I forgotten to tell you about my kinkiest adventure so here it goes

I was in my ICT lecture with the lecturer Mr Paul Stevens who was a 30 year old with the thickest set of lips you ever seen, piercing blue eyes peirced eyrborws. And short brown hair. As the lecture about data and databases dragged on the room was filled with blazing heat. So I waved my hand up in the air.

'Yes Andrew?' Mr Stevens asked me

'Could I take my sweatshirt off?' I queried him

'Sure I might join you there' he replied in such a sexy voice

As I take off my sweatshirt I realised it takes off my t-shirt as well so there I sat close to the lecturer bare chested

As the class stare at the lecturer takes off his coat. He then stares at his watch

'For the last 5 minutes you guys can talk' as he walks back to his desk

I walk up towards him with my shirts twisted in a ball.

'You wanted to talk to me about something' I ask politely

'Yes I wanted to know if your doing anything tonight?'

'Not really why?' I query him

'I was wondering if you would like after university tutorials with me?' he asks me questiongly

'Sure' I agree with him instantly

As the bell rang the rest of the classmates and I walk out. But nobody knows about my private lessons with Mr Stevens

As I ponder about the night to come I decide to wear my tightest v neck t-shirt some jeans and I decided to go commando underneath. As I spray aftershave all over my body. I rush out the front door

As I knock on the front door Mr Stevens answers in nothing but a towel on

'Sorry i've not had a chance to get changed. We'll begin the lesson soon. Please make yourself at home' he says as he enters his bedroom.

As I sit on the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat on. I notice a gay porn magazine as I flick through the pages I see someone who looks an awful lot like me pissing in an older man's mouth. As my cock begins to harden I decide to go to the bathroom and I lock the door

As i'm midway through my jerking off section Mr Stevens bursts through it. Looking flustered.

'What the hell are you doing?' he shouts at me

'Well I needed a release and I seen your fetish magazine' I try to hide a convincing Smile

'Fine you little bastard wanna have some fun?'

I didn't have time to respond as he grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to the bedroom. He loosens his towel and he strokes stroking his 8 inch hard on.

'So u like watersports then?' he asks me gingerly

'No I just think YOU like it'i question him

'You'd think correctly then' he laughs

He strips off my clothes using his teeth so they are mostly torn

As I suck his cock I see him playing with my ass.

'Andrew I want you to piss in my mouth when you feel a flow coming on' he says with a horny moan.

As he gives me 2 bottles of water I feel something rising as I stick my cock in his mouth the flow begins.

'It doesn't wanna stop' I told him

' I know just hold off for a few secs and u can spray over my arsehole' he says

So I hold it in and aim towards his hold. And as the flow rebegins the sheets get wet with my piss. As the flow stops I decide to surprise him by penetrating his arse. As I enter I can hear him moaning

'Yes Andrew you little bitch dig in deeper' he conciously moans at me

As I fuck him like a whore I feel a load coming so I do it even more faster till I spew into his hole

As I take my cock out I push my fist through as well

'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh' he moans

I can feel my cum as I push deeper into his hole I notice he is silent as I take my fist out. I walk over and feel his pulse when I suddenly realize he doesn't have one

'Shit' I say to myself.




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