My next experience happened a couple years later

I was going out with my girlfriend for about a year when I started sexshop that had 5 cabins in the basement for viewing sex video …..but were talking of the la 80’s and you were Straight or Gay in my mind and in general thinking.

So I was going about once a week to satisfy myself during lunchtime ….the first time I went there it was a man who was upstairs taking care of the shop and I was alone downstairs but I was naïve I was in my locked cabin jerking my cock and I didn’t understand he went down to take out the garbage, asking me if I need anything and he sprayed a little perfume that aroused me but I told him no everything OK… but after that day it crossed my mind that maybe he was looking for cock but in my mind I wasn’t gay even if I had so much fun with my friend couple years before but I was enjoying fucking my girlfriend almost 7 days a week.

Went back again but the guy was no more there and mostly all the time they were 2 or 3 more guys in different cabins and sometime one of them was leaving there door a little open but didn’t see much and even one time I was leaving after I came so I opened the door and I saw one guy completely nude going back to his cabin….that intrigue me.

One day I was jerking myself and looking a movie with Barbara Dare Sharon Mitchell and Erica Boyer (even remember almost 30 years after) so at one point it knocked at my door so I opened and there was an old tiny man there asking me about my movie but for sure when I opened I had lift up my shorts so he was talking and checking the movie and I was answering and looking at the movie without touching myself there was action between the three actresses I had a boner looking to the action and the old man asked me if I want a him to masturbate me so I said why not….I was still sitting on the chair so he approached putting his hand on my shoulder starting massaging but the other one went directly on my short massaging my cock and lifting my short and going directly starting to jerk my cock on one hand and the other squeezing my nipple and it was SO FUN and didn’t took long and I shot my CUM all over my belly and stomach and he told me HUMMM but it went fast and I left the place….that was exciting but weird and never saw him again there.

Couple months after I went there again….i was going there regularly but nothing was happening until one day and that was amazing …Took a movie and went down to my cabin there was other people in the cabins, so I put my movie took the manette and sat down and saw something bizarre normally there was one box of kleenex but this time there was 2 boxes ….bizarre but I toughted to myself its maybe refill in case….so I started jerking myself looking at the movie until I heard knocking at the door so I opened the door and there was a young average size man standing there asking me if I had extra in kleenex cause he said he had nothing in his cabin ….kind a weird cause he was already there when I went down to my cabin, so in real he was the one who switched the box but I agreed to gave one of them so he left and I closed the door but didn’t lock the door and he probably heard it that I didn’t lock so I went back jerking myself and looking at the movie and about 3 to 5 minutes later I heard a squeeked from the door and I turned my head to check what was happening but still keeping my hand on my cock so the young man was standing there looking at me so he asked me if I want a little massage so I said of course so he started to masturbate my hard cock but he was going closer to my shoulder with his crotch so bend over and start sucking my cock WOW AMAZING and he came closer again to me and I start to massaging his cock over his short it was the smallest I saw but he pulled it out and I started SUCKING on it for about 5 minutes until he came but when I saw he was about to cum I went my head back and he came on my stomach he excuse himself but continued jerking until I came on my stomach ….we cleaned and left.

Nothing else happened in that place because after a while they’ve put camera down … no way.

My next story that I will write happened 20 years after … see you next time




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