I work for a large corporation in accounts and during a renovation I had to share my office with a sales manager. They put a sales team all along my corridor and I got the alpha male of their group, Roger 42 , 6 foot fairly muscular , black wavy hair and a dark moustache, he fills his suit in all the right places. Married with children he still has the reputation for chasing skirt and so our corridor was transformed from a quiet place if work to a zone of bawdy talk and when any of the sales team got back from a trip, it was all talk of conquests and more x rated details.

Even when he was alone with me in our office he was always talking about sex, he loved talking about oral sex and going down in women which obviously his speciality and seeing all if the young women who came calling to the office to see him, I got the impression he was very good at it.

He knew I was gay and never made anything of it, he made it very clear his preference was women but he enjoyed the company if men too.

Our local pool had a men only night on Mondays so our corridor used to go and swim and use the sauna but sometimes there were only a few of us and sometimes it was just roger and me.

Roger really enjoyed being nude because he was very well endowed and usually he was the most well hung man there which gave him a kick, he really had a nice body hairy in all the right places, just toned not over muscled nice pair of balls large cut cock with a large mushroom head,

One evening we had had a swim and were in the sauna in our towels sitting side by side, roger had his eyes closed, relaxing , a man walked in and sat down opposite us, he was black and he had a massive cock, he looked older and he winked at me and spread his legs, I wondered quickly how roger would react because he was always curious about black men and their size, when he opened his eyes and focused I heard him say whoah and heard a thwack as he got an erection, I was shocked, mouth open shocked but I got an erection myself as I watched the black man beckon him over with his finger , at the same time he whispered to me to watch the door.

I wrapped my towel around myself to hide my erection and quickly went outside , I found the cleaning cart near the toilets and as nobody was around I wheeled it back to the sauna door , took the cleaning in progress sign off the cart and stuck it in the door handle and quietly let myself back in.

I dropped my towel immediately and started jerking off as I watched my straight colleague with his lips wrapped around the cock head of the moaning black man seated before him, it might be his first time sucking cock but his well trained tongue was working its magic on his glans. As I watched the man came and roger took it in his mouth and swallowed. He nuzzled gently on the cockhead until a hand gently pushed his head away, then the black man rose up patted him on the head and whispered something to him, all I heard was boy and then he padded past me leaving us alone in the sauna.

We looked at each other and I came on the spot, just from seeing some come at the corner of his mouth, he beckoned me over and I gave him a full suction blow job, he lasted seconds before he shot off and afterwards he muttered that was good.

After we showered and got dressed we went for a beer and all he said was that was a party. I said yeah and he winked at me and that was that.

We never spoke about it again and a few months later they went back to their remodelled offices.

He comes by for a morning coffee some times and usually he pops some morning wood, he emailed me about going to a new sauna , one that our co workers don't go to.

Meanwhile unable to wait until pool night I brought him a coffee and his latest travel expenses to discuss his accounts and I showed him the benefits if having a lock on his office door... But that's another story




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