I had broken up with my girlfriend and I was getting hornier by the day. I wasn't ready for another relationship so I was just looking for a good time. I had had some "experiments" with guys before, so I was open to whatever I could find. After looking at some porn, I saw a link that talked about "men4sex." I clicked on it and the fun began...

I made my profile and I quickly got a response. This guy was great. He had a swimmers body, pretty eyes and luscious lips that I knew could give some great head. We started swapping pictures and he began chatting on how great I looked and how big my dick was. I have to admit he knew how to boost an ego. I consider myself average. I'm about 6.5"...7" at the hardest I have ever been. I've got a decent width but I wouldn't say it is huge...like 4.5 to 5". But, he made me feel like I was as hung as a horse. We chatted for about thirty minutes and he asked me over to watch a movie. For some reason, I trusted he was legit and I headed over.

When I got to his apartment, he offered me a beer and we got on the couch to watch Cruel Intentions. It was strange at first. We didn't really talk. We just watched the movie and drank....until it got to the gay sex scene. This scene made us both horny and we started talking about how hot it was. He said he had better movies so I told him to turn one on. As I expected, two guys in military uniforms popped on the screen and they began making out. My dick quickly made a bulge in my jeans.

I tried to not make it noticeable as I wanted to see his reaction to the movie. I glanced over and noticed the outline of his head beginning to show.

Soon the tv was showing the sergeant being sucked by his private, and Marc's outline began to grow. I could feel the precum oozing from my own dick and I knew it was time to make a move.

I reached over and started to rub Marc's crotch. He let out a big sigh and reached over to rub mine. As the soldiers on the screen began to fuck, I got off the couch, went to my knees and started to unbuckle his jeans.

He stopped me and pulled me up to him. He leaned in and pushed his lips to mine. I gave in to him and started to kiss him back. I opened my lips and let him slide his tongue into my mouth. He did the same and we embraced with our lips together. What was only minutes seemed like hours, and with each passing second my dick continued to grow larger and larger against my jeans.

Finally, he let his grip on me slip and I pulled my hand down to his unbuttoned jeans. I reached in and got my first touch of his great cock. I slowly pushed his jeans down and slipped off his boxers to get a glimpse of this dick. It was magnificent to see. It was easily the longest I had ever seen. He was 9" long and he stood at 45 degrees stiff as a board. He wasn't as wide as me at only 4" but it was a sight to see... I would come to find that it was the perfect dick for me.

Now that I had exposed his dick, I thought it was time to heat things up. He quickly cooled me off and told me he had to get something. He showed me to his room and he left. I took the opportunity to slip down to my boxers and lay on his bed ready to greet him when he came back in.

When he came back, he had stripped completely and had a cup in his hand. He offered me a sip and it was a chocolate liquor. It tasted great but he caught me by surprise when he took the cup and lowered his cockhead into it. He pulled it out and offered his chocolate covered head to me.

I quickly wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked the chocolate off of his dick. As soon as I would get his dick completely clean, he would re-dip it into the liquor. But soon his salty pre-cum was blending with the flavor of the chocolate. The taste was irresistible. I continued sucking his cock but knew I wanted more.

I finally was able to move him to his bed and started taking his 9 inches down to the hilt. He grabbed my head and shoved it deep down my throat until my nose was stuffed into his hairy thatch. The smell of his pubes made me pause to savor it, but he yanked my hair to start fucking my mouth. He took control of my head, keeping his dick jamming in and out of my throat. I could feel him pulsing in my mouth and I knew he was about to feel my mouth with his jizz.

But he pulled out. He could tell my eyes begged for him to finish. He told me to be patient. He then reached to fill my hard dick pushing against my boxers. He whispered it was my turn, and he reached inside my boxers to stroke my dick. He laid me back on the pillows and while stroking me, he leaned forward to kiss me.

