I first had gay sex when I was 14. There was this guy in my class named Jake. Every day when no one was watching, at random moments he would kiss me on my cheek and sometimes say "I love you Liam". I slowly began to become attracted to him until one day I invited him to my house. We went in the basement and locked the door to make sure my little brother won't enter due to him always ruining my time with my friends. We played video games on my PS2 and Gamecube for some time. After a while, he began to slowly lean on me. When he did that I felt a rush of blood through my body as if it was a good thing (Don't judge me). We continued playing games until he kissed me on my cheek and said "I love you" in a very sexual and calming tone. It suddenly felt like if his lips were a magnet attracting my lips. I just gently grabbed his head and turned it towards me. I kissed him for about 3 seconds before moving away and said to him "I love you too" At that moment I figured we both didn't know what to do. We just looked at each other for a few seconds until he suddenly jolted towards me throwing me back on the couch to lie down and began the make-out with me. I felt a sensation of pleasure relax me as I slowly pulled of his shirt. We both then sat up and he took off my shirt. He began to slowly kiss me going down from my neck to my stomach. He then pulled down my pants and began to suck my dick. I had such a huge temptation to cry in joy, but I smiled and moaned in pleasure. He decided to take it to a whole new level by doing like this:


Once we were ready to cum we just let each other know and we would sit up, make out and masturbate. Once be both ejaculated (let sperm exit our penis) I wiped it away with a paper towel and we got dressed again. I gave him another kiss and we both smiled and then laughed. I wasn't shy of being attracted to him anymore. As I laid down on his chest I would stroke his body and also receive a kiss from time to time. I then said to him "I hope you never leave me" He replied saying "I would never leave you" By that time he started to pack up and few minutes later he had to leave. As he left I said to him " I hope we can do this again soon" and he said "Definitely!" That night I laid on my bed thinking about him, and by that time I knew I was in love.

I hope you didn't think that the way we spoke to each other was stupid or too emotional in anyway. Remember this was my first time. How am I supposed to know what's right.

I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope it gives you some midnight pleasures!

THIS STORY IS BASED ON REAL/TRUE EVENTS AND WAS NOT ALTERED IN ANYWAY. If you don't think so it's okay, the choice is yours.




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