Hi this story is about me and my best friend James Turner we have been best friends since year 1 we live next door to each other and we play PS3 or play football every day but now where roommates in a collage dorm and we chip in together to get something we will both benefit from and next door we have Callum Hayward he's a sort of friend he help each other with homework and stuff you know it's a good life I'm surrounded by friends and I have a full brass music scholarship and a Geography scholarship as well now I love James in the most anti sexual way but he seems to take a real interest in me and me and James do every thing together our first porn video together but he only seems to look at my dick I've asked him about it before but he got all defensive so I left it but I'm still not quite sure if he's all straight I mean I thought I was straight but that might have just been a closure thing you know like I tell myself that I'm straight so people don't suspect. Now on to character intros

James Turner

A well built hopeful for the Olympics lovely pushed over blonde hair really chiselled features and the best dimples ever he has a rock hard six pack which I could just stare at all day. But what you really want to know is he's 8.5 inches of pure dick loveliness

Callum Hayward

A open gay desperate for James and he's all ways touching James up when ever we get the chance but he's our mate I guess by the end of this were all open gays. He's just under 6.0 ft and is well built and possible football player and all importantly he's about 8.0 inches of pure meat and vain's


I'm alright built don't have a six pack but I do have 4 packs there and I'm fast. Just a little over 6.0 ft and about 8.3-4 inches of man junk

Me and James where watching television and I got up to go to the toilet and James grabbed his computer and started typing I came back and his trousers where to his ankles and his dick was out I stared his erection like he does at mine he shut his computer and I asked "what you watching" he said instantly "nothing" James seemed very defensive like he was when I questioned his sexuality I went for the computer he tried but I always win I took his computer in my arms and to my ultimate surprise gay porn guys giving blow jobs , anal , and all around just snogging and I looked at James we both sat down on the sofa and I said "so you are Gay?" "Yes" in a small ashamed voice "don't be like that just because your gay doesn't mean I'll think any less if you as a friend or a man" "See Joe it's when you say things like that it ........ Makes me want to ... Want to" he span around and kissed me and I couldn't believe it I was kissing back we sat there for like 20 minutes just kissing and it was amazing touching tongues felling each others mouth with our tongues and eventually James broke an said "is this weird knowing that your closest friend has had a crush on you since year 9 when I kissed Amelia and I hated it but you were going out with Lily so I couldn't tell you and I saw how happy you where with her and when everybody went kiss kiss kiss kiss and you span around and kissed for about 7 seconds and then you started going out with her till 6th form and you had to break up because you where going to different parts of the country and now your kissing your best friend 3 years after leaving school and going to collage" "no James for tonight you teach me how to make love to you" "I'll try or explain I really want to bum you but let's start with blow jobs alright so go to my dick and just suck on it up and down like Lily did to you....... Yeah that fells good Joe are you sure you've never done this before...... Oooooohhhhhhh ...... I'm gonna cum Joe it's all coming out aaaaahhhhhhh" and he cummed in my mouth I swallowed a lot of it and licked up the rest off his dick in the sexual fashion possible looking at him and holding it and just licking up it until it was clean spotless even. We watched a couple of videos on the site James was on an theme decided on me getting fully naked and James as well me putting my legs on his shoulders then he enters me and this went on , on our sofa it was amazing James Turner of all people is the first to enter me now that's something then with out warning up my arse he cummed right up me and it still felt good just as good as it ever did all the remaining cum sort dripped out of my blessed arsehole to have 8.5 inches as my first is lucky and a half them I said this to James "my turn" I convinced James to sit on my dick and go up and down as I felt his hard cock throb in my hand I didn't even notice myself cum I was just enjoying sticking my cock up someone's arse on my first day if being gay me and James both climbed in to his bed (bottom bunk) and we both fell asleep naked with my arm around him.

Knock knock "Joe I have a assignment for you can you play in the recital in a couple of weeks" I didn't answer I sat up but it was to late Mr Samuels had already used his master key he came in the room and what he saw was me and James in bed both naked he simply stared at me in shock then he said "maybe next time you and James go homo again you invite me ok" I nodded but let me check with James I know how to wake him up I stuck my dick in to him and humped a few times and e woke up he looked up and said "oh hi Mr Samuels ........ Mr Samuels !!!!!!" " James don't worry he said he won't say a word if next time we have sex we invite him to watch and maybe join in . So what do you say ?" "Ok" " YES !!!! " shouted Mr Samules

End of part 1



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