Three swabbies were standing around in the head when I entered. Instinct told me to leave. After all, why would three guys be waiting in a dimly lit toilet if not looking for trouble? But I noticed immediately that all three of them were displaying unquestionable arousal in their tight-fitted blue dungarees. The smile a really cute one flashed me as he leaned up against a wall, looking seductive, his hand apparently idle near his full crotch, slowed me down. When he then groped himself, as I gawked, brazenly showing off the long tube stretched down his pants' leg, it anchored me in place.

The three floor length booth doors were closed so I couldn't tell if they were occupied. The swabby nearest me sensed my hesitation, leaned in towards me and whispered, 'They're busy. We're all waitin' our turn.' Then he grinned and cupped his balls with a big fist. His meaning was crystal clear. This was an 'active' head. They didn't need to semaphore for me to pick up on the signals.

The third guy, watching his two buddies groping themselves so openly, ran a palm down along his own long bulge and whispered, 'I'm next!' His eagerness was obvious. Then, as if to cover himself he added, 'But if you're here just to take a leak, go right ahead. Don't let us stop you.'

There was a urinal next to the sink. I didn't really have to urinate. I was ready to use it as an excuse for coming into this head at the Base Exchange on this huge naval shipyard, if challenged, but these three sexy swabbies were not here to question motives. My antennae are always up for any action, particularly whenever entering a military latrine, but I was honestly surprised by their friendly, openly sexual, reception. So I whispered back, 'Naw, I'll wait, too, if you don't mind.'

He raised and lowered his eyebrows in a sexy manner as if to say that I'd find the wait worth while.

Suddenly, we heard a husky, masculine voice from behind one of the booth doors pant, 'Yeah! Here! Take my load, cocksucker!' That was followed by a series of low grunts heard over noisy slurping sounds from the middle booth.

'Now you know what we're waitin' for!' the cute guy leaning against the wall said out loud, grinning at me, his fist still in his crotch.

'Wow!' I sighed softly, smiling back at him warmly. This was the first time I had ever encountered a group of guys actually waiting patiently, even politely, for blowjobs.

'This head is always busy,' the sailor nearest me said in a normal tone of voice. His emphasis of the word 'always' clearly implied that he himself was a frequent visitor. He glowed with the swagger of sexual availability so many swabbies seem to radiate.

'Gee, I wish I'd known it sooner,' I volunteered, 'I was on base a few times last week.' I slid a fist into my crotch to mirror their openness, feeling my cock quickly distend, letting them know I was an eager participant, too.

'Whadda ya do?' one of them asked out of curiosity. I assumed he meant what was I doing on base rather than what I was interested in sexually. Although I was dressed in 'civvies,' we were all about the same age so a casual rapport with them was easily developing.

'I'm working for an engineering firm during summer break from college. I bring blueprints and proposals out here onto the base for projects we're either working on or bidding for.' I saw no reason not to be candid with them. We had formed a circle, coming together so we could talk quietly.

The booth door nearest the sink opened. Out stepped a very handsome Petty Officer in summer tans. He nodded to our group, cordially, and with his fly still open, went to the sink. Although his back was to us, I could tell that he was washing off his just used equipment before straightening up his uniform.

'Here I go!' the guy who claimed to be next announced, but just as he was starting to enter the booth, the middle booth door opened and a good looking clerk I recognized from the purchasing department came out, looking sheepish. His mouth was wet and looked well used. He blushed when he recognized me, but his eyes held that sparkle of hedonistic euphoria I knew was caused by sexual excess. To me, it was clear he had been sucking one cock after another.

'My lunch break is over. I must get back to the office,' he announced as he went up to stand next to the Petty Officer at the small sink. He bent down to wash his face. It was a very friendly, intimate gesture of trust between the two of them. Well, it was obvious they had just finished enjoying a mutually satisfying sexual contact.

The guy entering the first booth looked crestfallen, and a voice from the third booth cried out in apparent anguish, 'But what about me?'

'Sorry, boys,' the clerk said wiping his face with a paper towel, 'I only get forty-five minutes for lunch. See you tomorrow!' And he left the room. Suddenly, I really envied him his job. It appeared that he had this phenomenal sexual opportunity here, every day. I resolved to ask him about it when I got the chance.

