from a straight man, who had sex two or three times a year, into pretty much a gay man now, who has sex two and three times a day was almost done. Being with Jimmy now produces a proprietary feeling in me. I feel protective of him, like I'm responsible for him somehow. No, responsible is the wrong word. It's more like caring for him, protecting him, wanting him to have everything he wants. I can only hope that it's going to be only me he wants for a long, long time. Even as a kid, I didn't share well.

I saw Jim wave at someone and in a moment there were three guys beside us, all fawning over Jimmy. He introduced me to each of them as 'David, the Guy I'm dating.'

His friends are very nice, Kenny's a tall lanky guy with a handsome babyface, he'll probably be carded everywhere he goes until he's forty! He's a 'Software Engineer' in the same department as Jim. Kenny is a bit shy at first when meeting new people I learned. Oh yeah...did I mention that Kenny's a Twink Dream? Think A&F models and you have Kenny's type. Miguel is of Latin descent with dark straight hair, and more of an angular face than the generally oval latin features. Miguel is tall, somewhere over six feet, and there was not an ounce of fat on his body. I noticed his eyes traveling up and down my body several times in the short time they had been there. Every time our eyes met, he licked his lips.

Ollie's the oldest of the group, very near my size but has a much better body than me. Oliver could literally make his muscles ripple, he wore a cutoff tee that showed the rounded, lower edge of his pectorals. Below the pecs, his abs looked like that old fashioned washboard that hung on the back porch at my Gran's place. Ollie could ripple his eight pack abs at will it seemed. He kept doing it each time he spoke.

The three of them stood there while Jim relayed part of our story to them telling only that we met in Charlotte on business and my vacation gave us a long weekend together. Soon the three friends were looking over the crowd for possible scores for the evening. Ollie sidled over and leaned in to ask me if I would like to dance.

"Gee thanks Oliver, but I'm not much of a dancer and I really don't want to leave Jim here for some stud to take away from me. His furry body makes me crazy. Tonight's the first time we've been out together. I promise, you and I will dance the next time we're here."

"Cool...I get it...Jim's the best...don't you fuck him over or we'll track you down. You'll have to look hard and long to find a better friend or a better man than Jim Bouten."

I held out my hand and we shook hands, I told him that I got his message loud and clear.

"I know how special he is Ollie, it's too soon to say it, but the feelings are there already. I think I'm falling in love with him Ollie. I flew here just to be with him again. I know how special he is. I'll be trying my best to convince him that I'm the guy for him."

Ollies whole demeanor changed with the biggest, brightest smile anyone could imagine.

"That is really nice to hear. Jim deserves a good man to make him happy. Good for you David...Jeez man, the two of you would make beautiful babies."

"Oh yeah? We sure do practice that a lot." I said and I pulled Jim in front of me and put my hands on his waist, sliding the three middle fingers of each hand inside the waistband of his jeans on each side of his fly, I pulled him against me. I heard and felt the throbbing music from downstairs and we began to sway to the music, Jim felt my hardness and worked his butt against me blatantly!

Miguel leaned over to Jim and said that they were going to get more drinks and they'd catch up with us later. Jim smiled and told him we would be heading back to his place in just a few minutes, explaining that we only came out so that his friends could meet David.

"You guys keep your fingers crossed for me. This man is different. I've never met nor wanted anyone like I want David Crandall." Jim told him.

Miguel kissed his cheek then turned to me, brushing our cheeks together lightly. He whispered in my ear,

"Don't you hurt him." he said as they headed to the bar.

I hugged Jimmy closer and bent to his ear.

"You have good friends Jimmy. Each of them warned me not to hurt you. Ollie told me I would have to look long and hard to find a better man than you. I agreed with him."

Straightening up I thrust my hips forward and felt Jim push back on my hard cock. Playfully I hunched my cock against his rear a couple of times more. He turned and looked at me.

"Take me to bed David...let's go home."

In three minutes we were in a cab headed back to the apartment. We sat close but not against one another. I jumped when I felt Jim's hand in my crotch. I quickly reached and took his hard cock in hand and we rode that way to his door. Outside, I threw $30 into the front seat and we ran up the steps to the door.

Inside, Jim hung one arm around my neck as we kissed and undressed at the same time. Our lust for each other was back, a frantic need to consume each other. I was first to the bed and lay face down hoping that Jim would lie on me, rub his fur all over me. I wanted him in me. I've thought of little else since that first time, I want his hot come filling my butt. I want him to fuck me into that place where his fat cock, deep inside me, is my whole world. There's nothing but pleasure there in that magical place. Its so strange that something so foreign three days ago is now my favorite sexual activity.

Starting at my ear, Jim's tongue felt like fire trailing down my body. When he reached my butt he started kissing and caressing me there. His tongue kept me squirming about on the bed until he took both hands and spread my cheeks apart, then buried his handsome face in my butt. His tongue penetrated my sphincter making me shout and moan. I raised up on my knees with my chest on the mattress. He had me wanting his cock inside me so badly. I begged and pleaded to him to fuck me now. I need you in me Jimmy. Now Babe, do me now.

"No fair! You promised that you would top me when we got back here."

I flipped to my back and turned him as I rolled over. Once on my back I spread my legs wide, Jimmy knee walked up between my legs and took my ankles in each hand. I quickly reached for his throbbing cock and guided him to my anus. There was very little pain involved when he entered me this time. I don't know what has changed or happened, but there was hardly any pain at all when Jim plunged his fat cock halfway in me.

I guess that when we want something so badly, like I want his cock deep inside me, that the pain just disappears. I grunted out loud, mostly from surprise, I cried out when his next thrust went all the way and we ground hard against each other. When we grind our pelvises together, there is this feeling that comes when I'm at the max, then this feeling that starts. One, maybe two more times grinding on each other like that would have made me cum.

Jim pulled back to my sphincter then pushed in fast and hard, down, inside me... all the way.

"AWW FUCK me Jimmy, fuck me baby fuck me!"

On the third stroke he found his rhythm, as old as time and imprinted in the DNA of the very first man, it's the rhythm of life, the rhythm of the fuck. I grabbed my cock and started jacking, I gotta cum soon. Ohmigod this is so wonderful.

"Oh Jimmy...don't stop...Jimmy don't ever stop. Oh fuck me so good...unh! OH! More...more...that's it, shit, MY PROSTATE! JIM!...oh baby, JIMMY, now babe, cum with now... JIMMY!"

My semen was everywhere, on the wall, on the pillows, in my hair, my stomach was coated with cum and pre-cum. Jim collapsed atop me. Automatically my arms wrapped around him, cradling him against me body. I let a big sigh escape and felt an all encompassing feeling of love while a wave of Goose-Flesh rushed over my body. I knew for certain at that very moment, I love this man. We dozed a bit and both woke hungry... but for food this time. Stumbling into the kitchen, Jim bent over and put his head in the fridge, he came out with a block of Sharp Cheddar cheese, a bit of Parmesan, Bacon bits and Feta crumbles, cherry tomatoes, sliced peaches, raisins and chopped walnuts. Jim added some chopped spinach, sliced boiled eggs, the cheeses, onions, croutons, and Red Pepper infused Olive oil with a splash of Moscato and Orange zest into the salad. Jim placed a bowl of Oyster crackers into a large bowl to share. After a few nibbles and a glass of wine or two, I spoke up.

We dozed off and and slept until eight the next morning. I rose from bed and went to relieve myself, I turned the shower on and went back to pull Jimmy from the bed and into the shower. He was still partly asleep and he just stood there and wrapped himself around me. His head nestled at my neck, he let out a sigh and said.

"What am I gonna do when you leave? Already I need you with me. This is going to be much harder than I ever dreamed, when you leave, I mean.

I know you have to go, I'm just selfish, having you here is the best feeling in the world...uh...well maybe there are other things we do that feel better but it all starts with us being together. You've ruined me for anyone else, no one could ever replace you."

