At 29 years of age and dreading the thought of soon being 30, and still unattached emotionally,  I began to search for one thing that would define the beginning of my third decade.  Something big, that I would always remember, but it had to fit within the limitations of my vacation time and of course my budget.  I wouldn't be flying around the world to climb Kilimanjaro or water skiing the Amazon.  I had to focus on more practical exploits.

I am Ted Bagley, facing the end of my twenties and alone.  I recently broke up with my girlfriend of four years, she wanted to get married, I didn't, relationship over.  It's been three months now since Caroline and I parted company; I've been out on a few dates (less than ten) but I've not hit it off with anyone in a way that made me want to keep seeing her. Back before Caroline and I got together, my best buddy Adam and I usually went out to a club or bar on weekends, on the pull as the Brits say.  We weren't very successful at that either.

I was bemoaning my sorry state of being single again and facing the big 'three o' with one of my lady friends at work.  She sympathized  with me especially the turning 30 bit as she had done it a few months ago.   She pulled a card from her handbag and held it out to me.

"Teddy, get your skinny ass to the gym and get yourself a new body.  It will do wonders for you physically and more importantly, mentally.  You've seen what it did for me!"

Immediately I remembered that she had a full makeover as her gift to herself.  She joined a gym, lost almost 20 pounds, had a cosmetic makeover too and she looks wonderful now, she's full of self confidence and dating regularly.  The change in her was dramatic and she seems to be a much happier person than before.  Several of the other ladies at work have begun similar programs after Jeanne's success.  I decided I would do it and went straight to the gym after work, giving Jeanne's name as a referral got her a free month at the club too.

My best friend and confidant, Adam Anthony moved away six months ago for a big promotion with his company, he'd be doing this with me if he were here.  Adam and I met in Preschool and have been best friends since.  We played sports together starting off in T-Ball and progressed to Pee Wee League sports then on to high school baseball and wrestling.

Adam excelled in wrestling and got a scholarship to our state university to wrestle.  While I was better at baseball, though not a scholarship athlete I did make our college team as a walk on.  With each of us in different sports we were able to see the other's matches/games and cheer him on, we even managed to room together for the last three years at college.  After graduation we both got jobs in the same city and naturally roomed together until Caroline and I got serious and moved in together.  Adam got his own place and continued to do the bars and clubs alone.  I was absolutely lost when Adam moved to Colorado after 21 years of him in my life.  I haven't thought of it the other way around until lately; I suppose Adam was just as lost when Caroline and I were together.

As I drove to the gym, I wished for the umpteenth time that Adam was here to do the gym rat thing with me.  There was nothing for me to do but go it alone.  I stopped on my way home from work and talked with an instructor/trainer, signed up and headed to the Sports Store at the Mall for workout gear.

I had just over five and a half months until the big three oh.  The trainer assured me that with his program my body would be ripped beyond belief in ninety days, if I followed his instructions and the workout regimen.

That night at home I resolved that I would do this, I'll build my new body and change my outlook on life.  I almost cried on my way home from the first workout session, even my hair hurt.  I spent over thirty minutes in the Jacuzzi at the gym, but it offered little relief, I fell on my bed and didn't wake until five a.m.  I missed dinner, so I was very hungry when I woke.

A huge part of the success of the workout regimen I was on depended upon my diet as well as the exercises.  I automatically peeled an Orange, washed off a carrot and threw in about half a mango and turned on the juicer.  Next up was my least favorite, egg whites. Ugh!  I finished off with a protein shake and hit the shower and got ready for work.  On the way out the door I stopped to mark off day one on the calendar.

Sometime into the second week I began to feel better, my body no longer screamed at me after a two hour workout.  I've begun to run on the gym's indoor track.  Near the end of my first month, I caught myself wanting to ditch work and head the the gym.  I felt more alive than and any time I can remember.  My body was responding and beginning to harden up into muscle.  

One afternoon I was doing sit ups with my trainer he stopped me on the rise up and told me to look at the mirror.  There on my very own stomach was the outline of a six pack of abdominal muscles.  I looked down.  It was real!   I thanked my trainer and when I got home I know I spent an hour looking in the floor to ceiling mirror I had installed in the spare bedroom which was now my home gym.  

It was time to buy some new clothes, I didn't fit so well into the 27 inch waist pants I wore when I started at the gym.  I now wear a 29 inch waist and the next size neck size up for a dress shirt.  When I tried on new pants I was amazed when I looked over my shoulder.  I have a round bubble butt, I reached my hand back and felt my butt, it was rock hard. The store assistant came up to me as I was trying on the pants and shook his head.  

"Those are not fitting you very well Sir.  With your permission I suggest we move over to another section of this department to our designer wear.  You will want to show off your obvious assets to their best advantage.   The cost is a bit more but the clothes will fit and make you stand out.  Like the song says 'every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man.'  He flitted off and came back with his arms loaded with clothes.  I left the store with three pairs of new slacks, five dress shirts, five ties and two pairs of shoes.  

The next day at work was fun, the word spread like wildfire and there was a parade of women by my desk all day.  While I thought it funny a part of me reveled in the attention.  Even Jeanne, who had told me to "get my skinny ass to the gym" was impressed and I thought I sensed her 'coming on' to me a bit.  But the craziest part to me was that the men at work seemed to listen closer when I talked and began deferring to me in decision making.  That didn't happen before when I was skinny Teddy.

I was at home Saturday morning preparing to do a run through the neighborhood and the City Park nearby  when the phone rang, it was Adam, just calling to chat.  Memories of him and how I missed him flooded back.  The workouts and the gym  had kept me from dwelling on our separation.  When he asked what I had been up to lately I told him I was building a new body.  

Adam started laughing.  "Teddy, you expect me to believe you're going to the gym and working out to bulk up that skinny ass body of yours?  And without me there to push you to do it.  I'll have to see it to believe it bud."

"Yeah, well I can't wait to see the look on your face when we meet up again.  I'll bet I could walk right by you without you even knowing who I am."