'What happens now?' I asked aloud.

'We wait for someone else to come in and take over the center booth,' one of them told me, sounding dejected. It was perfectly clear that only men willing to suck cock occupied the middle booth.

'And if no one does?' I asked.

'After awhile, we leave,' someone said.

'Yeah, or sometimes we go into an end booth and jack off before we leave. It's a bummer,' the cute one added. I grinned at him and he grinned back. It was like admitting to each other that we both liked jacking off. He was extremely appealing. Just the mental image of him jacking off in one of the end booths exhilarated me.

'What happens if I go into the middle booth?' I asked, trying to sound naïve.

The Petty Officer patted me on the back encouragingly, saying as he headed for the exit, 'You'll have one hell of a good time, if you do, son, but you'd better be prepared for the responsibility that goes with it.' He grinned at me and left.

'Responsibility?' I asked to the closing door, my head reeling with desire.

'He means you'll be kept real busy!' the cute guy corroborated.

'Com'on, man,' the enticing guy standing at the entrance to the first booth sighed, sliding his palm down that long bulge again, invitingly, 'You'll know what to do. Give it a try. You'll love all the great cock that comes in here.' He stressed the word 'comes' in a lascivious manner. He wasn't buying my attempt to act innocent. No one was. He had watched me intently eyeballing these full crotches, including his own. He had seen the look of longing that had crossed my face as I heard the Petty Officer come - I had all but licked my lips. He knew the score. They all did. But they didn't want to act too frisky and frighten me off.

'Ooh,' the swabby nearest me sighed softly, sensuously, right into my ear, 'lots of dick comes in here, man,' emphasizing 'comes' just as lewdly as his buddy had. His cupped balls looked huge. The bulge up his fly looked like it would pop open the buttons. 'Swabby dick, man! The best in the world!' he added softly, enticingly, invitingly. 'Go on! Give it a try!'

'Yeah, man, give it a try,' the cute guy against the wall said as he reached out and gave me a gentle, friendly shove towards the middle booth. 'You'll like it! You can gulp down some fine naval juice! It's fresh, it's hot,' he said with a grin, groping himself again as I stared at his blatant display, 'and it's good!' he added enthusiastically.

I wasn't being forced or bullied, cajoled or threatened; only enticed. I was lightheaded with overwhelming carnal cravings, allowing myself to be sweet-talked by these hot, horny sailors into exactly the place I wanted to be. And, once inside I was delighted to find both side walls were covered with homoerotic drawings and lewd writings. There was a well-placed large glory hole in each side wall. Each glory hole had a big arrow pointing down to it, and above each was the inviting notice SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB. Exactly what I had come to expect in an active military head.

I dropped my pants, and, already better than half-hard, sat down on the commode. I reached between my legs, hauled my cock up into view, pumping on it to firm it up, and that was all it took for the action to start. That's all it ever takes.

As soon as he saw my hardon, the fellow in the third booth stood and shoved a big, stiff erection through the glory hole. It stood there quivering with lust for a moment while the simple beauty of it temporarily left me rooted in place, staring at its glory.

'Com'on, man. Suck it!' his throaty voice pleaded. I heard a few quiet snickers from his buddies.

I glanced quickly at the glory hole to the first booth. We were being watched. The 'next' guy was intent on seeing if I'd actually do what they all wanted me to do. 'Go for it!' he encouraged softly. 'Suck it!'

I grinned at him, turned my head and engulfed the bloated knob of the big cock. It tasted great! I sucked. It felt great! He humped, hard, forcing cock into me. I loved it! I sucked and drew him in, sucked, down into my throat, sucked, down further, sucked, down further still, sucked, down right to the bone as my forehead thudded against wood, sucked, hearing him crash against the wooden partition as he tried to force every nautical inch of that big swabby dick into me. I loved it! He began withdrawing and humping those nautical inches into me energetically. I sucked, hard. It was effortless. I love sucking cock! And swabby cock IS the best!

'Ugh! Ugh!' he grunted with pleasure. I was beating my meat in a rhythm matched to his energetic, noisy thrusts.

'How's he doin'?' he was asked quietly. I recognized the voice as that of the cute guy. My gut churned with the pleasure of knowing these swabbies were getting off on frank discussion of one another's sexual feats.