"Replace me? Are you kicking me to the curb Jimmy?"

"No,'s just...I know how bad it's gonna be once you go back to your life. I'm pretty much crazy about you already. These past few days...since our time in Charlotte...have been the best ever because of you David."

"Jimmy! I already know I want to be with you as much as you will allow. If you want me here, I'll move here to be near you, I want us to be together. I don't want to wait, I want to be with you Jim."

"Oh yes...we will, we both want the same things David, I think you and I are meant for each other. I want you in my bed every night, like you said, I'll move to be near you also. You meant it? We're really gonna be together David. "

"I'll do everything in my power to make it happen Jimmy, We met only four days ago and already I know you have to be in my life now."

I hugged him to me tightly and then led him to the steaming shower. Jimmy was almost sleepwalking, he stood quietly while I washed and kissed his body. He leaned against the front wall of the shower while I washed myself. Finished, I toweled Jimmy off, and he molded his body against mine, reaching down he pulled our hard cocks into a comfortable position and held me to him, we just stood there and held each other, and somehow, us standing in the bath, naked and hugged together tightly, I felt that we were closer, more in love than I did when we were making love.

Back in his room we sat side by side on the bed, his head leaned over and lying on my shoulder.

"I'm gonna turn on the coffee pot and I'll be right back baby." I said.

I rushed to the kitchen and got the pot started. Going back to the bedroom I found Jim, with his feet still on the floor but he had laid down and was sleeping. I put him under the covers and climbed in with him. When I settled, we were spooned together, me holding him to me. I heard his deep, easy breathing and knew he was sleeping well.

I lay there holding him to me and knew that I had to make the change. If this is ever going to be anything more than weekend trips to be together, we have to be in the same city. We spent most of our Sunday in or on the bed. We had our coffee in bed, we read the Sunday Trib, we slept, we made love, we showered then made love again. I can't remember ever enjoying anyone's company as much as I do Jim's. We just fit together, and like the same things mostly. In time we'll learn more that we have in common. I'm already hooked, I'm crazy about him.

While Jimmy dressed for work Monday morning I fixed his juice, with a sliced bagel, slathered with strawberry creamed cheese. Coming into the kitchen tying his tie he stopped in his tracks when he saw I had made him breakfast and I was wearing his underwear again. He smiled, said thanks, and sat to eat. I brought two cups of coffee to the table and sat down with him.

"Are you going back to Memphis today David?" He asked.

"Not unless you want me too. You'll need to tell me when you want me to leave Jimmy. I'm overdue to call my Mom and I checked my messages earlier and there are some clients I need to call. What's your schedule today? Any chance I could take you to lunch?"

Jim flashed me a smile that warmed my heart. He was so relieved that I wasn't leaving today.

"Absolutely! I want every second with you that I can get David."

"Jimmy...I know it's only been a weekend, but this has been the best time I can ever remember. I'm starting to work on solutions to our distance problems today, I think we agree that at the very least we need to be in the same city. The same bed would be ideal for me! But I don't want to push you too fast. We both have enough frequent flyer miles to get together often but that's only a short term thing. Uh...the way this is going...this thing with us I mean, its working out better than I could have least it's that way for me. Tell me what you think babe."

"I think that you and I are supposed to be together David. I want to live with you, love with you, even grow old with you. I think it happened that first night in Charlotte, then the morning after, it was the kiss in the restroom stall that did me in. I fell hard for you at that moment. It's all happened very fast but through it all, that first little tickling feeling has deepened, and grown into this wonderful feeling that at last I belong with someone. I've waited for you a long time, I'll never let you go, I love you David."

Jimmy surprised me when he actually said it out loud, everything I've been feeling and wanting since that night we met, he wants all of that with me.

After he said he loves me, Jim kept his eyes down, not looking at me, I reached across the table and put my hand on his. I was so choked with emotion I couldn't talk right away. He stood and took his plate and cup to the sink. I got up and went to him at the sink, when he looked up at me I took his face and pulled him into the most heartfelt kiss I've ever given.

"And I love you. We're gonna be just fine, you and I."

When we broke apart I saw the tear streaks on his cheeks.

"Jimmy, I meant it when I said I love you too. I do, so much so that it sort of scares me a bit, afraid I'll do something to screw us up. We will be together soon. I have a lunch meeting tomorrow with a CFO I've worked with before. He's willing to help me find a good position here in Chicago. You're the main focus of my life now Jim. When you're ready we can do a commitment a ceremony, get married, whatever you want, as long as we're together. Now, you handsome, sexy man, get outta here and off to work so you can get back here to me a.s.a.p."

"This isn't fair, you tell me you love me and then you send me off to work. Oh...and yes to everything you said. Thank you, you're so much more than I've ever dared to hope for. My Mom's gonna love you too."

Another deep, lingering kiss and I held him against me for almost a minute before letting him go. He looked up into my eyes and broke into the biggest smile I've seen on him. I hugged him tighter and bent to kiss his neck and nuzzle his ear, suddenly my entire body trembled and he pulled even closer against me.

"It's so hard to for me to go to work and leave you here." He added.

I held up his his suit coat for him as he slid into it. I smiled, he looks so damn good in a suit. He scribbled an address and number on a pad and told me to call before I left, just to be sure no crisis had risen at work that would keep him from our lunch date.

After he left for work I got busy and made some calls to clients that I needed to touch base with every so often. There is this one guy in particular that I knew would do his best to get me in his company. the one I told Jim about.

We've worked together before, he likes me and trusts me to be straight up with him. He's Donald Duggan, the CFO of a large industrial manufacturing firm. He took my call right away and asked if he could take me to lunch. I told him I was meeting someone for lunch but I was free the rest of the afternoon or for lunch tomorrow, we agreed to meet at Cafecita on East Congress tomorrow afternoon.

My years of constant travel paid off. I always have a business suit in my garment bag, shirts, etc. I never leave home without it! I took the things from the garment bag and hung them in the shower to steam the wrinkles out. I remembered that Donald was always dressed impeccably, wearing tailored suits, sport jackets and Italian shoes.

In my work I had to look good in my clothes, but not too good. I didn't want to look as if I were too prosperous. Looking at the dark Navy suit and boring striped tie I decided I needed something else, newer, less severe, something that made me seem or feel younger. Tonight we would be having dinner at his favorite restaurant, 'Giordano's, I need to look good for that. Just as I opened my phone to call Jim and ask him where I should go to buy clothes, I saw the magnet on the fridge for Giordano's restaurant, where Jim ate most all of his meals...I've always admired Italian tailoring and secretly craved and Italian custom made suit with Italian shoes. I thought that Jim's friend Maria would know where I could find the clothes I wanted.

I quickly cleaned up the kitchen, showered and dressed in Jeans , a tee and a fleece hoodie. I went around the corner to Giordano's restaurant and had an Espresso and the server suggested I try Maria's famous Buttermilk Panna Cotta, a most delicious treat.

I asked the server if it would be possible for me to speak to Mrs. Giordano, I explained that I was visiting Jim Bouten and I needed some advice about where I should shop for clothes. The server turned and shouted something in Italian to someone in the back. All I understood was Signor Bouten. An older man and woman rushed around the corner and I could tell they were expecting to see Jim, their steps slowed when they saw only me.

I introduced myself and explained that I was visiting with Jim Bouten. Mrs. Giordano introduced herself as Maria and her husband as Carlo. They were both very friendly and welcoming. I see why Jimmy comes here so often, Maria would make everyone around her feel like part of her family. She and Carlo spoke in broken english with lots of Italian words thrown in as well, but I understood most of what they said. I offered my praise for the Panna Cotta. It is the best dessert I've ever tasted.