"Sure man, Like I wouldn't recognize the best friend I've ever had.  That's a laugh.  I sure would like to see you though, after twenty plus years of being together, being 600 miles apart sucks.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to tell you something.  Hey Ted, did you ever figure out something to do for our Birthday celebration?  All I can think of is getting drunk and crying!"

"I know, the one thing that I keep coming back to is a camping/fishing trip in the mountains.  I don't have a clue as to what mountains but I think that would be great fun and something we would always remember."

Adam agreed that it would be memorable then out of the blue he almost shouted.

"Estes Park!  We should go to Estes Park in the Rockies just outside of Boulder, Colorado.  There few places more beautiful and we can be as secluded or in the open as we want.  We can even rent a cabin instead of camping out.  Wow! Two weeks together, fishing, hiking and playing in the mountains really sounds great."

"Addy, I think you're onto something.  That does sound great.  You can meet me at the Denver Airport and we can drive to what ever place we rent.  I'll carry a sign with 'TED' on it so you'll know who I am."

"Yeah sure.  Like I'm not gonna know the love of my life...oh shit...that didn't come out right Ted, but you do know I love you man.  I can't imagine you've changed to the point where  I wouldn't recognize you. But even if you have, the change is only physical, my Teddy is still inside your new body.  I know that for sure."

We finished up our conversation and for the rest of the day I thought about Adam, he seemed a bit different in a way I couldn't pinpoint.  I thought as I ran on the gym track that I would check out cabin rentals in Estes Park as soon as I got home.  The prospect of reuniting with Addy for two whole weeks was exciting, there's a hole in my life without him here.  

I managed to run for six miles today, my longest run yet!  My goal is to get to ten miles a day.  Again I was surprised as I stripped off for the shower and glanced in the mirror.  I could hardly believe that was my image in the mirror.  Skinny Ted was a memory, this Ted was ripped and toned like an athlete.  I made a note to remember to talk with my trainer tomorrow, I'm anxious to talk with my trainer about the vacation.  Running would not be a problem but two weeks without work outs might not be a good Idea.

After my shower and another few minutes at the mirror I got on the Internet and to my surprise and amazement found a perfect cabin in Allenspark, Co.  a little town of 538 people just 12 miles from Estes Park and at a great price.  It's a 2 bedroom A-frame without another dwelling in sight. I had to call Adam right away.

He answered on the first ring.  "Teddy, what's up man.  You okay?"

"Sure but Addy I had to tell you about this place; get on your computer and enter Allenspark, Co. in the Search box and then this.  As I gave him the directions he gave a low whistle.

"Teddy that's perfect but how much?"

"Look up in the right top corner Adam."

"What!!  Can that be right?  Call them now and book it.  Try to get it where both our birthdays are in the second week, we're only three days apart.  SHIT MAN!  This is awesome!  Two weeks with my best Bud and all that frigging nature right outside the door.  Damn Ted, it's got a hot tub too!  It just gets better and better."

"Okay Addy, I'll call and try and book it then I go to the gym.  I'll call you back around eight tonight.  Be cool dude.  Later"

This was meant to be.  One call and the place was ours, during the last week of our stay, Adam's birthday is on Monday and mine the following Thursday,  we would leave on Saturday.  I was high as a kite when I got to the gym.  I talked with my trainer and he didn't care for the idea of me not exercising for two weeks but told me to go on with my workout and he would think about it.  He did ask where I would be for the two weeks and I told him that Estes Park was only 18 miles away.

I was drying off from my shower when my trainer came back to the locker rooms and told me that he had made arrangements with a guy he Knew in Boulder and I could go there and work out for $15 a session.  Well worth it for me.    My trainer asked me if I was aware of what next week would be.  I didn't have a clue to what he was talking about.

"Ted, next Wednesday will be the end of ninety days.  Go on, look at yourself in that mirror."  

I did as he said and I was all smiles from ear to ear.  Then he pulled out a Polaroid picture of me the first day I came here.  "remember this little guy Ted?"

"Good grief I was such a mess."

"You're my poster boy Ted.  If all my clients were like you, did as they are told and worked as hard as you do.  I'd be King of the trainers around here."

"I can't thank you enough Charlie.  I never dreamed I could look like this. Plus I've never felt so good in my life."

I settled into my routine, running every day (I'm up to 8 miles a day!) and the gym every other day and of course my work.  Before I realized it, it was time for our vacation.  I was so excited to be seeing Adam again.  It has been over eight months since I last saw him.

I deplaned at the Denver airport and headed straight to the luggage pick up.  I saw Adam immediately standing against the wall looking for me.  As I neared him I thought of a joke to play on him.  When I stopped in front of him I asked.

"Please excuse me Sir, but are there any restrooms near here."

He started giving me direction and I started laughing and in a couple of heartbeats he caught on.

"TEDDY!  JEEZ MAN you look incredible!  Holy Crap!  I'd still be giving you directions if you hadn't started laughing.  When your eyes crinkled up I knew."

He wrapped me in a bear hug, saying quietly near my ear.

"Dear God I've missed you Ted.  I've learned some things about myself, about us, since I've been here.  God it is good to be with you, I feel whole again now you are here."

"Uh, Addy, it feels wonderful but maybe you should let me down."

His bear hug had lifted me off the ground and I was still dangling there.

"Oh, yeah, guess I should, but I may have to hug you more later."  He kissed my neck as he let me down.

I stood back and looked at him.

"Addy, looks like I'm not the only one who has changed.  You've lost at least 20 pounds, got a new hairstyle and that stubble beard makes you look like a magazine model.  You've turned into a hunk Adam."

"Well we'll fight off the ladies later Teddy;  you're mine for the next two weeks."

"Yes Sir, and you are mine Adam."

There was a silence as we stood looking at the other,  I felt a shudder throughout my body.  Adam stared so intently at me I became confused, and adding to my state of confusion and embarrassment, my  cock was hard!   What The Fuck is going on!  I broke away from his stare.