'Man! This is fantastic! I'm in, man, in all the way! He's got my eight-incher down his throat and he's suckin' like a submariner in his fifth month of a six-month sea duty! He's the best goddam cocksucker I've ever had suck my dick! He's terrific! Ugh! A couple more slurps on this fire-hose and he's gonna hit a gusher. He'll get a bellyful of swabby sweetener. Ugh! Ugh!' Each Ugh was accompanied by a noisy crash against the partition as he vigorously fucked cock into me. I realized that they were all using the word cocksucker with great affection. The guys who were listening could have no doubt about what was taking place. Their buddy was getting a blowjob, and I was the cocksucker bringing him off. I could not have been more delighted with this guy's verbal skill. He was the best advertising any cocksucker could want.

'Ugh! Take it! Ugh! Take my load, cocksucker! Ugh!' he huffed and began hosing rapid shots of cum into me, noisily humping against the partition. The entire situation, including the lusty ambiance of the place; the horniness of the hot men; the promise of easily available cock; the men listening to and watching what was happening; the eagerness of the man humping cock into me which now was spurting viscous steams of sperm down my throat; the thrill of beating my meat while sucking cock and swallowing cum; all brought me to that incredible level of supercharged excitement that caused my own orgasm to overtake me. Waves of euphoria surging throughout my whole body. I pumped my big cock and sprayed cum all over the wall beneath the glory hole, even hitting the cock and balls of my partner with my jism, while sucking his cock like crazy and draining him dry.

When he finally started to pull back, I moved my head aside so the guy in the first booth could see the big, wet cock being withdrawn and fully realize that it had been sucked to orgasm. After getting a good but quick look, he stood up and poked his own cock through his glory hole. It was another perfect penis! Just as I started to lean towards it, the door to my booth opened slightly and the sexy smile of the cute guy appeared.

'Now I'm next,' he sighed excitedly. Then he said, huskily, as he lifted his chin and indicated the pulsating cock standing in front of my face, 'Let's see ya go down on that big thing!'

I obliged, slowly, tantalizingly, forcing my head down the long thick shaft. In fact, I was taking great pleasure in showing off my well-practiced, deep-throating skill.

'Oh! Geez! Look at that!' someone else sighed, and I knew several of them were looking in on the action. I knew watching would be getting them as hot as hell, making my task all that much easier when it came to their own turn to feed it to me. And all too quickly they heard and saw me slurping and swallowing as their buddy got his rocks off in my throat.

They couldn't watch the third guy, the cute one, give it to me because the door was in the way, but they kept watching whenever the first booth was being used. The cute swabby, whose great cock was really suckable, seemed to take enormous delight feeding it to me, calling out to some more swabbies that had entered the head how much he was enjoying 'getting my rocks off.' His naked enthusiasm caused my second orgasm of the afternoon.

Some of the swabbies commented that other cocksuckers never allowed them to look in on what was happening, although they really wanted to see what was going on and really liked being able to watch, admitting that it seriously turned them on. When my mouth wasn't full, I admitted to them I enjoyed being watched by such sexy sailors. What astounded me was that they just kept coming! One after another and quickly. A few came silently, but most loved shouting out when orgasm hit them. 'Take my load, cocksucker!' was the most popular refrain. It was music to my ears.

I checked out the room several times, between sucking cock, and always found at least three and sometimes as many as six sailors awaiting their turn. It was awesome! And their easy camaraderie and open groping lead me to believe that, on this huge naval base of four or five thousand men, a core of them, averaging probably nineteen or twenty years old, enjoyed getting blowed and didn't give a shit who knew it. I reckon they were even alerting their buddies after leaving the head, because there was always such a constant flow of semen from seamen in that place.

That first day, it lasted for over two hours. I had walked into that head at about 12:40 PM, and left at one minute before three. At about five minutes of three, just before he shoved his great, suckable cock back through the glory hole to me, the cute one leaned down, caught my eye through the glory hole, and said, 'This'll be the last cock, man. They close this head promptly at three every day. Sorry. But you are the very best! This'll be my third load for you. We're all hoping you'll be back soon. Every day!'