I told Maria that I would be going back to Memphis in a few days and I didn't want to miss this chance to enjoy her food and hospitality. No matter where he eats, Jim always says "Maria could do this so much better."

Maria was properly impressed with the compliments for her food. She threw her arms wide and announced.

"We have celebration tonight, you and Giacomo together, right?"

I was did she know? I grinned and looked down at my cup and slowly nodded my head yes.

"Che Dio vi benedica." (may God Bless you) she said looking to the ceiling and crossing herself as she spoke. We've prayed that he would find you. Our Giacomo, he is good man! We fix special dinner for Giacomo and you tonight."

From the depths of my memory I somehow remembered that the given name James, translates to Giacomo (Jockomo) in Italian. I asked if they could direct me to a place to buy an Italian suit, I knew it couldn't be custom made but I wanted something nice for this evening and for my job search here in Chicago.

Mrs Giordano nodded all the while I was explaining what I wanted then turned and was off to the kitchen again I heard her shouting for Fabiano. She gave him instructions in Italian, the only thing I understood was Signor Giacomo Bouten.

Carlo smiled and said...

"Maria, she call now, get you over to Dei Giovani, they take care of you good. Maria not let them cost you too much lira."

Maria returned, all smiles and telling me that a Taxi was on it's way.

"At Dei Giovani, they have only ready to wear, very high end, exquisitely tailored clothing. I need a more notice for Custom. The Direttore(manager) there, Pietro, he's my nipote (nephew.) He is expecting you and he will not overcharge you.

I thanked them profusely and when they returned to the kitchen I finished the Buttermilk Panna Cotta. I've never tasted anything so delicious in my life. Just as I finished the Espresso the cab arrived and I was off to Dei Giovani.

On my way to Dei Giovani I was excited, I've always dressed for my job of calling on businessmen. Now, for the first time since I've been working, I'm buying something for me! Really it's for Jimmy, now. Gotta keep him interested in me. Hmm!

I was very surprised when the cabbie drove round to the rear of the building; an elegantly dressed young man stepped out and opened the cab door. I gave the cab driver his fare and a nice tip. The young man who had opened the cab door greeted me.

"Welcome to Dei Giovani Signor Crandall, I am Alessandro Benza, aide to the Direttore(Manager)."

Alessandro escorted me into a lounge area and asked that I be seated,he said that the Direttore would be with me in a moment.

Just as I picked up a magazine and crossed my legs I saw the 'Direttore' headed to me in quick time. I know I looked like a rube, in Jeans, tee shirt and a hoodie. I stood as he neared me.

"Good Morning Senor Crandall, we're so pleased you are here. Zia (aunt) Maria gave me very explicit instructions to insure that we provide everything you require. She told me that you are having a celebration dinner tonight at her restaurant. Would you care for something to drink, we can provide you with anything from Evian to mixed drinks if you wish."

"Thank you, but no, I'm not thirsty. I don't wish to be rude but I would like to get started if we may. I have a luncheon date for one o'clock. What I need are a couple of Sport Coats, slacks, socks, shoes, belt, silk pullovers, dress shirts and ties for each outfit."

The Direttore told me his given name is Pietro as he led me to a changing room. He looked me over, up and down, walked around me and said.

"You are a 31 inch waist sir, correct?"

"Yes, 31 inch."

"A size 38 Jacket and size twelve, narrow for the slippers?" he asked.

"Correct again Pietro."

Pietro clapped his hands twice and men rushed in with a rack of Size 31 waist slacks, another rack held size 38 Sport Jackets and blazers, and last, a rolling table with Silk pullovers, custom dress shirts, ties, eight styles of underwear and boxes and boxes of shoes.

Pietro stepped in front of me and said "Excuse me, Sir" and held the waistband of my jeans with two fingers and lowered my zipper with the other. I was truly startled. That was one step too far for me. I spoke up.

"Thank you Pietro but that is one thing I prefer to do for myself. I will zip or unzip myself at your direction"

"I beg your pardon sir, I meant no offense, it is the way we are trained."

"Think no more of it. You did not offend, you surprised me, but you did not offend me. I think that I should have you select the outfits for me. This is something new for me and I will trust you to make me look as good as you possible can. I've a very special evening ahead tonight and a very important business meeting tomorrow afternoon."

With that said I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them to the floor. When I saw the look on Pietro's and Alessandro's faces, Pietro gasped aloud and Alessandro just turned very pale, I remembered too late that I was going commando!

"Holy Shit! Uh...Please excuse me, this so embarrassing. When I left the apartment I was only going out for Mrs. Giordano's Buttermilk Panna Cotta and an Espresso. When she sent me here I forgot I was wasn't wearing under shorts."

I had the jeans pulled up, when Alessandro handed me what looked like a folded washcloth. I unfolded the cloth and I saw that it was a very tiny pair of low rise, trunk style boxers.

"Thank you" I said and I took the shorts and stepped into them. Both Pietro and his Alessandro turned away while I put on the shorts but I could see in the mirrors around the room that their eyes followed my every move, I noticed that the Alessandro even adjusted his crotch once.

Alessandro handed me a large leaflet, a lot like an artist's portfolio, in it were pictures of models wearing the different styles of underwear which were on the table. I looked over to the mirror at the tiny trunks I was wearing. I handed the booklet back to Alessandro and told him I would take one dozen of the trunks I had on, half in white the rest any colors you choose. I looked back to the mirror and laughed then I looked to Alessandro, who was just beginning to get his color back.

"These ought to get his attention, don't you think?"

Suddenly with that comment, both Pietro and Alessandro were animated, their formal air, gone and we all chatted easily and freely. Pietro volunteered information about his partner and their 15 years together. Alessandro looked a bit intimidated, or shy, relaxing their formal speech and manners seemed to have made him less confident than before.

"I'm not so lucky as yet Signor. I'm single." Alessandro said quietly.

"Just last week I was single also, but fate put me and my soulmate together in a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. I live in Memphis, Tennessee but three days after our meeting, here I am in Chicago trying to find a job here so I can be with him. It can happen when you least expect it Alessandro, have faith. I thought I was a straight man until I met my Giacomo. I flew up on Friday and tonight the Giordanos are giving us a party and dinner.

I left Dei Giovani's at 12:20 in their Limo to meet with Jim for lunch. The clothes I bought would be delivered between 5 and 6 pm, the hit to my credit card was a bit over two grand, but worth every penny for the way I feel wearing the new clothes. Jim will be surprised tonight.

I called ahead and Jim was waiting at the curb when the limo rolled up.

I lowered the window and leaned forward...

"May I offer you a ride sir?"

The look on Jim's face was priceless. The driver got out and opened the door for him. As he sat down Jim gave me a 'WTF' look.

"It's a long story Jim, we'll talk about it over lunch, but it's all Mrs. Giordano's doing. I went round there to ask them where to shop for good Italian clothing and I wind up in a Limousine coming to pick you up for lunch."

"You've met Maria and Carlo today? Jim asked."

"Yes I did and they are both so very nice. When I introduced myself as your friend, she reacted like I was a long lost relative. I must say that she has the most well developed Gaydar I've ever encountered. When I said I was visiting you she said.

"You and Giacomo are together, right?"

I blushed and nodded yes and she uttered something in Italian and crossed herself. Carlo translated her words as 'may God bless you.' She said we've prayed that Giacomo would find you. Then before I could catch a breath, she was off to the kitchen area shouting for someone named Fabiano.

Carlo explained that she was making an appointment for me at the Chicago shop of Dei Giovani which her nephew happens to run. I purchased a load of new clothes.

We arrived at Manny's Cafeteria and Deli over on South Jefferson in less than five minutes. The food was delicious, I had Pastrami on Rye, with Manny's potato pancake and Cole Slaw, washed down with an Ice cold Heineken. We hurriedly finished our lunch, paid the tab and headed for the men's room.

