I thought about my dearest Michael, how I love him so, even though I seem not to reciprocate his love for me, deep inside I treasure his love above all else. My mind drifts to the others that used to fill this spot that Michael now dominates and a feeling of frustration and disdain fills my heart. I've decided I will spend the rest of my afternoon away from my mistress and visit my dearest Michael to spend some quality time rather than get angry and frustrated at the useless immigrants that I once held so highly.

I've arrived at Michael's dwelling and as I realise this, my prostate danced with pleasure and I felt I was about to climax, I looked down at my shorts and saw that they were about to burst open from the giant swelling that has occurred. Every movement I made rubbed my glans against my boxers and there was a sensational itch around the base of my penis and my prostate, my anus started to twitch and I found myself drenched in sweat. I hastily turned off the ignition in my car and crab walked towards the house as I could not stand more of the rubbing against my boxers as I felt that my penis was already drenched in pre cum and was about to shoot like a cannon. I shall be on the receiving end this afternoon rather than licking the toes of my mistress.

I stared into my reflection from the window next to the door and started to fix my hair, I noticed the musky smell coming off me like the stench in a public toilet, I took a huge breath to try and calm myself and then knocked on the door, the door flung open and there, with only bra, underwear, stockings, high heels and skirt stood my Michael in a strikingly sexy pose, he was expecting me. My beef stick convulsed violently and I felt my muscles tighten and the itch became so strong that I clutched my crotch and violently shook it and then a huge feeling of relief filled my body. I have prematurely ejaculated, the force of the ejaculation weakened me and I fell to the ground. My semen soaked through my shorts and my sweat has soaked my body, the Clorox smell combined with the musky smell filled my nose and entered my lungs turning me on.

I regained my strength and pulled myself up, I looked into Michaels eyes and grabbed his crotch and dragged him into the living room like a lion with its prey and then proceeded to ripping his skirt and underwear off much like a kid opening a Christmas present. The excruciating pain from the rough undressing and the dragging aroused Michael and blood rushed to his rod like flies to a fresh piece of shit and to my delight; he was as hard as a diamond. I could smell his fishy scent, possibly from stale semen, mixed with the moist smell of his sweat from his fully erect penis, standing up from his pubes like the Eye of Sauron overlooking the Orcs in Mordor with pimples squirting out grease like the flames of Mt Doom. I unzipped myself and inserted my butt pirate into his gaping anus, missionary style and he screamed in agony from the rough entry, I didn't care much for his feelings so I thrusted harder, faster and deeper into his rectum, the tightness of his anus gave me a heightened sense of pleasure even though putting it in was a pain, like parking a space shuttle into a household garage. He screamed for me to 'take it easy' but his violent screams turned me on and so I thrusted more and more, I held his hands down as he tried to push me away and continued on with the thrusts. An irony smell began to fill my nose along with a rotten stench from underneath, I realised that blood and small amounts of faeces were leaking out of his anus, it looked like Neapolitan ice cream, but that did not deter me from my monstrous thrusts. I felt my crack smacker once again convulse violently so I started to thrust with the bursts of seminal fluids coming out of my crack smacker, going into his colon, while Michael shot his babies into my face, I once again fell to the ground and met face to face with him, both sticky and covered in cum and sweat.

I saw tears rolling down his face along with my cum dripping out of his anus with blood and excrement, looking more like Neapolitan ice cream . He asked me 'why do you always have to be so rough? I have a hard time explaining to the doctor how I get these injuries every time, you've got to stop doing this David, if you were a doctor it'd make my life so much easier, but unfortunately you're not.', his words were like chilli sauce on a open wound as he reminded me that I did not get into medicine, suddenly I noticed a vile smell emanating from his mouth, possibly due to poor oral hygiene, creeping closer to me and eventually struck me like a ton of bricks.

I shot up followed by me thrusting my foot into his crotch and prescribing him a very rough foot job, he cringed from the horrendous pain and heavenly pleasure, I thrusted harder with a force similar to the fist of god striking a sinner, except it was my foot, his penis slipped between my toes giving me a tingling feeling around my prostate, the left over semen and sweat blended with my unpleasant foot odour and combined making a strangely pleasant yet guilty smell. I then got into the doggy style position and invited him in. I felt him throws his lance of love into my intestines. Before long I felt his lance of love twitch so I told him to pull out resulting in his love juice shooting all over the room and my lion's mane, I scraped off the cum and licked it off my hand like a cat licking it's wound. I felt small amounts of semen flow out of my penis so I thrusted my penis into his mouth and told him to 'clean your mouth, don't you ever talk to me like that ever again, medicine is for all the nerds, I don't mix'. As I punched the back of his mouth with my eight and a half inches of blind fury I looked into his eyes and yelled 'MICHAEL, YOU DIRTY LITTLY SLUT, I'M COMING AND YOU BETTER FUCKING SWALLOW IT ALL OR ELSE I'LL THROW YOU AWAY LIKE THE USELESSES!'. I felt a huge itch at the base of my man cannon followed by a huge wave of thick, burning semen passing through it and into Michael mouth. We both collapse onto the floor and marvel at each other's assets with semen at the tip of them in pure admiration.

Michael then tickled my boom stick with his spunk trunk and passionately told me how much he 'loves me'; I placed my finger on his lips to silence him and proceeded to whisper 'Michael is awesome' into his ear with my finger going into his mouth to receive a finger blow job. As he licked my finger with much vigour, I gently teased the head of his penis with my other fingers. Just as we got up for thirds we heard a car pulling up into the drive way, we quickly got dressed but realised that there was seminal fluids, blood and excrement all over the floor so we hastily closed the door to the living room with the intention of cleaning it up later and ran to the door way to greet the unwelcomed person who has just pulled into the drive way.

To be continued...



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