"My bags!"  we turned to the carousels and found my bags and started to the parking area.  As we walked Adam hip bumped me like we did as kids, I bumped him back and we were snickering and giggling as we made our way to his SUV. We settled in and buckled our seat belts he turned to me again reached out and put a hand behind my neck and pulled me to him, lightly kissed my lips and said.

"I've never been so glad to see anyone in my entire life as I am to see you.  Things are right again now that you are here.  This will be two weeks to remember the rest of our lives Teddy, mark my words"

Adam drove straight to Allenspark and the A-frame cabin rental.  He told me he had driven there twice and learned the way.  When we opened the door both of us stood in the great room open mouthed.  This place looked like a chalet outside but it was posh luxury inside.  The master bedroom has a king sized bed but the second bedroom has twin beds!   I gave him a look.  He stared right back at me and pointed to the king sized bed.  

"Yes, we're sharing this one.  No arguments." Adam stated.

It was no big deal, we've slept together all our lives, many, many nights as kids as well as adults.

"Sure thing, Bud, but I might ought to warn you, it's been months since I've had sex with anyone other than myself."  I joked.

"Hmm, well that will make some interesting talk over breakfast."

"You wish!  This new body got you hot for me Addy"

He gave me a sobering look.

"I was hot for you when you were a skinny runt. Always have been."


"We might as well get this part over with Ted.  Sit down, I have to tell you something.  Ted, you're the best friend I've ever known and I've prayed every night that what I've got to say will not change our friendship.   This has been going on for years Adam, so it is not a whim or any sort of experimentation.

Ted, I'm gay.  I have been for years, but I never acted on it until I moved out into my own apartment.   My first experience with a man was right after you moved in with Caroline,  there have been two others for a total of three in a bit over three years.  I knew what I was even back in High School but wouldn't admit it."

"Okay, you're pulling my leg here, right.  I'm supposed to believe that Adam Anthony, cocks-man extraordinaire has switched over and is now playing on the other team!  Give me a break!  Why are you doing this Adam?"

"Ted, it's true, you remember how I had to wear two jock straps when I wrestled in school.  It wasn't because my equipment was so big, it was to hold down my hard-on.  I knew I was gay in High School.  Remember when we were kids and would lie on those twin beds in your room and jerk off looking at Girlie mags?  I was watching you jerk off Teddy.  I loved the way your face twisted when you got your nut.

"Your serious? Gee Addy, that's really a shock, I never had a clue.  But really, it doesn't bother me.  Lot's of guys have a best friend that's a pervert!  

It took a second or two for Adam to get the joke then we both were laughing like crazy.  I knew I had to lighten this up or we were in for a gloomy time.

"Adam, it's gonna take a lot more than you being gay to run me away.  If, I'm completely honest here, I've had those thoughts too, but only about you.  Come to think of it, I've had them more often since you moved away. I've even masturbated thinking about you.  Hmm, I may need to think about this for a while."

"But Teddy, I haven't told you the worst part yet.  I'm in love with you.  I mean like wanting to make love with you, live with you, for us to be like a couple.  I'd have your babies if I could, I'm a pervert for sure.

"Addy,  we are okay, this does not cause a problem between us.  But it is something I never thought we would be discussing.   I know you are serious and I think I know how you love me.  Part of me loves you the same way.  That bear hug at the airport?  I got hard when you did that."

He grinned,  "I know, I felt it against me and I saw it when I set you down, that gave me the courage to tell you this now.  I know you are not gay Ted, don't misunderstand me.   I just hope that maybe you could come to feel about me like I do you."

"Addy you know that if I should ever get that particular urge for sex with a man, you're my guy."

"It's a lot more than the sex Teddy, it us together like we've always been but even more and then add the sex and it could be the best feeling in the world."

"Come here Adam." I hugged him tightly to me.  

"We're okay Addy, don't worry, we're good.  I'm going to go out and do my run.   When I'm running I think my clearest.  I need to think this out. It's me I'm trying to sort out Adam,  I haven't really thought about these things I've just admitted to you but I need too.  It is a fact that since you moved away I've been a very unhappy man."  

I felt him shudder as he hugged against me.  I leaned back, he looked down and our lips met.  It wasn't the least bit odd or strange to me, just our lips together.  I gave him a quick peck and  I pushed back breaking our hug.    

"I gotta change into running shoes and shorts, be right back."

When I came back through the family room to go our to run, Adam was at the kitchen island on a bar stool.  I heard him moan.

"Now that's just plain mean Teddy, I pour my heart out telling how I love you and you come out here to go running nearly naked.  Holy Shit  Ted, you're body is amazing man.  I gotta go find a gym soon."

"You don't need much work Adam, you're hot and you know it, too.   See ya in a few Bud."

I had run less than a mile when I stopped and just walked.   After a bit I saw a large rock not far off the road and I went over and just sat down. My mind was so full of Adam I couldn't run and pace myself.  My mind was full of my past sexual thoughts about us together.  I didn't tell him that I  had sneaked glimpses of him jacking off in my room when we were kids just like he did.  I used to get my rocks watching him stroke his cock. I remembered how strongly I was attracted to him as a kid.  

Back then I knew it was wrong, it was queer and I fought and fought it and when I started dating girls and trying to feel  them up I transferred my sexual attraction from Adam to whomever I was dating at the time.  I remembered pangs of jealousy I had when Adam dated any girl.  Sitting there thinking about him had given me a raging hard-on.  I adjusted my cock and laughed to myself, is this an omen?  I stood and took off in a trot back to the cabin.

Adam was  in the kitchen making something for our lunch.  As I walked to him he called out,

"You didn't run far, you've only been gone twenty minutes."

Without a word I walked up to him took his face in my hands and kissed him hard, my tongue probing his mouth.  The electric shock was back, just as strong as the first time.  When we broke apart Adam stood there slack jawed not understanding why I did that.

"Adam, the only way I will ever know if I want to be with you the way you want us to be is for us to make love.  I've never done anything with a man but then I've I've done just about everything but make love with you.  I know beyond any doubt that I want you in my life as my friend at the very least.  Maybe we can be more than friends, that part is what I hope we can find out.  Are you willing to do this knowing that it could be that it is not for me.  I can't imagine doing anything with you that I didn't want to do.  I want us to try this if you are willing."

