My mom and Dave had split and moved on.  My mom was now dating a new guy named Miguel, Hispanic guy. 

Dave liked me more than he liked my mom. I was an 18-year-old boy; he gained more pleasure and satisfaction-having sex with me than he ever did with my mom. After he split with my mom he tried to persuade me move in with him. I did not.

I’m now 20 years old and realize I’m not in love with Dave it’s just sex. I call and see him because I still need the sex. I'm Ivor, 20 years old now. 140lbs, (64kg) 5'8" (178cm) tall. Athletic toned body. Out that I'm gay to my family and friends.

Miguel is 35 years old, 3 years younger than Dave is.  6’ 4" tall my mom loves tall guys so do I. 200lbs athletic build. Dreadlocks brown hair down to his shoulders and brown eyes. 

I had never heard my mom moan and yelp so much before when she was having sex. For me it was torture to lay there listening. The urge to go and take a peep was too overwhelming to resist.  I crept up to the door, which fortunately was slightly ajar. I had a good view through the opening. I was able to observe without being observed. I could see Miguel’s ass cheeks tense and relax as he pounded my mom. I could see the crack of his sweaty ass and his anus. When he raised up, and just before he thrust down I could see his enormous ball sack. My cock was rock hard precum dripped from the end of it. Miguel gave out a loud groan as he shot his load into my mom. He lay there for a few moments then rolled off my mom. Fuck his cock was enormous! His cock glistened with his juices as it slowly went soft and lay on his belly.  I was wide eyed staring as I ejaculated without touching my cock. I at to stifle my moans.  I turned and crept back to my room.  

I had Just reached my door when a beam of light shining from my mom’s room attracted me. I turned to look, Miguel stood in the doorway naked.  Before I turned away he smiled at me. I was breathing heavily as I entered my bedroom; did he know I had been watching them?  I heard him make his way to the bathroom. 

I was standing near my door listening for Miguel to go back to my mom’s room when there was a knock on my door. The door was shoved open before I could stand back from it. Miguel stood naked in the doorway looking me up and down. "Did we wake you?"  "No, no," I said in a hesitant voice.  I was trying not to stare; I just could not turn my gaze. Miguel was looking at me in the same way as Dave did with lustful eyes. I trembled uncontrollably. "You cold?" asked Miguel as he moved towards me and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight into him.  He stroked over my shoulders, down my back and over my butt. "You should get into bed," he said as he stared into my eyes and moved away from me "Yeah ok," I said. 

The following morning my mom had left early for work I was at the sink washing the breakfast pots when Miguel came into the kitchen. He was naked. He came up behind me and rested his chin on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me. He started to lick my ears and gently kiss my neck. I immediately froze. His hands moved inside my T-shirt stroking my naked chest. I just stood there letting him do what he wanted. I did not know how to react, 

"So you jacked off watching me fuck your mom, eh!" " No I did not " I replied. He laughed. "You’re a bad liar I walked on ya cum juice. I licked it up so your mom wouldn’t find it. Mmmmm! you taste nice." His hand moved inside the waistband of my shorts and down the crack of my ass until he located my anus. He penetrated my hole with his finger making me sigh and moan. I was enjoying it too much to pull away or struggle to get free of him. 

"You want me to fuck you?" he asked as he shoved his finger deeper into me. Ohh yeaaahhhh please!! "Good boy." He loosened my shorts; they fell to the ground. He then pulled my T-shirt off. He bent me over the edge of the sink. I could feel the head of his cock pressing into my anus several thrusts and the head slipped in, making me scream out. He placed his hand over my mouth to stifle my screaming as he shoved his cock deeper into me. He had an arm around my neck and shoulders and kept his hand over my mouth as he continued to fuck me while I was pressed up and leaning over the sink. He fucked me more vigorously as he got close to climaxing. His whole body shuddered and he groaned as I felt his cock throbbing inside my gut.  He stood for a moment making sure I got every drop of his sperm into me. 

He slid his cock out of me and flipped me round so I was facing him. He got down on his knees in front of me and took hold of my hard cock then licked and sucked it taking it deep down his throat. Within seconds my body convulsed as I squirted copious amounts of cum juice down his throat, which he swallowed as quickly as he could. Only a little spilled down his chin onto my thighs, which he licked clean making sure he had not wasted any.  He kept sucking on my cock until it was flaccid. Then he wiped his hand over his mouth and licked his fingers. He stood up placing his arms around me hugging and kissing me as he shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. We were face to face as he stared into my eyes for a few moments before he said, "our secret ok?"  I nodded my head in agreement. 

He needed to pee he told me to go to the bathroom with him. "Hold my cock while I pee."  I had never done this, held another guys cock while he pisses. A strong jet of piss shot out the slit of his cock. I let it hit my hand. "Lick your hand," he said.  I licked my hand then cupped my hand so I could collect some more. "You like it?"  "Mmmmm yeaaahh delicious." "Get on ya knees."  I knelt before him, he shoved his cock into my mouth and made me drink the remainder of his piss as he emptied his bladder down my throat. He cupped his hand under my chin and looked into my face "You dirty fucking bitch." A feeling of ecstasy raced through my body as I felt more and more relaxed in Miguel’s company. 

"I still feel horny, I need to fuck you agen. "I want to fuck you in ya moms bed."  He kept pushing me and smacking my ass as we made our way to my mom’s bedroom. Adrenaline was pumping through my body, making my heart beat faster and my body tremble. It was a surreal moment knowing that he was in control of me and about to fuck me on my mom’s bed.   

He pushed me face down on the bed and placed a pillow under my belly so my ass stuck up in a better position for him to penetrate me. He mounted me and spread my ass cheeks apart, finger fucking me. I felt his coarse tongue licking and penetrating my hole. I felt the head of his cock pressing down on my hole until it slipped in making me scream out ahhhhh!   Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!  as he slowly penetrated me. He was biting my shoulders as he slowly at first fucked me until the urge to fuck me more vigorously overtook him.  His body convulsed as he squirted another load of sperm juice into me. He lay on top of me for several minutes. "Ok dirty boy lets see how dirty you really are."   

He lay on his belly legs apart. "Ok dirty boy lick my ass, I wanna feel your tongue deep in my hole." I licked along the crack of his ass, circling his anus with my tongue then slowly penetrating his hole as deep as I could. He was writhing and moaning with shear pleasure. It’s not something I thought I would like doing. With Miguel it felt erotic. I was falling more and more under Miguel’s spell he was getting me to do more and more dirty stuff maybe I was easier to control than any of his women. 

By the time my mom got home we had showered and cleared up any mess we had made. 

Both Dave and Miguel continued fucking me when they split with my mom. I’m older and know its not love just sex and that’s ok with me. My mom doesn’t know. I just hope she keeps dating more guys………..  



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