Unfortunately the men's room was packed with guys waiting in line. Back in the lobby at Jim's office he led me through an unmarked door that led to the stairway. Inside Jim pushed me against the wall and devoured my mouth with his. Somewhere several floors above we heard a stairway door open and footsteps on the stairs. We finished the kiss, both with hard throbbing cocks. I bought a paper to cover my crotch as I hailed a cab.

About 3pm Jim called and asked what I was doing and I told him I was just waiting around for my man to come home. He chuckled a bit.

"Your man wishes he was there right now. Hmmm what are you wearing handsome?"

"Uh...I...uh...listen, please don't get mad...but I really missed you after our quick lunch, after my shower I went to your room and put on pair of your gray knit boxers, they're much too tight to be comfortable though. Wearing your shorts is kinda hot in a weird you didn't know you're dealing with Captain Perv...huh."

"Really! You're wearing my shorts right now?"

"Yes, that's all I'm wearing, your shorts...your shorts and a hard-on. I get stiff as stone when I hear your voice."

"That's the most romantic in my shorts...oooeee! That sounds like a plan for later. Aw Snap! the boss is on the other line. I need to pick it up, I'll catch you later stud. Keep my shorts on til I get home so I can tear them off your fine body with my teeth. GRRR! Damn! You make me so horny David!"

"'Bye handsome, hurry home."

"I'll ride down and meet you after work and we can ride home together."

I heard a catch in his voice when he said that he would get off at 4:30.

"You're coming here just to ride home with me." He asked.

"If you don't already know it Jim, I'm absolutely bonkers for you. Yes I'll be there to ride home with you. I don't want some stud sweeping you off your feet on your way home to me now do I. No limo though, this time."

His voice was shaky again. "I think I've already been swept me off my feet by a stud I met back in Charlotte. That will be wonderful David, see you then."

I was waiting in the lobby of his building. I watched as he left the elevator and headed toward me. I saw the grin spread across his face when he saw me, then I saw the twinkle in his eye, the look on his face changed to the one I see when he has my ankles in his hands and is so intent on giving me pleasure.

I'm a bit in awe as he approaches me, the odds of our meeting at all was off the charts but now, only five days later, it seems that I've loved him forever. I clasped my hands loosely in front of my fly, watching him walk toward me got me hard, jeezus...his eyes look right into my soul. I want to jump his bones right here in this lobby...right now!

I have a hard time keeping my hands off him, I thought back to the morning in Charlotte when I took him into a stall in the mens room and we kissed. That was probably what hooked me. That kiss told me all I needed to know. I guess he saw the smile on my face when he asked?"

"What's up with you David. That grin your wearing looks like you're planning something."

"I was just thinking about that morning in Charlotte when we went into the restroom stall and you ambushed me with that kiss."

"I ambushed you?"

"Yep...I've been under your spell since then. Want to go do it again?" I asked

"YES! That was when I knew this was gonna be more than a one night stand, I knew then we would be together again, somehow."

"Yeah, me too, I think." I said.

He opened the stairwell door and led me inside. He pushed me back against the door and gave me another of his kisses that makes my toes curl. Whew! We pulled apart and just hugged for a moment, I whispered in his ear.

"I absolutely mad for you Jimmy"

He smiled and kissed me.

"I know David, it shows in everything you do. I've realized that I was just existing before meeting you, it's like I've been reborn, everything is so fresh and new and wonderful."

Another quick hug and we went back into the lobby. We stepped outside and Jim gave out an ear splitting whistle and waved to hail a cab ride home. Back at his apartment Jim made a run to the bathroom to pee and I went to the bedroom to change into something to lay about in. When I took off the jeans I remembered his boxer trunks. I pulled off my tee shirt and stood in front of the full length mirror in those outrageous skin tight, form fitting knit shorts of his. I know it's kinda weird but I really get off on wearing Jimmy's shorts that he's worn before. They're fresh and clean but he's had them on before, they're his.

I straightened things up, put a few things into the dishwasher and was standing, leaning against the sink with one leg crossed over at my knee and resting on it's toes when Jim came back from the bathroom. He stopped in his tracks when he saw me standing there in just his knit boxers. Without a word spoken he walked slowly to me, went down on his knees in front of me and clasped his hands behind his back.

He nuzzled his handsome face against my hardening cock, he took a deep breath inhaling my scent, then began to mouth my now stiff and erect cock, blowing hot air through the cotton fabric, nibbling, and finally hooking the waistband with his teeth he pulled the front down, freeing my cock to spring up and slap my belly then it came to rest in front of his face, pointing to the ceiling. I hooked the waistband of the shorts under my testicles and watched as Jimmy made love to my cock with his lips, mouth and face.

He had me shifting from foot to foot, moaning and groaning with each touch of his mouth on me. He looked up into my eyes and sank my cock deep into his throat, my knees began to buckle and we wound up in the floor each of us doing our best to bring pleasure to the other in the 69 position.

We managed to get up from the floor and move to the bedroom, I undressed him and he demanded that I top him immediately. I had tricked him into topping me the last few times we had sex and he was determined that I should fuck him like he wanted to be fucked. I readily agreed.

I had thought that by now some of the edge would have softened a bit in our lovemaking, but there seems to be no let up, with us the earth didn't just move when we reached orgasm, it was an earthquake. The sexual component of Jim and David is much more satisfying than either of us could have ever imagined.

However, my favorite part of all is our lying together after those stupendous orgasms, his taut, slightly muscular body, with its dense body hair and that angelic face, sweat drenched hair plastered to his forehead, so beautiful and peaceful lying on my chest after another intense act of making love. Each time I see him there my heart swells inside me. How can all this be possible in such a short period of time. I give thanks for my fantastic good fortune in finding this man. I drifted off to sleep hugging him to me, my lips on his forehead.

Jimmy woke me with little kisses going all over my body. I was looking into his eyes, I saw them crinkle into his smile.

"Did you have a good nap, babe?" he asked. "You look so freaking hot in my underwear. You're one hell of a hunk of man David. It's hard to grasp the fact that I've finally met the man I've wanted all my life."

"Kiss me Jimmy!"

After a gentle, love filled kiss, I turned him and wiggled in behind him and spooned to his back. Almost simultaneously we both sighed at the now familiar feeling of our bodies together at rest.

I told him about my visit with the Giordano's and that Maria was cooking a dinner for us tonight. He broke into a big smile.

"I've meant to take you there, what did you have there have today?"

"Just an Espresso and the most wonderful dessert I've ever tasted."

"It had to be her Buttermilk Panna cotta! I feel like I need to go to church

each time I eat it."

"Yes it was the Panna Cotta and I know what you mean...I've never tasted anything so good.

It sort of freaked me a bit, that she already knew were together as a couple now."

Jim snapped his head around, a look of surprize on his face.

"David...are we a couple?"

"I sure as hell hope we are. It feels like we are. I want us to Giacomo! Will you be a couple with me? I'm crazy for you, I want us to be together. I love you. I told you this in bed last night but I think you were already asleep.

"I thought I had dreamed you saying that." Jim whispered.

The doorbell rang and Jim jumped up and calling out "just a minute" and dashed off to put something on, he jumped into some board shorts and I got back into my jeans, we were both bare chested. Jim opened the door to see only the arms and legs of a delivery person with both arms full of packages labeled Dei Giovani.

"Uh...did I mention that I did a little bit of shopping today."

Jim laughed. "Just a little huh?"

Guiding the delivery person inside, we both helped to unload the packages. I broke into a huge smile when I took one of the boxes away and there was a face I knew. It was Alessandro from Dei Giovani. We quickly took the remainder of the packages and I asked him in for a drink.

Jim gave me a questioning look and I introduced him to Alessandro..

"Jim Bouten, this is Alessandro Benza of Dei Giovani. Alessandro helped with my shopping today."

