My name is lucas. This is the story about my first time.

I was sitting in my room late one night when he came through my window. This hot hunk of a man. I didn't know who he was or how he got through my window. He crawled across my bed. My heart rate beat faster and it seemed to me that he licked his lips from the effects of hearing my heart rate speed up. I shivered as he moved his mouth toward my neck. Strange how I wasn't afraid. He began to lick and kiss my neck. I let out a gasp not for pain but the warm emotions that swept through me. I ran my hands over his chest and he moaned. His moan rumbled through his body and I felt it under my fingers. My pal that I would later come to know as Seth ran his hands down my body. I moaned at the feel of his hands. Then he moved his hand lower still until it was resting on the bulge in my pants. He pressed firmly on it and I gasped.

"Found your favorite muscle." Seth told me. I could only nod my head in agreement.

This gave me more confidence and I pushed my hands against his seemingly large bulge. He rocked his growing dick into my hands clearly liking it.

He released his teeth from my neck and whispered in my ear "I'm going to make you my boyfriend."

I said "yes."

With that stated we began to remove each other's shirts. When I saw his nipples I was so turned on. I jumped on top of him. I began to lick down his body. My tongue reached the waist band of his tight fitting jeans and I moved my teeth to unzip his pants. He moaned and pressed his bulge into my face. I finished removing his pants and if it wasn't possible before his cock looked bigger in his boxers. A wet stain was already forming from precum. I pulled down the boxers and his dick sprung loose. I gulped his cock was huge.

"Did you ever measure this?"

"Yes it's about 12in long and-"

"Really thick" I finished for him.

I began to pump my hand up and down his shaft and he moaned once again. Clearly loving it. I licked the tip with my tongue and began to work him into my mouth. It was tough were trying to suck him. being that he was so big. Eventually I was deep throating him.

"Damn man you really can suck cock." His teeth flashed me a dazzling smile as he looked at me.

He placed his hand on my head and began to shove my face into his balls. His dick sliding down into my throat. I could smell his pubes as he smashed his dick into my face.

"I'm going to cum soon he yelled."

I could only murmur a mmmm. Hoping he took that as a yes.

"I'm Cumming." He yelled again.

The only thing is that he took his dick out of my mouth and shot his load in my face. I tasted some of his cum and just licked my lips. His cock became hard again as he noticed my liking the taste of his cum. He moved toward me and licked his own cum from my face. He moved in and kissed me. We shared his cum back and forth before swallowing.

"Your turn." He said to me.

He began to undo my jeans.

"You don't have to."

"I insist."

He removed my pants and boxers in one swipe of his hand. My cock sprung loose and he looked shocked.

"How did you fit all of that into your jean?"

"Let me tell you it was hard." We laughed at my joke.

"How big are you?"

"About 10in and pretty-"


"I was going to say good looking"

He moved his mouth down onto my cock. I began to moan. His tongue swirled around my cock. It felt so good. It felt so right. I felt something against my butt. I didn't realize until a minute later that it was his finger moving in and out. I moaned even louder.

"You like that don't you."


Seth moved to stop and I tried to grasp on to him. however seeing how he didn't have any clothes on the only things I could grasp on to was his hair or dick. I opted for both. He groaned as I squeezed his throbbing cock. I pushed his head toward my cock.

"Please finish." I begged him.

"Only because you turn me on when you beg."

He began to shove not one, but two fingers up into my hole. I felt his fingers brush something and he had me cumming. It shot against our chest and my body shook with the intensity of my shooting.

"What was that that you just hit?"

"That was your prostate. It makes you feel so much more."

Seth leaned up over my chest and began to kiss me again. The cum sliding between our chest, his muscular and my lean, was so hot. I still couldn't believe this stud muffin was having sex with me. My cock became hard again. His pressed our dicks together and my nails dug into his shoulders. We moaned together our bodies sliding due to the warms cum between us. Seth moved down and began to lick my little hole. He used his fingers to pry it open and began to insert his tongue. I moaned. He took his tongue out and began to work three fingers in. when he had he pulled me to the edge of the bed. He held his hand and wouldn't move his fingers.

I began trying to bounce on is fingers. Not the easiest thing to do when you're lying flat on a bed. He chuckled and removed his fingers from my ass.

He said "you ready for this."

I said "yeah give it to me."

"Well we need some lube."

I put my mouth back on his cock and slathered it up with my spit. He removed his cock and I laid back down. He laid his cock against my crack. He moved the head to my hole.

I shouted "put it in."

He shoved his dick in to the hilt. I cried in pain.

He said "take it like a man."

I said "I'm trying."

He began to thrust back and forth. I forgot about the pain and just felt his huge hot throbbing cock driving in and out of my asshole. I could feel it when his cock brushed my prostate. I went to stroke my dick and he slapped my hands away.

"You won't need to do that."

After awhile I could feel him slowing down.

"Pull out." I said. He did as I said. "lay down" I told him. once again he did as I said. I swung my leg over his waist and he knew what I was up to.

"This is going to be so hot."

I moved backwards until I felt his dick pressed against me. I grasped it in my hand and stroked it before working it into my ass again. I was fully sitting on his 12in dick. I felt a moan escape my lips. I began to bounce on his dick. He looked at me with pure pleasure in his eyes. He eyed my dick bouncing up and down as I did on his dick. He let out a groan and with that began to cum in my ass. He was right I didn't need to stroke my dick. As he came inside me I came. My cum splattered him mostly in the face.

Seth told me to clean his dick so I did. As I was sucking the cum off his dick my dick got hard again. I began to finger him. he let a gasp and a moan. That was before he realized what it was that I was doing.

"Don't Lucas."

"But you like it."

"No I don't."

I responded by shoving two fingers into him. He groaned and squirmed on my fingers. His cock was coming back to life. I spun him over and lifted him up so his head was on the pillow and his ass was in the air. I removed my two fingers and began to eat his ass. Licking his hole. I shoved my tongue in. He moaned once again. I pushed three fingers into him. Like he did to my I didn't move my fingers. He began to force his ass back on them. I looked around him and said "told you that you like it."

His face beamed red. I removed my fingers and began to work my dick into his hole. He helped by pressing back. I began to thrust in and out and moaned. He began to stroke his dick. I shoved his hand away and began to stroke it myself. He began to bounce back on me. I stopped moving and held him in place. His ass fully impaled on my cock. He was trying to fuck himself.

"Tell me that you want it."


"Tell me that you want it."

"Yes I want it. Give me your big hard cock." Seth begged.

So I began to thrust faster and stroke his cock faster. He moaned and I felt his cum running through my fingertips. His ass hole clenched around my dick and I moaned before Cumming inside of him. I laid down next to him.

"That was mean."

"What are you going to do about it?"


He swept my legs up and shoved his cock in hard. I moaned.....

To be continued....



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