When we were in high school Skip was one of the most popular boys in the school. Skip played football and was in the track team. He could move and it was graceful. It was a pleasure going to watch some of these track meets, something I am not ordinarily interested in but watching him run, fast and graceful like a gazelle was a treat for everyone. Skip was the jock, the star of Huntington Park High School.

Skip never made as captain of the football team. There was a click of jocks, much crasser and rough who conspired to keep him out because the way I see it they were jealous. Skip was not only a good athlete but he was a scholar. These dumb jocks could not stand the fact that Skip got good grades.

Regardless of all the rivalry, Skip was elected prom king and boy did he look good in a white dinner jacket. He was the image of perfection. That too was a very compelling reason for all these dumb jocks to be jealous...Skip was ten times better looking than them and possibly better than all of them put together. I sound like I had a crush on him and I did.

I befriended Skip because we could both sing and we were in the high school choir. Skip sat next to me and that was one of the things Skip could not do: read music. He did have a good voice and a good ear so he relied on me to do the sight-reading of the music and he learned fast. But there was always that camaraderie and he was grateful for my helping hand.

Our friendship grew and I have no doubts that Skip had a very genuine affection for me, like a person he was comfortable to be around and at times I even questioned if he wasn't really interested in having sex with me because of the way he looked at me sometimes.

Skip and I never had gym together as would be expected because he was in football and I was relegated to those remedial gym activities meant for the clumsy and physically challenged, although I had already an impressive body because of my interest in body building and my relentless efforts to build up muscle, there just wasn't any demand or admiration at the time for that kind of thing. On the contrary: you either were a jock, meaning football, baseball or basketball or you were a surfer. The hippies came just about that time too but they were in a class of their own.

So body building wasn't that popular but I was getting a lot of sexual action by the time I reached my last year of high school and I had several older friends who had the most fantastic bodies but were all too under-hung to be tops and since I had that oversized 12'dick, they used me to get their asses fucked by a young buck.

On our last year of high school Skip and I started to hang around together. We would spend endless hours cruising in his car and just burning gas in some futile pursuit of pussy. We never got any and as far as I know, Skip was a virgin even though he was very popular, because of what he was, not a crude and crass jock he could only get nice girls to go out with him and we all know that nice girls don't put out.

I turned eighteen and Skip's birthday was just one day after mine. I used to tell him: 'you have to do what I tell you, after all, I'm older and wiser'. We were about to graduate from high school and I was poised to be Valedictorian; I was even preparing the graduation speech usually given by the top graduating senior. I passed all my finals with A's and when I got my report card there it was: A 'B' in English. I confronted the teacher and he said that he had never given an 'A' to a student who had an accent. That was so cruel and so discriminatory I still have resentment towards that bigoted teacher. In any case, it knocked me down to fourth in my class and Skip was right behind me in 5th place.

About one week before graduation, we went to choir practice and Skip and I went out 'cruising' after that night's rehearsal. After some boring driving up and down Pacific Blvd. we just didn't see anybody in the streets, we ended up in my house. My parents had gone to Las Vegas for four days and left me to fend for myself but I had the apartment to do as I pleased. That was an open invitation for me to either have a party before graduation or to bring in some tricks.

Sikip called his mom and told her he was staying over and was going to have dinner with me. Skip's mom loved me and was more than happy that Skip was friends with 'such a nice boy'. But that was about where it all ended. Skip's family was very devout Mormon and his parents wanted him to go to BYU and do a missionary stint like his older brother who was now on a mission in Brazil. Skip had already been accepted at Pepperdine and he made up his mind that was where he was going and there would be no missionary work for him either.

My parents, like all good Cubans don't see drinking as such a problem let alone a 'sin' like LDS people do. There was always plenty of liquor around my house and this time there were four beers in the fridge and some rum and whisky. Just out of boredom, I decided we should have some beers. Skip was

scandalized and told him that violated 'The Word of Wisdom' to which I replied: 'Skippie, that is a bunch of crap and you know it, so he took his first beer from me. He said it tasted bitter but drank it anyhow. Then we had the second one while watching some game on television and it was followed by rum and coke.

Skip was blond and had the most beautiful blue yes. I suspect he did some lighting of his hair but he was very masculine. I was totally in lust with Skip and after two beers and a drink I was beginning to lose my inhibitions. Mind you, I had already had more sexual experiences with men and my mouth had tasted more jizz than what was presently stored at the local sperm bank. I loved to eat cum and to suck cock, I knew it and I was aware that I was gay. I wasn't dating girls and only went out with my gym buddies, much older and very homosexual, all of them bottoms who loved to get my young, 12 inch dick up their asses.

And when we were finishing our drink, we were both on the sofa, skip had his legs on the coffee table and I noticed a tent on his crotch. I said: 'What's the matter Skippie boy, you horny?' He answered: 'you would notice something like that, are you queer or something?'

My answer was: 'Hell yes, I'm queer, I love sucking dick and I love to fuck little twirps like you.'