Earlier I asked Maria where I could buy some nice clothes and she sent me to her Nephew's shop. Dei Giovani has upscale men's clothing and service that must be experienced to be believed. Alessandro and Pietro went out of their way to make certain I was happy with my Dei Giovani experience. It was their limo that took us to lunch!"

Alessandro was nearly paralyzed by his shyness. I made him a Gin Martini and he began to talk a bit. I rose to make more drinks when the doorbell rang again. I opened the door and Kenny, Jim's friend, that I met at the dance club was standing there.

I invited him in, he was upset, his car had quit on him about a half mile down the road. His cell phone battery was dead and he couldn't call so he came here. While he was rambling on about his misadventure I noticed that Alessandro was staring, almost gawking at Kenny. I waited for Kenny to take a breath so I could introduce them. Kenny was distraught fearing that major car repairs would be needed. Suddenly he stopped in mid sentence, I think he had just realized that Alessandro was there, then he looked to Jim.

"Who's that man, Jim?" Kenny whispered.

Taking him by the elbow he escorted Kenny toward Alessandro.

"Kenny! This is Alessandro Benza, he works at Dei Giovani on Michigan Avenue. Alessandro, meet our friend Kenneth Dodd."

By the time Alessandro reached out to shake Kenny's hand he was beet red and could hardly speak.

" you Signor Dodd."

I noticed a change come over Kenny. He was definitely taken by our young Italian guest. Judging from the looks they were giving each other there was a definite connection between them.

Kenny recovered from the surprise of the magnetism between them. He led Alessandro to the sofa and they sat close, side by side. I noticed Kenny's thigh was pressed against Alessandro, and they talked quietly together.

Jim leaned to me and almost laughed.

"I can't believe those two. It's like Cupid got both of them with only one arrow. Why don't we take these boxes to the guest room and give these two some alone time."

We loaded the bed down with the boxes and I started opening them, Jim stood and watched.

"Grab a box and open it Babe. Wait! Here's one especially for you Jim."

He took the box and opened it. He picked up a small folded piece of cloth that opened into a pair of the skimpy boxers like I put on at Dei Giovani, I bought him a dozen just like mine.

Closing the door, he pushed his board shorts to the floor and pulled on the tiny trunk style boxers.

He arranged his junk as I groaned and moaned, then stepped in front of the mirror. He blushed seeing himself in those outrageous shorts. Sometimes underwear or bathing suits can be much more alluring that being completely naked, even with those possessing nearly perfect bodies. These shorts were lewd, downright indecent looking, and so damn sexual it made me ache.

Jim blushed when he turned to the mirror.

"Oh gosh! These are kinda sexy, I don't know...."

He turned to me to asked my opinion and he saw my hard cock outlined on the right inside leg of my jeans, My breathing was becoming labored and my eyes were wide, little beads of sweat forming on my face and torso.

"David...David!" He laughed as I broke the paralysis as I looked at him in those 'nasty boy' shorts.

"You think I should show these to Kenny and Alessandro Babe?"

"Only if they are in your hand. No one but me sees you in them, and you'll be the only one to see me in mine. I don't want you finding someone to replace me. You'd be arrested if you wore those to a public pool. I liked them on me, but jeez Jimmy, see what they do to me when you're wearing them. I'll probably stay hard just knowing you have them on no matter what pants you wear."

I was on my knees again, my cheek resting on his cock as I hugged him to me.

"You're so perfect for me, so wonderful, so handsome. I want you so badly right now...I'm yours babe. I'm crazy about you."

Jim pulled me up into a kiss, our cocks were raging hard against each other again and pre-cum nearly flowed from my cock. We were just breaking our kiss when there was a light tap on the door. Jim put the board shorts on again and I grabbed a box to hide the erection in my jeans. Jim opened the door and Kenny was all smiles.

"David, Jim, he whispered, ohmigod! He's such a hunk! He's taking me to get my car towed and then to dinner later. Where did you meet him, I can't can't believe we never met before. Cross your fingers for me guys. He's an absolute dream!"

Suddenly I remembered. "Alessandro! We've left him alone!"

When I walked into the family room, Alessandro was standing, trying to rearrange the stiffness in his shorts. He blushed and I tried to assure him it was okay.

"Hey, you saw all of me at your shop today."

He laughed and said. "After you left Pietro had to retire to the men's room for a while. I would have gone too but someone had to watch for clients. Uh...Mr. Crandall...This Kenny? He is good man?"

"Please call me David...Yes, he and Giacomo have been friends for years. He's also single and available, if you are interested. I know that he is interested in you."

"He likes me?" He asked. I just nodded my head yes.

In the guest room, Jim was trying to calm Kenny down. Jim spoke up.

"Kenny, I saw the look on both of your faces. You excite him like he excites you. DON'T OVER THINK THIS! Get your car taken to a repair shop then enjoy an evening with a very handsome Italian man who's really into you! Remember what happened with David and me. When you least expect it. WHAMMO! It hit's ya."

"Okay, thanks Jim. We're going to see to my car, then we'll talk about the rest of the evening. I can hardly believe this is happening. I'm as anxious as a call girl on a Monday night!"

"Lighten up Kenny, just laugh and have a good time tonight. I just met Alessandro a while ago but David met him earlier today and likes him alot. And he has a good job at Dei Giovani on the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue."

After Kenny and Alessandro went on their way Jimmy and I sat on the couch. I reached over and took his hand in mine.

"Tell me about this shopping trip this morning David."

"I went to Maria's for a mid morning breakfast, but I wasn't terribly hungry, I settled on an espresso and that heavenly Buttermilk Panna Cotta. I asked Maria where where I should go to buy some nice clothes. She turned and went to the back of the restaurant leaving Carlo and I alone. He told me she was calling her Nephew who managed a Men's Clothing Store.

You remember I've a lunch date tomorrow with Don, the CFO I told you about, who'll help me get a job here. When I was making notes for my meeting with him, I remembered that Don is very meticulous about his appearance. Always in expensive suits and ties plus he is an absolute freak for Italian shoes.

One look at my old blue suit and I knew it just wouldn't do. I was about to phone you when I saw the Giordano's card on the fridge, it dawned on me that the Giordanos' would most likely know just where I should go for the clothes, so I went round to their place, introduced myself as your friend and asked them if they knew of a good place for Italian ready to wear. They sent me to Dei Giovani.

I was in a rush because I was meeting you for lunch. Pietro just looked at me and knew my sizes, down to my 12N shoes. He must wear a microphone so that the stockroom employees know what to bring out, in less than a minute everything was there in the dressing room and all of it in my size. There was a rack of slacks, a rack of sport coats and Blazers and suits, a table laden with pullovers, dress shirts, underwear and a table of shoes and belts. Dei giovani is the best in the business at Italian Ready to Wear for men, says Carlo. Maria even negotiated a 25% discount for me, still I spent over two thousand bucks there.

Oh...this was just awful, but now it's even a bit funny too, but I've never been as embarrassed: in the fitting room I dropped trou to try on some slacks. I had forgotten that I was going Commando in the jeans. I stood there naked from the waist down, in front of Pietro and Alessandro. After the shock passed we all had a good laugh about it. Pietro and Alessandro turned away 180 degrees facing the back wall as I pulled up my jeans, but the dressing room is covered with mirrors, so I'm sure they didn't have to strain to get

an eyeful of my junk. When I pulled up my jeans...that's when Alessandro gave me those outrageous shorts to put on.

I let Pietro put the outfits together and I'm very glad he did. I hope you'll like them as much as I do. I went way overboard on those clothes, but I hope that they will help me to land a good job here with nearly zero travel."

"When are we due over at Maria's and Carlo's?" Jim asked

"Eight O'clock sharp. We can go a bit early and have a drink if you like."

"I like!" Jim replied.

