This is my story, of what happen to me

I meet a guy in Sydney pub, in street

called oxford Street. I was only 25 at the time

and my first time in gay bar. I went up to bar and got a coke, and found a seat to shit down

After 15 mins a guy said, is it ok to join you

I said that fine, he asked what I was drinking

I said just coke. he said i am just going to get another beer, do want another coke. I said yes, here some money and he said it on him

he asked if I live in Sydney I said no

I just came down by train to see what oxford street like. so where are you from, I said north of Newcastle. he asked me what I was into

and must have miss understand what he was talking about. I said into most things, after 30 min or so my head felt funny and dizzy

he asked if I was ok, I just go out side and get some fresh air. as being non smoker, smoke gets to me. as I step outside, the street started to spin. the guy said I only live down road, I get us taxi. once back at guys places

it was like a old ware house that had been turn into a unit. he offer me a drink coke, and said when you feel better you can get train home. after 30 mins or so he said have been in a sling. I said what is that devices? why not lay in it boy. do you want to give it a go, I said yes. I was a bit unsure what it was, so I got into it. then the guy started to strap me into it, what are doing mate. I am strapping you in, as if you fell asleep you wont fall out. next I am felting sting at back of my leg. what was that man, maybe something bite you. I said you got fly spray, and said yes and came back with a tin, and brown bottle. I saw him clip like clear breathing musk on this tin. he held over my mouth and nose

I felt like my body and soul was two parts of me. it was like my mind had loss control over body movements. he said you should like this mate, next felt another sting to my other leg.

next I felt rush blood to my head and room was spin. now we will see what your into man, he held up this brown bottle to my nose. and told to take deep breath. now I was floating like a boat on water. I had no idea what the guy was saying, I just said yes not to be rude

I felt something at my ass, it was burning feeling at first. then I didn't feel anything

next I felt finger going in my ass. and then they came out, and put some type rubber gas mask on me. next was thing I felt like grease be put up my ass, next something that felt big

going up my ass. after sometime the pain died down, I felt like I was getting a electric shocks up my ass. at first I didn't like it, but got use to it. after that I must have passed out. I awoke to being still in the sling. I was not tied in any more and my cloths was on floor. there was heaps of used rubbers on floor. there was towel on floor and so I clean myself up and got dressed. there was two door in the room. the first one was locked and other door was unlooked, as I open the door into was a in lane way and door closed behind me. I had no idea where I was and asked a guy how to get to train station. he said had a bit much to drink I said no, just go down the end of the lane and there buses to station as I did

that the end



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