Stunned a bit at what I had just suggested Adam just nodded his head yes.  I took his hand and led him to the bedroom.  Addy, you'll have to tell me what you want me to do.

"Thank you Teddy, first things first.  Kiss me again Ted and let me love you."

I felt his body shudder as he hugged against me.  I leaned back, Adam looked down and our lips met.  I felt his tongue slide along my lower lip, I opened and when our tongues touched explosions and fireworks filled my mind and body again.    I felt and heard his moan as he pressed harder against me.  Our tongues battled to touch every part of the other' mouth.  

We were both hard and grinding our cocks together.  I felt like I was holding on to an electric fence and couldn't pull myself away to safety. My entire body buzzed with little electric shocks.  I managed to push away.  Our chests were heaving, desperate for air,  I looked to Adam and he had a sort of smirk to his smile, cocky even.

"Adam I felt the electricity again, sort of like touching an electric fence, does that happen every time you kiss someone?"

"No teddy, I've only felt it with you, honest."

He reached over and tapped the top of my head.

"It was all up here Teddy.  You and I are so close to each other that the emotional part of your brain kicked into overdrive.  A friend once told me it was 'a mind fuck' when you are with the person you most desire and love.  There's a physical and emotional orgasm when you are intimate with that special person.  You love me Teddy, that's what you felt.  No wires, we're just connecting  two souls with the ultimate expression of our love.  You may not have known it before, but you know it now.  I'm the one who will make you happy Ted.  You're the one to make me happy. I can wait, you'll want more after that.  Thanks Teddy this has pushed us a little faster along to my goal."

"What goal Addy?"

"You, Ted.  You're my goal,  I want to love you, be loved by you, make love with you and have you make love to me.  I want us to be together always, and when the times comes, when it is legal, I'll want us to be married.  I can't have your children but we won't let that stop us from trying.   I can promise you that as awesome as that kiss felt, it cannot even compare to the first time you put your cock inside me.  You are my goal Ted and you will love me."

I know I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open.  I could hardly believe what he was saying.  Every bit of the power in that kiss went straight to my cock.  It still ached.  Adam was talking again.

"You've always been the one to try new things, regardless of what others think.  Maybe it's time for you to try batting on the other team for a game or two.  I will do absolutely anything you ask me to do.  The hardest part is waiting for you to find it out.   I know how much you will like it when you let me make love to you.  I know you Ted, more importantly, you know me.  You know I'll stop the moment you utter the word, you know I would never press you to do something you don't want to do.  I'll wait, it will happen.  You will think of this day often, making love to Adam, how will it feel, how is it done?  When will it happen again."

"Come Ted, we both need a shower, let's do this together."

He took my hand and I followed him into the warm shower spray, he pushed me toward the spray and got behind me and wrapped his arms around my chest and hugged up against my back side.  I felt his hard cock at the cleft of my butt.  The electricity was back, the touch of our naked bodies, wet and sliding against each other had my cock standing hard and proud.  Adam now had the soap in his hand and he soaped the front of my body, his slick hands roaming my body lovingly, he kissed my neck just below the ear.  

"Oh Teddy, you feel so good against me.  I do love your new body and yeah, I've got the hots for it too.  For you, it's always been you Ted."

His soapy hands made their way down my torso and soon he cupped my testicles in one hand and slowly jacked my hard cock in the other.  I melted back against him, moaning, gasping at each new sensation.  I turned to face him, I'd nearly blasted the shower wall with my my semen, I was so close to cumming.  He reached down and placed my cock up alongside his as we ground together and I initiated a deep, soulful kiss.  

"The feel of our bodies together is amazing Adam, I just want to crawl up inside you, you feel so good."

He smiled a crooked smile, "we'll see about that, later Ted" and went about soaping and rubbing every inch of my body.   When he soaped the crack of my butt and his fingers rubbed at my anus, goose bumps sprang up all over me.  I fell back onto his chest, my face on his pecs and my butt arched up and out as he washed and played with me.  Once he concentrated his efforts on my anus, rubbing and probing with his fingers, I couldn't be still.  I looked up to his face, my eyes beginning to glaze over, Adam kissed me deeply, his tongue probing my mouth and throat.  Suddenly he spun me around and I braced against the wall, he wasn't touching me any more then his hands spread my butt cheeks and he drove his tongue into my anus.  I screamed in surprise and pleasure. I never knew that there could be pleasure in that place.  He replaced his tongue with two fingers and I began pushing back on his hand.  Just as I neared that point on no return, he backed off, turned me to him and washed my hair then the rest of the front side of me.

I took my turn and washing Adam's body.  I was amazed at how good his muscles and skin felt in my hands.  So sensual, and when I washed his ample cock and balls, it became sexual.  His hard cock mesmerized me when I held it in my hand.  I loved the feel of it.  We rinsed off and took turns drying each other, then Adam led me to the big bed.  

"You're sure about this Ted?"

"God yes I'm sure.  I've already experienced amazing things I've never felt before. I know I love the feel of your naked body, I love the feel of your hard cock in my hand, your kisses short circuit my brain.  Already I'm wondering why it took you so long to tell me.   And you say there is more.  I'm yours Addy, do what you want with me."

Adam lay beside me,  him on his side, me on my back and his hand lay on my chest.

"Teddy, I can hardly believe you're rockin' body.  Do you have any idea how sexy and handsome you are.  I've always loved you but now, I kind of don't feel worthy, you are such a fox."

I jumped off the bed and pulled him to the bathroom. We stood in front of the mirror and I smiled.  

"Adam, can't you see how fucking hot you are.  I know you have to have ladies coming on to you everywhere you go."

"Well, not so much at the gay bars." he laughed.  

Putting his arm around my shoulder he pulled me closer.

"We are a pretty hot couple of guys Teddy, now back in that bed.  I've got things to do to you mister."