"Uh...Jimmy, it's just 6pm, wanna play around a bit. I think I owe you at least a few hundred more fantastic fucks. Want me to top you?"

Jim jumped up, reached to pull me up and was on his way to the bedroom.

We kissed while undressing and once we were naked, we lay together, kissing, petting, generally making out, but the foreplay stopped quickly when I pushed his legs high and dove into his furry little butt. When my tongue penetrated his sphincter he became a wild man, he was all over the bed and begging me for the real thing.

With plenty of Ultra Glide I entered him painlessly. He was more vocal tonight than he's ever been. Pleading with me to shove it in hard, he wanted my cock down deep as we could go. I had to back off more than once. His gyrations, coupled with my rapid, deep strokes kept me near the edge. I wanted to make it last for him but I couldn't.

Jim was throwing his butt up to grind against my downstroke, on the third time I felt my cum start the journey up from my testicles and then out the head of my cock. I filled his ass full to overflowing, it pooled on the sheets where it dribbled from inside him.

"Oh dear god! Each time you do that it gets better and better. No one has ever made love to me like you do David!"

"Yeah, we're pretty great together, you know how crazy I am for you too, but...we need to shower and get dressed babe. Maria's celebration dinner awaits."

I felt light headed when Jim came out of the bedroom dressed in a perfectly tailored Charcoal Gray pinstriped suit. He wore a brilliant white dress shirt with sky blue, black and yellow stripes in his Cardinal red tie, with a pair of Bruno Magli black and cordovan, wing tip shoes with a black belt. I noticed the Ruby and Gold cuff links he was wearing as well as a Cartier tank watch on his wrist.

"I'm the luckiest man on the planet, you are so beautiful Jim."

"At last we disagree on something David. It's you that is the most handsome. I'm jealous of those clothes David."

"I'm jealous of that watch and those cufflinks and shoes." I chuckled.

I wore Pietro's selection of a medium blue Herringbone Blazer, Khaki tan slacks, a sky blue silk shirt with a Navy tie with red, yellow and green stripes. The cordovan Ferragamo Italian slippers were my favorite of all the things I purchased, they were more comfortable than my bedroom shoes! I felt like I owned the world as we stood together in front of the mirror.

"We clean up good, Jimmy. Let's go to our celebration dinner"

As usual the Ristorante was nearly full, we waited at the bar to be called to a table. Instead, Maria and Carlo came to the bar to greet us. Both Maria and Carlo were impressed with my clothing selection from Dei Giovani. I told her that I let Pietro select everything except my underwear and it was Alessandro who picked that for me. Laughing, they asked us to come with them as they led us to a private room and with a flourish, Maria waved her hand and the folding partition wall slid back revealing the invited guest.

Besides Jim and I, the Giordano's had invited Jim's friends, Ollie, Miguel and Kenny, who brought Alessandro as his guest, Pietro from Dei Giovani and his partner Dario and the Giordano's.The tables were set up in a U shape, with Jim and I at the base of the U and four guests along each table. Jimmy and I were both very surprised and we knew immediately that we were in for a fun evening.

Dinner started with Aperitivo drinks ordered from the bar, servers brought out the Antipasto, cured meats, special cheeses, primo select olives, roasted peppers, stuffed pepperoncini and crostati (grilled artisan breads). Each place setting had a menu card describing each course of our meal. There were seven courses including the dessert and finishing with coffee!

After a round of sparkling wine we moved on to the Primo (first course) a choice of Fettuccini Pomodoro (pan-seared tomatoes, sauteed garlic olive oil and fresh basil or Spaghettini alle Vongole (clams steamed in white wine, tossed with pan seared tomatoes and fresh parsley.

More sparkling wine to cleanse the palate then on to our Secondo (second course) of Scallopini Beef (thinly sliced, pan seared beef with a Marsala Glaze) or Pesce (Fish-delicate sole fillets with Puttanesca sauce.

Next was the Contorno or third course, Insalata Amici (dried cranberries, soft feta and toasted walnuts on a bed of Arugula and mixed greens or Insalata di Cesare (a house made caesar dressing and herbed crostini bread with fresh parmigiano reggiano and lemon and vendura Cotta (seasonal vegetables.)

More sparkling wine and next was Formaggi e Frutta( a selection of artisan cheeses and fresh fruits.)

La Dolce (The sixth course) was Tiramisu, lady fingers dipped in a cafe infused liquor, with creamy mascarpone layered and dusted with cocoa.

We finished our meal with Espresso, coffee or tea.

With the remnants of our meal cleared away a bar was rolled in and bottles of Asti Spumante were uncorked and the party continued on past midnight.

As we walked around the corner back Jim's apartment we were both so full we could hardly walk

I told Jimmy that we had to go shopping for gifts for Maria and Carlo, we must express our gratitude for such a wonderful night.

"That Kenny sure was cool at the apartment, never letting on that he knew about the party and Ollie and Miguel as well! Maria and Carlo must think very highly of you to go to such extravagance for us. I gave Carlo a wad of bills to give to the servers for us."

Inside the apartment I shed my clothes quickly and fell onto the bed. Jimmy came out of the bathroom in those insanely indecent undershorts, this pair in lemon yellow against his tanned skin.

I groaned and my cock started its rise to full erection, at the bed he reached with both hands and tore my briefs from my body. With one knee on the bed he reached behind and pulled me by my neck into a rough, hard, deep tongue probing kiss. This was new...Jim had never been dominant in our bed. I let him do whatever he wanted, I was excited by this side of him, and curious to see what he had in mind.

He turned me face down on the bed and straddled my legs. He laid out on top of me, tickling my skin with this body hair, his cock wedged between my cheeks like a hot dog in a bun and he ground hard against me. In a few moments he started licking his way down my body, when he got to my squirming butt he grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread them roughly as his tongue probed at my anus. I screamed into the mattress and pushed my butt hard against him.

He pulled me to my knees, chest down on the mattress and spent a few minutes eating my butt, enough so that I was writhing and crying out, wanting his cock to fill me. He teased me with fingers and lube and a excruciating prostate massage. I was reaching for his cock, I had to have it in me. I felt the spongy glans sliding, probing and poking. I pushed back against him as hard as I could be he kept up his cock tease, never quite giving me what I needed so badly.

He rose up on his knees and began to knead my cheeks, lightly blowing air across them, every so often a finger slipped inside making me push back against him. Finally Jim entered me in one quick motion he was balls deep inside me and grinding hard against me. The sound that came from me was almost a scream, but it wasn't from pain, the sudden balls deep thrust was a pleasure overload to my brain. I bucked and thrashed against the hard, hot column of manflesh filling me, so deep inside me. I wish I could express that exquisite feeling in words but I just don't have them. The emotional and sexual feelings we get when we're making love are completely off the charts.

A hard cock pistoning in your butt takes on a life of its own. You had to have felt it to know what I mean, it's just the fuck. However, once a man ejaculates with a hard cock churning in his ass, nothing else will ever do. there is no feeling quite like that.

Now I was in control, the gyrations of my body against his hard cock were too much for him, he just held on and kept his cock deep inside me as I milked him with contractions in my rectum. The Kegel exercises my doctor had recommended were now paying dividends in my sex life too. I felt his hot semen when it entered me and spewed out my smaller load onto my chest and belly. We both rolled a bit to our sides and lay there waiting to recuperate.

It was dawn before we stirred, Jimmy went to make coffee and I went to the shower. Jeez am I sore this morning, there's an ache in my testicles and my is a delicious kind of pain. Maybe he needs to do me again to work the soreness out...mmm...yeah! That's the ticket!

We sat at the island with our coffee and leaned together, touching each other and still exhausted from yesterdays sex. I reminded Jim we needed to shop for Maria and Carlo's gift today, that was quite a party they gave us last night.