He kissed my lips and then slowly began working his way down my body. He paused on my nipples, sucking on them and gently biting them. He teased me as he worked his way down and then back up my torso. He finally reached my dick poking out of my boxers. He licked my head and began sliding down my boxers. My dick popped out at a 90 degree angle, aroused by the way he worked my body. He licked down my shaft and gave my balls a suck. He took one of my nuts in my mouth and began to suck. This was a first for me and it felt oh so good. He worked his way down my legs until he slipped off my boxers, and he began to work his way back up. He continued to tease my cock before he finally wrapped his lips around my head.

In one move, he went straight down to my base. He was definitely a pro. He bobbed up and down my cock, and I felt like I was on a cloud. He knew how to work my dick, and I was soon begging to come. He kept stopping his motions to prolong my arousal. I begged him again and ensured him that I was up for more action even if I came. Quickly, he took my cock deep in his mouth and started sucking it fast. I groaned that my load was coming but he continued to bob up and down my cock. My load exploded in his mouth and without hesitation he sucked it dry. He massaged my balls as he sucked each drop from my dick.

Slowly, he moved down to sucking my balls again. I moaned as the cum finished dripping out of my cock and as he milked the remainder from my sack. As I lay there in my state of orgasm, he slipped down to my ass and began rimming my hole. I had never had it done before and I quickly tensed up. He whispered for me to relax. He lifted my legs and started stretching his tongue inside my hole. I was pleasantly surprised at how great if felt to have my hole licked and teased with his tongue. He continued to push his tongue inside my hole and I could feel my ass getting wet. It started responding to his tongue and opening for more. Slowly, he began to slip his finger inside my ass as his tongue continued to work its magic. He soon added a second and finally a third. By now, I was wanting him inside me. I again asked him to slide inside me, but he slowed me down.

For another 5 minutes, he rimmed my ass, prepping it for what was to come. I could hardly take his tongue anymore and wanted the real thing. As I begged, he finally decided he was ready. He grabbed another pillow and stuck it under my back so my ass was in the air. He then pulled my legs over his shoulders and began spreading them like a split. I could feel my hole open as the air and the saliva left a cold feeling around it. He then pushed his cock against my hole. I had only bottomed a few times so I was expecting that initial pain before the pleasure kicked in. However, this time, it was like he had the perfect cock for my hole.

He made an easy push and my hole popped open for his cock head. He took it easy and slowly slid his dick inside of me. It easily slid inside my ass and before long, his 9 inches were inside. He took his time driving in and out of my hole. Before long, his cock was finding its groove along my prostate and my dick was hardening again. Seeing my enjoyment as he ride my ass got him more excited. His motions began to increase in speed. As he fucked me harder and harder, he leaned over to give me a kiss. He whispered in my ear that I was the best fuck he had in a long time. He then leaned back so he could see my dick as he rode my ass. He told me to start jacking it with his thrust. Quickly, we were on the same rhythm. As his rhythm increased, I tried to match it jerk for jerk. I could tell that he was going to come first though.

Soon, his moans started to grow in volume and quickness. I told him that I wanted to feel his load in my ass. He obliged and began shooting load and load up my ass. We both were panting by this point. As he began to slow, he grabbed my dick from me and began to stroke it faster and faster. He kept his dick shoved in my ass and pushed it against my prostate. Before long, he hit the magic spot and I was gasping that my load was coming. It shot out over my chest and some hit my face and the pillow. I didn't ever imagine I had that much left in the tank.

He slowly pulled out and quickly dropped down to my ass. He licked and sucked his cum from my ass, and I tingled with the pleasure from each lick. After cleaning my hole, he lapped up some of my cum that had shot on my face. He then kissed me opening his mouth to let our combined cum drop down my throat. We stayed in that embrace as our tongues savor end the taste of cum and each other's kiss.

We finally moved to the shower where he washed my body from head to toe. I obliged and we promised that we would keep in touch. We continued to swap pics and stories online and did manage to have a few more exciting moments together...



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