'I'll be here,' I promised as I went down on that terrific cock, coming with him, again, as he came. And I kept my word, showing up after lunch six days a week. I came to know most of them after a time, realizing that most of them were 'regulars,' many of them were 'repeaters' coming more than once in a session, and recognizing their cocks if not their faces. And since the engineering manager never mentioned the time it took me to deliver to the naval base, I figured my predecessors had also discovered this bastion of fast-shooting cock, and they had dallied here, too. Perhaps most of them only got blowjobs, but they apparently did not rush back to the office, either.

I figure I sucked enough nautical inches that summer, and during the following two summers, to total up more than a nautical mile. It's a long distance record I'll bet few others have ever had the opportunity to challenge. But think about it. A nautical mile! Now, that's a lot of cock!


6,076 ft per nautical mile

Average cock length is 6 inches

12,152 cocks per nautical mile

2 hours/day x 6 days/week x 13 weeks x 3 years is 468 hours

2 minutes/cock average is 30/hour is 4,680 cocks/year or 14,040 cocks

14,040 cocks divided by 12,152 is 1.16 nautical miles

Can it be done?

You bet your sweet ass!

I did it!

Now, some might say two minutes per cock is too quick. But think about it. If you're, say, the third guy waiting outside the booths, you'll hear four men reach orgasm before it's your turn, one in each end booth and then one from each of the two swabbies waiting ahead of you. While you wait you'll be joined by two more hot swabbies eager for their turn and rubbing their dicks through their dungarees right along with you. And with me, you'd be able to watch probably two of the cocks being sucked if you wanted to. That's at least eight to ten minutes of erotic anticipation, during which time your cock stays hard as a rock, further stimulated by tight clothing and manual foreplay. During the final two minutes or so of waiting, stripped down, nearly naked, alone in your booth, looking through the glory hole at my head bobbing on a cock coming at me through the opposite wall, you're stroking a dribbling hardon, thinking about cumming, ready to explode. By the time you slip that erection through the glory hole and feel my hot lips, swirling tongue, and sucking mouth slide over your cockhead and down your shaft, you're really ready for a good time and orgasm follows very quickly. Add to this equation the fact that, even though the probability was low, this is a military latrine with its ever-present danger of being caught. Such danger increases the level of sexual preparedness and most of these guys came fast, cleaned up, and got the hell out of there! Two minutes is, therefore, a conservative estimate, an average. Go ahead, suck the cock of a hot twenty-year-old who's already ready to come! It won't take you two minutes to bring him off, I'll tell you that. I know!


When I was able to ask that purchasing department clerk, whose name was Steve, how often he was able to spend time in that head, he grinned and said every day, Monday through Saturday. He said he would be willing to forego raises and promotions simply to be able to spend the rest of his days sucking the great cocks that came through those glory holes. For all I know, he's still doing it.

Steve took a shine to me. He realized that only experienced, talented, and available cocksuckers would keep the swabbies coming back for more, and noticed that my summertime visits increased the numbers of swabbies coming into the head well over the increase summer, or nice weather, had normally brought. Since his own good times were limited to his lunch breaks, my handling of the post-lunch overflow helped keep everyone contented. Also, a few times, I would arrive early and take a place in line. I'd go into a side booth and shoot a healthy supply of my collegiate cum into him. He loved it! And he was a very talented cocksucker. He tested my cocksucking skill level just once, out of curiosity, saying he found that although I was very good, he had to admit that his preferred method of reaching orgasm was jacking off while sucking swabby dick. I let him know that I myself used his preferred method way too often to knock it.

His means of showing appreciation was to see to it that our company got every possible opportunity to bid on applicable projects during the next three years, until I graduated, even though I was only around during the summertime. And he candidly let my company know that I was the reason he was being so obliging. He told them he was impressed with my 'professionalism.' Steve and I got a laugh out of that, but, in fact, the company realized it was making more money out of military contracts than ever before and that somehow I was helping to make that possible so it really helped my career. I guess the moral is, be friendly to the competition. You never know when it'll turn out to be good for everyone.

And the cute one?! He ended up sharing what he called my 'off-base quarters' with me that first summer. At that age, for him a blowjob or two, or for myself a hand-job or two, during the day did nothing to satisfy the nights. We found the remedy for that, together.


Jack Sofelot


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