My head had not hit the pillow before his mouth was sucking my nipple, making me arch my back and moan.  Next I felt his hand stroking my cock then circling my scrotum with thumb and forefinger.  He leaned down and kissed me deeply and pulled and stretched my balls and scrotum to its limit.

I roared into his mouth and suddenly I flipped him and now I was on top of Addy, kissing him, feeling his fantastic body and I ran my hand down to grab my new found favorite toy, his very hard cock.  All shame or modesty had left my body, I wanted this man in every way that was possible, what ever they may be.  Every touch, every sensation was new to me.  I never imagined I could do these things with a man.  I was wild now, devouring his lips and nipples, while slowly jacking his cock.  I looked down at his corona sticking out of my fist.  I moved down and took his cock in my mouth.  The guy who had never dreamed of sex with a man now nursed on Adam's substantial cock greedily.  It was Adam, that's why I could do this.  Adam, my friend, my subconscious lover? Other men did nothing for me, just Adam.  I want all of him.

I remembered what Addy had done to me in the shower and I raised his legs and sucked on his scrotum, sucking both his balls into my mouth and pulling back, stretching them as he had done to me.  Adam roared and thrashed about on the bed.  Pushing his legs against his chest I tongued his anus.  My passion had brought me here but I found I really liked eating his butt.  The taste was all clean soap and water and man musk.  He had to pull me away for fear that he would ejaculate

"Damn Teddy, I was hoping that I could seduce you but you're turning the tables on me.  Have you done this before.?"

"No Addy, sex with men has never had an attraction for me.  However, sex between you and I is a whole different matter.  I honestly never thought of it until your confession that you wanted to make love to me. When I thought about it, I knew that you and I making love would be so much better than anything that I had with Caroline or any of the others. Of course our equipment is the same and I knew I would need to adjust, overcoming the taboos instilled since childhood.  But the bottom line comes down to us, I don't feel that anything you and I could do sexually together could ever be considered as wrong.  The more I thought of it the more I realized that the friendship and love we've had for twenty plus years could naturally progress to this higher level.  I'm not making any promises but I do like the little that I have been exposed to."

"Oh Ted, see why I love you so.  Not another man in a hundred would see this as an opportunity to expand our relationship to include physical and emotional love, like my Teddy does.  Thank you, telling you that I am gay has troubled me for months, and after I get the courage to do it, you accept it like I had just said I prefer cake to pie.  You made it a non-event, not relevant  to our friendship."  Adam said.

"Now Ted, lie back and let me do the things I've dreamed of doing with you."

He started with a tender, sensual kiss, another one with those electrical shocks that left me breathless.  A quick bite at a nipple made me gasp and arch my back.  His hands and tongue worshiped my chest and torso, kissing and licking every crease and crevice at my abdomen.  As he tongued my navel he got a whiff of my musk and quickly dove his face into my crotch, licking and kissing my tender musky skin.

On his knees between my outstretched legs Adam took my cock in one hand and my testicles in the other.  His eyes locked with mine, Adam took my cock into his mouth to the root.  I arched up trying to get more of me into his throat, I writhed and thrashed on our bed.  Locked in our stare, his handsome face with his lips stretched around the base of my cock, nestled in my pubic hair was the absolute, most sexual thing I had ever seen.  I felt the tingle in my balls and Adam must have known it too.  He shook his head back and forth and slurped at my cock hastening my imminent eruption.  He began to bob his head grinding hard to get all of me into his mouth.  I felt the rising flood of semen rushing up and into the waiting, hungry throat of my Adam.  He bobbed up and tasted my cum, then back down, swallowing all he could.  I saw his eyes close as he drank my semen,  then I felt his cum, hot on my skin as he spewed out his orgasm onto my legs.  Finally all the semen was gone from me.  Adam nursed the last drops and let my now very sensitive cock slip gently from his lips.  Our eyes still locked I hoped he could see the love I felt for him.

"Oh Dear God, thank you Teddy,  I love you so." Adam whispered.

When at last I could talk, I pulled him up to me.

"And I love you Adam,  That was the ejaculation of a lifetime.  I've never cum so hard, nor so long and never have I felt such love and emotion during sex.   I cannot imagine anything more moving than that.  Thank you for showing me what love can be Addy.  I never knew it could feel like that."

Although it was still early afternoon, we napped, both of us completely spent.  When I woke an hour or so  later, Addy was spooned to my back, his arms holding me to him.  I smiled to myself.  I knew I was loved, I could feel it in the way he held me.  In a few moments he stirred and I turned to face him.  

"Hey there you sexy man.  I've got a feeling that these will be two weeks that we will always remember Adam.  We wanted to do something memorable, I'm sure that  what we've begun here will qualify.   I never, ever thought it would be this."

I hugged him and kissed him, stretching and pressing our bodies together, we were both erect before the kiss ended.  I looked down and laughed.  

"I suppose we're going to be like this a lot.  Hmm I can't think of a thing I would want to do more than this."   I said as I took his cock into my hand. We showered and decided to drive into Allenspark to stock the fridge and check out the local hot spots.  There were only a few places to eat, we decided to drive the twelve  or so miles to Estes Park for a restaurant meal and we were there before we realized it.  We checked out the town got groceries and food for a few days and stopped back in Allenspark to ask about a fishing license and where to go and if rental gear was available.  We loaded up on sunscreen and critter repellent, there were some big things flying around the A-Frame that I didn't recognize.

Back at the cabin, Adam wanted to cook for me and he took over the kitchen.  I went out on the deck and turned on the hot tub, it should be warm after dinner.  Adam wouldn't hear of me helping so I played on the computer while he was cooking.  It was almost automatic that I search for jobs in my field near Boulder.  I stopped to question myself just for a moment then I was back searching for jobs.  I already knew I would come here to be with Adam, I thought of it after that first kiss but I knew it for certain when Adam lay between my legs and looked into my eyes with my cock in his mouth.  I knew right then no one would ever love me more than Adam does and I highly doubted that I would ever love anyone more than I do Adam.  It's a no brainer, where Adam is, is where I want to be.  

