My husband was gay

I married my husband, Curtis when I was 19 and he was 22. Curtis had been blessed with a large cock that was 8-inches long and 5-inches around, the perfect size for sucking. He loved his cock which he felt wasn’t too big but bigger than most. One look at it and I wanted to suck it.

Curtis stood 6-foot 2, 220lb, with broad shoulders, and a soft fury belly, a nice hairy chest and 'muscular legs, Because he worked out with weights three times a week, he had a very sexy chest and shoulders that denoted strength without those gross rippling muscles you see on bodybuilders. He had manly chiseled good looks, a nice smile with good teeth. Curtis’s dark brown hair matched his mysterious dark brown eyes. He was so good-looking and masculine that he took my breath away. And unfortunately I was so naïve that I didn't stop and think about it very much, I just went with my impulse and married him.

The first time that we had sex was in my bed. My parents were out of town for the weekend so I decided to take advantage of the empty house. I invited Curtis over so we could be alone. When Curtis showed up I was wearing an outfit that I thought would turn him on, a very short white mini skirt with pleats like a schoolgirl skirt that flowed when I walked. Because I jogged, my long tanned legs were muscled in all the right places with soft tender looking thighs. I had on a pair of high-heeled sandals that did nothing more than to emphasize my sexy legs. I had on a pink silky blouse that was nearly sheer. As I walked, my firm perky breasts undulated with each step. My long brunette hair was wavy and shiny and my make-up was just enough to highlight my facial features without looking whorish. I knew that I looked good so I had a complete air of confidence about me when I answered the door.

We immediately went up to my bedroom. Curtis had never seen me naked before, so I sat him down on the bed and did a little dance for him. Untucking my blouse from my skirt, I pulled it off my shoulders just far enough to display my lacy bra. Then I let it slide down my arms and on to the floor. Looking imploringly at Curtis, hoping for some kind of reaction, I hesitated momentarily at the skirt. When Curtis continued to sit there impassively and say nothing, I began to undo the clasp and zipper on the back of my skirt. Wiggling my hips slightly I worked the skirt down and off my legs and it puddle around my ankles. Turning to face Curtis, my hands self-consciously moved to cover my panties and bra.

Shoring up my courage, my shaking hands reached behind me and unfastened the clasp on my bra. Still trying to get a response from Curtis, I slowly drew the straps down my arms. Finally pulling the cups away from my breasts, I let my bra slide the rest of the way down my arms and dropped it on the floor with the rest of my clothes. Still shy, my hands immediately went up to cover my exposed flesh.

Reddening further, I lowered my hands from my breasts. Against my will, my nipples had hardened from the sudden exposure to the cool air blowing in from the air conditioner. Though Curtis would never admit it aloud, I had beautiful breasts. The kind most women would love to own. They were small but nicely shaped and firm and tipped with rose-colored nipples. The thought of Curtis’s thumbs rubbing over my nipples caused goose bumps to rise on the skin of my breasts and my nipples tighten even more.

Then I reached down and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties. A second or two later I was slowly rolled the tiny lacy garment off my hips, down my thighs and then my ankles. Once the bit of lace fell to the floor I stepped out of them one foot at a time.

Disappointed that the only reaction that I was getting from Curtis was the bulge in the front of his jeans, I pushed him back on the bed. Scampering up beside him I waited for his reaction. Then even though we were alone in the house and he had me naked on my bed, he didn’t really touch me.

Taking the initiative, I started undressing him. As I unbuttoned Curtis’s shirt, I kissed my way down his neck, across his chest, and follow the hair to his navel. I teased Curtis with my tongue, looking up at him and smiling when he tensed in response. Turning back to my task, I leaned over and unzipped Curtis’s jeans to reveal his huge cock straining against his BVD's. Then I kissed him fervently as I pulled down his briefs, freeing his already hardened cock. It was the first cock I ever saw and I thought it was beautiful.