We called Dei Giovani for Alessandro and asked if he could recommend a jeweler where we could buy gifts for Maria and Carlo. He told us he'd make some calls and get back to us in a few minutes. He called us back and directed us to the Cartier Shop near Dei Giovani, he told us to ask for Adamo Bennetati.

"Adamo is a special friend signor, he will be expecting you before noon."

We thanked Alessandro and dressed to go to Cartier. Of course Adamo was another drop dead gorgeous Italian, the only kind I've seen here. Adamo greeted us like long lost friends and made suggestions for our gifts, we chose dangly diamond teardrop earrings for Maria and a Dunhill lighter for Carlo, Adamo even gave us his family discount of 15% from the retail price since Alessandro was his cousin.

We caught a cab to the Ristorante where planned to eat our lunch and give the Giordano's their gifts, as we were finishing up our Buttermilk Panna Cotta Maria and Carlo came to our table. We asked them to sit and I thanked them for such a marvelous evening and then Jim thanked them in Italian, and stood to kiss their cheeks and hug them both, then he gave them the gifts.

Maria teared up and Carlo just sat there with his mouth hanging open. Jim told them that they had been like family to him since he came here and he loved them. He told them that I was moving here and we'd be seeing a lot more of them now.

Maria called the server over and ordered a round Asti Spumante for everyone. We laughed and talked with them for at least an hour before making our way back to the apartment. I've learned that a meal at Giordano's is a two to three hour affair. I'll have to find a gym here soon before I'm too fat to workout.

Back at Jim's, I set about getting my clothes ready for the meeting with my friend and former coworker Donald Danson. Don is a CFO for a large manufacturing corporation here and has connections all over the city. He knows me, how I work and that I'm very good at balancing the clients demands with my company's capabilities and ability to make a profit.

The prize of my clothing purchases was a Navy suit with a fine light gray pinstripe; with it I chose a brilliant white shirt and a burgundy tie with tiny white polka dots, Cordovan Borgioli slippers with a matching belt. Once I dressed in the outfit and walked out to Jim in the great room I could tell by his expression that the outfit was a hit. He pulled his phone from his pocket and took a couple of pictures of me.

"My lady friend at the office has been bugging me to get a picture of you so she could see this man that's swept me off my feet. I hope that outfit makes you feel as good as it looks on you David. Damn! You are perfect, mister."

"What's perfect is you and I together Jimmy. That's what makes my spirit soar, not the clothes, I like them; but it's you that makes me come alive."

I saw him reach across his body and pinch his upper arm. I know I must have had a puzzled look on my face. He blushed pink.

"Sometimes, when you say things like that, I'm sure I must be dreaming. My mind tells me this can't be real, you're too perfect. But when we lay together in bed, my heart knows you are truly real and here beside me. I'm hopelessly in love with you David."

I rushed to him and pulled him into my arms and held him tightly.

"I know Jimmy, me too. We are perfect together and I've never been happier or more certain of anything. I love you just like you love me. We belong together."

Jim pulled back.

"Your suit! I don't want to get it wet..crying like a baby."

I undressed and hung the things back in the closet, my appointment with Donald Duggan is at One O'clock for lunch. Once I was back into just boxers and a tee Jim and I cuddled up on the sofa and turned on the TV. I spooned up to his back and held him to me with my hand on his chest. I played with his nipples a bit, then my hand began to move down that hairy chest and stomach and my fingers slipped under the waistband of his shorts.

I love the feel of his throbbing cock in my hand. I squeeze and jack it gently inside his shorts as he wiggles and pushed his but against my own hard cock.

In less that ten minutes Jimmy had turned to face me and we were kissing and making out like crazy. My hand was now toying with his butt and teasing at his opening. Suddenly Jimmy jumped up and pulled me after and we ran to our bed. Jim got onto the bed, on his knees but with his chest and head on the mattress, his but sticking up and wagging back and forth.

"Do me doggie style David, fuck me hard, ram it in me babe. I need you!"

After a careful and thorough lubing of Jimmy's little butt, I knee walked up to his wrinkled anus and rammed him just like he asked, one quick deep stroke all the way in and grind hard then out fast and back in. Jim was grunting with every thrust, after a few strokes he raised up on his arms and pushed back against my every downstroke, he began to talk dirty, telling me to pound his hungry ass, make him know he had a man riding his butt.

I really got into it and fucked him hard and just a little rough. He cried out when I started slapping his butt cheeks, I was shocked when I saw my hand imprinted in red on both cheeks of his butt. Tiring a bit, I flipped him onto his back, grabbed his ankles and brought us both to a quick and hard orgasm. He coated his torso with his semen and I collapsed on top of him gluing us together, As soon as I got my breathing under control I went to the bathroom and rummaged around and came back with an aloe gel that I rubbed on his bright red butt cheeks.

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize I slapped your butt so hard. I'll never do that again babe, I never ever want you to be in pain when we make love... or just have sex...that was just a hard fuck, it wasn't making love."

The redness was gone by morning much to my relief, I meant what I had told him last night. I never want either of us to be in pain when we make love. It just isn't my nature to be that way. I coated his butt cheeks with the aloe gel again before he went to work. He kissed me at the door and told me to 'knock em' dead at my interview.

I puttered around the apartment, cleaning the kitchen, running the dishwasher, I found his iron and pressed the wrinkles out of my clothes.

I called my boss in Memphis and told him what I was doing and that I had met someone here that I could have a relationship with and about the meeting with Don Danson later this afternoon. At 10:30 I showered, took special care as I dressed and was ready to leave at 11:45.

I called a cab and at 12:50pm and I was in the restaurant bar drinking club soda. I was standing where I could see the entrance and I saw Don walk in and look around for me. His eyes passed over me twice then I waved and caught his eye. I could see the look of surprise on his face. He had never seen me dresses as well. He quickly walked to me..

"David! I hardly knew've must be married again, that would explain that impeccable outfit you're wearing, Damn Dave, you look like a million bucks! What's her name."

I blushed a bit then smiled at him.

"You're almost right, not married yet though, but soon I think, and his name is James."

He was surprised.

"Really! You're gay! Well that certainly explains the clothes. When did the gay thing happen, you were just divorced the last time we met."

The pager lights he was given at the desk signaled and we went to be seated.

Once we had our menus I quickly chose the Swai, a light delicate fish dish in a white wine sauce with the veggie medley and water to drink. We chatted a bit waiting on our food, Don was curious about my switching teams so to speak, and asked again about when I knew I was a gay man. I related the story about meeting Jim and how I was overwhelmed with the feelings and emotions stirred up by that night. I told him that it was my first time as an adult with a man and I was completely amazed by my own reaction to what has happened with Jim and I.

Don just sat there for a bit, looking at me without saying anything, then after a good minute or so he spoke.

"David, we've know each other a long time. I've always trusted you and I think you have always been truthful with me. Don't worry, we'll find you the right job here in Chicago, I'm not sure just where as yet, but I may be able to take you on here with my company."

I was very surprised.

"Thank you Don, we work well together, I hope that can happen."

"Okay, David I need to come clean with you here, you've been so forthright with we volunteering what I wanted to know but wouldn't ask. David, you're not the only one at this table that has switched teams. I've been gay for over 5 years now. Like you, it happened to me in a similar way and I was hooked from the first. I tried to lead a normal married life but I felt like such a heel, sneaking out to be with guys. In less than a year Ann and I divorced, we were childless, thank goodness. Then three years ago I met Alan, my partner and we've been together since."

"Wow! Knowing you as long as I have, that seems so impossible, but then I know first hand just how possible it can be."

"Today is Friday, would you and James like to go out to dinner with Alan and I tomorrow night. This town is full of great restaurants."

"We'd love to go and if you like Italian food, we have the best in town right around the corner from our place on 55th St. at S. Fairfield. Jim will be thrilled, he loves to introduce folks to the Giordano's food."