Adam fixed a wonderful dinner of Chicken Marsala over Linguine with sauteed peppers and onions with Tarragon.  I did the clean up after his cooking and I sent him to the hot tub to wait for me.  We watched the sunset from the hot tub and into the darkness.  Sipping wine and just being together in the warm water, naked,  hard and each playing with the others genitals.

"Teddy, there's something I need you to do for me tonight.  I know you will like it and I need it.  Ted, I want you inside me, I need to have your cock in me while I watch your face as you fuck me.  You thought your orgasm was good earlier but you ain't felt nothing yet mister.  It,s just another way to show our love.  I know you love me Ted.  You're not very good and hiding your emotions.  So what's going to happen to us Teddy, when these two weeks are over.  What will we do?"

"Adam, It's going to take me a few weeks to find a job here and move.  We can buy a house, an apartment won't do with the noise we make in bed."

I took his handsome face in my hands and kissed him lightly.  

"I'm coming to you Adam, we'll be together like this the rest of our days.  I love you with all my being.  All these years and my one true love was beside me all the while.  Funny how life twists and turns and surprises the dickens out us.  are you about ready for making love again Adam? Sitting here playing with my favorite toy has made me a horny old goat."

Taking my hand from his cock we rose and he led me to the shower.  A quick towel off and we were kissing  before getting in bed. Adam went to prepare himself while I put on music on the old Hi-Fi console in the living area and poured more wine to put on each night stand  When he returned, Adam reached for the lube on the nightstand and instructed me in the fine art of preparing his butt for my cock.  I was a little apprehensive for Adam, I didn't see how his butt could take my cock, I knew it would have to hurt like hell, but he assured me that the pain was short lived and the ecstasy that we would feel was well worth any small discomfort.  

Adam was excited that this was about to happen, he confessed that he had dreamed of this back when we were in college.  He lay on his back as I eased my fingers inside him, I was also amazed at my own reaction. The second that my fingers were inside his butt, I went stone hard.  So warm, so soft.  In my excitement, I managed to push against his prostate which made him cry out and ask for more, I didn't realize what I had done until my fingers stroked that round, hard little gland again.

Soon Adam was gasping and telling me now, now, do it now Teddy, fuck me now.  Pre-cum flowed from his cock in a stream, his eyes pleaded with me, he wanted me in him.  I knee walked up between his spread legs, he grabbed the lube and put it at his opening and squeezed the lube tube, shooting lube inside him.  I was in position but I leaned forward to kiss  him.  When Our lips touched the corona of my cock pushed at his entrance.  His arms went around my neck and his legs around my waist and he pulled me into him with his legs.  I stopped when I saw him wince in pain.

"Oh Adam, I'm sorry" and I started to pull out.

"NO!  Don't move, this will pass and then we'll be fine."  

In a moment his hands on my thighs pulled a little wanting more cock inside him.  I gasped aloud when about half of my cock was inside Adam. He was so hot inside, I've never felt anything like it.  The new sensations that assailed the head of my cock made me shiver and tremble.  This is really different from any feelings I've ever had.  Addy pulled me deeper with his legs, finally I was grinding my cock into his pubic bush.  When Addy pushed back the feeling was nirvana.  I lay still for a moment, knowing that movement would cause me to blow too early.  Adam pulled my face down and stuck his tongue past my tonsils, all the while circling his hips and fucking my cock deep inside him.  

The kiss invigorated me and now it was my turn.  I pulled back slowly to his anal ring then plunged all the way in.  Adam made a sexy low guttural growl sound that  let me know he liked what I did.  In just a few strokes I I found my rhythm,  this was nothing like fucking a woman.  This was raw and hard and rough.  The harder I plunged the louder Adam growled. What a sexual sound it was, Adam loved what I was doing to make him growl that way and I loved hearing the growl so I continued plunging deep and grinding against him.    Now I was on my knees, one of his ankles in each hand and I was fucking him hard,  His moans became louder and soon he was shouting.

"TEDDY!  cum with me,  I'm gonna cum TED, NOW!  NOW!"

I saw Adams cock twitch and cum flew past his head, more followed and the sight and smell of his semen sent me over the edge.  My body went rigid, I tensed deep inside him while I sprayed his rectum walls with volley after volley of my cum.  It seemed it would never stop, I could see it leaking out and down his butt cheeks, into his butt crack then onto the sheets.  

My heart felt as if it would burst from my chest, I collapsed, breathless atop Adam.  I rolled to the side so he could breathe.  We lay there, legs entwined, his hand in mine as we came back to the present.  There were no doubts after that, it was absolutely the most satisfying sexual experience of my life to date.  Now I knew what he meant about the 'mind fuck'.  I resolved that when I could move I would hug Adam to me and tell him how much I loved him and that we would always be together.  

Somehow as we lay there gasping in air we both relaxed, our breathing finally slowed and we managed to drift off to sleep.  I woke some time later, Adam lay on his side with his arm holding his head and he looked at me lying there.  

"Ted, thank you, in my wildest dream I couldn't have thought up what just happened.  Not the physical act.  That part is fairly common but the emotional component was over the top.  I felt your love through every second we were making love.  I'm full of your semen, mine is everywhere in the room I think.  

"I love you Adam, not buddy love but real, honest love for who you are, for what you make me feel and for sex beyond anything I've ever known,  We will be together Addy, I'm giving notice as soon as I'm back at work.  No more living apart, I'm gonna be where you are.  Count on that."

"I know Teddy,  I feel it, I know it.  I guess you are convinced then that sex between us is gonna be a pretty good thing.  Just wait until you feel what I felt.  Just wait until I'm inside you giving you what you just gave me. You're gonna beg me to fuck your butt, no way Ted Bagley isn't gonna let me have all the fun."

I lay my head on his chest and my leg across his and pulled up the sheets to cover us.  

"We'll rest a bit before you do that to me Addy, you're right again.  I gotta try that.  You went off by yourself there for a while when you were bucking and riding my cock.  Yeah,   you rest up quick Adam, I'm getting an itch down there just thinking about it."

