The story took place about 30 years ago before the days of the internet and computers. I lived in a small bedsit in London and worked in a dead end job and had few friends. Going home one day I saw an advert in a shop window. It said male models wanted good rates of pay. I was curious so I found a phone box and phoned the number. The phone was answered by a nie sounding guy. "Yes its all quite easy .You come over and we take a few photos then if your happy you take your shirt off and we take some pictures of you bare chested. If  your still ok then we can put some porn on and you can strip down to your pants. If your still happy you take off your pants and pose nude. If you have a good body and can do that then you can make good money, how does that sound". "Sounds great" I replied. We made arrangements for me to visit him the next day. I found the idea of posing nude in front of someone quite exciting and I found myself looking forward to it .

Tomorrow  evening arrived and I got myself ready and made my way over to  my appointment.  I arrived at the block of flats and pressed  the buzzer. I felt a little nervous. I didn't consider myself gay but found the idea of stripping for some photos had me feeling quite horny. A voice answered nd told me to come up. As I arrived at the door it was opened by a tall slim guy with shortish bonde hair.  "Hi I'm Micheal please come in. Did you have a good journey , can I get you a drink ,beer, short ". " Yeah a beer would be good" I replied. We sat for a while talking as he made sure I was ok. "You ready to start now" he asked. "Sure ready when you are" and with that I stood up and he ushered me over to where the camera was set up. I did a few poses for him and felt quite comfortable. "Ready  to loose the shirt?". "Yeah no problem" I said and pulled it over my head. "Here Ill just put some porn on" he said as he turned on a tv and started a video playing. I had never seen a proper porn movie so I was quite excited by it. I could feel my cock getting stiff watching it.  He didn't have to ask if I was ready to loose my trousers I was getting so turned on watching the video I undid them pulled open the zip and slid them down . I pulled them off and removed my socks leaving me standing there in just my pants which didn't hide my massive erection. "Wow your enjoying this aren't you. Your a natural". I was beginning to feel really excited at the thought of being photographed naked playing with myself. "Yes this is fun" I replies and promptly dropped my pants and cupped my balls with one hand and grabbed my cock with the other. "Would you be happy posing nude with another guy" Mike asked.  "Yes I don't see why not" I replied though to be honest I had never even thought about  it. "Well if you will you cake loads of money modelling but I can definetly use you. Your good looking and slim and have a slightly effeminate look which some guys go for. One question, would you be happy to  shave your pubes off?. This was not something I had thought of but I considered for a second and said "Yes don't see why not"." brilliant shall we do it now". "Might as well" . "Are you happy to  be photographed having it done. Ill pay you for it. You can have your first job tonight" . " Brilliant" I replied. "Ok wait a minute Ill just phone someone to come and shave you" and with that he went to the phone. "OK he will be here in a minute, his name is Chas and he is about your age and great fun".  With that the door went and in came this good looking young lad with piercing blue eyes and mousy hair. "Hi I'm Chas and you look stunning " and he came over and kissed me on the lips. Id never been kissed by a guy before but I liked his kiss." Right better get stripped for action" he said and peeled off all has clothes. I have to say he looked really fit and I thought we looked a sexy pair. Mike got busy with the camera whilst Chas got going with the clippers and removed all my pubes then lathered me up and shaved me clean. I noticed he was clean shaven too and thought it looked sexy. He finished shaving and wiped me dry then started to rub his hands round my newly smooth cock and balls. Id never thought of going with a guy but this just felt so good. Suddenly it got even better as he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck. My hands were running through his hair as I felt I could hold it no more. "I'm cumming " I said and shot my load in his mouth. What he did next was the biggest surprise of the night. He moved up from my cock ,grabbed my head and proceeded to give me a big French kiss pushing some of my cum into my mouth. I felt so horny being this crazy. When our mouths parted I knew excactly what I wanted to do. I looked him in the eyes and said "One good turn deserves another". With that I dropped down in front of him grabbed his balls and put my mouth over his cock and started sucking as hard as I could. I was so turned on I had forgotten about the camera. I felt his cock explode in my mouth and tasted his sweet juices. I stood up grabbed his head and gave him a big French kiss and shared his cum with him.

"Well theres no doubt about it you have a job here now. I can give you loads of work. Wow your so hot". "Do you want to stay the night" said Chas "we can really get to know each other" "Yeah that would be great" I replied and so began my journey from normal straight guy to gay cum slut and I was loving every minute.




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