"Giordano's? I heard about that place, just haven't made it over there yet. We're not too far away from you guy's either, 15 or 20 blocks north on S. Fairfield Ave."

"Jim will make the reservations, Maria, Mrs. Giordano, treats him like a son. They always make room for him. I promise you you are in for a treat."

"Great David, I'll get busy back at the office and maybe I'll have a proposal for you tomorrow night. This is great, finding an old friend in a similar situation. I don't know about you guys but I'm so crazy in love with Alan I can't believe how freaking happy we are."

"Believe me I know Don, Jim and I met on Wednesday and I took vacation time and flew here on Friday. I've had more sex in three days than I have in the last three years."

We finished our food and went back to Don's office, he showed me around and gave me a briefing on the customer base, then said the words I've said to my boss for ever.

"95% of our clients problems can be settled by phone calls. We don't keep guys in the air here, rushing to molly coddle a client while the guys back here fix the problem, instead, when a problem is solved, we call them and then send them a gift card to take the wife out to a nice dinner. It's less expensive than flying and hotels by a long shot and the clients love getting that gift card. Plus our guys love being able to go home every night."

"I've preached that to my boss for years but he he doesn't get it. I think he likes to get away for the wife too much to even consider a better way."

"I just need to run some numbers by the CEO and I'm fairly sure we'll find a place for a guy with your client savvy."

Don ushered me out to the desk and when he heard me ask the receptionist to call me a cab he stopped her and had one of the college interns drive me back to the apartment. I asked the College kid to drop me off at Jim's office instead of taking all the way to the apartment and I'd ride home with him.

On the way, I called Don and told him that they didn't need a tie for tomorrow night and to come by our place for drinks and we'd walk around the corner to the restaurant.

I didn't call Jim, I thought I'd surprise him and just be standing there when he came off the elevator. The look on his face when he saw me went from complete surprise to raging man lust in about two heartbeats. I knew that I would get lucky when we got to the apartment.

I told him all about the interview and that we'd know tomorrow night at dinner if I have a job in Chicago. Jim got excited when I told him about Don and Alan going to dinner with us. He called Giordano's from the cab to reserve a table for four. My hand was on the seat between us and Jim put his on top of mine and squeezed. We held hands all the way to the apartment.

I felt like cooking tonight so I walked down the street to the Market that was only one quarter mile away, I selected two 8 ounce Beef Tenderloin steaks, fresh greens and veggies for a salad and a large potato to bake and share. Jim was in the shower when I returned so I put the items in the fridge and went to our room, undressed and slipped into the shower with him while he was washing his hair. He almost screamed when I tapped him on the shoulder.

I finished washing his hair and took the soap and lathered my hands together and rubbed his beautiful body, taking extra special care with his testicles and cock. I managed to refrain from sex this time, knowing that as sexy as the shower is, nothing beats lying together in the bed after a good workout. We cleaned the apartment good that night and noshed on food in the freezer.

We had the place shining and plopped down on the bed and were asleep in just a few minutes.

We rose early Saturday morning and ran over to Gage park a couple of blocks east from our place, and got in a five mile run on the trails, then jogged and walked back to the apartment. Around three, Don called and got our street number and said they would come around six for cocktails and getting to know each other.

Don and Alan arrived at six and to our great surprise, Jim and Alan knew each other. They had mutual gay friends, and met at parties and clubs, often a few years ago. We started out with a pitcher of Martinis and made quick work of that batch.

While Jim was in the kitchen making up a fresh batch of drinks, Don told me that he had an employment offer for me. I smiled and thanked him.

"Wait until you hear the offer before you thank me. We would like to have you join our team as the Director of Sales and Marketing."

Don slid a business card across the table with one finger, I saw that is was his business card so I picked it up and turned the card over. The only thing on the back of the card was a dollar figure. $160,000.

I looked back to him.

"How many sales and marketing people will I be managing Don."

"We have eight sales personnel and two graphic artists, We expect that we will need to hire and train 4 to 8 for the Marketing staff."

I think I frowned a bit, thinking of the hiring and training, not to mention handling the artists egos. I was counting heads and job duties in my mind and I think Don got a bit worried.

"That salary figure would only be for six, no...for three months, once the a full staff is in place and trained, we'll do a 10% increase at three months. Annual reviews are done in December and salary adjustments are on the first paychecks in January. Anymore questions?"

"I need to close out my place in Memphis, work out my notice, then move, can I have three weeks before I start."

"You can have all the time you need David. However, there is one final thing that I must ask and I fear that the whole deal we've discussed may hinge on your answer."

"Uh...okay...what's the question Don?"

"I need to know where you got that suit you wore to the office yesterday. I know it's Italian and suspect that it is custom made."

Laughing and very relieved, I told him it was off the rack, not custom tailored.

"But where did it come from."

"The shop is Dei Giovani on the Magnificent Mile, tell Alessandro and Pietro that I sent you, the service is unbelievable there."

"Welcome aboard David, you're hired!"

Jim had heard everything we said but he didn't know the salary figure on the card. When he sat beside me on the sofa, I showed him the card. He kept calm, didn't show surprise or astonishment, but I did hear his breathing speed up a bit.

Don and I began talking about work, the hiring of the staff and sales training, etcetera, etcetera. Jim and Alan went to the Kitchen Island and they each related their stories about meeting their guy. At 7pm Jim laid out some snacks, Parmesan Basil Pesto with a tomato bruschetta on garlic toast, to quell our appetites whetted by the gin martinis.

A few minutes after 8pm we left the apartment and walked to Giordano's, being a bit early we went directly to the bar until our table was ready. I was surprised when Carlo Giordano himself came into the bar to take us to our table. Jim introduced Don and Alan to Carlo, as we neared the room where the party was held I saw Maria hurriedly giving last minute instructions her staff. She turned as we came to the table and gave Jim and I a hug and she gave him her usual blessing in Italian. Jim introduced Alan and Don to her and we took our seats.

Once we were all seated Maria clapped her hands and servers came from everywhere to our table, first up was the antipasti, appetisers of great variety, meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses and a refreshing Prosecco, a much-loved sparkling wine from the Veneto area of Italy.

The meal progressed as before at our party a few days ago and a fresh wine was served with each course. The meal was ended with Espresso and the Buttermilk Panna Cotta. Both Don and Alan were amazed at the dinner and their praise for the Panna Cotta raged on for a full month. They became regulars at the Giordano's, eating there at least once a week, Many nights Jimmy and I joined them there.

Jim took a couple of days off and we flew to Memphis to close out my apartment and to get what little bit of personal items I wanted to keep, the rest I had donated to the Union Mission house. We drove back to Chicago in my car and in less than a week, we were settled in, living and loving together. Sometimes when I'm alone on the train or bus, I think back and wonder how this all happened so fast. One night in bed with a stranger and in less than three weeks we're talking about buying a house together.

One thing is certain...well there's more than one thing that is certain, but I've never been happier or more content in my entire life. I've a new and very challenging job that I love, a wonderful companion that makes me know I'm loved and cherished every minute of every day. As much as I used to complain about flying all over the country all week, it is ironic that it was one of those trips that changed me and my life forever.

Jim made some suggestion to his boss about reducing travel and enhancing their customer contact with a Gift Card rewards plan very similar to Don and I were doing for our customers. His company liked the idea and once the cost saving figures were in, Jimmy got a promotion to Assistant Sales Manager. Now both of us were really based at our office and had almost all our evenings at home together.

For our first anniversary together we bought a loft condo on S. Everett Ave, with a view of Lake Michigan from our living room and balcony. It's taken some adjustment on my part with the severe winter weather here, it doesn't get nearly so cold down in Memphis, but now I have a warm furry body to spoon up to when the nights get chilly. The fact is that with very little provocation, Jimmy can have us both drenched in sweat with the temp below zero outside which he does very often.

The End


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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