My gaze slowly traveled down his body.  I smiled as his cock rose to full hardness, erect and throbbing.  I became a bit apprehensive at the thought of all that going up my butt.  I reached for his cock and squeezed it in my hand and I was rewarded with a clear pear drop at his slit. Quickly I bent and licked it with my tongue, then opened my lips and took him as deeply as I could.  His taste, the feel of his hardness in my mouth had me eager to have him in me.  

"Okay babe, it's time, fill me with your semen Adam."

After a few minutes of his fingers plying in and out of my butt and his tweaks against my prostate gland I was ready.  Adam was very gentle, kissing and talking to me with our lips pressed together, encouraging me as he slowly entered me.  When the corona popped through my anal ring there was a sharp stab of pain, very intense but short lived. He kept my mind occupied with his lips and tongue, kissing, probing and talking to me.   Then new sensations buzzing through my mind and body had me a bit dazed, the suddenly Adam was grinding hard against my anus.  He was in me all the way and I automatically ground back against him.

"OH MIGOD! ADAM! MORE, do that again! HARDER! Oh migod ADAM!  FUCK ME!  My mind and body were both on overload. The feel of Adam''s big cock deep inside me was the most wonderful feeling.   I locked my ankles behind his but and pulled him deeper into me.  At that moment there wasn't a cock big enough to satisfy the need I felt.  I yelled, I thrashed about on the bed, I bucked back on his cock, I begged Adam to fuck me hard.  His jackhammer rhythm finally put me into that place where the only thing in my world is the cock up my butt. That feeling, that state of mind can only be experienced. There's no way I can begin to accurately describe those feelings.  But migod, nothing in my life ever felt so wonderful.  I wanted it to go on all night. I loved the feeling so, but all too soon I felt the tingle and the surge as my little swimmers were all on a world record pace to exit my body. I screamed Adam' s name as my semen went over my head, then into my hair and finally onto my chest and stomach.  There is no feeling that can compare with reaching your orgasm with a hard cock deep inside you butt.

Adam held still, pressing hard into me as his orgasm wracked his mind and body. I watched his face as he went through the throes of his orgasm, his beautiful face twisted into the pleasure pain that such an intense orgasm brings. His body glistened with sweat as he collapsed atop me.  Neither of us could speak, we just gasped for air, and held on to each other.  Many minutes later Adam pushed up with his arm and looked into my eyes.

"Alright! Now that's what I'm talking about!  You know you're not gonna get that anywhere else Ted.  You're gonna remember that for a very long time.   How you doing babe?    You are a fantastic fuck, I gotta tell ya. WOW!"

"Shut up and kiss me Adam!  I give!  I'll be your sex slave forever after that.  Yeah, I do love you Adam. Why didn't you do this years ago.  Good grief.    That was so wonderful. You gotta do that again babe, and again, and again. I know I'll be sore tomorrow but we'll just have to work the soreness out.  Thank you for making me understand.  Damn you're good."

Adam kissed me again and slid off my chest to lay on his side, his head on my chest and holding me to him, my arm around his shoulders keeping him close against me. We drifted off to sleep that way.  Hours later I woke and I was spooned up to Adams back side, my cock hard and poking him. My arms held him tight and I kissed his neck, just below the ear.

"Mmm, I love those little kisses below my ear, so sweet and tender Teddy, thank you, I knew once we did this, made love to each other, that everything would be alright.  I love you so Teddy, you're all I've ever wanted. You."

We slept again until morning.   At six I woke to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying on the stove.  I crawled from the bed, naked and dried cum in my hair, on my body and a wonderful ache in my testicles and rectum.   It reminded me of how he loved me.   I shuffled up to him at the sink and hugged myself to his back,

"Mmm I thought it was a dream until I saw the mess all over me."

Adam turned and wrapped me in his arms.

"Morning lover.  You were an animal last night guy.   So freaking hot.  You wanna go back to bed and sleep some more or take a shower together and eat?"

"Mmm, shower, eat, hungry!

I turned to go shower but turned back to him and kissed him lightly on the lips, no tongue.

"You were right Adam.   I'm crazy in love with you. I just never had a clue how good it could be.   I'm gonna clean up, be right back babe."

I showered and put on boxers and a tee and padded back into the kitchen.  Adam had breakfast ready and toast in the toaster, as I sipped my coffee for the first time the toast popped up.  Perfect timing.

Later after cleaning up after breakfast, we drove into Estes Park and got the Denver and Boulder papers.  We did some shopping for food and checked out what movies were showing.   Back at the cabin I was Looking at the Job Ads, there's nothing much there in my field of Corporate leasing and finance.  I got on the computer and fired off my resume to three companies I found.  I noticed Adam wasn't around and found him asleep on the bed.  I lay down and spooned up to him and soon I was sleeping soundly.

I heard Adam in the kitchen and got up from the nap and saw that it was almost noon.  He had sandwiches made and we ate and decided to go back and see a movie in Estes Park this afternoon.  The theater was crowded for an afternoon showing, but when the lights went down and the movie started, Adam took my hand, laced our fingers together and we held hands through the whole movie.  Such a simple little thing but it humbled me, him showing his love for me.

On our way back to his SUV I had an idea.

"Lets go shopping Adam, we need something to tangible to commemorate our turning 30 and our new relationship."

He smiled and pulled the SUV over in front of the Village Goldsmith shop.

"Ted I've already got us something. The first time I saw it I knew it was for us. I placed a hold on the item hoping you would be mine. Will you wait in the car so I can surprise you, it will only take a few minutes.  Please."

Of course I will.  But if I'm not here when you get back just wait.  I don't have anything for you so I may browse about.  Adam rushed into the store and I headed toward a bronze sculpture sitting beside a shop doorway.  The Bronze Gallery.   The sculpture of a woman was so real, absolutely captivating, She looked like she would speak.  I went inside and was amazed at the art work on the walls.  As I walked around I was stunned by a small watercolor painting, it had to be the cabin we are staying in.  The scenery surrounding was the same.   I asked the owner about the picture and if he knew where the cabin was.

