My sister is 20 this year and her name is Angelina.

My sister is just another peter to me she is one of my best friend.

She would not hide to me anything and I would do the same.

I even shared with her what happen to me and peter. And she would share with me what her boyfriend Alvin did or said whenever they meet.

So my sister is my closest family member.

As per normal my busy parents away for this weekend too, they went for this business deal at New York. So I knew this trip would last more than just two days I wanted to invite peter back home to stay with me as my sister says she don't mind. But unfortunately peter wasn't feeling well he had chicken pox and I wasn't allowed to visit him. I tired looking for my Brazilian friend sadly his mother was in town so I couldn't stay with him.

So I just decided to spend the weekend all by myself watching Hannah Montana. I was just hanging out in my room when my sister came in excitedly and said 'hey do u know Alvin is coming over '. I got even more excited and ask when. 'Now in another two minutes he will be here' she said a little worried. 'What's wrong? I asked trying to help. She told me that she's going to get a gift for him as it's their anniversary. I said sure I will keep him entertained till you are back.

She thanked me and left. The very next moment my door bell rang. I knew it was that hottie I quickly went to open the door, there he was a hot 21 year old man just so perfect in everything. He had beautiful blond hair cut perfectly and always swooshed over with dazzling blue eyes. Actually I loved him more than my sister because he was very manly; he loved sports just like me. 'Hey' he tapped my shoulder than only I realized that I was drooling over him openly. My face turned red I quickly invited him and asked him to have a sit. I got him a drink and went back to my room to watch Hannah Montana. I heard knock on my room door I said come in, he opened the door slightly and told me hey Dave Its super bored outside can I just hang around with you till your sisters back. I said sure please join me. As I was watching TV my laptop was free he asked me whether he could use the laptop I said go on man. He was talking to me and using my laptop at the same time he wanted to watch a video at YouTube but forgot the url. So I told him go and check my history I have watched the video before. I totally forgot to delete the history after watching gay porn. So the moment Alvin clicked the first thing on the history moaning sounds came blasting out. I felt very shy but Alvin was watching it and he had a boner, I was shocked. Alvin started to touch his boner and look at me I knew what he had in mind and I wouldn't mind playing with a hottie like him. I grabbed and switched off my laptop. I undid his pants and really got turned on by his 9 inch dick. I knew I shouldn't waste any more time so I slurped and slurped and licked around his pee slit. He moaned and moaned. His moaning made me horny too I had a huge boner. This was my first time sucking a straight guy so I was kind of afraid that he might not like it but after hearing his moaning I knew he loved it he started to push my head harder and faster towards his dick I knew he wouldn't last long because his moaning got louder, so I just enjoyed it and suck his dick with all I had. There was so much of precum and his precum tasted so delicious I really wanted more so I started to milk even more. Unexpectedly with a loud moan he came.

He released about 8 squirts of semen. He was still breathing heavily, his cum all over my mouth warm salty yet sweet goo was just about the best cum I have eaten.

Even though he was a straight he agreed to kiss me, it was a creamy hot kiss I loved that hot guys tongue deep in mine it was just a very beautiful sensation, it felt like forever he really liked kissing me.

Suddenly my door bell rang again I knew it was my sister both of us cleaned up the mess quickly and went to open the door for my sister.

Thank god till today my sister never suspect anything about us , but we still do have some sex at times.

The end.



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