Almost as if I was in a trance, I moved my face closer to his cock. Then I did what I’d wanted to do ever since I’d seen his cock, I took it into my mouth. "Oh f-f-f," groaned Curtis; unable to even get the whole curse out before his thighs started trembling. He was speechless as he watched me lower my face and engulf his cock in my warm sensuous mouth. Curtis gasped as I closed my lips around it and then began to bob up and down. I deep throated him and felt my lips touch his pubic hair as I swallowed his eight thick inches whole and loving every sweet inch of it, which made Curtis start to move his hips. When he lifted his ass off the bed, without taking my mouth off his cock, I pulled his jeans down to his knees. As he lifted his legs, I pulled them on down his legs and off, taking his socks with them.

I started sucking and stroking him faster and faster. I felt the head at the back of my throat. After about another 30-seconds or so, Curtis pushed me back and straddled me. Leaning forward, he began to roughly fuck my face. I tried to relax my throat to keep from choking. I was in heaven gagging on his big cock. It became my whole world, that beautiful cock, the smell of it, the taste of it, the hardness being forced into deep into my throat. As he shoved his cock down my throat, Curtis’s balls slapped against my chin and his sweaty pubic hair rubbed against my nose and eyes.

I felt his cock start to pulsate, and then Curtis started cursing, saying anything and everything in those two minutes of intense throat fucking. Then he pulled out and began jerking off his eight-inch, hard-as-a-rock cock. As I looked up I could tell that he was enjoying being watched. Reaching down I stroked my pussy, then dipped a finger in and began playing with myself. Just to help spur things on, I pulled the finger out, put it in my mouth, sucked my juices off, and then returned it to my pussy. That was as far as I got before Curtis announced that he was ready to blow.

"Come here, slut,” Curtis snarled as he reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and moved my head to a couple of inches in front of his cock. Curtis calling me a slut stung me for a fraction of a second then was over shadowed by the image of Curtis’s cock head so close to my face, knowing that it was getting ready to explode. It was hard to describe. So incredibly sexy; yet fear inducing at the same instant. I knew that at that range it could cause some damage if things weren't handled the right way. Watching a guy jack himself off at that angle was new to me plus the whole combination of everything going on at that moment put me on the verge of an orgasm myself.

At that range I knew it was going to sting, so I girded myself for the impact. When Curtis started cumming he intentionally started spraying my face. The first shot hit me just below the right eye, coating my cheek with a semitransparent sheet of his hot cum. And I couldn't pull back because Curtis was holding my head. The second shot followed pretty quickly after that and got me right on the nose. It began draining off the end of my nose and caused it to itch like hell, but things were moving too quickly for me to react to it.

The third shot followed and I caught a bit in my mouth. A fourth shot hit me square in the right eye. Laughing, Curtis then took his cock and rubbed his cum into my face. I hadn't anticipated that, but it but like I’d said, I’m a little kinky so didn't gross me out too badly. When Curtis let go of my hair, and I started trying to wipe the cum out of my eyes with my fingers.

I just lay there for a minute unsure what I was supposed to do at this point. All that had happened was just too much for me. Dazed I sat there motionless as Curtis milked the final globs of cum from his own cock and cleaned them off on my neck.

Curtis never admitted it but I believe that was the first time that he’d ever had his cock sucked. Needless to say, he loved it.

Finally getting caught up in the excitement, Curtis rubbed his thumbs over my nipples, causing me to close my eyes for a second. I was breathing faster as he leaned down and licked my nipples, wetting them with his tongue and then blowing lightly across them, one after the other. I moaned very softly as he ran a hand over them again. Curtis was not normally a breast man but mine are perfectly champagne glass shaped and the more-red-than-brown nipples are too damned irresistible to ignore.

Curtis looked up at me and smiled as he crawled up my body to lie on top of me. I wrap my arms around him and just feel his weight on me. I could smell him and feel the texture of his muscular body. I could feel him hard me so I part my legs to let him enter me. After he hunched around clumsily for a couple of seconds, I reached between and used my hand to guide his cock to my pussy. When the head touched my slit, I naturally moved it up and down in the hot wetness that was oozing from me. "Push." I told him and my breath left my body in a whoosh as Curtis’s entire cock slid smoothly deep inside me. 

