After the magic night I could not imagine their fantasy without a lot of my favorite member of Cyril. I'm very bored, and I told the doctor I wanted to Cyril again slammed me in the ass. But he did not call. I was very upset and even thought that maybe I did not like. And so desperate I decided to go to the doctor again and ask him for advice.

- O.. Old friends, well, pass, I'm glad to see you. How are you doing? I heard that you liked to be a liability?

- Doctor, well, I see you're all aware. You were absolutely right. It was really divine. I want to Cyril again came to me.

- Why? - Asked the doctor with a sneer

- How Why? What would fuck me in the ass again. - I answered honestly.

-Well, that and I waited. I see you have already realized a gay and you liked it. I am at this time can help you .- he said and smiled.

- I can not find it - I said, and nearly cried. - He does not want me?

The doctor smiled and said:

- Well, Cyril kind of man that it is impossible to catch. Try it yourself to find a partner.

- But how? Not all men do not like Cyril.

- Not all. . Did you go to a gay club, climb the dating site, can somebody and you find it.

- Do you think? But I'm not who do not need but Him ..

- O.. Do not say that. I can give you some advice.

-I am all in attention .- I said.

- Firstly: your butt for all time masturbation, well, after Cyril especially, became a very good erogenous zone. This is a fairly rare phenomenon, if you could try anal orgasm for the first time. Hence, you should look for a partner with the penis a good size, thick and long. Typically, these men a great physique and blacks, too. Second: You should continue to see in the image of a girl with plump ass and small breasts. Continue to wear women's panties and playing dressing up. Third: you need to try not only men but delicate and gross, too.

- What do you mean?

- Maybe you like it when you take more roughly than it did Cyril.

I have carefully listened to all and thanked the doctor for advice. He also gave me an anal plug still large and long, anal beads and address of the gay club and dating site. I could not resist, and the toilet inside the cabin. Took out a new cork (it was bigger and longer, smeared it with grease and slowly stuck in the ass) Feelings were great, the new toy does not allow the pope to close and got out almost until the end of the intestine. I walked and even tried to wag his booty. Going home, I climbed into the Internet and gay dating website created your profile where everyone talked about themselves and about what I want.

Then I locked myself in the bathroom and 2 hours of ass fucking dildo, introducing Cyril. The next day, after a night with a cork, I realized that my butt was stretched even more.

I wanted to feel it good penis razmerov.Ya climbed to the post office and found three letters from the dating site. All the men (at my request) sent me pictures of their members and choosing a worthy candidate, I wrote him a letter requesting the meeting and attach a photo with his booty. He agreed and praised the ass, I was wound up like never before. That evening I went to a gay club, wearing a sexy black panties, shaved ass and the whole body. In the club I could not find myself. People was very high.

There were those who walked painted and wagged booty, it certainly liabilities as I raced through my head. And there were men with the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it's assets, I decided, and began to instinctively correct hair and bulging ass. On the stairs to the second floor, someone pinched my ass and lightly squealed like a real girl. In the club I met Oleg (of the man with whom I agreed on a meeting). He was tall and well built man of 36 with a very courageous person. He had a little belly. Approaching him, I shivered slightly, and introduced himself kissed him. He greedily looked at me and I have already started to fidget in his chair, moved to Cork in the pope. (More stories - on According to a conversation I realized that I planned to good sex. We decided to go home with me. He took me by car.

We went out and going to the apartment, he started grabbing my ass, pretty rough, but it's my tune. I asked him to wait and dressed in white (happy), panties and nakrasili sponge. He saw me started to knead my Sissy and slap my ass. I offered him a drink and take a bath together. And so we lay naked in the bathtub, drinking whiskey in my ass for 3 of his fingers. He played with my tit began explicitly allude to sex, but I wanted to be a respectable girl to the end and started to break down.

He pinned me and I could not escape

Oleg, I can not ... well, not so well ..

- Do not get fancy rooster, I'm gonna fuck you, so let's go into your bedroom and arrange your priest sex marathon. I do not know what to do and did not resist.

He took the oil-for-arms and carried her into the bedroom, where he laid me on the bed, slipped a pillow under your ass with no extra caresses pushed her panties. Oleg was hairy and it's very exciting. Do not kiss me, not once did he parted my legs and began to come into my ass and I felt that his penis is a strange shape (it turned out he was a former prisoner and his balls in the penis). Polly was developed and adopted a fairly hefty and long term to the end. Oleg began to lick my cheeks and ears, it was pretty rough but fun.

After 1 minute of such short caresses, he began to fuck me. The bed shook and creaked from the ass came squish lubrication. His huge penis strange shape had me hard and crazy, it just tore me in the ass, and hollowed like a hammer. I just groaned and lay a mat for this rough and a great lover of gentle love-birds. Then I unfolded and laid on his stomach. He lay down on me with all his weight began to batter the ass again. From such a fucking first I was not thrilled, but then I started to enjoy it all. Fucked in the ass good. It's even cool that I was on this occasion is so roughly that the former prisoner, it gives a variety of wild and enjoy anal pleasures. Oleg just pierced my ass my penis and pecked me with your whole body. Sometimes he pinched my nipples and even strangled with one hand.

I started to choke and he fucked even more, and let go, I was breathing hard and my face was red. And now it's time to stop ... I started shaking again and the parrot began frantically to decline. I stood and poured out of the penis semen myself pounding with excitement and drive. Oleg came out of my priests and taking me by the hair, force open my mouth and ended right there. I kept swallowing and choking on tears, saliva and semen fell on the sofa.

- Oh, would you caught me at the time of his release last .. I would have pyatushil than one year - he said angrily neighing.

- Oleg me hurt! You are too rude to me. Since it is impossible! I have a sore butt! - I said and my eyes started to leak tears.

- Get used to bitch! With you and should be treated. But I'll be there on the softer. Unfortunately we are not in jail term mate. Since you now perform Babskii work - for me was a hole tapetkoy I follow you make love, he said, and grinned. I though it was nice.

He brought out of the bathroom wet towel and put it between the buttocks. I am grateful to kiss him on the lips but it is close up to me across the face and said:

- You Th oxy ... l! Never has so do not do it! For a kid it's not OK to kiss a cock and vaflerom, whom he had impregnated her over! '

Then he left. I even cried with such insults .. I tried to be very tender, shaved ass, put on the happy pants and gave him as a real girl, but actually I was his cock and vaflerom, which ended in his mouth and threw.

Although it was cool. As he fucked me ... It was a fairy tale .. drinking vodka, I fell asleep. Butt hurt very much, but the next morning everything went. I got up again and wanted to fuck with Cyril and maybe with Oleg .. Now I have 2 men, I'm not virgin, I thought, and smiled. I will definitely find Cyril, I decided that morning, and while it does not, I will have roughly fucked in the ass, Oleg. I smiled, the day is just beginning.



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