Skip wasn't ready for that so he told me that he wanted to go home, that was not his 'bag' but the erection kept getting bigger. And then I told him: 'I tell you what, I have always told you to do as I say because I'm older and wiser. This time I'm telling you to take your cock out and let me suck you. I'm gonna blackmail you....if you don't I will tell your mom you have been drinking' Of course I was kidding and ended it with some laughter but there was some reality to this and he did pull out his cock.

It was just beautiful. Skippy had a very thick and large uncut cock. I pulled mine out too and his eyes opened wide in admiration. 'I had no idea that cocks that big even existed, let alone you having one so big'

'Do you like it?' He replied: 'Like it? What do you mean? What can I possibly do with that thing? To which I answered: 'Well, for starters we can both jerk each other off' So Skip grabbed it and I grabbed his. It wasn't long before I knelt in front of him and started to suck him.

Skip didn't know what hit him. He was a total virgin; never had a girl and I suspect that as controlling as his family and his religion were, he hardly even could masturbate. I had my mouth full of cum within a minute of getting his cock in it. 'Oh, oh, I had no idea, oh, oh, I'm gonna finish' He didn't even know that you say 'I'm going to cum, or I'm going to shoot' Some words were not in his vocabulary and these were among them.

'Isn't that gross Paco? He was referring to my swallowing his jizz. 'No, not at all Skip; actually you taste awful good; it is sweet and I also know it is your first time, so it is doubly sweet to me'

'Wow, what a sensation, I had no clue'

'Stick around kid, I will teach you a lot more, if you are willing to learn'

'Does this mean we are queer?' He asked.

'It means we are normal boys. We are exploring our sexuality and it is very common, perhaps not in your religion, because Mormons are very repressed and totally brainwashed by their faith'

'Hey, don't put down my religion, I don't put down yours' to which I answered: 'What religion? I don't have one; I think it is a lot of hogwash'

'Let's not get into that right now, we have had this discussion before many times'

I responded: 'No, let's not get into it, let's have some more fun, I want to eat your ass'

Skip: 'So, you mean you are going to kiss my ass?'

Me- 'No, I'm gonna eat it'

Skip- 'Isn't that gross?'

Me- 'Not unless you are dirty, you did wash when you showered earlier, didn't you?'

Skip- 'Well yeah, but I don't see...' and I interrupted by raising his legs and just starting to lick his bum hole.

Skip- 'Oh, oh, my God, that feels even better than what you did before'

Me- 'You like it? I have a lot of other tricks up my sleeve, let me show you' Then I put one finger into his pucker hole and he jolted. He didn't complain though, he let me do it and then I put two, then three fingers and I was finger fucking him. I would alternate with my fingers and my tongue. I had that Mormon boy climbing the walls with pleasure.

When I thought he was relaxed enough, I began to penetrate him with my dick. When the head was swallowed by his man hole, he let out a yelp: 'uhm, oooooh' and put his hand over his mouth to suppress the next vocal outburst.

Little by little I began to introduce my big size cock into his virgin ass. I was getting to pop his cherry and I knew it was a very special thing for me. I looked at Skip's face and rather than seeing a reflection of pain I see a smile from ear to ear. I knew he was enjoying it.

Me- 'Tell me, do you like that? Because if you do, when we get done, you are going to do it to me'

Skip- 'Like it? I love it, but isn't this being queer is all about?

Me- 'It sure is, and now you see why being queer is not such a bad thing and if it was bad, just think, nobody would do it. It just feels good and you know what the hippies say: if it feels good, do it'

By the time I was ramming my cock all the way down to my pubes, Skip was about to reach the point of no return again, so I did what I always do: I bent down, took his cock in my mouth and let him explode to fill my maw once more with his boy juice. 'Oh Paco, oh, oh, that feels so awesome, oh, oh, my goodness, I'm having another one'

We showered together and he was giddy and playful. Skip was now affectionate and just totally mine. He knew it and I knew it. This was the culmination of a great friendship and we felt like we now had a very special bond. We kissed and we embraced. Skip turned out to be very affectionate. I guess with the affection lacking at home because his family being so stoic and having so many hang ups, when he was with me he was letting his true feeling come out.

The next day after sleeping together cuddling and holding each other tight all night, we set out for the beach. I took Skip to the gay beach; it was a section north of the Santa Monica pier. He kept asking me: 'Is he gay?' 'Is that one gay too?' 'Funny, they don't look queer'

Me- 'That is because you are expecting the stereotype, the effeminate, flagrant queen with makeup and flamboyant mannerisms. Most guys who are gay are more into stressing their masculinity, just the opposite of the perception out there. Just think Skip, it is the fact that gays are attracted to males because of the masculine features, not the femininity, If I wanted a female, I fuck a female.

We had sex again when we came back from the beach at least four times and this time I had Skip fuck me. He was now totally convinced that this was his thing and eventually even started to suck me off. In September he went off to college and my mom died, so my dad and I got the house in Laguna Beach. Skip came over a couple of times from college and towards his senior year he came out to his parents. It was such an ordeal that the fucking church had him excommunicated and he stopped speaking to his family. But he is out there, gay and active, happy and well adjusted, if such a thing is possible for him having experienced a childhood of indoctrination and sexual repression.

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