We lay motionless for a moment, enjoying the sensation of my pussy filled with his rock hard cock, and then Curtis began kissing me as he slowly starts pumping in and out. As he thrust himself rhythmically into me, moving his strong hips against mine, and I rose up to meet him on each deep thrust. I put my arms around his back, caressing him and then wrap my legs around his waist, pulling you even more deeply inside of me. His mouth found mine again, his tongue entering into my mouth in time with his strokes. I could hear him moan, and I can feel him starting to spasm inside of me.

Suddenly Curtis sat up and sat back on his heels as he pulled his cock out of my pussy. I started moaning in discomfort and begged him to keep fucking me. Grabbing me by my ankles, Curtis took hold of my ankles and lifted her my legs up and forced them back until my knees were almost beside my head. That curled my spine up so that my crotch was pointing at the ceiling.

Then, in one thrusting movement, Curtis plunged his cock back into my dripping wet pussy as far as it would go, making me grunt and whine from the impact. "Oh, yesssss!" I hissed as he pulled back and slowly rammed into me again, his tight balls slapping against my sweet ass cheeks as he repeatedly bury his cock all the way to the hilt. I was so damned horny by now that it only took a few thrusting strokes before I was humping back wildly and cumming. Moaning I sobbed, "Ohh, Ooooh, yessssss! F-f-fuck me, oh god yes fuck your little slut. Oh damn, its sooo good!"

We climax together, our bodies shuddering with pleasure. Curtis stayed inside of me as we lay together in the afterglow, enjoying the sensations of each other’s body, our arms around each other.

After that we started sharing our kinky thoughts and fantasy, even acting on some of them. Mostly Curtis’s, mine were always for later, but I let him take the lead thinking my turn was coming. Then life happened, wedding, house, car, new jobs and such. The sex never petered out but for the first years of our marriage Curtis had a tendency to be moody. As soon as we’d said ‘I do’ he decided that he was no longer kinky or into anything but regular missionary style sex. Understand this, even though I was a virgin when we first got together, once we started having sex we were freaks. Lots of kinky fun sex was being had and talked about.

 I figured that accepting that flaw was just part of the deal. Pretty soon the moody periods went on longer and longer and longer, until Curtis was moody more often than he was happy.

Curtis and his friend's always talked fag this fag that and about how much they hated gay people. It didn't sound strange to me at the time. But he kept talking about it more and more. And when the judges said that gay marriage was legal in California, Curtis went through the roof.

I knew he had some gang-bang porn and that always bothered me. Then I found a stash of porn in his work shed. When I decided to see what kind of woman he liked I discovered that my husband had put gay porn DVD’s into boxes that had straight porn covers. This was hardcore stuff, no woman at all just big hairy men.

I confronted him with it and Curtis said that he‘d found it in his friend, Jeremy’s truck and was holding onto it so he could tell him that he’d found it and tell him how sick it made him feel.

It didn't sound right to me. If it made Curtis so sick why was it hidden in a locked toolbox that he opened just about every day? Curtis always went right back to shed when he got home from work.

Then a couple of weeks later I walked in on Curtis getting fucked by a friend of his named Bruce and he loved the hell out of it. I watched as Curtis crawled over to Bruce, who was sitting cross-legged with his cock standing up in front of him. Reaching forward, Curtis grasped Bruce’s cock in his hand. Opening his mouth, Curtis engulfed it, swallowing it completely. Bruce groaned as he felt Curtis's mouth close over his cock.

I stood there watching for about 5-minutes. Then I notice that I was getting wet as hell. It got me horny so that I joined in. Pushing Curtis aside, I took Bruce in my mouth and sucked him hungrily.

I licked his balls and cock then started to stroke him while telling him what a great cock he had.

"Ooooh," Bruce moaned, “Oh yeah, suck it bitch, suck my cock," so I sucked. I moved my head up and down, sliding his cock between my lips, over my tongue. The spongy hard knob rubbed the roof of my mouth the head going to the back of my throat. I could feel the veins on the top, side and bottom of his shaft, the big vein along the underside most prominent as it moved in my mouth.

While I’m sucking Bruce’s cock Curtis’s hands are all over my body, squeezing my erect nipple, and wandering down my tummy to my wet pussy. He drove a finger deep inside my wet box and finger me deeply. I wantonly spread my legs to allow him access.