He told me that it was in Allenspark about 20 miles west of here.  My mouth must have been open as he told me how he and his companion had shared the cabin for a getaway vacation and that their relationship had started there.

The painting was marked $550 and I reached for my wallet and told him I that a very similar thing had just happened with my best friend and I. We are staying in this cabin now, we have a two week rental. I want to buy this picture. The shop owner laughed and stepped behind his counter and looked into a ledger.

"Excuse me Sir but would you be Mr. Anthony or Mr. Bagley?"

Stunned, I just stood there. "What did you say?"

"Please forgive me sir, you see, Colin, my companion, and I bought that cabin more than ten years ago.  We rent it out but every year for our anniversary we go there.  You and your friend rented the cabin from us."

"I can't believe this, the coincidence is uncanny."

"Sir, with your permission I need to make a call to Colin before I can sell this to you, he is the artist who painted the picture.   Are you Mr. Anthony or Mr. Bagley?"

"Bagley, Ted Bagley, the door chimed and I turned to see Adam walking toward me."

"There you are! I was about to get worried Teddy."

"Oh Adam, you're not going to believe this.   I led him over to the painting hanging in the gallery."

"Jeez, that looks just like the cabin, look even the mountains, the lake. Wow."

"Addy, it is the cabin.  The man who runs this shop and his partner rented the cabin to us!"

The shop owner came back smiling and I introduced Adam.

"This is Adam Anthony, sir, my companion and Partner."

Adam smiled broadly, shook his hand and casually put an arm across my shoulder and pulled me to him.   The shop owner asked if we could wait just a minute or two while his friend came over from a shop across the street.  When the door opened, a handsome man walked straight to us with his hand out.

"I'm so glad to meet...  Oh my, you were just in my shop across the street." He said to Adam and winked at him. "Your secret is safe with me." he added.

Shaking my hand he said that James, the shop owner, had told him about the coincidence of our relationship beginning in the cabin, like theirs  had a few years ago. Colin walked over to the picture, lifted it from the wall and handed to James to wrap.  Giving us the wrapped parcel Colin said.

"This painting of our cabin is a gift so you will always remember how your love began.  Also James and I would like to take you guys to dinner one night."

Adam spoke up. "Why don't I cook dinner for the four of us at the cabin. I enjoy cooking and you can enjoy that wonderful place as a guest again."

Colin laughed "It's a deal, Friday night okay with you guys, we'll come straight from work."

I spoke up next. "Bring a change of clothes and you can freshen up after a day's work and there's always the Hot Tub."

We exchanged cell numbers and handshakes again, thanked them profusely for the painting and headed back to the SUV.  We talked nonstop about the coincidence of meeting the 'landlords' and their story so similar to our own.

Back at the cabin, Adam started on our dinner and I went on my run. When I got back from running Adam said.

"You've got about fifteen minutes till dinner is on the table. Hit the shower Stud, before I bone up just looking at you."

I was back I in the kitchen in ten minutes setting the table and opening the wine.   Ted had prepared Chicken Marsala and we sat down to a feast.  When we were finished I took the plates to the sink, rinsed them and placed them and the silverware in the dishwasher.   I refilled our wine glasses as Adam came back from the bathroom.  We moved to the living room and sat together on the sofa and Adam held my hand.  We were quiet, just enjoying being together in love.  From the corner of my eye I saw Adam's hand slip under a throw pillow and he pulled a gift wrapped box from under the pillow.

"Teddy, you know how much I love you, I got us this present. I hope you like it."

He handed me the box which I opened only to find two smaller boxes marked with our names.   I handed him the one with his name and he said no that he would take mine and I should take his.  Puzzled I did as he said and we opened the boxes at the same time.  Inside each were 18 carat gold bands with a carving of Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountains. The art carving circled the entire ring.  Both were alike. Ted slipped my onto my ring finger and said.

"You've been the love of my life, all of my life and I'll spend the rest of our days loving you.  With this ring I give you all my love and my heart and soul.   I'm your's forever Ted."

Tears streamed down my cheeks and I could hardly speak.

"With this ring I give you all my love and my heart an soul.  I'm your's forever Adam."

We kissed so tenderly it brought a small cry to my throat.   The emotions Adam could invoke in me were both wonderful and frightening.  I was powerless to deny him anything, I'm completely his in every way.

Regaining my composure I asked about the rings.

"Adam how did you find these rings, they are beautiful as just a piece of jewelry alone.  The significance that they hold for us, to this place and to the commitment we've begun here makes them a powerful talisman for our love.  Thank you Addy, these are absolutely perfect."

We kissed and hugged and got a little silly holding our ringed hands together, Adam even made a picture of our two left hands side by side on the counter.  We drank more wine and began to kiss and cuddle and would up in bed making love so slowly and sweetly it took nearly two hours to culminate in our mutual orgasms.

James and Colin came to dinner and we decided that we really liked them and would keep them as friends.   I gave my notice when I returned to work and on my last day there a small going away party was held.  I knew it would not last most likely but I exchanged emails with everyone saying we would keep in touch.   As I expected she would, Janet was the only one who kept in contact.

Adam and I found a house near downtown Denver and I went to work for a software company at a substantial increase in pay.  In keeping with the cabin's tradition, Adam and I returned there every year for our own anniversary. James and Colin became great friends and we even took trips together, flying to Miami for a weekend in South Beach, to New York for a week of shopping and theater, to Chicago for great dinners and nights out on the town, sometimes dancing until dawn.

I often reflected upon the ease with which I made my transition from a 'straight man' to Adam's partner, lover and companion.   I supposed that I wasn't nearly as straight as I thought myself to be.  I knew that Adam was never far from my thoughts even when I was dating Caroline.    I would always rather be with him than anyone else.

Now with our love expanded to include the physical and emotional acts of sexual intercourse, I knew I'd never leave this love we share.   Nothing I've ever known has given me such utter and complete fulfillment, a happiness beyond words, a comfort and feelings of being so intensely love that it sets my heart to soaring even as I write about it.  Each day we are together is a blessing from heaven and yes we are two very grateful men.

The End


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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