Bruce started flexing his hips, roughly moving his cock in my mouth. His curly hairs tickled my nose and his nut sack bounced against my chin. When I took his balls in one hand and massaged them gently. Bruce moaned, "Ooooh, uuuugh, Ooooh god, yeah, gonna cum.”

"Muumuu," I moaned back, my mouth full of his moving cock.

"You gonna swallow it?" Bruce asked.

"Mump, unh," I mumbled in answer even though I didn't swallow most of the time. As I nodded my head up and down in assent, I felt Curtis’s cock flex, the head flare bigger, his shaft stiffen, the vein on the bottom pulse. A blast of cum shot against the back of my throat. I gulped it down. Another wad squirted into my mouth. I backed off just a bit to feel his salty, creamy cum roiling onto my tongue. He was humping and grunting as I took all his cum and swallowed it, as fast as I could.

"Unnnnhhh," Bruce grunted as I continued to suck, backing off his cock, draining the last string of his slimy cum into my mouth.

Once Bruce was ready to go again I lay on my back and brought my legs up and wide. Needing no urging, Bruce moved into position. Placing his hands under my ass he lifted me up and plunge deeply into my waiting pussy. He kept plunging into my pussy. Things were hot and steamy with fragrant sex odors in our bedroom as we joined in the pursuit of pleasure. Bruce kept his cock moving slowly in and out of my pussy, slowly picking up speed. I almost sobbed as I clutch him to me, meeting each thrust. My orgasm were coming quickly and sensing this Bruce began to cum with me.

Then I made Curtis eat my pussy. He normally doesn’t like giving me oral but now it seemed that this time he didn’t mind it.

* * * *

Looking between her legs, I saw that my wife’s hairy bush was matted and glazed shiny with Bruce’s cum. Her cum filled pussy inches away from my face, she said, “Ok cum eater, come and get what you want.” Then she quickly straddled my face. I looked up at her hairy pussy directly above me. The sight was awesome. Her pussy lips were parted slightly and were hanging down shiny and moist. Her pubic hair above her wet slit was matted with globules of cum and the smell was incredible. She smelled of sex, love juice, sweat and cum. She slowly lowered herself down towards my face and mouth. She stopped about an inch away from my mouth and steadied herself on the headboard. With her fingers she slowly spread her pussy lips and pushed out a globule of cum from deep inside her hot wet pussy towards my mouth. I opened wide to catch the strands of white cum leaking out from her and for the first time tasted a fresh cream pie. The bitter, salty, metallic taste of Bruce’s cum coated the back of my throat and I greedily swallowed down the globules of warm thick cum as it oozed out of her sopping pussy.

Sitting down on my face and mouth, she moaned, “Eat me out you cum slut, clean my pussy for me.”

Uncharacteristically aroused by her pussy, I ran my tongue up and in to her hairy slit as she forced herself down on to my mouth and chin. I licked and sucked at the mixture of her wet love juice and Bruce’s cum as she ground her pussy down on my face and mouth. The more she ground her pussy on my face the more I had to lick as cum oozed out from deep within her. I swallowed the thick globules of the salty mixture and felt it coating my mouth and the back of my throat. As I licked my wife’s pussy her breathing gradually increased and she moved with some urgency as she ground her cum glazed pussy over my mouth and tongue. When I circled her clit with my tongue she moaned and after a few minutes she shuddered as an orgasm ripped through her.

Can someone tell me if it normal to get horny watching your husband fuck by another man? I’ve been thinking about what happen and I know that some women get aroused watching their husbands getting fucked by another man, however, it’s by mutual consent. In my case it wasn't until I decided to join in as opposed to whacking Curtis with a baseball bat. I don’t think I can fuck Curtis ever again.

I am not going to lie and say I am not angry and bitter because I am, very much so. Because I would have totally be into all this if he’d ever shared it with me before he started. We could have done these things together, but instead I wasted time with him, waiting for the kinky guy I first hooked up with to come back.

We’re divorced now. I have gay friends at work so I never liked the way he talked about them. But now I know that when gay people say that some men hate gays because they’re gay, they are right.

Now I’ll never date a man who says he hates gays. It’s like a big sign that he’d rather be sucking a cock.

The end…



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